[JMONT] Brother’s FIGHT, but BET on the OLDEST to WIN! [CCPE]

By: Joe Montuori

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 29th Apr 2022

[Everyone always wants to see a big FIGHT. It’s what they crave and want to spend their hard earned money on. They want to see the Best go at the Best. They want to hear all the verbal threats and assaults spit out. And when all of this comes to mind, you think about some of the greatest fights in history.]

Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez

Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier

Mike Tyson vs. Evan Holyfield

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

[But you can combine all those FIGHTS together and it wont equal the one that is about to happen at FIGHT NYC’S “The Thrill And The Agony” PPV, May 2nd at the Barclays Center. A match that has been in the making for years on years. The one that no one thought would ever happen. There were plenty of chances, federations and shows for it to happen, but it never did. Now, the timing is right.]


[The BIGGEST match in wrestling history is about to go down. Everyone can talk all the shit they want about Dickie and Warstein, but there is nothing bigger than Montuori vs. Montuori. Joe vs Paul. Brother vs. Brother. (Fuck all of you that want to call him a cousin, because what we have been through, we are brothers.). You wanted the war? You are going to get the war. No Holds Barred, No DQ’s, Falls count anywhere. Expect the unexpected when that bell rings.]


[When it comes to BROTHERS, the word “FIGHTING” is a common thing. It goes all the way back to the days of being younger to the current times. There are so many things that could cause these fights. Could be jealousy or competition. Another thing could be that they have different temperaments in situations. Whatever the reason is, there is going to be a FIGHT.]


[There are so many popular brother combinations in the world today, that most will always say they are the best or most popular, but i will have to beg the differ with this. Now I know that myself and Paul don’t get along at the current moment, but that doesnt mean “TOGETHER” we aren’t the best brother duo around. I dare anyone from TMZ or news broadcasters to prove me wrong. Who would they pick?.]

James and Dave Franco?

Chris and Scott Evans?

Luke and Owen Wilson?

Mark and Donnie Wahlberg?

The Wayans Brothers?

The Island Boys?

[Give me a fuckin break here. Either most of these brothers are washed up and clinging to any kind of attention they can get. Or better yet, they are losing their hair, or its turning gray, or they realized how stupid their “WICKS” hairs style looked so they chopped it off. Point being, none of them have anything on the Montuori Brothers. We have it all. Money! Style! Looks! Talent! And the list goes on. But, there is one thing holding the MONTUORI’S back when everyone discusses them.]


[And this is where FIGHT NYC is being blessed with the MATCH OF THE YEAR. And it’s quite funny. It’s taking place at the Barclays Center in New York. Everyone knows J Mont is the KING of New York. So this is like having home field advantage. But, one thing is certain about this. The Barclays Center which is the home of the Brooklyn Nets already gave us a sample as to what is going to happen to P Mont Monday Night during the PPV.]

Brooklyn Nets Game 1: Lost 115-114

Brooklyn Nets Game 2: Lost 114-107

Brooklyn Nets Game 3: Lost 109-103

Brooklyn Nets Game 4: Lost 115-108

[The Nets got swept and embarrassed in the Playoffs. Celtic fans are raising the broom. Swinging it around, showing who the better team was. They may need to give that broom to Miss Michelle after i defeat Brother P so she can ride it home like the WITCH she is. But, the comparison is there. P Mont is the Nets, while I’m the Celtics.]

J Mont Game 1: Defeated P Mont with the Mind Games of leaving wrestling!

J Mont Game 2: Defeated P Mont with the Chair Shot heard around the world!

J Mont Game 3: Defeats P Mont with the JKO at The Thrill And The Agony!

J Mont Game 4: Defeats P Mont by standing over him holding the Manhattan Title!

[There you have it. Call is a spoiler alert. Call it a prediction. Call it how you see it. Numbers don’t lie and that’s going to be the result. Maybe P Mont and the Brooklyn Nets can get together after and share a box of tissues after all their tears of losing.]

[And speaking of winning, things pick up at the condo of J Mont and Mia. You know they just found out they are having a baby girl, and rumor has it, he has been building a mansion in New York because of the expansion of the family. Plus he wants Mia, and his soon to be daughter to have the best life. Mia, in the kitchen, pouring herself a glass of water with that belly getting bigger by the day it seems. And from around the corner appears J Mont. Looking like he is on top of the world at the current moment.]

J Mont: Are those my 2 favorite girls in the world?

Mia: I sure would fuckin hope so!

J Mont: Shhhhh! You don’t want our daughter’s first words to be something negative or vulgar.

Mia: Are you kidding me? You will be lucky if she says Mom or Dad first before something crazy.

J Mont: Are you having one of those “Mood Swings” right now? Should I leave?

Mia: And where are you going to go? The Rabbit? So you can take your shirt off for the ladies?

J Mont: Did Toddy tell you that?

Mia: She is one of my best friends and wants you to calm down when you go out. I know you’re not out cheating, but you need to simmer down. You’re going to be a father.

J Mont: Fuckin James Raven was running around without his shirt bragging about this stupid ABS, so i did what i always do. I stepped up and took my shirt off, and by the way…..he wishes he had a body like this. I got the Abs, the tan, the tattoos.

Mia: Do you hear yourself right now?

J Mont: [Shaking his head.] So no more fun?

Mia: I’m not saying that. Just pick your spots at the right time and think before you act. You always love to SHOOT FIRST, then think about what you did after.

J Mont: Well, I’m going to go into the guest room that I’ve been working on for the last month and finish up. When Uncle Vincenzo, Crazy Cousin Giuseppe, Razor and Shaquille get here, let me know. And don’t worry, you will be involved.

[J Mont walks over, gives his wife to be a kiss on the lips, slaps her ass like the man he is and walks down the hallway, and into the guest room. Mia has not stepped foot in there because J Mont has said it’s a surprise what he has been doing there. Has he been setting up a baby room? Has he set up a Trophy and Belt room? Has he set up a game room? Or maybe a smoke room? Time will tell and you might be saved by the bell when it’s all said and done.]

[J Mont presses 4 numbers, one at a time and the door unlocks. Go figure. The door code was 6969. Surprised Mia never guessed that yet or she did and never told anyone. But when that door opens, it’s very dark, and you don’t see anything until he claps his hands twice and the lights come on.]

You have to be fucking kidding me!

[It’s like being in Hollywood. The Walls are Blue and Yellow. There is a podium set up in blue diamonds. There is a long table in Yellow with 5 sections, so that every person has a place to stand with some space. And across on the wall is a Board with 8 sliding numbers. 1-4 on the left and 5 to 8 on the right. If you have figured this out already, then your a fuckin moron.]


[It’s just the perfect game for what is going on with J and P Mont right now. There was some quality time and dedication spent on this room. It’s really like being on the game show, minus another spot for another family. J Mont walks behind the podium and reaches down to grab a box. It’s from Amazon.]

J Mont: Gotta love Amazon. When you’re a prime member, you get Next Day Delivery for Free. I also have been AMAZONED personally.

[J Mont rips the box open and once again, if you could see what’s in the box, you would know he is up to his old tricks. He pulls out a latex dark bald cap. He applies that onto his head. He then reaches in and pulls out a dark thick mustache. He applies that under his nose. And another reach pulls out some XL Lips that are separated for upper lip and lower lip. They are applied to himself as well. He then walks over to the closet and slides open the door. On a hanger there is a custom made Steve Harvey suit with tie. He quickly undresses and changes into the suit. He looks into the mirror on the door to get the tie just right. And the finishing touches are some Stacey Adam Gator shoes. He then slides the door closed. J Mont walks back over to the podium and stands there looking around.]

J Mont: No one is better than me. [As his fake XL large bottom lips hang off. He has to fix it to put it back on.]

[Before he can say another word, you start to hear a lot of commotion in the kitchen area where Mia was. J Mont, dressed up already in his outfit, doesn’t want to come out just yet and ruin the surprise he has. He pulls out his cell phone and sends Mia a text.]

Text to Mia: Sounds like everyone is here. I need you all to come to the guest room i locked you out of that I’ve been working on.

[No time has passed by and there is a knock at the door. And J Mont, cracks his neck to the left then the right as he gets ready for the big unveiling of what he has done. Walking over to the door, there is no turning back now. He opens the door and before he can say ‘HELLO”, everyone is cracking up. I even think the baby in Mia’s stomach is laughing too.]

Razor: Dude, what the fuck are you wearing?

J Mont: Do you not watch TV?

Razor: I do, but you look like the broke ass version of Steve Harvey.

J Mont: From this point forward, you will be calling me Mont Harvey.

Uncle Vincenzo: Im calling you a stupid fuckin moron.

Crazy Cousin Giuseppe: That’s a compliment Unc.

Mont Harvey: Would you all just come in and let me explain what is going on here.

[Everyone makes their way into the room and cannot believe the attention to detail that J Mont has done here with this work. Uncle Vincenzo, Crazy Giuseppe, Razor, Shaquille and Mia are standing there wondering what the plan is. J Mont directs each of them in order to a spot behind the long table with Mia in the Captain spot followed by Shaquille, Razor, Uncle Vincenzo and Crazy Giuseppe. J Mont walks behind the podium like he is a true game show host.]

Mont Harvey: Ok everyone. It’s quite simple. I made my own FAMILY FEUD and made my own rules. There is no competing family to go against. You will have 2 questions, 2 rounds. If you guys get all the answers in Round 1, I will buy each of you a Rolex. If you get all the answers right in round 2, will book a trip for each of you somewhere you want to go. Sounds easy but i also know that half of you never finished school and aren’t book smart. So we shall see how this goes. So, without further adieu, let’s get to the first question.

[Uncle Vincenzo has a look on his face like he would rather be at the strip club seeing some tits and ass instead of this game while Razor looks in LALA land thinking about a trip to Jamaica to see all his big booty woman. Shaquille looks dialed in wanting that rolex while Mia is just standing there really thinking she was getting a baby’s room made. And Crazy Giuseppe looks stoned out of his mind.]

Mont Harvey: Top 8 answers are on the board.

Name a female celebrity that Paul Montuori reminds you of.

[Mont Harvey points to Mia as she really doesn’t want to answer the question.]

Mia: I’m trying to stay neutral here since he is the godfather of our daughter. So, I’m going to let the time run out.

[Mont Harvey hangs up 1 X on the wall.]

Shaquille Oatmeal: Jennifer Aniston!

Mont Harvey: That is the number 2 answer.

Razor: Avril Lavigne!

Mont Harvey: That is the number 3 answer.

Uncle Vincenzo: Sahara!

[Mont Harvey hangs up a 2nd X on the wall.]

Mont Harvey: Paul is a flat chested bitch. Sahara is a big breasted bitch. JESUS UNC!

Crazy Cousin Giuseppe: Emma Stone!

Mont Harvey: That is the number 8 answer.

Mia: Of course, 2 strikes and everyone will hate me if we lose this round. I’m sorry Paul, but I have to go with Heather Locklear.

Mont Harvey: That is the number 7 answer.

Shaquille Oatmeal: Way to go Mia!

[Mia doesn’t look happy but she had to do what she had to do.]

Shaquille Oatmeal: Hillary Duff!

Mont Harvey: That is the number 4 answer.

Razor: I got this shit! Jennifer Lawrence.

Mont Harvey: WOW, i didn’t expect anyone to get that one. That is the number 6 answer.

Uncle Vincenzo: Summer Catch’s own Jessica Biel.

Mont Harvey: That is the NUMBER 1 answer.

[Everyone is going crazy but Mia. They are one answer away from getting a rolex. And it all comes down to Crazy Cousin Giuseppe.]

Crazy Cousin Giuseppe: Ummm…..Allison Riggs Preston?

Mont Harvey: Strike 3. You are all out!!!! The number 5 answer was Jessica Simpson.

Mia: I don’t know what’s wrong with you right now love.

Mont Harvey: It’s simple. These are all skinny ass women, who have long hair and stare at themselves in the mirror everyday like the BITCH they are. So, Paul is just like all of them.

Razor: All he needs is a pair of leggings and he can join the SPICE GIRLS!

[Laughter is heard but Mia is not having any of it. She wants to leave but she also knows that everyone here is family and doesn’t want to be the letdown of this comedy bull shit her man has drawn up.]

Mont Harvey: Our final Round……..Round 2…. And let’s take a break from Paul for a minute and FOCUS on his bitch of a woman….Miss Michelle.

Mia: You just will never learn.

Mont Harvey: Top 8 answers are on the board again.

What famous coke whore celebrity does Miss Michelle remind you of.

Razor: Let me go first Mont Harvey.

Mont Harvey: Let’s give Mia a little breather from going first and Razor, you are up brother.

Razor: Lindsay Lohan.

Mont Harvey: That is the number 1 ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right off the bat!

Uncle Vincenzo: My speciality. Coke and Whores. Ashlynn Cassidy.

[Mont Harvey hangs up 1 X on the wall.]

Mont Harvey: That is your first STRIKE!

Crazy Cousin Giuseppe: Drew Barrymore

Mont Harvey: That is the number 8 answer!

Mia: JOE!!! Enough already. I don’t know why you are doing this.

Mont Harvey: The name is Mont Harvey and you have 3….2…..1……And that is strike 2.

[Mont Harvey hangs up a 2nd X on the wall.]

Shaquille Oatmeal: Mary Kate Olsen!

Mont Harvey: That is the number 2 answer!

Razor: Fuck yeah, we are going to win this shit! Tila Tequila.

Mont Harvey: That is the number 7 answer!

Uncle Vincenzo: I love my coke whores. I really do. Nicole Richie!

Mont Harvey: That is the number 6 answer!

Crazy Cousin Giuseppe: Macaulay Culkin!

Mont Harvey: I tried to be slick but you caught me. That is the number 3 answer!

Mia:I guess 4 and 5 are going to have to wait cause i’m out and done.

[Mia walks towards the door and leaves the room.]

Mont Harvey: That’s strike 3. I’m sorry guys, but that’s it.

Uncle Vincenzo: No coke whores then?

Razor: I got you Unc, let’s go. I don’t wanna see Joe get beat up by a pregnant woman.

Shaquille Oatmeal: Shall I get the car ready Joe and a room reserved for the night?

J Mont: I got this. Maybe things got out of hand but at the end of the day, I know what I’m doing.

[J Mont fists pumps his family and boys as they leave the room. The Family Feud game is over, but there is still some more feuding about to happen. J Mont leaves the room, still dressed up like Steve Harvey and sees Mia in the kitchen, reading something on her phone.]

J Mont: Baby, it was all in good fun.

Mia: Would you get that stupid shit off your face and head. And that clown suit you have on as well.

[J Mont takes the bald cap off, then rips off the lips and mustache with a little bit of moan from the pain from the 2 sided tape holding it onto his face. He then removes the tie, suit jacket and pants. Just standing there now in a wife beater and boxer briefs.]

J Mont: You just wanted to get me undressed so we can go have some fun and burn some calories.

Mia: NOOO!!!! I wanted to talk to you like a human being. I wanted to talk to JOE. Not J Mont. Not Focus J Mont. Not the King of New York. Not the Loudest Mouth in all of wrestling. I wanted to talk to JOE!

J Mont: I’m right here baby.

Mia: Are you really?

J Mont: What are you trying to imply love?

Mia: You just seem mentally on the edge babe. I have been around you long enough to know something is bothering you.

J Mont: I’m fine Mia. Things are on the up and up.

Mia: You can bullshit the press. You can bullshit management. But you can’t bullshit me.

J Mont: Let it go Mia.

Mia: What is wrong Joe? [Mia really shows concern for her man.]

[J Mont walks to the otherside of the counter, leaving Mia across from him now. They are looking at one another like it’s a stare off in the Wild West.]

Mia: So……What is wrong?

J Mont: For the last time. Nothing is bothering me or wrong.

Mia: So you’re just gonna sit there and lie to me. Lie to your daughter like that.

[J Mont finally had enough and his rage and temper is about to get the best of him. He slams his fist on the counter, surprised it’s not broken after that.]

J Mont: FINE!!!!!! You do know me very well. You wanna know the truth?

Mia: That’s all I’ve been wanting you to tell me.

J Mont: I’m scared Mia.

Mia: What are you scared of?

J Mont: Im scared that i’m going to end my brother’s career in that ring Monday night.

Mia: Why do you think that will happen?

J Mont: I know him babe. He will not stop until I’m not moving or breathing. He has something to prove to the world as he says. So I know what I have to do. I have to SHUT HIM UP which means i have to HURT HIM and end this once and for all.

Mia: Just go in there and get the Win and come home.

J Mont: Only if it was that simple babe. This is a no holds bar, pinfalls anywhere, no DQ. Who the fuck knows what’s going to happen. But you can bet your ass I’m going to make sure I do what I have to do to leave there as the winner and come home to you after. But I’m really scared that when it’s all said and done, I may end my brother’s career just as he FINALLY got it started.

Mia: You need to control your emotions a little better. They always get the best of you and that’s your downfall.

J Mont: Maybe you’re right. I need to go outside and get a breath of fresh air for a little while. You gonna be ok?

Mia: Do you baby. I know you got a lot on your plate, and I’m here for you. Just don’t wanna see you do anything that you are going to regret later on. Remember, he is the godfather of our daughter now.

J Mont: We got Austin for that.

Mia: I’m not having this argument with you right now. You go get some air and come to bed when you’re done.

[J Mont slowly walks towards the balcony door and slides it open. Before he walks outside to enjoy the nice breeze, he just looks straight out the door. The city lights, the dark sky, a few stars in the sky. The time flew by today. He then takes a few steps and is outside. He walks towards the railing and looks straight down. That is a long fall. A fall is what’s going to happen to one of the brothers when this match is over. One man will be at the top while the other will fall to the bottom.]

J Mont: Little Bro finally gets what he wants. After all these years of being in my SHADOW, he finally gets to step into the ring with me. The SHADOW started all the way back in the day when we were younger. When we played sports, I was always the Captain or picked first, and he was one of the last ones picked. It’s like the movie Little Giants. I was on the Cowboys, and he had to go to the put together Giants team just to play. Now the results won’t be the same as in the movie. The Cowboys will win this brother’s war. And the same thing happened with the ladies too. I remember when Paul came up to me and told me he had a crush on Brittany and wanted to ask her out. I told him to man up and just ask her out. I remember he went up to her, confident and all, but once he opened his mouth, it was over. Once he told her i was his older brother, she told him that she had a crush on me and wanted me to have her number. This happened numerous times that I lost count. He was like my Screech Powers as I was Zach Morris. He was my Urkel as I was Eddie Winslow.

[J Mont starts to really think about the past with Paul.]

J Mont: I will always defend what I did to Paul to this day. It was the best thing for him. My Mom and Dad were in on it. Uncle Vincenzo used his connections to make it all look legit, real and legal. Paul needed to be with us and that was the best decision for him. We were his family. We were there to protect him and be there. Sure, it was a lie, but it was something that had to be done at that time. So, he can sit there, bitch and complain about what I did, but at the end of the day, he needs to think about how things turned out. He is making a good living, and has a great daughter in Madison and just won a couple of titles. He should be thanking me for taking him under my wing like I did. I could have left him out to dry and then who knows what would have happened. He may not even be here right now with us, who knows.

[Really thinking hard about what is going to happen.]

J Mont: And for the record Paul, I was never ducking you. Like I explained to Mia. I was Scared. I was scared what would happen to you when I got done with you in that ring. You have never been in that ring with me and witnessed TWIZTED THOUGHTZ. It’s a place you don’t want to go to. It’s a ticket you don’t want to book. But guess what? You booked it and signed up for it. You kept poking the bear and knew eventually, I would cave in and give you what you want. Or did I? I think I gave you an early XMas present when I cracked your back with that chair and signed the contract at Venom. I already knew I was going to have this match with you the minute you ran your mouth about me ducking you. You’re saying I’ve been riding your coattails all this time. That you’re going to be the one that keeps the Montuori name relevant. You did a lot of talking there, but there is one thing once again that you forgot all about Paul. I am the master of the mind games. You try to play big dog, but you’re just a puppy and your girl is a bitch.

[J Mont really wonders what Paul is thinking. Has he always had this hatred for him or is this something new that has been building up?]

J Mont: And then you love to say I always do what is best for Joe Montuori. Let me set the record straight. I do what is best for the people I care about and love. I have done so much for you, but now you’re just setting it all on fire and letting it burn. But it’s time I act as a firefighter, grab a hose and put you out. Everyone needs to know the truth and the truth is…..


J Mont: You see how well things are going for me in life. I have multiple homes, cars, businesses, stocks, a great fiance in Mia with a baby on the way as well. I’m also being courted by many wrestling federations, as well as movie producers and TV agents. I’m with CCPE which is gaining steam and respect throughout the whole wrestling industry. Just admit it Paul. It’s killing you that even when I’m not at my best, I’m still BETTER than you. And for the record, everyone knows the difference between me and you. No one thinks we are the same person. You have myself, who is a chiseled piece of artwork. Then we have you. A Lesbian on crack.

[J Mont is really trying to keep his composure, but Paul has been pushing his buttons in the last month and crossing many lines.]

J Mont: The lines have been drawn. The war is going to happen. But, remember this. I MADE THIS HAPPEN. I was the one that kept the spotlight on us with my whole talk of retirement, my last match and not resigning. It was my headlines nationwide that KEPT you in the spotlight. And when I was talking with Denzel a few days ago, he asked me a question that really made me think for a minute. He asked me if maybe deep down, Paul wants to be just like you. And I told Denzel that he sounds right. Paul never wanted to get into wrestling til i told him about the money he could make, and the family name was HUGE in the business thanks to me. So, he followed me around and learned what he could and did the best he could. Then, I got into TV and he got into TV. And let’s fast forward now. He’s running around bragging about being a DOS BELTS CHAMP with the Manhattan and Islands title. Too bad I was the first ever to do that, Paulie. Try something new and get out of my SHADOW.

[Jealousy is kicking in again with Paul.]

J Mont: And have a little more respect for Mia you fuckin prick. She has done nothing but have your back when me and you talk. She made you a god father. Got you a rolex as a gift. Who cares what she did in the past. She was a DOE at the Rabbit. Who fuckin cares. The whole world knows that, but looks at us now. We are one of the best couples around and have plenty of magazines that want us on the cover. And plenty of writers who want to write a book about our story. You just want to keep throwing knives at me hoping something sticks, but when it comes to Mia, everything you have said is FALSE. Sure I have spent money, but I have always been that way. I have plenty of money and love to enjoy life and spend time with the people I care about. That used to be you until you got the courage to say things personally to try to hurt me but all you did was wake up the man that carried wrestling for a long time in the past and put FIGHT NYC on the map when it first opened. You may be one step ahead of me in FIGHT at the moment, but once you hear that number 3, you will remain in my SHADOW like you always have.

[J Mont turns to the right and sees a SHADOW. A small chuckle is heard because it’s kinda ironic he is thinking about PAUL and this shadow appears out of nowhere, or is that a sign from the man above letting him know what’s going to happen Monday Night?]

J Mont: A shout out to DMX here. “LORD GIVE ME A SIGN.”

[And then, J Mont takes a seat in one of his custom Italian chairs outside. It’s like something in his head just went off.]

J Mont: Damn that was strange. It’s not a sign I wanted. What if the test came back in that instance and that 3 year old girl was my daughter and Mia’s baby wasn’t mine. Talk about a section 8, Maury Povich, fucked up life. That could have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. That would have killed me inside and out. I would have been at the Rabbit every night blowing money, and doing lines of Coke like Michelle until it was time to finally call it a life. I would have lost millions upon millions with the 3 year old and not being the father of Mia’s baby would have killed me to the point that I wouldn’t want to be around anymore. But thank the lord, he was looking out for me and everything that happened was meant to happen. I don’t need to think about anything like that because my life is all set. I have the woman I want to marry and spend my life with. I have a daughter on the way that I’m going to cherish and love no matter what. And I have a career that, even at my age, is still at the TOP. There is nothing more i could ask for,


J Mont: I’m going to ask myself to do something that I told myself to never do. And that is to HURT family. It’s the only way at this time that I can get through to Paul and maybe make him realize he is wrong for the way he is acting. Maybe, just maybe the violence is what will end this war between us. And if it doesn’t? It’s his loss because my little girl will never know her godfather. You brought this HURT upon yourself Paul. You said some things that I don’t think I could ever forgive you for. And for that, I’m going to have to go against my HEART. Like I said earlier……


J Mont: SCARED that this could be it for you. Because when I turn on the TWIZTED side, there is no turning back. When I see BLOOD, it pumps me up. When I hear the fans going against me, it drives me even more. And when i see your face, looking at me like “WHY THE FUCK DID I DO THIS TO MY BROTHER?” It’s going to make me JKO you many times til your body is broken down like one of Dane Preston’s old ass cars he brags about. Paul, you wanted this. You’re going to get this. And when the smoke clears, and you’re laying on your back looking up asking the lord what is next. I will tell you what is next for you. After I get my Manhattan Title back from you, that leaves you only with the Islands Title. But don’t worry. I will handle that for you. I already have a partner on standby to take that Title from you right after. You wanted to try to destroy my life but it’s a game you never had a chance of winning. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 bucks. The only thing you will be collecting going forward is LOSSES courtesy of J Mont, the real MONTUORI in the business. And no one will ever MISTAKE us again, as you love to throw out there after i beat the living shit out of you Monday.

“I don’t need a crown to know I’m the KING.”

J Mont: And you will realize once and for all, this Monday night, that I am the KING OF NEW YORK and the KING of the family. You will bow down to me for now on after this match is over with. It will be a lesson learned on your part. Maybe, just maybe then you will realize this whole time, you were acting like an asshole. And if not? Oh well, just means I’m just gonna have to keep gloating around you and make sure everywhere you go, you see me with the Manhattan Title. I know that will eat you up alive. My goal, Paul, is to not only win this match and title, but to get that Islands Title back and be the FIRST EVER 2 TIME DOUBLE CHAMPION.


J Mont: Get off my NUTZ and get used to the LETTER Z because I’m going to make sure you’re sleeping after that, JKO. I got some crazy ideas of the JKO I’ve been wanting to do and was waiting for the right match. Welcome right match. You are going to regret asking for this match. You will see that I was never ducking you but instead, you will see I was SCARED of what I would do to you in the ring. And I will be doing the world a favor. I will be shutting your stupid ass up and getting back to the top where this MONTUORI belongs. Maybe I should BUY you a Lamborghini Urus too like the other god parents I got one for so you can drive off into the sunset because you will be so embarrassed after. How are you going to show your face again after all the shit you talked about and didn’t back up? You sound like Lebron James this year with the Lakers. Just gonna CHOKE it away, and get laughed at by everyone.

[J Mont lifts himself from the chair, turns around and opens the sliding door. He knows the time is coming, but has a few more days with Mia before it all goes down at the Barclays Center. Closing the door behind him, he quietly heads towards the bedroom. The door is open, and he pops his head in there and sees Mia sleeping like the Angel she is.]

J Mont: That is what it’s all about. My little girl is going to know her Daddy as a Champion and a man that FIGHTS for his family.

[J Mont sneaks into the bed and slowly puts his arm around Mia.]

Mia: There is no place like home, baby.

J Mont: As long as I have you and my baby girl by my side, I am always home.

[J Mont curls closer into Mia as they are cuddled up. Things are amazing on the home front and will be even more amazing after Monday night in the MONTUORI household.]

“Family…where life begins, and love never ends.”