J Mont- My City, My Way, My Rules, I Win, You Lose!

By: Joe Montuori

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 6th Jul 2021


[Showcase #33, Washington DC. The last show for OPW.]

[Towards the end of the night right after the biggest rivalry match concluded between J Mont and Dane Preston where all hell broke loose, there was some extensive footage showing a WHITE CARD placed on every seat of the locker room with the message “IF YOU ARE A FIGHTER, YOU MUST FIGHT”]

[July 10th, 6 pm at the Hearst Tower in Manhattan.]

Fast Forward to when the show concluded

[J Mont, chillin in his luxury suite for possibly the last time here, holding a ice pack to his nose that could be fractured but won’t know till he gets some X rays done. The ice pack, lightly dripping to the floor when a sudden knock is heard at the door. J Mont slowly makes his way to the door and at first is a little hesitant to open it based on what happened earlier in the night but at this point, he just swings the door wide open and it’s his brother P Mont with a bottle in his hand.]

P Mont: Where have you been? The party just started getting good. Alexis is looking fine as fuck. Michelle, TK, GOAT, Pierre, they’re all down there.

J Mont: Oh shit, lost track of time. Thinking about our next move. Where we’re going to go..

P Mont: You didn’t get the flyer?

J Mont:  What flyer? I didn’t get one of those.

P Mont:  Everyone I talked to said they got one. You really didn’t get one? Fuckers are hating on ya. Something about a show on July 10th.

J Mont:  What show? Let me see that.

[J Mont grabs the flyer out of P Mont’s hand and starts to read it quickly as there isn’t much on there. And within a few seconds, his eyes light up like he just saw Allie naked.]

J Mont: They were definitely trying to hide this from me because they know I do not step foot in a locker room ever. I always have the suites lined up for every show. Keeping J Mont off the TV and shows is one of the dumbest things you could possibly do.

P Mont: Just show up. It says if you’re a fighter, ya gotta fight.

J Mont: Almost sounds like a remix of Rocky 4. If he Dies, he dies.

[J Mont and P have a good laugh at that one.]

P Mont:  I’m gonna head back to the shindig, try and grind up on Alexis. Come down whenever you’re down plotting.. And I need that back.

[P Mont takes the flyer back and leaves, closing the door behind him. J Mont is now just staring at the door wondering what this is all about. He then turns his attention to his Tag and X tradition championship wondering what’s going to happen with these now too.]

J Mont: There is a lot of mystery going on right now and people are keeping a lot of things from me, but one thing I am is a survivor and a game changer. It’s time to turn up the heat.

[J Mont then starts to get ready as he knows he has interviews lined up with his brother about the show, the future and Dickless Dane Preston.]

Fade back into the Present

[The morning after the show, which is a Tuesday, and check out day at the Hay-Adams hotel which is where J Mont stayed the week for the show. Slowly getting out his California King size bed, you can see he has had some better mornings. His nose still looks messed up, has some bumps and bruises on his arms and chest. Looking in the mirror, he just shakes his head at what he sees.]

J Mont:  Dane is so fuckin lucky he is still alive…..and his pussy ass boys are the only reason he is not dead at this current moment. But when i look at all these bumps and bruises and this nose that is probably not happy with me at the current moment, i realize one thing. Dane was a few inches away from being Extinct. He knows it and I know. So, if i have to make some sacrifices like ruining this sexy ass body for a few weeks to get the job done, then so be it.

[J Mont was about to walk into the bathroom, when the hotel room phone rings. After a few more rings he finally decides to pick it up.]

J Mont: Check out is not til NOON…….

Front Desk:  Mr Montuori….there is a woman here wearing some championship belt on her shoulder.

[J Mont thinks to himself and realizes who it is after a few seconds.]

J Mont:  I will be down when I am done packing and getting changed. Thanks!

[He hangs up the phone and proceeds to quickly get himself ready. If you think that Chris Johnson or Tyreke Hill are fast with the 40 yard dash, you need to see J Mont now. Throwing everything in his bag including his tag title belt and not organizing it for the first time in his life. Runs into the bathroom, turns on the shower and with all the steam, he is not visible at the moment. But in due time, you hear the water shut off and the glass door fly open. Brushing his teeth, spraying his deodorant and using the mouthwash as well. Makes his way to the bed where he left out a pair of Nike shorts and shirt and his Gucci Flip Flops. He grabs his bag and heads out the door to the elevator. Hitting the button and waiting and waiting and waiting till it finally DINGS and opens up. He then hits the button #1 for the ground floor. And once again, you guessed it right. The music sucks Donkey Dick. Last time it was N’Sync, this time it’s 98 Degrees…J Mont starts to back his head into the wall. Back and forth til the ride is over and when the door opens, there she is, waiting for him. You guessed it. Stellar Giuliani holding the OPW X Tradition title of J Mont’s.]

Stellar:  Took you long enough.

J Mont: I thought we were meeting at my house later on tonight to go over some business.

Stellar:  Figure I could catch a ride with you in that Rolls Royce SUV parked in the VIP valet parking garage.

J Mont: How do you know that is mine? 

Stellar:  Who else would have a Yankee sticker on the back window and the windows tinted darker than Michael Blackson from Wild n Out on MTV?

J Mont:  You got a point, and don’t forget about the 30 inch rims too.

Stellar:  You men…when do you realize size doesn’t matter?

J Mont: Us Monty’s have the Pythons… why do you think Allison is with me and wants to leave Dane? Because she is tired of using a magnifying glass to find it so he can attempt to please her.

Stellar:  Let’s go to the car. This conversation is going way Left from where we need it to go.

J Mont:  Fuckin Dickless Dane again.

[J Mont and Stellar proceed to make their way past the front desk as J Mont waves to them goodbye. As they approach the glass door, it opens automatically. You see a young kid with a stupid red valet vest starting walking towards them.]

J Mont: Are you the Valet or do you work at Red Lobster?

Valet:  Red Lobster probably tips better than this place does.

J Mont:  I got you kid. Just make sure my whip makes it to me in one piece or I will pretend you are Dane Preston and that’s not a good look for you.

Valet:  That’s it…. I knew I recognized you…..You are the man Joe…..everyone in the hood loves you and hates that DICKLESS DANE guy.

J Mont: Your tip just went up.

[The Valet runs to the parking garage where all the expensive cars are parked where there are cameras and 24 hour security. And within a few moments, you won’t believe your eyes. Pulling up is a 2021 Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV in a Pearl Black color. It even takes its name from the largest diamond ever discovered. And yes folks, a great way to spend 350K. But that’s not all. J Mont was right about the wheels. 30 inch custom Forgiato Direzione Custom rims that are 11k a piece and being the color white with the black exterior really stands out. Stellar just looks at J Mont like ‘REALLY”. The Valet comes around the car and hands J Mont the key.]

Valet:  Any chance I can get a pic for my Instagram?

J Mont:  Sure kid….on 3…..Dickless Dane ok?

Valet:  I hope Allie leaves him in the dust.

[The valet hands Stellar his phone as the 2 of them stand side by side. This kid is happy as all can be and why wouldn’t he be. He’s taking a pic with the hottest man in the wrestling world today in J Mont. And here comes the countdown.]





[SNAP…the picture is taken and the valet shakes J Mont’s hand. And after that, J Mont takes out his phone and asks the kid if he has a cash app. Of course he does like most of America. They exchange user names there and within a couple seconds, an alert hits the valet’s phone. In the meantime, J Mont grabs the title from Stellar and walks to the back of the Rolls and taps the tailgate and it opens up. He throws his full Gucci bag back there as well as the X tradition title. He then walks back to the passenger side and opens the door for Stellar as he gets in and closes the door herself.]

Valet:  Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J Mont: Have a great year kid… you deserve it.

[Fade in and the kid still has his cash app open just staring at it…..$20000 deposit by J Mont…just made the kids day and year. And why not? J Mont is a good man and provider and that’s something Allie is starting to see.]

[And it’s time to hit the road. The Valet is happy. J Mont is checked out of the hotel.J Mont in the driver seat like always from the wrestling ring to his love life to his personal life to everything. He is always in the driver’s seat. He reaches over and starts to program an address into the navigation of the car. ]

[172 Madison Ave, Manhattan, NY. And what is that? It’s called “Le Penthouse” and for you broke mutha fuckers out there, it’s located in the middle of Manhattan and has 19,000 square feet of interior space as well as about 4,500 square feet of outdoor space including terraces and a private roof deck. The private wraparound deck leads to a pool and hot tub overlooking the city.]

[The address is finally entered and it shows 5 hours and 3 minutes which is 229 miles.]

Stellar:  This should be an interesting car ride with you for 5 hours. Hope we don’t get pulled over with them thinking we are drug dealers or something.

J Mont: Really? Look at our family names… Montuori…. Giuliani’s….we were born into the Mafia and drug world….who are you kidding?

Stellar:  Just drive so we can sit down and go over this plan of attack.

J Mont: We got 5 hours to talk.

Stellar:  I’m going to take a nap, that’s what I’m going to do.

[Stellar leans her head to the side and tries to take a nap. J Mont, ready for the road steps on the gas and they are on their way. 5 hours in a vehicle isn’t that bad or is it.]

5 minutes into the ride

J Mont:  God damn this is boring. I’m used to having my BOYZ with me. Cracking jokes, laughing, yelling at people.

Stellar:  Would you let me fucking sleep already.

J Mont:  [Mumbles under his breath.] Maybe VooDoo needs to smack you again.

Stellar:  What did you say?

J Mont: Nothing.. Just rest and I will get us there.

[J Mont was about to turn on the radio, but she smacked his hand away.]

Stellar:  I’m not about to listen to Wu Tang Clan or DMX for the next 5 hours……you either play some Barry Manilow or Paolo Conte or Nino Rota.

J Mont:  You’re really going old school on me. You sound like Uncle Vincenzo….just go to sleep, i’ll play on my phone and drive.

[J Mont opens his phone after putting in the password and now he has something on his mind again as usual. It’s ALLIE of course. He looks over at Stellar and then his phone and back at Stellar again and his phone again. FUCK IT…..in his favorites it shows Allie Montuori in a bikini and he hits the Dial button.]






[Finally, you can hear the call is picked up after 5 rings.]

ARP: [Allison looks down at her cell phone and sees J Mont’s face and sighs. She really didn’t want to answer the call, not after today. Her twitter feed had been blown up all day long. But she was a glutton for punishment and hit the accept button.] What do you want Joe?

J Mont:  Baby, I was thinking about you and this whole WAR is really putting a strain on our relationship and us moving forward as the POWER COUPLE……I think it’s time we just OFFICIALLY be together and make this work.

[Allison sighs heavily and it turns into a groan.]

ARP:  The only thing official about us, is that we’re a tag team.  And to make this work.. you’ve got to stop this whole thing with Dane.  I don’t know how many times I can tell you.  I am happily married.

J Mont: So all of those kisses and romantic moments we had meant nothing to you? All those late night texts and snap chats meant nothing to you? The fact that the whole world sees us as the perfect couple means nothing to you?

ARP:  I will own up to the kiss.  I did that.  I was caught up in the moment and all that.  But those late night texts and snapchats, I don’t know who in the hell you were talking to, but it sure wasn’t me.  Do you know what this is doing to my reputation?  You’ve got people out there thinking I am a whore, not that it matters to you.  Seems it’s all about you now… instead of us-the tag team.

J Mont: Caught up in the moment? The way you looked into my eyes was like…Joe take me and show me how a real man treats his woman… that’s what i saw… Why do you want a man who would rather kiss a carburetor than his wife on a regular basis? Why do you want a man who would rather have a date at the Home Depot than at a fancy italian restaurant? And don’t be lying on my name now about the texts and snaps.. I have the PROOF and the TRUTH about that…..and for the record i do care how people look at you and think of you. Because you’re my girl and I care how you feel and what people think. I guess it’s time for us to let the world know what’s coming up soon for us i guess….you ready to be served a DOSE OF THE TRUTH?

[What’s surprising at the moment is that Stellar hasn’t woken up yet. Is she really sleeping or playing possum? Guess we will find out in due time if she wakes up or stays asleep.]

ARP: Did you ever think that maybe I like Dane just the way he is and never wanted him to change?  Did you ever sit and think that maybe I’ve been in the garage with him with grease up to my elbows helping him put together cars?  Maybe I like Home Depot and the smell of fresh lumber?  No.. no, you didn’t.  Because you have yet to learn what a few others have… I am not a little girl and despite my nickname, I am not a Princess like Le’Andra.  Just because I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, doesn’t mean I can’t change and like what you think are the -lessor- things in life.  You can bring on that truth all you want, might be the only way you realize the truth.

J Mont: You know I got love for you Allie… but you made me do this…. You made me SERVE YOU so people see I’m not the crazy one here. They will see what I have been saying all along. You love me and want to be with me. It’s as simple as that…. It goes all the way back to when we fought in the Riggs Legacy match and I pinned you… i was on top of you and after the 3 count, your eyes were glistening and u smirked cause you know you wanted me to finish the job on you in front of the whole world. Tell me I’m wrong…. TELL ME……

ARP:  Man, you’re fucking crazy.  This conversation is so fucking over.  You’ve lost your god damned ever loving mind.  I think FIGHT needs to do mental check ups on people like they did the physicals to make sure crazy people aren’t in the ring with the talent. 

J Mont: I am the god damn TALENT here… i’m the FRANCHISE of wrestling…. You can pretty much call me GOD… and just so you know, I will be there at FIGHT night even though they all tried to hide it from me.. But it’s ok… My brother was there for me and let me know what was going on…and I will make sure as tag team champs, we have to share a room too… I still got some pull in this wrestling world and its NY… my HOMETOWN…..

[Stellar rolls her head to the other side of the seat as J Mont and Allie are involved in a heated discussion.]

ARP: Fuck you, Joe.  I’m not sharing a room with you.  Fuck, I’m not even staying there at the building.  I’ve got a house a 45 min chopper ride away.  That’s the fuck away from you, you’re not the one calling the shots anymore.  You can’t make me stay in the FIGHT building… fuck they can’t even make me.  So, as a simple reminder, Joe… in case you’ve forgotten, fuck you.

J Mont: Fuck me? OK when and where? I knew you would eventually cave in and want to feel the wrath of the Monty Python….and when we are done, we can start to pick out some baby names so Vhodka Black can plan the baby shower….now we are getting somewhere and and as far as who is calling the shots… since day 1 when i came back i been calling the shots and i still am….. Have you ever heard of PANTS…. Yes baby i wear them in this relationship but i will always listen to what you have to say.

[Allison looks down at her phone, staring at it as if she couldn’t believe she had heard those words come from it.  Her left eye twitched a couple times.  She felt her IQ take a hit with that one.  Then she burst out laughing.]

ARP:  You are losing it, Joe.  I’m going to have to call Xavier.  I think he REALLY needs to check your mental status.  Because, at this point, you have to be crazy.  I am still married with kids, Joe.  Happily married at that.  [She thought for a moment.]  Or at least I was until you started with all this mess about being in love.

J Mont: This mess? You’re the one that is hiding your feelings from me and everyone else. People see how you are with me when we are alone doing our thing…your smiling, blushing, holding my hand, kissing me, being affectionate, the whole 9 yards… i think they need to check your mental status if anything babe….but at the end of the day, you are missing the BIG PICTURE here..

[Just then, Stellar turns her head and grabs J Mont’s phone.]

Stellar:  Allison, you what the right thing to do is. You need to be with J Mont and unite the Montuori’s and Giuliani’s. The world will be a better place.

[J Mont just looks on in shock like “Where the Fuck did that just come from”]

ARP: What? The? Fuck?  Is that Stellar?  Do you really have Stellar with you?  [Allison squeezed her cellphone in her hand and could feel the muscles in her arm start to tense up as she got ready to launch her cell straight through the closest wall.]  This is not happening.  No fucking way.  I’m not uniting shit.  You want the families joined together… marry each other.  There ya go, Joe… Stellar is a more older and mature version of me.  Let me know where you all will be registered and we will send a gift.

[J Mont and Stellar look at one another and just start to laugh like they are watching a Kevin Hart comedy show.]

Stellar:  Yes I am with J Mont because he is a REAL MAN Allison. He knows what he is doing and always has a plan. If you would just listen and do what I say, there would be no problems.

[J Mont grabs the phone back from Stellar, who looks at him like “Are you Fuckin crazy?.]

J Mont: Yeah baby, listen to your mom. She has all the right answers….right now your, your failing. Your grades are shit but if you get with J Mont, you will have straight A’s.

ARP:  Just because you and my dad split, doesn’t mean I am going to follow suit.  I don’t care what type of a man my husband is, because he’s my man.  And as long as I am happy with my man, that’s all that matters.  I’m done with this conversation, over it, done.  There’s only so many different ways that I can tell you that I am not leaving my husband.  Families are going to have to stay divided, unless you guys get married.

Stellar:  And Allison….you being served… Spoiler Alert… that was my IDEA and J Mont is going along with it.

[And on that note…..Stellar hangs up the phone, gets the last word and hands the phone back to J Mont.]

[On the other side, Allison hears the ringtone of being hung up and not having the chance to respond to what she just heard.]

ARP: Great, now what the fuck?

[Allison shakes her head and wonders what on earth Stellar was talking about.  At this point in time, it could be anything.  She hears the front door open and two screams of MOMMY!!! And she put on her biggest smile for her kids.]

[Fade back in with Stellar and J Mont in the car after a very interesting phone conversation that woke up Stellar from her nap.]

Stellar:  You just need to put her in her place and take control.

J Mont: That has worked wonderfully so far as you can see…….NOT!!!!

Stellar:  Watch your tone with me and just make it happen… I’m going back to sleep.

[Stellar is done with J Mont for now and turns the other way and goes back to sleep or pretends to at the moment. J Mont shakes his head and talks out loud but doesn’t mean to.]

J Mont:  [Thinks he is thinking in his head but says it outloud.] Fuckin woman man. I swear. Think they can run this world with Vagina when they damn well know they need the Dick more.

[Uh Oh… Stellars head just shot up.]

Stellar:  Excuse me? Did I hear what I thought I just heard?

J Mont: Was that out loud?

Stellar:  You really need to get yourself in check and in the game. You’re losing your mind right now.

[J Mont knows what he did and maybe he is losing his marbles and mind but knows he needs to keep things going and follow the plan. Stellar once again turns her head the other way away from J Mont and goes back to sleep….. Maybe…..]


[Hours on the road have gone by. Stellar has been sound asleep or maybe not, who knows. But she hasn’t said a word or turned into J Mont’s direction. J Mont has been driving like a bat out of hell and still no gas light on either yet. Great gas mileage in this Rolls Royce, and that’s a shocker. And if you pay attention, you can see he is not far from his destination and the voice of the navigation makes that quite clear too.]

Navigation:  You are 4 minutes away from your destination….

[J Mont is starting to smile because it’s home sweet home for him, but with a Stellar. Little Italy brings out the best in J Mont.. it’s his secret man cave away from home. It’s where he has the boys over and the parties always  happen. Also the place where he conducts all his business at. Grand Street #31 New York, NY….ONLY 4750 per month.. Chump Change for J Mont. It’s a classic building as well, built in 1911 but been renovated to keep up with the date. Only 18 units and everyone knows J Mont there and they dont bother him but they also watch out for him as well.]

Navigation:  You have arrived at your location. Grand Street, New York.

[J Mont pulls up to the front of the building where the valet is and puts the Rolls Royce in park. He hops out of the vehicle and see’s Raul, the normal valet. He slaps his hand and gives him a hug.]

Raul:  My man… What’s up brother.

J Mont:  Kind of in a rush.. Can you keep the car here up front while i shower and get changed. Got a meeting downtown Manhattan.

Raul:  Whatever you need man. I got you.

[J Mont appreciates Raul and finally opens the passenger door where Stellar gets out of the vehicle and still looks tired. Guess she wasn’t really sleeping on the car ride. J Mont has her put her arm around his and they make their way into the building with Raul behind with the bags…. Approaching the elevator, they hit the arrow up button…..the door quickly opens up and they enter the elevator. J Mont presses #18 for the floor as Raul makes his way in. The door closes and they slowly start to ascend…..and of course once again…the music is CRAP…. Britney Spears.. Baby One More time… J Mont just shakes his head in disgust and wishes this elevator would move quickly. Finally after an eternity it felt like, they arrived at their floor and the door opened…J Mont steps out faster than a fat man going for seconds on a buffet line. Pretty much drags Stellar with him. He grabs the card out of his pocket since there are no keys to open the door and scans the card on the door. It unlocks and they walk in. Raul drops the bags inside near the front door and waves at J Mont who gives him the thumbs up.]

J Mont:  Finally… I missed this place…. Haven’t been here in months and months… this WAS the bachelor pad of bachelor pads at one point.

Stellar: Well, you have Allison now or trying to. So, keep this place CLOSED.

J Mont:  And that’s why i haven’t been here in ages….i only came here for some peace and quiet and private time. No one will look for me or you here.

[Stellar walks to the fridge and opens the door. Obviously wants a drink after a long ride in the car. But what she comes across will just make you sick.]

Stellar: Are you kidding me? This is disgusting. Don’t you have cleaning ladies?

J Mont:  I had to fire her because she got too attached to me and wouldn’t leave me alone.

Stellar: You fucked her didn’t you?

J Mont:  She is gone so let’s move on from that.

[Stellar pulls out a gallon of milk, some cheese, some cold cuts and just stops after that.]

Stellar:  Look at this.. Your milk is 6 months expired. Your cheese is part green and the cold cuts look like they have oil stains on them.

J Mont: You should be a comedian. That’s pretty funny.

Stellar: Only thing I see funny here is the stuff in your fridge and how you’re letting Allison try to control things. Step up and BE HER MAN and TAKE CONTROL.

J Mont:  I got this…she was SERVED and the TRUTH will set us all free and on top of the world.

Stellar: Well I’m hungry and want some food and something to drink.

[J Mont pulls out a few hundred bucks and hands it to Stellar.]

J Mont:  Order whatever you want and have it delivered. I have to get ready to be somewhere soon.

[Stellar takes the money and sits down on the comfortable leather loveseat and starts to play on her cell phone. She could be doing anything at this point. J Mont quickly makes his way to his room aka the Love Kingdom and strips down and runs to the bathroom. Turns the hot water on for the shower and waits a minute. When the water finally feels right after a few tests, he hops in and cleans himself up. Enjoying the refreshing feel of the water and a break from everyone, he finishes up and hops out. Brushes his teeth, uses the deodorant  and mouthwash. Clips his finger nails and uses q tips to clean the ears. Then makes his way back to his room from the bathroom and opens the closet door…… All you see is probably a half a million dollars in clothes and shoes. His eyes light up in joy and happiness. He grabs a black pair of Nike sweatpants. A Nike Tee shirt. A custom made Mariano Rivera Yankee Jersey. A Yankees fitted cap and finally, the cream of the crop, one of a kind. Air Jordan 11’s “The JETER” in navy blue velvet. Only 5 pairs were made and a quick way to spend 40k. After gathering his attire. He throws it all on and looks fresher than ever. Hat backwards, the Yankee jersey standing out and the one of a kind shoes.]

J Mont:  Looking gooooooooooddddddddddd. Allie would def fuck the shit out of me if she sees me like this.

[J Mont steps out of his room and when he enters the living room area where Stellar is, she stops what she is doing and sees J Mont.]

Stellar: OK… are you trying to be LL Cool J in his prime? Or a poor man’s version of DMX? Or the backup singer for Jagged Edge? I have to know.

J Mont:  Don’t be hating. You’re jealous of how I look. I’m on point and can’t be late. We will talk when I get back and make sure you order something. I don’t want to hear your mouth later on.

Stellar: You do realize who you are talking to right?

J Mont: Yes and you realize who you are talking to right? We all know the same people.

[On that note, Stellar goes back to her phone and gets back to business. J Mont pushes the bags away from the front door and opens it up and closes it right away. Back onto the elevator he goes. Pushes the down arrow this time and the door opens up right away again. Hits the G button for the ground floor and the door closes. He starts to bang his head against the wall because he knows what’s about to happen. Michael Bolton “How am i supposed to live without you” plays. Maybe one day he will get a song he likes on an elevator. Once again after what seems like an eternity, J Mont hops off the elevator faster than the RoadRunner in Toons. Quickly to the front door, he awaits for the glass doors to open. Raul is already outside with the Rolls Royce running and ready. J Mont quickly walks, pats him on the shoulder and nods his head. He hops into the Rolls and closes the door. Turns his attention to the navigation again and plugs in an address to see how far away he is.]

Hearst Tower, 300 West 57th St

[J Mont sees on the screen that it’s only 4 miles away from where he is but 18 minutes due to traffic.]

J Mont:  They are in trouble now boy… I live this close to FIGHT…..it’s MY TIME….

[J Mont puts the Rolls into drive and makes his way to the main road. Stuck in traffic after a few seconds which is typical for New York City, he just leans back in his seat to relax after what’s been a crazy few months. Seems like it never stops. With his head back, he starts to think to himself with images and scenes coming to mind.]

J Mont’s Thoughts in his head: A flashback of when he and Allison first kissed. When she threw her salad at him. When he tried to get into the same room with her on the yacht but she closed the door on him. The kiss at Mama T’s which she made the move. All the dinner and phone calls and texts. The ass grabbed outside the restaurant.

J Mont:  Man, I need to find a way to make her realize we have had so many good moments that outweigh all the bad and negative, but first I need to handle this business.

17 minutes go by

[Finally, J Mont pulls up to the front of The Hearst Tower where FIGHT NYC will take place. There is no one to valet his car which is new to J Mont so he just parks it in the front himself and gets out of the vehicle. He hits the alarm since no one is watching his prized possession. But then he realized he forgot something and walked back to the Rolls and hit the unlock button. He grabs the handle in the trunk and lets go as it automatically  opens up. He pulls up where the spare tire is and pulls out a little black bag. Only J Mont knows what’s inside the bag. He taps the close button on the panel and the trunk door closes and once again hits the alarm button to secure the vehicle. He finally walks to the front of the building again. Staring at the front door, not knowing what he is walking into. J Mont dressed fresh to death is ready for anything. He swings the door open and enters….and………………….just a sudden look of shock. There are people with helmets running around all over the place working on things but no one is taking charge and definitely no order at all. There is a receptionist at the front desk though and all she has there is a phone and a date book at the moment. J Mont starts to head into her direction.]

J Mont: Well hello there young lady?

Receptionist:  How can I help you sir?

J Mont: Do you not know who i am?

Receptionist:  I was hired here to answer phones and make sure no one gets past me.

J Mont: Well then, I guess you need to know I am the owner of this place.

Receptionist:  And you’re not dressed like an 11th grader.

J Mont: I will fire you RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Receptionist:  Should I call Mr Xavier Wolf? The real owner?

J Mont:  You are lucky there miss lady…i bet your last name is Lipschitz or Butts or Piggs.

Receptionist:  Anything else sir.

J Mont:  Is Xavier here? I have a few words I need to speak to him about.

Receptionist:  I can take a message for him and he will receive it when he arrives.

J Mont: Damn it lady… im J Mont.. the face of wrestling. The Golden Ticket. The whole god damn fuckin show.

Receptionist:  You need to leave now sir before I have security called.

J Mont:  Let me guess… a few fat guys are gonna appear with coffee stains on their shirts and doughnut crust around their mouths… bring on the fat bastards. I’ve been looking for a FIGHT.

Receptionist:  One more time……

J Mont:  Fine you friggin cry baby… just tell Xavier that J Mont stopped by and has a few words for him and that it’s in his BEST interest to get back to me as SOON as he can before he loses his TOP MONEY MAKER.

[The receptionist takes down the message and places it in the pile with the others that are awaiting Xavier. In the meantime, J Mont walks over to the empty wall and puts his bag down on a dusty chair. He opens it up and pulls out a tape measure and a wooden pencil. He starts to measure  and makes a few marks on the wall.]

J Mont:  Ok, perfect. This will be a great spot for the picture of me and Allison kissing.

[J Mont moves down a little and does the same thing again. Measuring and marking his spots.]

J Mont: This is where a picture of me and Allie holding our tag titles high when we won.]

[J Mont gets to the other side of the window and the measurement gets a little longer and he marks it off for 2 spots this time.]

J Mont: This is where the glass case will go for the Tag title and X Tradition title in a case. Might as well have a whole wall dedicated to J Mont and no one else since I bring in the ratings, money and people. What did Eminem say?


[J Mont then grabs a black marker out of his bag as he places the ruler and pencil back. He walks over to the wall near the front door and begins to write on the wall in black marker.]


J Mont: It’s New York. You need to mark your territory and let people know who runs things around here.

[The receptionist lady is taking pictures of everything that J Mont has been doing so there is proof he is vandalizing the lobby area. He sees that and just flips her off and laughs about it.]

J Mont: Hey lady, I’m not done here yet. Just watch and learn.

[J Mont starts to walk towards the receptionist and she’s getting nervous but J Mont has his sights set on something else. He sees a copy machine kinda hidden against the corner of the wall behind her. Oh boy, if you could only read his mind at this moment. He walks over to the copy machine and turns it on. It makes the usual weird sounds as it loads up. He checks the paper and it’s full. He opens the top cover, and yes he just did what you probably thought. He pulled down his sweats and then pulled down the back of his boxer briefs. ASS OUT… he jumps onto the glass screen of the copy machine. Nothing but ASS and hits the copy button. You can see the light go across as the copy is made. He hops down, pulls up his boxers, then his sweats. Gets himself all back into comfort and then bends down to pick up the copy.]


[J Mont then grabs the copy, walks back over to his bag, grabs the black magic marker and writes under the ass cheeks.]


[He hands the paper to the receptionist who is blushing because she actually likes what she sees now.]

Receptionist:  I will make sure this is the first thing he sees when he comes in sir.

J Mont: That’s more like it.

[J Mont also grabbed a blank piece of paper from the copy machine and leaned up against it and started to make out a list numbered 1 to 7.]

To Xavier:

1- I want the King Presidential Suite here for myself and Allison. Dane can have the janitor’s room.

2- I want Valet parking at all times.

3- I marked where i want my pictures hung on the wall as well as the titles I never lost.

4- I want to be the highest paid guy here since i am the RATINGS.

5- I want Dane Preston fired.

6- I want my entrance to have the most expensive Pyros and lights you can pay for.

7- I want to be on the cover of the Video game when it comes out.

Yours Truly, J Mont

[He also hands that to the receptionist who staples it to his bare ass copy. I wonder what J Mont is thinking when he asks for demands when he tells the man to kiss his ass but we will see. J Mont is a salesman at heart and usually gets what he wants. He takes a look around one more time since he can’t get any further and not much more to do here. He looks over at the receptionist and just nods his head as he walks back out the door or the Hearst Tower. Now standing outside, J Mont looks up at the building with some thoughts in his mind.]

J Mont: You know what? I should try to buy this place. I got money to burn. I think I’m going to look into that once I see what I am getting myself into here with this FIGHT NYC. Anyone can come and I sure hope they do because I’m going to break every one of their noses and shatter their dreams. I really could give 2 fucks who showed up. I’m going to win no matter what it takes. My 3 main goals entering this are:

1: To win the whole FUCKIN THING- shout out to Jake Taylor from Major League

2: To eliminate and destroy Dane Preston

3: Protect Allie as much as i can during this chaos

J Mont:  There isn’t a single soul in the wrestling world today that scares me or makes me jump out of my Nikes. I’m the single most hated guy in this industry. I’m the single most craziest guy in this industry and I am sure as hell one of the greatest of all time. And there are only 2 people I really dont wanna get into this fist fight with. First off is Allison because that’s the love of my life and soon to be the mother of my child once the seed is planted which is soon. And secondly, my brother P Mont who has had my back and been there through all this chaos and mess. But everyone else will feel the wrath of TWIZTED THOUGHTZ….no more Producer…the sick sadistic hell raising son of a bitch is back. You all have been warned and if you don’t believe me, GOOGLE me and you will see the damages I have caused. I have closed feds, I have ended careers, I have brought people to do what I want and most of all, I always get what I want. 

[J Mont starts to walk towards his Rolls Royce as it may be time to leave. He taps the handle in the back again and the tailgate lifts up. He puts his handy black bag in the trunk and taps the close button as it automatically closes up. He then walks over to the passenger side door and opens it up and leans in the vehicle. You can hear his voice.]

J Mont:  Before I leave, how can I not give a shout out to the greatest pitcher from New York. The one and only Mariano Rivera. The greatest closer of all time in the regular season and the playoffs. And I will make him proud when I CLOSE the match and win it, here in New York and show that i am the KING and the greatest today.

[On that note, J Mont hits the radio and scrolls through his music and finds the song he wants.]

Enter Sandman by Metallica

[This was the theme song that Mariano ran out to from the bullpen to the pitcher’s mound every time he was entering the game. It became famous in NY and J Mont is blasting the song showing his support to Mariano and NY. He dones the jersey as well. #42. The music is loud as hell as the bass is bopping.]

Say your prayers, little one, don’t forget, my son

To include everyone

I tuck you in, warm within, keep you free from sin

‘Til the sandman he comes

Sleep with one eye open

Gripping your pillow tight

Exit light

Enter night

Take my hand

We’re off to Never Neverland

Something’s wrong, shut the light, heavy thoughts tonight

And they aren’t of Snow White

Dreams of war, dreams of liars, dreams of dragon’s fire

And of things that will bite, yeah

Sleep with one eye open

Gripping your pillow tight

Exit light

Enter night

Take my hand

We’re off to Never Neverland, yeah, yeah

Now I lay me down to sleep (Now I lay me down to sleep)

Pray the Lord my soul to keep (Pray the Lord my soul to keep)

If I die before I wake (If I die before I wake)

Pray the Lord my soul to take (Pray the Lord my soul to take)

Hush, little baby, don’t say a word

And never mind that noise you heard

It’s just the beasts under your bed

In your closet, in your head

Exit light

Enter night

Grain of sand

Exit light

Enter night

Take my hand

We’re off to Never Neverland, yeah


Yeah, yeah

Yo, oh

We’re off to Never Neverland

Take my hand

We’re off to Never Neverland

Take my hand

We’re off to Never Neverland

We’re off to Never Neverland

We’re off to Never Neverland

We’re off to Never Neverland

[As the song comes to an end, you see a local NY Bum pushing a shopping cart on by but he is wearing a ripped up Yankee shirt that can be somewhat legible. J Mont sees the guy and stops him.]

J Mont: Hey bud, I will give you 500 cash if you can answer a few questions.

Bum:  Can I have some crack cocaine instead?

J Mont: Do I look like a drug dealer to you?

Bum:  Well to be honest… YES… you got the bling bling on, a backwards hat and 30 inch rims on your car. 

J Mont: Typical stereotype there…. Well you smell like shit and push a cart so you’re a Bum.

Bum:  I’m proud of it. Top Bum of these streets. Ask around.

J Mont:  Let me ask you a few questions and we will be done.

Bum:  Shoot, but not me. The questions.

J Mont:  Who is the greatest closer of all time from New York?

Bum:  David Hasselhoff?

[J Mont literally has to keep his composure before he loses his mind on that answer.]

J Mont: You are a fuckin moron. WRONG…. Next question….Dane Preston vs Joe Montuori. Who is the favorite to win a rematch?

Bum:  Dane Preston? Isn’t he the gay guy dating that Doogie Howser guy and taking a dick up his ass?

[J Mont can’t help but laugh at that statement.]

Bum:  I gotta go Joe cause I just can’t see a man who likes dick so much winning a match.

J Mont: Good answer, and the last question. Allison is torn between 2 men. Dane Preston and Joe Montuori. Who is the better man for her?

Bum:  That’s easy. Go back to my last answer and you will see. Joe is the better man for her. Dane is obviously using her for a decoy at this time to hide the fact he wants a man to ram it up his ass and make him happy. Joe gets Allison and Dane gets Mandingo up his ass.

J Mont: 2 out of 3 man. Not bad.

[J Mont reaches into his pocket and pulls out 5 100 dollar bills and hands it to the bum. The bum grabs the money and moves quickly but he didn’t make it far. One of the wheels in the front just came off the cart. J Mont is just laughing now like what else could possibly go wrong now? Well maybe he should have not thought of that question. The bum left the cart and ran off or walked fast, but it wasn’t really fast, but he tried. J Mont closes the passenger door after his small tribute to Mariano and his case to win the big time Fight NYC match. He walks over to the driver’s side and before he can open the door, he sees red spray paint. The letter…………..]


J Mont:  You have to be fuckin kidding me…..God damn it Riggs… come out, come out whoever you are you little bitch. NO NO NO fuck this.. I’m getting to the bottom of this right now.

[J Mont snaps a picture of the letter R that is spray painted on his custom Rolls Royce and then forwards it to Allison because at the end of day, she is a Riggs.]

[The letters R I G  and S have been sent to J Mont one way or another and it’s starting to add up now. J Mont takes out his phone and decides to call Allison because he is irate at the moment.]




[Allison stares at her cell phone as it continues to ring over and over.  She knew that he would keep calling and calling and calling if she didn’t answer.]

ARP: I am a glutton for punishment.

[She presses the accept button.]

ARP: What, Joe?  What now, Joe?

J Mont: I need to know RIGHT NOW……where is DAMON…. He’s a DEAD MAN… Love you babe, but this is the last straw for me here.

ARP:  What the fuck are you talking about?  My Dad here in Parts Unknown. 

J Mont: You didn’t see the forward text picture I sent you of my ROLLS ROYCE Door with the letter R spray painted on it? I literally walked into the FIGHT NYC building to check it out and i come out and its on my fuckin car. 

[Allison flipped through the cell to the messages and saw the picture that JMont was talking about.]

ARP:  I don’t know what to tell you man.  Whoever that’s fucking with you, sure isn’t my dad.  My dad and Jenna have the kids.  We’re busy making arrangements with the staff in NJ since we’re getting ready to stay there for a while.  You can’t be shocked that someone else doesn’t like you?  Hell, maybe it’s a baby momma you don’t know about?  Think of all the bitches you fucked over in the past. 

J Mont: Allie, babe… come on now. R I G and S…. tell me what that look likes….a first grader can even figure this out. I have enemies but when I came back, it was for DAMON and now he’s doing what I did to him. The uncreative stupid old man that he is. He can’t even come up with his own stuff. He has to mimic me. It’s ok…. 2 for the price of 1…first I will finish off Dickless Dane, then take out the old man once and for all….I care about you a lot Allison and I know this is hard on you but I’m doing this for US…..

ARP: I know what it looks like.  Did you ever think that maybe someone is making it look like my dad to make you think it was my dad?  Come on, Joe, even you’re not that dumb.  Like seriously, I think you’re starting to lose it.

J Mont: Can you promise me one thing babe? If you hear anything at all whether it’s your family or not, will you tell me and not hide it from me?

ARP: But it’s not my family.  [She sighs.]  You know what, Joe, sure, why not.  If I find out that it’s my family that’s trying to drive you crazy, I will tell you.  Because I’m not like my family.  I would want you to know it was us trying… scratch that, not trying, I would want you to know we were driving you crazy.  Because whoever that’s doing this… is doing just that.

J Mont:  All i want at the end of the day is to be the best tag team in the wrestling world. The best tag team in life in and out of the bedroom and to be your best friend. You’re the first girl that really has gotten me to a level of commitment…and OK yes I may have been a man whore in the past but you definitely see the change in me….and I know you like it…just admit it.. I’m the most romantic man you’ve ever been with and met. 

ARP:  If I wasn’t married, all this would be flattering and good chance that even though my dad hates your guts that I would let you sweep me up.  Because you do have appealing qualities… sometimes.  But, again, someone realized before it was too late, that I was the one for him and wifed me up.  Sorry you realized too late.

J Mont: It’s never too late. DON’T be scared of CHANGE. There is nothing better in life than being a late bloomer. Success can happen at any time and at any age. You can have a spiritual awakening and discover a new side of yourself. And best of all, love can happen at any age babe. So, I’m ready for you, us and the family. 

ARP: The only thing I am going to change right now is this conversation.  I’ve got to go, Joe.  I’ve got to finish getting ready to head back to Jersey and I need to go say goodbye to my kids and tell them that Mommy loves them and will see them soon.

J Mont:  Just so you know, I left Xavier a message that the tag champs should share a King Suite together, so I’m sure that will come to a fruition soon. Can’t wait to spend some more time with my baby,

ARP: I’ve got to call Xavier.  I am going to kill you.  You just keep on and keep on.. You don’t know when to stop, do you?

J Mont: Persistence is my strong point and at the end of the day, I always get what I want. Xavier knows what’s best for business and doesn’t want to risk losing J Mont to a rival promotion and I know deep down you would truly be sad without me around. And if you don’t believe me, don’t worry. THE TRUTH will set you free with me and you can thank your MOM for that one. 

ARP: You mean Stellar, Jenna’s my mom, thank you.  Your and her truths are nothing but lies, lies that only you believe.  Got to go, Joe… See ya in NY.

[Allison pressed the dismiss button, she’s had enough of his crazy for the day.]

J Mont: Hello? Allie? Babe? Wifey?  What the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!

[J Mont looks at his door again with the letter R on it, looks down at the phone that Allie just hung up on him, and looks at the Hearst Tower…..He is about to snap like the Incredible Hulk. He starts pacing around for the moment and so much for all that laughter and tribute to Mariano. Business has just picked up.]

J Mont:  All you mutha fuckas are about to die. I dare you to enter FIGHT NYC because if you do, i promise you one thing, you will be leaving, but leaving in a body bag courtesy of J Mont. This is my LIFE and I’m tired of people trying to play with it. Game on bitches. 

[J Mont slams his IPHONE down to the ground as it shatters everywhere. He knows a war is brewing out there somewhere. Is it the Riggs family? Is it a past enemy coming out of the woodworks? Is it FIGHT NYC? Is it his own family? One thing is for certain, all eyes are on J Mont and what he does next. For now, he needs to WIN this big match and make the next move count.]

[Finally ready to go, he puts the Rolls Royce in drive and steps on the gas. He has to get back to the bachelor pad cause he knows damn well Stellar has been snooping around but there is nothing hidden there to worry about. All she may find is a pack of XL Magnum condoms but otherwise no dirt will be found on J Mont. And before you know it, J Mont is gone in the wind and no longer visible to the eye.]