[JmOnT] A B C Deez Nutz!!! [Blood Money 2/CCP Enterprises]

By: Joe Montuori

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 18th Jan 2022

January 31st, 2022- The day the KING gets back on his throne. King J Mont.

[Season 2 ended with a lot of shocks, twists and turns. But one thing is for certain. J Mont made a statement. A very big statement. After the plan with Chris Page was done behind the scenes, all that was left was to execute the plan. And boy, did the plan go off perfectly. Everyone thought J Mont was off on vacation somewhere with Mia, but the whole time, he was in New York City plotting the next move. From the Austin Ramsey mask one week to the Todrick Tabor Ramsey mask the next only to find another Austin Ramsey mask. The fans, the Ramsey’s, Centurion, and so on had no idea what was going on. Only 1 man knew and that was Chris Page. Together, Page and J Mont made fools of most people. When that second Austin mask came off, the fans were on their feet in shock. Damon Riggs at the announce booth was shocked. The cameraman almost dropped the camera in shock. J Mont stood next to Chris Page as the newest addition to the CCP Enterprises. And why is this a big shock to everyone? Because no one saw it coming for starters and secondly, this is the first time J Mont doesn’t have the pressure of being a leader of a group full of talented but ego driven individuals. Instead, all he has to do now is just be J Mont. The cocky, arrogant, pain in the ass, follows no rules man which has gotten him to the top of the mountain before and will be there again come Blood Money 2.]


[Teterboro Airport is where things pick up. It’s a cold, windy day with not much sunlight. Typical January day in New Jersey. There are very few planes here at the moment and not many have landed recently, but that’s only because this is a private airport. You have to have money and know the right people to fly in and out of here. And that sounds like the perfect recipe for J Mont. And what do you know? His custom made and personal Gulfstream G500 in a custom silver color is seen. It’s slowly pulling up the runway. And after a few moments, it’s finally stopped and ready to be boarded. And for your broke ass bitches out there that don’t know about this custom built private jet, let me fill you in on this real quick. This private jet cost around 45 million dollars. I can thank my investments for this gift. At any time I can have up to 19 people in this jet, the inside cabin offers a lot of space with many oval windows as well as many custom leather seats that recline. When you’re inside this plane and relaxing, you won’t even realize you are in the air. It’s so smooth, calm and quiet.]

[But enough about the luxury of having money and a private jet. Let’s FOCUS on who is boarding this plane. Is it Jay Z and Beyoncé? Carmelo and LaLa Anthony? The Wu Tang Clan? Justin Bieber? All wrong answers. The glass doors inside the building are opened by a worker there. You see a young man pushing a cart with a bunch of luggage and of course, all the suitcases and bags are Louis Vuitton. After he passes, you see the one and only J Mont, with his fiancée Mia. And of course, how can you miss them. J Mont is sporting a Luxury Men’s Louis Vuitton Designer Striped Monogrammed Tracksuit with the matching shoes. Where as Mia is wearing a Supreme Louis Vuitton Tracksuit as well. As for her footwear, she has on matching Louis Vuitton Air JD 13’s. Together, they look like a million bucks as they strut their way towards their custom jet. The young man is loading the bags as J Mont and Mia make their way towards the steps leading to a luxury flight. Step by step, each of them looked so good and they knew it too. Finally getting up to the main entrance, they stop and kiss one another. They make their way towards the luxury sofa and take a seat together. The door closes behind them, the bags are loaded. Looks like it’s time for the flight. You then see a tall pilot make his way over.]

Pilot Shaquille Oatmeal: Mr. and Mrs. Montuori, welcome aboard your private jet.

Mia: Not Mrs. yet [She smiles.] but coming soon.

Pilot Shaquille Oatmeal: I do apologize Ma’am’.

Mia: No need. [She reassured him.] Everyone thinks we are married anyway, so I’m used to it. By the way, you look very familiar.

Pilot Shaquille Oatmeal: I get that a lot, but I’ve been a pilot for over 20 years now.

Mia: You sure you weren’t that tall guy in the movie Grown Ups 2 with the Ashtray afro head?

Pilot Shaquille Oatmeal: Great movie, and I wish I could act, but that was not me.

J Mont: Babe, he was in the movie Kazaam as that big ass Genie.

Pilot Shaquille Oatmeal: For the last time, I’m a PILOT, not an actor.

[J Mont and Mia just laugh at this poor guy who is about to put their lives in his hands as he flies the private jet.]

Pilot Shaquille Oatmeal: Please stay seated, we are about to take off.

J Mont: Mia’s clothes? Yes I am. HAHA

[Pilot Shaquille shakes his head in disgust and makes his way towards the front of the jet. J Mont and Mia flirting with one another like they are back in high school. You then start to hear the sound of the plane’s motors and it slowly starts to move down the runway. Gaining more and more speed for take off. AND……………………………]


[In the skies is where we are now. J Mont reaches over for a remote and hits the power button. The flat screen TV comes on and what better to be on TV at the present time than the original Karate Kid with Ralph Macchio.]

J Mont: [Singing away.] I’m the best around. Nothing’s gonna ever keep me down. I’m the best around. Nothing’s gonna keep me down. Fight till the end, cause your life will depend on the strength that you have inside you. I’m the best around. [Mia then puts her hand over J Mont’s mouth.]

Mia: Dear lord!! You are Joe Montuori, not Joe Esposito. Your J MONT, Not J ESPO.

[J Mont play bites Mia’s hand.]

J Mont: You love it when I sing to you baby.

Mia: When it’s RnB and in the bedroom, that’s one thing. [She looked at him with her nose wrinkled up a little bit, and a smile.] But that singing that you just did, Simon Cowell would have ripped you a new asshole for how bad that was.

J Mont: Maybe you’re right but this movie gets me pumped up and makes me think about a lot of things. This movie really relates to myself with the NSQ a little.

Mia: How does the Karate Kid, J Mont, NSQ go together?

J Mont: Ok, sit back and think about this.

[Mia leans her head into J Mont’s chest as they are cuddled up. The flight in the meantime is nice and smooth. No hiccups or issues.]

J Mont: Daniel Larusso always had to figure a way to survive on his own pretty much against a group of guys called the Cobra Kai. You have Dickie Watson who is like Johnny Lawrence. You got Shawn Warstein who is like Dutch. You have Aiden Reynolds who is like Tommy. Betsy Granger acts like Jimmy. Kasey Winterborn reminds me of Bobby. And James Raven reminds me of John Kreese.

Mia: You know there are no girls in Cobra Kai. [She pointed out.]

J Mont: I know that but I had to make some compromises here. Either way, both the Cobra Kai and NSQ are full of a bunch of bitches.

Mia: You are forgetting about the main guy in the movie. Mr. Miyagi or whoever you think he is.

J Mont: That’s an easy answer. Miyagi to me is Chris Page. He sees something in me and knows I can win. He is helping me get back on track and has my back. He’s the man that will lead me back to the promised land. Chronic Chris Miyagi.

[Mia starts to laugh real hard at that last one.]

Mia: You really think Chris would like that name?

J Mont: Fuck yeah i do. Sounds so lethal. But it makes sense. It’s time for J Mont and Page to take down the NSQ and get the power back. Together, we are dangerous and lethal. And to take down a Cobra Kai, you need to build your own. But we aren’t a bunch of Bitches like them. CCP Enterprises is here to replace the NSQ and the biggest difference here is that we won’t lose like they will. We will stand tall and on top of the wrestling world.

Mia: I believe in you all, but baby I’m a little tired. You know I haven’t been feeling well lately. I’m gonna go lay down for a little.

J Mont: Do you need anything at all?

Mia: Just promise me you won’t sing anything while I try to rest or fight the pilot.

J Mont: I promise. [Of course, wise ass J Mont cant help himself and starts to sing, Promise by Jagged Edge.] Girl, just believe, I Promise. You’re the only one I want in my life. Promise, promise, promise you girl.

Mia: OK [Mia laughs.] You can sing baby but not right now. I really need to rest.

[Mia kisses J Mont and walks over to lay down. Meanwhile J Mont turns off the TV and looks outside the big oval window. All you can see is a big jet wing and blue skies and no clouds.]

J Mont: Disney World. We are on our way. Been many, many years since I have been there. Actually a lot longer than that. I was 10 when my parents took me. I could be wrong since I love to smoke too much damn weed. But that is besides the point. Blood Money 2 is taking place in Disney which is very interesting. When I think of Disney, I think of Epcot, the Magic Kingdom, Disney Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Sea World, Hollywood Studios and all those characters running around. I don’t think of a big wrestling event. But this is FIGHT NYC, where anything can and will happen.

[J Mont adjusts his neck from one side to the other.]

J Mont: And something big is going to happen. Rumors have been swirling around that we need to take this match like our future depends on it. And that’s fine by me. This match will define my future here because I am in it to win it. I got my sight set on 2 things. Winning Blood Money 2 and then to face Dickie Watson to get my Empire Shot. I don’t give a shit what Serotonin, Miss F, Xavier or Leandra have to say. This is my TIME. You want everything? You are going to get everything. Sometimes you have to go through darkness to get to the light. My darkness was that tough stretch with Dane Preston and the Queens Title, but now I have seen the light. Chris Page has awakened the OLD J MONT which is not what people want to deal with. Truly ask Damon Riggs, Vincent Black, Vhodka Black, Miss Michelle. They will tell you that Twizted Thoughtz is not a man you want to fuck around with. But guess what? That is what you are getting now. CCP Enterprises led by Page is getting old school J Mont and that means victory.

It’s not the size of the dog in the FIGHT, it’s the size of the FIGHT in the dog!

J Mont: Now that I’m on my way to Disney to get ready for this WAR, I really need to think about who we have to deal with here. Anyone can get involved in this blood bath. Could be an XWF guy, a local town favorite, anyone from any federation. And I will keep my eyes out for the surprises but my main FOCUS will be on the FIGHT roster. Everyone is so happy to go to Disney and have some fun and catch up on their childhood stories. I will let them do that because they will forget all about J Mont, while I’m plotting and planning and playing mind games. Have fun eating your churros, taking pics with Minnie Mouse, going down the water slide. I will be preparing for my rise to the top.

What matters most is not the fall but your ability to rise whenever you fall.

J Mont: And I am rising to the top. I already see the big picture and one by one I will be taking everyone down. Disney is for the kids and most of the people on this FIGHT roster act like kids. So I wonder one thing. Do they even know their ABC’s?

Ashlynn Cassidy

J Mont: The woman who has been kissing Miss Michelle and Sahara’s ass the day she got here. And I don’t even know why because her ass is as flat as an ironing board. Yes, that is you Sahara. Ashlynn likes to run her mouth and say shit about me, but most of the time I don’t even pay attention because she’s not worth the time. And to top it off, she got involved in the Denzel Tournament by agreeing to team with Sahara vs The Dream Team of Myself, Vhodka and Vincent. She really isn’t the brightest bulb in the box. When I get done with her at Blood Money 2, she needs to learn how to write her real name Jessica Reynolds on job applications. I hear Pier 1 Imports is hiring cashiers.

Betsy Granger

J Mont: Another woman who likes to walk around like her shit don’t stink. Bitch please. You only won the Island titles from me because Allison wanted to feel my nuts one more time. You didn’t earn them or even truthfully beat me. And now you’re walking around with the Manhattan Title like your god’s gift. Here is a fact for you. I was the first Manhattan Champion and I made that belt what it is today. And I know you like traveling, so let me set up a trip for you. A trip to the losers circle because you are not getting by me.

Chris Page

J Mont: Man, this is gonna be one of the toughest spots at Blood Money 2. I can see it now. The end is here. Page/J Mont, the last 2 men standing. CCP Enterprises is standing tall, but there still needs to be a winner. And I am sorry Chris, but I’m getting that W. When I signed on the dotted line with you that night at dinner, you knew what you were getting. But you also knew what needed to be done to help me. And by god, everything is working out and on the up and up. I wanna thank you for starters before this war starts and if somehow, you take me down and win this thing. Hats off to you. You are a legend in this game like myself. But winning Blood Money 2 is all I eat, sleep and think about. You seen me at my lowest. You saw me at my confused times. You seen me worry about love and not wrestling. But there is one thing you have never seen in person. TWIZTED THOUGHTZ. I know you have seen the videos and play backs. You signed this man and I’m going to make you proud. I’m winning this for myself and CCP Enterprises.

Druscilla White

J Mont: When it comes to the FIGHT roster, I don’t consider myself to have a lot of friends. Probably because of my past, the mind games I play and because of how good I am. But one of the few people that I can call a friend and respect is DRU. From day 1 when she got here, we slowly built this friendship up and I’m glad we did. I was so proud of her when she won that Bareknuckles Title and i know she will get it back. I’m hoping I don’t have to take out my rage on her during this war, but she knows it’s not personal and it’s just business. I wish Dru could win, but not this time. I’m sorry friend, but we can take a nice bike ride around Florida after I win.


J Mont: Met this roid head all the way back in the OPW days. That’s when he was good. I don’t know the last time he won a match. If he was a head coach of a football team, it would definitely be the Detroit Lions or the Jacksonville Jaguars. And I’m actually still a little pissed at this roid freak. I got him 10 bags of steroid Doritos for Christmas as a gift since I was his secret Santa and never got a thank you or how they were. And for that, I’m going to make sure he chokes on some Flaming Hot Doritos before I throw his ass out. Fuck you and fuck Cool Ranch.

Femme Icon Apathy

J Mont: I will be the first to say I know she has been around for a long time and just beat my good friend Dru for the Bareknuckles Title and even beat Brother P a few months back but that’s it. I never took the time to follow her matches or her words of confusion. When I think of the name or word of Apathy, I think of “lack of Interest”. So, I will just sit back and use your government name and call you Elizabeth. And there is only 1 thing me and you have in common. We both weigh 250 pounds, but my 250 is sex appeal and yours is good for the McDonalds dinner box.

Graham Clauson

J Mont: He doesn’t have the balls to show his face in Fight again, but if he does, i will be the one there waiting for him with a JKO to send his ass packing again. The women here in Fight for the most part are pretty tough and good looking. But this BITCH right here complains like he is on his period 24/7 and has more chest hair then the woman in Russia. Mr. Shoot King, show your face at Blood Money 2 and it will be a decision you will regret. You will quit again like the bitch you are and run all the way home to mommy and tell her the big bad J Mont beat me up. Fuck off.

“HAVOK” Damon Riggs

J Mont: This is one I would love to see come back but i don’t think he is cleared for this type of match. I have a score to settle with this man because the last time we got in the ring, he took 2 out of 3 falls from me, but I still blame Demi Stratford for that. But either way, hats off because Damon Riggs has been one of my toughest opponents all the way back to the days of my prime. And I think now in 2022, we have finally buried the hatchet a little and have some respect for one another. I even reached out to him about Dane which shocked him but it was a good talk. If I can find a DR to clear Damon to show up, I’m ready for it because I know what this man can do and would love the opportunity one more time to meet in this ring, or war zone we are about to enter.

There is no I in TEAM

J Mont: CCP Enterprises will be very well represented in this match with a lot of strong names and faces. I’m the kind of guy that wants to WIN the whole thing, but as long as a CCP guy is standing tall at the end, that’s what matters. We have a business mission in place, and everyone now with CCP will understand that very shortly. Every company and promotion around needs to take notes and watch very carefully because CCP is the best of the best. You have some of the strongest, some of the best technical wrestlers, some of the best trash talkers, some of the best mind game players and some of the richest people around. All of that together smells like SUCCESS and WINS. NSQ can kiss our ass and take a back seat to us. And speaking of back seats, I need to take a jab at an associate of mine. Sahara. How many back seats have you been in the past few years?

James Raven

J Mont: The man everyone likes to call the GOAT. Greatest of all Time? I think not. It’s more like, Get out any Time. Because you’re on my radar and a target I’m looking to knock off right away. You have some obsession with what I did to Allison. That’s in the past and we all moved on. But you keep bringing it up. Do you have a crush on myself or Allison that we need to know about? Does Betsy know about this? But anyway, I’m going to show Chris Page just why I’m one of the best around and make sure I’m the one that sends you packing. Quote the Raven? Fuck that. Quote J Mont. Bye Bye Bitch

Kasey Winterborn

J Mont: Another person who was lucky enough to benefit from the NUT SHOT heard around the world thanks to Allison. You didn’t do anything to deserve that Island Title when you won. As a matter of fact, are you even still around? There has been more action in the cemetery than I have seen from you lately. Little Miss Vex? More like Little Missing in Action. I’m not worried about you. Never have and never will. If you show up, that’s great. If you don’t, no one will miss you.


J Mont: I know I have heard this name once before but that’s about it. Blue hair, tattoos, and a pale face. That’s all I remember from this freak of nature. Oh, I’m sorry. The Dark Vixen of Violence. Excuse me while I laugh so hard I cry. Go back to wherever you came from because you are way over your head if you show up. I know I’m really thinking outside the box here that you may be in the match, but this is the type of war that you have to think about anyone showing up to make a name. You can show up, but all you’re gonna do is bruise that pale body of yours.

Michelle Moore

J Mont: Talk about a friendship that has been a roller coaster ride. One day its great, next day its hell, next day its like Hi, then Fuck you, then how are you. Everyday is an adventure with Michelle, but one thing I will say about her. I respect her. We have been through a lot over the many years. She’s married to a friend of mine, well in the same situations as hers in Brandon Moore. But what’s the toughest part is her Friendship with Brother P. It’s like she gets in trouble if she is seen with me anywhere. We were at the Rabbit the other night and they were both there. I said hi to Michelle and gave her the goodie bag she wanted and P wanted to throw down. She needs to know I’m her friend too. But at the end of the day, Blood Money 2 and the Denzel Invitational are 2 times she is going to hate me because she won’t beat me. I guess I can send her a care package saying I’m sorry for winning. I’m also curious to see if her head is straight for the match. She just lost the Manhattan Championship, things with Brandon seem rocky. She’s spending a lot of time with Brother P. And doing boat loads of cocaine. I don’t think she is ready for this match, but we will see.

New Status Quo

J Mont: Fuck these bitches. Think they can come in here and make the rules. CCP Enterprises is going to show them how a business should be run. They need to go to Walmart, get a few notebooks and pens, and take notes. Because CCP Enterprises is going to control 2022 and it starts with Blood Money 2. You can call it the end of an ERA with the NSQ and a start of a DYNASTY with CCP Enterprises.

Ophelia Pain Pinkston

J Mont: LCP is a friend of mine and one of the funniest guys i know. I remember being at the ceremony at the ranch having a good time. And I know Ophelia has stepped down at the moment from her ring duties to handle things, but I cannot count her out to make a surprise return at Blood Money 2. Pheely as we all like to call her is a very smart and determined woman. If she sees a calculated way to make an impact here, she will come back. But, only she knows that. I don’t think she will return, but I’m keeping her name in the back of my head in case she pops up like a weasel. Same for LCP. Friends or not, I have to win. And Blood Money 2 is a place where you need to leave friendship at the door.

Paul Montuori

J Mont: Brother P. He will always be my brother whether he wants to or not. We grew up together and did so much. ONE LIE should not ruin that, even if that was a BIG LIE. Yes Paul, I lied about your mother being dead. But if you give me the chance to sit down and have an actual normal conversation, I will explain why it had to be done. Uncle Vincenzo, Cousin Giuseppe, Papa George all knew about it as well and were on board with it. Just calm down and give me a chance to speak my mind before you make any hasty decision about the family. But come Blood Money 2, i know I’m his first target. I got that feeling from the rabbit the other night when he told VooDoo to get security before he threw hands with me and went to jail. Paul is over reacting right now. He needs to forgive me and keep the family name going. He just had a huge Islands Title win over the NSQ and back in the good graces of Michelle. He’s picking his life back up and I’m proud of him for that. But worrying about me is gonna cost him his FOCUS in this war. And if he loses or gets eliminated, I’m sure I will get the blame and once again it will all come back about that Lie……but let me give him some more bulletin board material to fire him up. I won the Toxic Tag War, you didn’t. I won the Island titles before you. I was a champion before you. I was a double champion, you weren’t. And I’m going to do what you couldn’t do, and you had 2 shots at it. I’m going to beat Dickie for the EMPIRE title. Now you can be mad at me if you want little BRO.


J Mont: Something that Sahara is known for doing a lot. Those Vaginal Farts. I can’t believe people like Dane and Ricky had to deal with that. Power to them. And now Thad as well. I can try to tell him about them but he seems to be in love with Sahara. He is also a CCP Enterprise friend, so it’s a tough situation. But Sahara is now with CCP Enterprises as well and I was told to chill out a little. And i will be the first to say, this is very hard because every bone in my body wants to smash her face, call her a Whore and make her cry. But I promised Chris, I would do my best to work on the issues with Sahara. And we had dinner the other night which was shocking. Myself, Mia, Sahara and Thad. And everyone gave their piece of mind and when it was all said and done, everyone said I’m Sorry. So hopefully now, we can move past that past and focus on the future with CCP Enterprises. But does this mean she is my best friend now? Fuck no. Does this mean I’m going to call her to hang out? Fuck that. All this means is when the time is right, I will have her back and do what’s right. But here is a spoiler alert and everyone hates those. Especially when a new episode of a show comes on and then just when it ends, everyone goes onto social media to blow the ending. And I’m sorry I’m blowing this for all of you, but if I get the chance to eliminate Sahara, I will do it. I will be doing it for Mia and some payback. But the next day, it’s back to business and work. Sorry ahead of time Sahara, but that Empire Title is mine. You will have your chance but just NOT RIGHT NOW. And THAD, please get a PRENUP!

Ricky Rodriguez

J Mont: Someone I can call a brother and a friend. We had some ups and downs, and I had to fix the problem I caused when last time we had a match like this with Dynasty, I just watched him get his ass kicked and didn’t do anything. But this time, I got your back Ricky until I have to eliminate you from the equation. Like i said before, I’m winning this whole fucking thing. Friend or Foe, stay out of my lane. And Ricky, this match is going to be crazy. I won’t let you get jumped by a bunch of people again like last time, but once it’s me and you, Justin Timberlake says it best BYE BYE BYE…..good luck Ricky. I want to see you succeed in the ring, but this won’t be your night unfortunately due to the fact that Blood Money 2 is all J Mont’s.

Shawn Warstein

J Mont: The man that will learn to put RESPECT on my name after Blood Money 2. He prances around here like god’s gift. So what that you have the most Blood Money. You’re just scared to use it for a big time match. You’re scared to face Dickie. And I will do what I can at Blood Money 2 to make sure you leave with an empty bank account. Yes, that’s a lot of threats and promises, but the check is signed and it’s good. You also think you have one up on me because of the Islands title match, but once again I hate sounding like a broken record. You can send a thank you card to Allison for that. But other than that title, what else have you done? Yeah you won a bunch of matches but how come you’re scared of the big one? Don’t worry, I will show the world just why you aren’t ready for the Empire Match. You’re on the top of my hit list like Raven. I’m gonna be at Blood Money 2 looking for you right away and send a message. BOOM. There goes Warstein courtesy of J Mont. The past is the past. This is a new year, a new season and a new J Mont. And you wanna call yourself THE VESSEL. That’s fine by me because if anyone sat through English class and paid attention, they would know that means a large boat. J Mont is going to sink THE VESSEL at Blood Money 2 and get all the treasure he can. See you there bitch.

Todrick Tabor Ramsey

J Mont: She is a friend of mine as well, but also upset with me because of what I did a few weeks back. Toddy, it was just business, not personal. Using the Austin and Toddy masks was a genius move. It was a great way to get attention and also show the world just how creative CCP Enterprises is. Now, just now I have a lot of respect for you. You took the Manhattan title from me in a hard fought match. You kind of shocked me and i wont say i wasn’t distracted by the whole Allison/Dane situation, but you caught me off guard. Congrats. It happened that one time and will not happen again. There is no Manhattan title on the line, No Dane or Allison Drama. I’m not thinking about Brother P right now. I have a clear frame of mind entering Blood Money 2 and a mission. Sorry to you as well Toddy, but get in my way, I’m gonna knock the eye lashes off of you.

Ursula-The Little Mermaid

J Mont: Why the fuck did that just cross my mind? I must be getting sleepy or something. But I guess that means I need to think about Dave the Dinosaur here. The defending Bronx Champion. I actually like Dave. It was funny seeing him eliminate Sahara the last time. But it’s best if Dave stays out of my way. I don’t wanna ruin his chances for some Hollywood films he could star in like Dinosaurs 2. Jurassic World. Remake of Barney. But I’m keeping an eye out on Dave since he seems to be pretty slick, but I’m not going to let no college flunky show me the door. It’s time to make Dave extinct once and for all.

Vincent Black

J Mont: One of my best friends and my partner in the Denzel tournament. He has given me no indication he will be showing up for Blood Money 2, but that could change because this match has a lot at stake. And Vincent is a big time player in this business. One of the best. So i got to keep him in the back of my mind in case all of a sudden. There he is, standing face to face in this war. He’s family to me, but he knows how much this means to me. Twizted will outlast the PhreeQ and show the world just how much I truly want to be back at the top where i belong.


J Mont: This is what I have been talking about since Blood Money 2 has been announced. Wherever I go, I let them all know. I want Dickie Watson and that Empire Title. And if I have to go through everyone at Blood Money 2 to get that shot, then that’s what I have to do. Me and Dickie never met one on one. Closest we got was the Toxic Tag war but he didn’t even make it that far. Dane had his shot. Brother P had 2 chances. It’s my turn and after watching all the tapes and films on these matches, I have a game plan that will work to take down Dickie and capture the Empire Title. But I need to get the job done at Blood Money 2. Dickie, you are Target #1. And I’m not talking about some stupid Canadian movie about a journalist. You are my MAIN target in this war. I know if I get rid of you, I will get my Empire Title match or maybe get handed the belt right after. Who the fuck knows. But your time is up.


J Mont: The ending will be different this time Dickie. The last Blood Money, I was in an all out war with Dane Preston. We were both near the end and cost each other that match. This time, my schedule is clear of bull shit and I’m focused on winning the whole fucking thing. Shout out to Jake Taylor of Major League Movie for that quote. Blood Money 1 was about Dickie Watson. Blood Money 2 will be about the rise of J Mont and the fall of the Dickie Empire.

X Girl- Allison Riggs Preston

J Mont: She was never my girl, but it was fun playing while it lasted. She may have gotten the last laugh with the Nut Shot, but I will win the war. I will be marrying the best thing that has happened to me in MIA and winning Blood Money 2 to get my Empire Title. You can ask Allison at any time just how dangerous I am and she will tell you I’m one of the best at mind games and manipulations. She can’t argue that since she saw it first hand. When I want something, I get it. Some things happen faster than others, but I get what I want. I’m going to return the favor to Allison for what she did to me and cost us the Island Titles. I can’t give her a Nut shot, but maybe a Nipple Twist, or a hard smack on the ass or better yet, just a JKO to remind her who the boss is. Revenge will be had if she shows up.


J Mont: Think about that for a minute. My life the past year has been a Yo-Yo. So many ups and downs. The ups were winning the Manhattan Title, The Islands Title, Toxic Tag Winner and a bunch of awards as well. The biggest win was MIA. The downs were losing all the titles, winning the Queens title, losing to Dane Preston, and losing my top spot as the Face of Fight NYC. But like a Yo-Yo, when it’s down, it always comes right back up again. And that’s what Blood Money 2 is for me. I’m going to come right back to the TOP and reclaim what is mine. The top spot and the Empire Title. It may be a little selfish but I’m doing this for Myself but also for the CCP Enterprises. I don’t know how I’m going to win, I just know I’m not going to lose. I’m like a soldier. I fight where I am told and I win where I fight.


J Mont: I think that is what Sahara called Dane all the time. And speaking of Dane, I tried to reach out and visit, but they said family only. I talked to Allison and gave her my blessing on Dane. I spoke with Damon but he said there is nothing I can do. I’m not a fan of Dane, but there is a respect factor there for the war we had and I want to see him get back in that ring and do what he does. BATTLE. Prayers up for Dane and his family.

Now I hope you all know your ABC’s, and Next time you see me, call me CHAMP!

[J Mont is a very smart man and knows there is a lot at stake here. As much as he kids around, that’s just to keep himself sane.]

J Mont: I know there will be more than the alphabet in this match. There are going to be so many people in this war. You can’t forget about Anicka Swan and Bam Miller. Unless they are too busy making love on a custom bike or at the Velvet Rabbit. You have Aiden Reynolds of NSQ who wants to get revenge on everyone after costing the NSQ their Island titles. Big Fella EOIN, and yes Vhodka it’s EION, not Ian like the guy from Beverly Hills 90210. He finally got a win and failed right away after. I’m sure he’s out to prove it wasn’t a fluke. And then you also have Anne Boleyn. The Queen’s Champion and a queen in her own mind. She is too worried about staying a queen, so I’m not worried about her getting in my way. Atara Themis, the Brooklyn Champion, really wants to make a name for herself but not on my watch. Goddess down. And I can’t forget Tara and Jennie Fennix. Beat one and lost one. But the loss was to the so called #12 in the world so i can’t be too mad at myself for that one. Either way, I’m going to make sure Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen don’t get a full house and win.

[A little chuckle from J Mont.]

J Mont: Then I can’t forget about Brandon Moore. This man is sick in the head and never gives up. It’s going to be a challenge but I beat him in the past before and can do it again. Which then brings me over to a good friend of mine, Austin Ramsey. I hope Austin number whatever doesn’t get mad when I make sure he loses and I win. I don’t know which personality I’m going to be punching in the face but hopefully they know it’s a war and not personal. We can all go to the Velvet Rabbit after and celebrate my big WIN. What would be funny is if Centurion shows his face again after losing to Page and getting shocked by my debut with CCP Enterprises.

[Looking out the window, J Mont could have sworn he saw a bird fly by.]

J Mont: Speaking of birds…..wonder if the lady from Home Alone with all those bids on her will show up. Wait, it’s an OWL I think. Who fuckin cares. But I know one guy who may pop in and that’s Mario Vontez Porter. Denzel is my boy, but I will have to teach his son a lesson that he will definitely learn a lot from. And then you have the other Black. My bestie and teammate for the Denzel Tournament in Vhodka Black. I will never lay a hand on my good friend but I will find a way to win without hurting… She’s one of Mia’s best friends and mine. I can’t ruin that even though I said I will do what it takes to win this whole thing. And anyone else that wants to show their face at Blood Money 2 and try to take what’s mine. Yes I’m talking to you Serotonin, Amari Kent, Dark Tiger, Lisa Marie Ashton, Father Thyme, Jason Ryan, Korrupt, Maverick, Ryan Elias, Tommy Kain, Valkyrie, Johnny Stylez or anyone else. Try me and you will get fucked up and regret the day you tried to stop J Mont from getting what is his.

Especially you Stephen Stratford. I dare you to show up.

[With all that said, J Mont gets up and walks over to Mia who is starting to wake up.]

Mia: What did I miss?

J Mont: A smooth flight but we still have time to join the mile high club.

Mia: We are already members together.

J Mont: Oh yeah, I had to try. I just been chillin, thinking about the big match at Blood Money 2 and all the assholes in it.

Mia: Just stop, and relax. You know you’re gonna win it.

[Mia and J Mont kiss and then all of a sudden you hear a beeping sound coming from the speaker system.]

Speaker: This is Pilot Shaquille Oatmeal speaking. We are about to land so buckle your seat belts and enjoy the last few moments before we land.

20 Minutes Later

[The Jet has landed and arrived at the Orlando International Airport. Not too far from Disney World. J Mont and Mia get up and hug one another.]

J Mont: Lets enjoy a few days here before i start eliminating the roster one by one.

Mia: Can we just enjoy a few days without you wanting to kill someone?

J Mont: You know what, you remind me of the 20 letters in the alphabet.

Mia: There are 26 letters.

J Mont: Your Right. How could i forget the U R A Q T.

Mia: [Blushing] Your missing 1 now.

J Mont: You can get the D later.

[Mia slaps J Mont on the shoulder laughing.]

Mia: I better be.

[Mia and J Mont start to walk towards the front of the plane when they run into their pilot.]

J Mont: Thanks for the smooth flight Shaq.

Pilot Shaquille Oatmeal: It’s Shaquille.

J Mont: Yeah sure, and you will hit a free throw too.

[J Mont pats him on the back and guides Mia towards the big door that slowly opens. There are about 15 steps that lead down to the runway but the best part is that there’s a red carpet leading to a Bentley Limo. Money gets you what you want. Once they make their way down the steps, they walk the red carpet like a million dollar couple. But before they get to the limo, J Mont claps his hands twice and the back door opens up.]


[He appears out of the back of the limo and walks towards Mia and gives her a hug. J Mont gives a fist pump to Mickie. The limo driver already with camera phone ready takes a pic of Mickey, J Mont and Mia. He then escorts Mia inside the limo first followed by J Mont. The door closes behind leaving Mickey at the airport awaiting his ride. The driver gets back into the limo and they are off.]

J Mont: My man Mickey Mouse.

Mia: I didn’t see that coming babe.

J Mont: Think about this for a minute. Who is one of the most popular, richest, most decorated men in all of wrestling?

Mia: [Making a cute face.] I don’t know.

[J Mont actually looks really irritated at the comment and is about to blow a gasket.]

Mia: Baby, I’m kidding. It’s you of course.

J Mont: So why not enter our trip to Disney with the character that most resembles me.

Mia: You don’t have huge ears love.

J Mont: I’m talking about Mickey Mouse being the world’s most loved and popular Disney character. He is their most recognizable character of all time. Everyone knows who he is and buys all his merchandise, toys, clothes and so on. In a way, if I had to be a Disney Character, it would be Mickey because I’m the same way. Everyone loves them some J Mont, good or bad. I’m the guy everyone recognizes whenever we go on tour. I’m always a top seller of merchandise and ticket sales. I think a great idea for Blood Money 2 if I still have time is to get with Disney and make some J Mont Mickey ears to sell at the show. We can donate the earnings to the homeless shelters near Disney as a good cause.

Mia: I love you!

J Mont: And just wait, you haven’t seen anything yet.

[J Mont pulls out his iPhone 13 and shows Mia an email confirmation for their hotel stay.]

Cinderella Castle Suite

[Mia hugs J Mont because that always has been a dream of hers to stay there. He made her dream come true like he is going to make his dream come true winning Blood Money 2.]

J Mont: This place is amazing babe, We are inside of Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom. I had to pull some major strings to get this done, but the connections I have made this happen. You have a magic mirror TV, jacuzzi tub, fireplace, antique look all over. It’s 1 of a kind for our trip. Figured we could have a little excitement and fun before I go to war.

Mia: Win Blood Money 2 Baby for US.

J Mont: You better believe it. I’m taking everyone out that I can. I will be aware of all my surroundings at all times. But I’m telling you babe. Dickie Watson is a marked man. I’m going to be the one that takes him out and ends his reign.

Mia: And when you’re done with Lil Dickie, maybe he can listen to that song Save Dat Money because this is the year of J Mont and CCP Enterprises.

J Mont: You are so right babes, but right now, i got a better idea. Let’s get back to what we were talking about before. You getting that


[J Mont and Mia start kissing in the back of the limo but before the driver can get a free show, J Mont holds the button that operates the window and watches it go all the way up leaving J Mont and Mia alone in the back to complete the alphabet.]

[See all you bitches at Blood Money 2 in Disney.]