JMont/Allison:Not This Time (LMA Rp)

By: Lisa Marie Ashton

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 5th Aug 2021

The first scene is seen taking place at the very much beautiful New York City, New York penthouse suite of where the woman who is known in the Fight! NYC federation as ” The Mafa Queen Bitch” Lisa Marie Ashton but she is not alone. In the same place as her is her new manager/ finacee ” Thunderstorm” Josiah Black, He was seen making them lunch as she was seen sitting outside of the spacious patio. Her mind was on the all too sudden death of the family manager/ advisor Sam Savage, She said right back to herself.

” The Mafia Queen Bitch” Lisa Marie Ashton: Sam, I still miss you so very much. You will never ever be forgotten. You are in the Heavens with my late husband, Frank Finelli. You two are now reunited. We will see each other again.

After that, her sexy cowboy was seen bringing her lunch to her alongside with a fresh glass of sweet tea. He said right back to her with very much concern in his baby hazel eyes of his.

” Thunderstorm” Josiah Black: Babe, you still miss Sam and Frank, do you?

She said right back to him as she was seen taking a few sips from her sweet tea glass.

Lisa Marie: I sure do but they want for me to be really happy and I am with you. I am so thankful that you came into my life. You are my sexy cowboy angel. If you didínt come into my life, I would have been the next to die. I really do love and I canít wait to be your blushing, beautiful wife one day. Letís enjoy the rest of the day, shall we?

They was seen enjoying being in each otherís company and have the yummy lunch that he prepared for them.

The next day, she decided to go to the Fight! NYC headquarters so she can see if she is due to wrestle again. She was quite shocked to see that she is indeed going to be wrestling on the upcoming Venom #4 show but in a unique way. She is due to be teaming with her fellow The Rebels stable mate, Dark Tiger. They are going to be facing the team of Allison Riggs- Preston, a person that is no stranger to her and her tag team partner/ new man in her life, Joe Montouri but this time , itís going to be for the Fight! Islands Tag Team Championships. Woah! She did remember that the last time that she was in the ring with both Joe and Allison, Joe and Allison became the new OPW World Tag Team Champions by taking the titles away from her and her at the time tag team partner AdrenaLynn in the tag team called Caffine Mafia. Boy, she really does miss her. She had to stay focused and try to win the new Islands Tag Team Championship titles with Mr. Tiger. She knew what she had to do.

About a good 5 days later, she was seen speaking to her fans through a Zoom video chat. She said right into the camera that was seen on her laptop as she was seen having a Grande Mocha Frappucino and a warmed up cream cheese danish.

Lisa Marie: Hello there, my faithful Mafiaites! Itís your favorite Mafia Queen Bitch here and I did get my win on the Venom #2 show and boy, did it felt great! Now, I got a bigger chance to become the first ever Fight! NYC Islands Tag Team Champion. I got to talk about the writing/ speaking promt which is ” I keep asking myself a question for which I canít find a answer to until I do” . Well, that is this. How do I keep myself alive in the crazy world that we all live in and that is quite simple. Itís because I got God to keep me centered. My parents to say that I am very much capable of doing anything that I put my mind to. My wonderful new manager/ finacee who loves me for who I am. My brother for letting me be the best sister in his life. My stable mates who stay with me through the good, the bad and the ugly. My new friend Drucilla for knowing of what Mafia life is all about and having that in common with me. Finally, to my fans who stayed by my side. I do love you all for that. Now, Fight! NYC has decided to have a Islands Tag Team Championship titles and I am very much thrilled that the General Manager has seen that I am not a quitter. I am a fighter through and through. The person that is going to be teaming up with me is Dark Tiger, a man who I have grown to respect. He is a legend throughout his wrestling career. The people that we are facing up against, not that much respect. Joe Montouri and his tag team partner Allison Riggs- Preston did something really horrible the last time that we three faced each other in the ring. If memory serves me right, it was you two who viciously ripped the OPW World Tag Team Championship titles away from me and my best friend/ tag team partner AdrenaLynn. If you both think that you two are going to slink on by in the fed and become the first ever Fight! NYC Islands Tag Team Champions, as Judas Priest said it best in one of their hit making songs: You Got Another Thing Coming! Itís high damn time that I get my own sweet revenge and make damn sure, even if it kills me and by any means necessary, am going to fight like true really royal blue hell in order for me to accomplish this. Joe and Allison, itís time for me to deal you some broken dreams and welcome you two to MY jungle. Welcome to MY nightmare! I see you two pricks in the ring.

She finished with what she was saying and decided to post her promo hoping that her point was made across. She decided to call on her tag team partner and get a workout session in so that they both will be ready for the match of their lives.