[JmOnT/dYnAsTy] To The Top We Go–Fuck You Dane Preston [PaNdA]

By: Joe Montuori

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 12th Oct 2021


[When a baby is on the way, the parents aren’t the only ones that get excited. Odds are that the future grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, and other loved ones will also be eager to welcome the newest member of the family. A baby shower is one of the most traditional ways in which your loved ones come together to express their joy at your pregnancy. It’s a time for friends and family to share time with the expectant parents and to “shower” them with gifts, love, and good wishes before the birth.]


[There’s no hard and fast rule that dictates when you should have a baby shower. Most baby showers are thrown approximately 4 to 6 weeks before the baby is born. That way, guests can have the baby’s gender in mind when choosing gifts and decorations. Many mothers choose to have their baby shower later in their pregnancy because the risk of miscarriage decreases with each passing week. It also means that you’ll have a clearer picture of the things you’re still missing and that your loved ones could help you with.]


[The guest list for every baby shower is different. Usually, the expectant parents’ close family members and friends are invited. But the planners should keep in mind that mom would prefer to keep some people off the guest list. It’s always a good idea to ask the mother about the guest list before sending out any invitations.]


[Selecting the right venue for your baby shower will depend on how many people are invited. If you’re having a small baby shower, it’s possible to hold it in a home. This could be the home of one of the planners, or even the new parents’ house. However, planners should keep in mind that if the shower is held at mom’s house, someone should stay behind to help with the cleanup. No one wants to have to clean after a party during their third trimester!]


[At the end of the day, the most important thing is for mom — and dad, if it’s a co-ed baby shower — to enjoy the day and to receive lots of love, gifts, and good wishes. After all, the new baby will be here in no time, and a baby shower is a wonderful way to spend some time surrounded by loved ones before the big day is here!]


[Hopefully brother P gets it right for Michelle and doesn’t mess things up. It’s a big day for the Moore family. Brandon, Michelle and Ezra. Brother P has a great creative mind and knows about style and class. But he knows he cant fuck this up. He has been on Michelle’s ass lately and not been a good best friend. Imagine if Pauly and Vinnie from the Jersey shore got into arguments and disagreements. Whoever was at fault would really have to step their game up to show that other one they truly care. So, with that said, I’m truly thinking brother P has this baby shower in the bag and will make Michelle very happy with all he did for her and baby Ezra. And if not, I’m booking a one way trip back to Italy because I will not be around when Michelle blows a lid and erupts like a volcano.]


[Not a knock on the door. Not even a doorbell rang. The door flies open like the scene from the movie Home Alone with Marve. Standing there dressed like a million bucks is none other than Paul’s older brother J Mont. Decked out in a custom suit made by Brioni Vanquish II. And a set of matching Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. J Mont takes in the scene looking around and the first person he sees is none other than the love/hate relationship woman in his life. The lovely Miss Michelle.]

Miss Michelle: Thanks for knocking, come on in Joe..

J Mont: You know this is like a second home to me.

Miss Michelle: Speaking of home, where is Mia?

J Mont: She is back at the crib with Uncle Vincenzo and crazy Giuseppe.

Miss Michelle: Well, I’m glad she is feeling a little better then.

J Mont: She wanted to come, but I told her lets wait a little longer till she is truly ready to step out.

[Michelle nods her head, not really paying much attention to J Mont anymore as she’s really not in the mood to entertain him right now. She lets out a small sigh, and grabs a wine glass from one of the waiters as they pass by.]

J Mont: Thank you for the invite too. I truly do appreciate it. We have a lot of history and to be here on this day is special.

[Just as he said that last word, Brandon came from around the corner. Michelle stood where she was as she watched the interaction between Joe and Brandon. She brings the glass of wine up to her lips and drinks the remainder before handing the glass off to another passing waiter. She watches on as J Mont taps Brandon on the shoulder and walks away. As he walks by the staircase, you can hear P Mont coming down the stairs.]

Brother P: Yo Bro!!!!!” [Paul says, almost a little too enthusiastically.]

J Mont: What’s up P? Surprised to see no stripper pole up.

Brother P: Michelle had me take it down.

J Mont: Probably a good idea. We are both turning over new leaf’s and that would just bring back the old days of partying, drinking and drugs.

Brother P: Yeah, it’s not a good idea to have cocaine around a baby.”

J Mont: But love the set up for the party man and promise I will be on my best behavior.

Brother P: And Ricky?”

J Mont: Welllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!

Brother P: Joe…..Please don’t ruin this.”

J Mont: I will be fine, but if he crosses a line, he will have a size 15 Ferragamo shoe up his ass. This suit cost more then his contract with FIGHT so I’m not trying to ruin this over a Sahara lust.”

[Brother P laughs as they both walk towards the back together.]

[The back deck and yard of P’s recently inherited building are decorated beautifully in periwinkle, sky and dark blue décor. Tables were set and decorated, each with their own specially made diaper cakes as the centerpiece – the man spared no expense. I mean, he even hung ribbons around the pool. Godfather Paul Montuori everybody, if he ever says he ain’t excited, he’s a liar.]

[J Mont and Brother P finally split up in the back. One goes East, the other goes West. While Brother P is off doing his Godfather duties, J Mont walks over to the table and grabs a plate which is followed by a few pieces of jumbo shrimp. And to top it off, you have to get that tartar sauce for the dipping. Taking his plate, J Mont begins to walk around. There are people everywhere. Michelle’s family he has never seen before. Friends of friends who he has no idea who they are. Members of Fight NYC he should know but he doesn’t. Looking for a familiar face to engage in talks, he finally sees his boy. None other than Austin Ramsey and Toddy. He B lines towards their direction.]

J Mont: Yo, my main man Austin. Sorry Toddy, I don’t mean it like that.

Todrick: I know. It’s just nice to see you out and not do down.

J Mont: I’m an actor Toddy. I’m definitely fucked up in the head right now but doing my best for the team, Michelle and brother P.

Austin: My man J. Glad you made it out man. Haven’t seen you in a while but I appreciate you always checking up on me.

J Mont: You know I’m out handling business and trying to get my mind right.

Austin: I know, brother. I’m ready for you and Mia to start hanging out again with us.

J Mont: In due time man, I promise.

[J Mont pumps fist with Austin and shakes the hand of Todrick as he keeps walking around. This is definitely not usual for J Mont. He is usually the center of the party. The center of attention. The main attraction. But he is adjusting as the time goes on. And he sure wishes time would move fast because now he has to deal with the man who is dating Sahara. Their eyes locked at one another. J Mont promised Brother P he would not ruin the party today and let’s see if that comes true right now. J Mont walks right up to Ricky.]

J Mont: Ricky!

Ricky: Joe!

J Mont: I got a lot to say to you, but today is not the day. It’s the Moore’s family day. But we will revisit this meeting real soon.

Ricky: You can count on it.

[Not a handshake or fist pump. Both men have a lot to say but nothing was said. Things are going to blow up soon thanks to Sahara, but a baby shower is not the place to make a scene. J Mont with a lot on his mind and done with his plate of shrimp walks over to the garbage pale and throws the plate away. He goes a few feet and takes a seat on a chair. He is observing everyone having a great time while he is mentally all over the map. He wants to go home to Mia, but he knows he needs to be here for Dynasty, his brother and Michelle. He just sits back in the chair and starts to play on his iPhone checking out the waiver wire for his fantasy football team.]


[Michelle finds herself out in a corner of the yard, observing everyone and snickering to herself. She really had a hard time believing that all these people showed up and she probably only cares for maybe four of them, at most. Just goes to show that everyone just wants to be included. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree as she saw Brandon walk out into the backyard with the real star of the show, Mr. Ezra Amenadiel Moore. She finished the glass of champagne and set it on the nearest table before heading off to see her son.]

[As she crossed the yard, she was grabbed by the arm and pulled off to the side by Paul Montuori.]

Brother P: We need to talk.

Miss Michelle: Now? My baby is awake..” she responded, her eyes wandering away from him and to Brandon and the crowd that had surrounded him and Ezra.

Brother P: Yes, now.

[Brother P sighed, knowing no way could he get her attention unless he drugged her away from the area, so he did. He pulled her by her arm all the way back into the house.]

Miss Michelle: Alright, alright. What’s so important?

Brother P: We have to get this team on the same page or we’re going to get our asses handed to us.

[Michelle crossed her arms over chest.]

Miss Michelle: And why are you telling me? You’re the captain of this team..

Brother P: That doesn’t mean shit to you guys!” He interrupted. I have tried talking to everyone, I have tried to get a handle on this. Being nice isn’t working..

[As he was speaking, a waiter walked past with a tray full of whiskey shots. Brother P reached over and grabbed one, downing it in one gulp and setting the glass back on the tray.]

Brother P: I need you to be you.

[A smirk crossed her face as she uncrossed her arms.]

Miss Michelle: No filter?” She asked. “And I can say whatever the fuck I want?

Brother P: As long as you don’t go too far. Being nice didn’t work, maybe you will get through.” He shook his head. “I just know, I need to focus on Dickie and not have to worry about the damn team.

Miss Michelle: Say no more.

[She turned around in time to see Alessandra coming through the door. She waved her over and smirked.]

Miss Michelle: Be a sweetie and go roundup Dynasty for me, will ya?

[Alessandra let out a sigh, before looking past Michelle to Paul who stood behind her.]

Brother P: She meant to say please.

[Michelle chuckled as P nodded to Alessandra and she headed off to gather the boys and Todrick.]

Miss Michelle: Why did you lie to her? I damn sure didn’t mean to say please..

Brother P:  Alessandra isn’t the target here, Michelle.. focus.

[She rolled her eyes and turned around to see Alessandra sending the guys over to her. She shook her head as Ricky was the first one to come prancing up, smile on his stupid face like he won a trophy for being here first. God he’s such a fucking suck up. And here comes Toddy, for everything that sweet soul goes through she must have a golden heart, but why does she have to wear so much fucking make up though? She looks like a damn clown. She left Austin outside to mingle and thank God she did, because I’m not in the mood to deal with any of his personalities right now.]

[Finally J Mont comes walking into view. He’s so fucking slow. Waving at and high fiving people as he passes them, who the fuck does he think he is? Queen Elizabeth? J Mont can see Michelle staring at him and he just smiles that shit eating smile and continues on his snail trail until she finally can’t take it anymore.]

Miss Michelle: “KNEES TO CHEST, JOE.. KNEES TO FUCKING CHEST! I don’t have all fucking day!”

[Toddy snickers but Ricky busts out in a whole loud ass laugh as Michelle finishes what she was saying. J Mont was less enthused, but he picked up his speed only a bit and finally made it to where Dynasty was standing.]

J Mont: For one, you’re not my mom, bitch. I will walk as fast or as slow as I want. For two, what the fuck do you want?”

Miss Michelle: You’re right. I’m not your mom because if I was I would have aborted your bitch ass and you wouldn’t be here to be giving me all this shit.

[Michelle replied back to him as Brother P let out a loud sigh, catching her attention as she shook her head.]

Miss Michelle: I know, I know.” She said, glaring at Paul from the corner of her eye. “The reason I sent for you is because we need to have a serious conversation – or rather, I need you all to just shut up and stand there and listen to me.

[A slight pause.]

Miss Michelle: We have the biggest test of what our stable can do coming up at Ascension but we are not acting as a ‘we,’ we are acting more as ‘I’s’ and that’s not going to get us very far in this fight. If you guys can’t pull your heads out of your own asses and get over whatever problems you have with each other, we’re going to get our asses kicked. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want to get my ass kicked.

[Another pause.]

Miss Michelle: Ricky and Todrick, I understand that you two are “at odds” this week because you two are facing each other for the Manhattan Championship, but you’ve got to get your heads right. Go out there and beat each other’s ass, leave it all in the ring – I don’t want to see either one of you go easy on the other, may the best person win. However, I do want you guys to give it all you’ve got and when you’re done, I want you to shake that shit off and come together for the team on night two.

[Another pause.]

Miss Michelle: I know giving it all you’ve got is going to be hard for you two, cuz you don’t have much, but just do your damned best.

[Another pause.]

Miss Michelle: And you” she turned and looked directly at J Mont. “You need to get your fucking head out of Mia’s ass. Yeah what happened to her was tragic and shouldn’t have but guess what? It did! And she survived. She doesn’t need you to sit and baby her and she damn sure doesn’t need you running around acting like a fucking moron threatening to kill people. This world is a different place than the world we grew up in Joe, you can’t just threaten to kill people and not expect the FBI to show up.

[Another pause.]

Miss Michelle: I know you don’t have that many, but I need you to put together the few tiny brain cells you have left and focus – not on Dane, not on Allie and not even on Sahara. I need you to fix your mindset and realize that this is a team fight and the point is to work together and protect Paul. Yes, I understand that the three people you despise more than anyone in this world are involved in this fight, but there are others as well. You can’t put all your eggs in their basket and forget anyone else – because in case you haven’t noticed, everyone is coming for us. Dynasty is the biggest threat in this fight.

[Another pause.]

Miss Michelle: FYA and NSQ are going to try and take us out first, they know that we are the biggest threat, they know that the only way for them to win is to get rid of us. Fuck them. We are better than every single one of them. There is no reason that this team should lose, especially not to any of those clowns.”

J Mont: I get what you’re saying and I can get my head right. But after we get through those other losers and are deemed the winners of the match, I’m going to knock the fuck out of Sahara a little bit more. That bitch will regret ever fucking with Joe Montuori.

Ricky: I probably wouldn’t do that.” Ricky mumbled, barely audible.

[J Mont snapped his neck to look at Ricky.]

J Mont: What did you say, bitch boy?

Ricky: I said, I probably wouldn’t do that.

J Mont: And who the fuck is going to stop me? Certainly not her and most definitely not you.
Ricky stepped forward and into Joe’s space.

Ricky: I said what I said. I’m tired of you acting like she was the only reason things happened the way they did, but no, you’re a piece of shit who caused all of this.

[Joe cocked his head to the side a bit and stared at Ricky.]

J Mont: You ungrateful little bastard. Paul and I treated you like family and you have the nerve to talk to me like this? I should kick your ass right now!

Ricky: You won’t.

[No sooner than Ricky said that J Mont threw a right hand that Ricky was able to block. Ricky returned the favor and nailed J Mont in the stomach and caused him to fallback a bit. J Mont shook it off and went right back and the two of them were now just hitting each other back and forth.]

[J Mont caught the advantage over the younger Ricky with a kick to the gut, which doubled him over. J Mont then grabbed Ricky and literally tossed him to the side, sending him flying onto the table, through the two tiered cake that P had specially ordered. Cake went flying, splattering on the walls and floor. Some landed at the feet of Todrick and a fat glob of frosting went flying and landed on P’s shoulder, in his luxurious hair that he took so much pride in.]

[Joe beamed with pride after what he had done but Brother P had finally reached his boiling point and was done. He stepped forward and lost it.]

Brother P: Joe what the fuck?! Didn’t we just talk about this?! Didn’t you say you were going to cut out the bullshit?! Can’t even get our shit together for one fucking afternoon! And you think we stand any chance at winning at Ascension?! Acting like this?! Fuck that, I rather not even show up! I’ll call Miss F right now and have her take me out of the fucking match! Go see what idiot you can find to come join this mess.. I’m done! I’m fucking done! I don’t need this shit..”

[Brother P storms away from everyone leaving the mess and Dynasty to stand there. J Mont looks at Michelle with a look like he is sorry for what happened, but he knows it’s time to go. Before he leaves, he makes sure he gets the last word in on Ricky.]

J Mont: Enjoy the cake bitch. It’s going to be the last thing you eat once Ascension is done and over with.

[J Mont who is down and dealing with depression sure seemed like his old Twizted self right there. He walks through the whole party, not even saying goodbye or sorry to anyone. He storms into the house and walks through the rooms to get back to the main door. He opens the door to get back to the front and slams it shut. He fast paces towards his 2021 Mercedes G Wagon. Too bad Michelle can’t see how fast he is moving now. But he opens the door and starts up the G Wagon. Within seconds, he is off and down the road. He has left the Baby Shower and off to god knows where now.]



[The home of one of the most storied franchises in all of sports. Located 1 East 161 St in the Bronx. Some call it the Home that Ruth Built while others say home of the Bronx Bombers. Either way, when you think of the Yankees and this Stadium, you think of winning and money. Both also are symbolic in the life of J Mont.]

[Parking his G Wagon illegally in front of the stadium, J Mont exits the vehicle and just takes it all in. It’s home to him. He has a few friends on the team like Giancarlo Stanton and Gleyber Torres. But also being a BIG DOG, he knows the BIG DOGS as well. GM Brian Cashman and owner Hank Steinbrenner. J Mont, without further adieu makes his way towards the stadium. After about a 5 minute walk, he arrives at the gate that is locked and security is looking right at him.]

Security Officer Picklestein: Sir, there is no game today and the stadium is closed.

J Mont: Do you know who I am?

Security Officer Picklestein: A guy who looks like he wants to get arrested for trespassing?

J Mont: So you do know who I am then? A man that is not afraid to be arrested but also a man that is not afraid to get you fired.

Security Officer Picklestein: Sir, please leave the premises before we have to take further action.

[With that last comment, J Mont takes out his cell and selects the name CASH MONEY in his phone. It rings a few times till a man picks it up on the other end.]

Cashman: Yo J, what’s good?

J Mont: I can’t get in because of this so-called Toy Cop down here.

Cashman: Put him on the phone right now!!!!

[J Mont hands Security Officer Picklestein the phone.]

Cashman: What the FUCK are you doing? You let J Mont in right now before you are fired and will never work in NYC again. Between myself and J, you will never find work again. Mark my words.

[The phone hangs up. Security Officer Picklestein hands J Mont the phone back as his face is totally red like he just ate a hot pepper. He unlocks the gate and doesn’t even check the bag of J Mont because he doesn’t want any more trouble.]

J Mont: That’s a good boy. Now go back to sitting in your chair doing crossword puzzles.

[J Mont laughs and continues to walk leaving the security guard behind who is mad as hell but cant lose his job in this tough economy. J Mont finds the elevator and hits the up arrow. The door opens immediately and he enters.]

J Mont: Please don’t play Dane Preston’s Music List. No one wants to hear New Kids on the Block, or NSYNC or Backstreet boys.

[J Mont hits the letter C on the wall. And he is off. And FINALLY we get some good music for the first time in an elevator. Enter the Sandman by Metallica is heard. That’s the theme song when Mariano Rivera would run from right field to the pitcher’s mound to save the games for the Yanks. J Mont is pumped up. Finally a smile on his face. And before he knows it, he has arrived. The door opens and there is the man standing right there waiting for him. GM Brian Cashman.]

Cashman: Welcome Joe.

J Mont: Cash Money, thank you for letting me have some time here. I really need to clear my head and remember who I am.

Cashman: You came to the right place and made sure you tell Mia I said hello. The wife is still waiting for our dinner double date still.

J Mont: Very soon, I promise.

Cashman: Make yourself at home. I will be in the office going over payroll if you need me. I think it’s time to cut a few of these overpriced pre Madonna’s.

[Cashman walks to his office as J Mont throws the strap of his Gucci Duffle Bag over his shoulder. He starts to walk towards the stadium seating. Usually, he sits field level, first row VIP but today, he wanted to do something different. Sit in some regular seats and think about the things that are going on in his life and the PPV. J Mont walks through the tunnel and he is on the first base side of the field, mid level. All the seats are open. It was J Mont, myself and I as he would like to say in the stadium. He takes a seat in row 17 seat number 1 about 50 rows up. The view is amazing. The warning track dirt, the Kentucky bluegrass in the field. The white square bases clean as a whistle. The big scoreboard that is off at the moment. A great way to try to clear your head and get yourself right.]

J Mont: Right now, I’m at rock bottom as a lot of people would say and the only place to go is back up. I’ve been to the top before and it’s a great place to be, but my priorities are changing. I’m 41 years old now. Not a young buck anymore. Even Though I act like it a lot, I know it’s time for me to make some changes. That first change was settling down with the right woman which I found in MIA. No one will ever understand what me and her have. It’s a bond from Day 1 that just clicked and took off. And before you know it, she was almost taken away from me too. Those days and nights in the hospital waiting to see if she will be ok or waiting for the DR to tell me the bad news really mentally drained me but for the first time in my life, I didn’t care. I needed Mia and wasn’t going to leave her side. Sure with everything going on it was probably not a great idea, but when you love someone like I do Mia, you don’t turn your back.

[J Mont wipes a small tear from his eye.]

J Mont: Fuckin Sahara almost took the best thing that happened to me away with a cowardly move, but I promised myself and my family I would get the last laugh. But right now, I need to stay focused and make sure I get my head right for this big Ascension PPV. Mia is safe now with my family all around her so next up is Brother P. I know he is mad at me at this moment, but I can’t let him get distracted and lose his chance at the Empire title. Not going to happen on my watch. We are going to win our matches on Night 1, then dominate Night 2 as a team, but once this is all over with. The gloves are off and revenge will be mine.

[J Mont adjusts himself in the seat to get a little more comfortable.]

J Mont: And I know everyone is used to J Mont being at the top and running the show, but it’s time for Brother P to be at the top and show the world that this whole time he has been by my side, he should have been getting as much credit as I have been getting. I will be back at the top before you know it but sometimes life throws you a curveball that you have to learn how to adjust to hit it. Not everything is a straight fastball, easy to hit. I have been thrown a few curveballs over the last 6 months and I hit a few and missed a few. But a few things I can say is that at the end of the day, I found my true love in Mia, and i get the chance to watch my young Brother P win the Empire Championship. For me, that’s being on the TOP.

[J Mont reaches into his bag and pulls out his Apple Laptop. After a few minutes of setting it up and getting the internet rolling, you can see him typing in the search bar.]


[The website pulls up and the Ascension card is shown. J Mont scrolls down until he gets to Day 2.]

J Mont: This also goes back to being on the top. I need to make sure that myself and Dynasty win this match. One of us needs to make it to the roof of the Fight Tower so we can make that Blood Money or help our WAR CHIEF P Mont get a mandatory Empire Title match. I know he has the title match on Night 1, but you can’t trust anyone here. So lets say someone fucks around and costs my Brother P that Empire title match then the pressure is on to win that match and get him another title shot. I will make it to the TOP of the Fight Tower cause like I said this time around. The top is different for me. It’s not just about me anymore. It’s about the ones I love and care for. Mia and Brother P. That means Brother P needs to win that Empire title and I need to marry the woman who is making me a better man. That’s being on TOP like I stated earlier.

[J Mont looking over the teams at Ascension on the website.]

J Mont: Lets start with THE CURE shall we? Probably the team that I think is the biggest underdog in this match. Not saying they can’t hang but when you scroll down after Moore and Wolf, there are a lot of question marks there. Starting with The Enforcer. He may be one of the biggest men here in FIGHT but this isn’t the OPW where he was catered to and protected by Johnny Stylez. This is FIGHT NYC and he is having a hard time finding his zone here. His best bet is to take the night off and have some cool ranch Doritos and a coke zero because like the drink, he has ZERO chance of winning this. Then you have the local Irish drunk Eoin O’Rourke. The guy rambles on and on and on and I can’t understand half the shit he is saying. It is probably the accent that is throwing me off or it could be that I just don’t care what he is saying to pay attention. Another one who has no chance in this match. And let’s get to the Wild Card of the team. Apathy. I hear all this great stuff about her. A Legend. A Former World Champion. Someone to not take lightly. Well, this is what I’m going to do. I will keep my eyes open for her in the match, but I’m truly not worried about her making any waves in the match. The only woman on The Cure who I know and could be a problem is Sarah Wolf. I don’t know her personally but I know her back from my original Focus days. She has a crazy side if triggered, could be a long day in the office for many. The trick is to get to her quick and take her out of her game. And speaking of games…save the best for last. Brandon Moore, my former friend and now just acquaintance I guess. Who knows but one thing is clear. We are not on the same page and we have some issues that need to be resolved. In order for me to win this and get to the top of the Fight Tower, he is one of the few I can truly say that I need to take out. Brandon has a great shot at winning this, no denying that. He is on the top of his game. Doing his own thing. Has a beautiful son now. Him and Michelle are working on things. The man is shooting to the top but the only top he won’t get too is the roof, courtesy of J Mont and Dynasty. Brandon will somehow be there at the end, but he will be just short, like he always is.

[J Mont lets out a little chuckle before looking over at the next team in line.]

J Mont: New Status Quo. NSQ….more like the New Shitty Queens to me. I find it quite humorous that they think they are on TOP of the world right now. Well, X-Mas came early to them courtesy of Dane and Allison. The kick heard around the world to my Nuts from Allison enabled Shawn, Kasey and Betsy to get the win. But only after it was 3 on 1 and my nuts were in my stomach. But that’s ok. I was glad to finally be away from Dane and Allison and all their fake bull shit. You may have won that battle, but everyone knows a war is not won in one night. And come Ascension, the war will be over for you. Not only will none of you make it to the top of the FIGHT Tower, but Dickie is also going to lose her Empire World Title to Brother P. And the best part of all of this is that she wont get a match for the Empire title either because Dynasty is going to be at the TOP looking down at you waving as we start to get the POWER back. You really think a man named AIDEN is going to be a game changer? Think about that. The only other name worse than that is Dane. Then you have 2 females who think their shit don’t stink but come on now Kasey and Betsy. Anyone could have won those Island Titles with a 3 on 1 and a man with his nuts kicked like it was a game winning 60 yard field goal. You really need to buckle and fly up to space because that’s the only TOP of anything you are going to see. You ladies need to come off your high horses and I will make sure to kick out the horses legs so you fall flat on your faces and then maybe after that, you will realize that Dynasty is your boss, not Dickie or Shawn with a W. Which brings me to Shawn with a W Warstein. Can’t lie, the man has been on a tear here in the fed and I truly must say, I think he has the best chance of this whole team of his to make it to the end but once again fall short. Just like his partner in crime in Dickie Watson. He will be so mentally checked out after losing the Empire title on Night 1 that he will not be in no shape to battle it out on Night 2. So, the way I see it…..Warstein will be there at the end against us but he wont pull it out.

[J Mont skimming over the rest of the teams in Ascension.]

J Mont: Looking to the left of Night 2 of the teams and now he sees the one that is truly his biggest rival of them all. The FYA. Fuck You Allison as I like to call them now since she had to cheat in order to make me lose the Island Tag titles. But this team is full of my worst enemies and ones I want to bury 100 feet under. Bones I want to break and careers I want to end. FYA has truly messed with the wrong man here. Starting with the man that should sit in the commentary booth with Dane Preston and know when his time is over with. Kal X Wolf. I hope you went back to the drawing board and took a look at the vintage J Mont highlights and videos so you can remind yourself just who you are getting into the ring with. What you saw 2 weeks ago against Murphy was just an upset and luck. My head was all over the place with the battle in between my own faction and making sure Mia was good thanks to all the shit Sahara was causing. But make no mistake KAL, I know who you are and what you are capable of. But your time is over with. Just like Bob Barker, former host of the Price is Right. There comes a time when you know it’s over and done with. Follow his lead and hit the high road because when I get my hands on you, the Price will be wrong BITCH and you will be eliminated. Which then brings me over to the man that finally lost his Queens title thanks to some help and mental breakdowns. MDM. Murphy Doyle Maher. The score is 1 to 1 and I will make sure it’s 2-1 in my favor when this war on Saturday is over with. The Queens title is coming back to FYA but not to you. But you will be my bitch when all is said and done. You will be kissing my shoes and holding yourself up with my legs begging for mercy. But as Johnny Lawrence and the Cobra Kai say, SHOW NO MERCY. It’s a night you and Kal will never forget, and not in a good way.

[J Mont takes a deep breath because these next 3 names are the ones he truly wants to end for the sake of his mental health and family.]

J Mont: Sahara, where do I begin? Oh yes…. You’re a 2 dollar groupie whore who has no friends, so you hitched your tail to Dane and Allison. And then once Ricky started to show you a little attention, you jumped all over it. Well, those are all mistakes that are going to bite you in the ass very soon. Dane and Allison are going to keep you close until the time comes to cut the string and let you go like a balloon that is tied to a chair. CUT, and you’re gone. Do you really think they care about you? If you do, you are dumber than i thought and should call up Jim Carey and see if they will do a 3rd Version of Dumb and Dumber. They can call it. Dumb, Dumber and the Dumbest which would be you. But I can ramble on and vent all day but the truth is, I’m going to get my revenge on you and it starts at Ascension… or has it already started and you don’t know it yet? You see LAUREN, I’m the game master, the master of the mind games. I may have gotten off track a little because of Mia and what happened but you’re playing my game right now and you don’t even realize it. It’s a matter of time when you get to Boardwalk BUT will never make it past GO. And Boardwalk is Ascension and GO is the roof. You will make it to the show, but you are not winning and I will make sure of it. I’m going to ruin your life and in the process teach Ricky a lesson about picking a team. You can’t Sleep with the enemy and expect to be OK. Shots have been fired and I will make sure this LAST SHOT prevents you from getting anywhere near the top.

[A thought of Allison just crossed his mind for a moment.]

J Mont: Allie, Allie, Allie……what we had was fun, but it was all a game. It was so hard to keep it up for as long as I did to make the world think you loved me and I loved you. I had to do things I never wanted to do for you but that’s the sacrifices I made to make sure you and your family never forget the name MONTUORI. Damon will have to live the rest of his life knowing that J Mont fucked his little daughter and got the last laugh on him. You will always look at me and be like. J Mont fucked. All the men in this wrestling world tried and failed. But J Mont outsmarted me and got in my pants. You see Allison, I crumbled your world as a game. It was fun while it lasted and now it’s time to finally move on from all of this. I’m tired of looking at you. I’m tired of hearing about you. I’m just tired of hearing your voice. You can work out. You can change your hair color. You can say your marriage is better. But none of that is going to save you from the consequences you have coming your way this Saturday night. You are up 1 right now thanks to the kick to my nuts, but Saturday night, I will get the 2 point conversion and take out you and Dane. 2 to 1, J Mont wins the war. Now if you are a dumb blonde and cant figure out math. Let me help you. 2 minus 1 equals 1. That means I will be 1 up on you. There is so much to say about J Mont and Allie, but that’s the past. I don’t care about you or that anymore. I did my job and did it very well. Sure a lot of the stuff came back on me but at the end of the day, it still worked to my favor. And remember this, i tried to be the nice guy and have a talk with you and give you back the ARP belt and apologize but you took it to another level when you let Sahara and Dane plan this attack on Mia. Mark my words, Ascension is going to be a war of stables, but I got my sights set on a select few that I truly want to take out and end. Sahara, I got the number to the DR that helped me recover. You will need it after I get done with you once and for all. Allison, you’re going to get fucked again by me. But this time, getting knocked out of this Ascension match and just looking up wondering why I didn’t choose J Mont all those years ago. And Dane, I haven’t forgotten about you. The time is now for US. I got a special bulletin just for you. Stay tuned Bitch.

[J Mont gets up and stretches a little bit. All these thoughts running through his mind. One week he is crazy, next week he is depressed, the following week he is all over the place then he is depressed again and then right now, he is going crazy in his head on all these people. Is he Twizted or is he Crazy.]

J Mont: What is really crazy is thinking about the New Status Quo, FYA and The Cure. After all i thought about, that left Brandon Moore, Shawn Warstein and Dane Preston as the top 3 for those teams in my opinion but where does that leave Dynasty. Well, it means we are going to win it but how easy will it be? Will we actually work as a team and get the job done or are we 5 individuals battling to win it for ourselves and not the team? No one truly knows right now. After that fight at the Baby Shower, one thing is certain. Michelle is pissed at us all but I don’t blame her. I blame Ricky. If he would have never messed with Sahara, or taken her side or ran his smart ass mouth during the Baby shower, we would be heading into Ascension as a well oiled unit. Instead, we are like a car engine with bolts and screws all over the place. Guess it will take J Mont to put the engine back together since he has done that plenty of times before, dating back to Focus and Elite. And yes I can build an engine faster then Dane Preston who is all talk. But back to Ricky. Ricky Ricardo. Your love for Lucy, I mean Sahara is going to cost you a lot of things Saturday. Let me run down the list for you. You are jeopardizing your spot on Dynasty for starters. Then you are pretty much throwing your friendship with myself and Brother P out the window. And finally, taking a shot at Todrick just shows you are out for ONLY yourself and Sahara. You 2 should start your own team. You can call yourselves The Backstabbers.

[Another small smirk from J Mont. Maybe all this thinking alone is the answer to get out of this funk and depression of his.]

J Mont: So with Ricky being the weakest link and first eliminated for Dynasty probably, let’s get to my good friend Toddy as I call him. When he is on his game, he’s amazing but sometimes he can get so distracted when it comes to social media, or the clubs or just the rumors itself. The man that I faced in the ring for the Manhattan title is the Toddy I need and expect to show up. There was no quit in that man. There was no fear. No Distractions. But, if all the rumors and talks get into his head, there is no telling what will happen. I’m hoping the right Toddy shows up. The one that is my friend and has my back. And speaking of having my back, the next Empire Champ. Brother P. Congratulations ahead of time Brother. That title is gonna look good on you. Imagine all the hair commercials you will get now with that title being involved. I’m proud of what you have become and all you have accomplished. I will see you at the TOP of Fight tower. And finally. It takes 5 for this to work and that’s only 4 leaving 1 more. Miss Michelle. The woman I love and hate. And she has already threatened me 13897489037489032472 times to get my head into the match and off of Mia and my issues. Or she is going to make sure I pay for making her lose. But let me ask you this question Michelle. What if you make ME LOSE? Do I get to get payback on you? And don’t tell me that bull shit that I owe you a cake already when its Ricky who owes you one. Point Blank Michelle. You made the right decision putting me on the team. You know I’m one of the greatest of all time. You know I can manipulate and play mind games with the best of them. You know with me on your side, you have the best chance to win. So with that said, I got your back, FOR NOW, but cross me and you will be on your back the rest of your life. So, it looks to me that J Mont, Brother P, Miss Michelle, Shawn Warstein, Brandon Moore and Dane Preston will be the final 6 in my eyes which pretty much tells you one thing. Dynasty will be at the TOP of this when it’s all said and done.

[J Mont closes the web site and puts the Apple Laptop back in his bag. He pulls out his phone and sees a missed text. It’s from Wifey Mia.]

Text from Mia: Just thinking about you baby. Hope you’re clearing your head and feeling better. Just know I believe in you, love you and know you will be successful on both nights of Ascension. And after you win, I will have a surprise at home waiting for you. Always and Forever. Mia Mont.

[J Mont keeps re reading the message over and over and over. He cannot believe his life is going to be changing for the better. No more partying like a rock star. No more whores or one night stands. He has truly found the one that believes in him and loves him. Maybe being at the top because of true love is better than being a champion. But why not have both?]

J Mont: Time to go where I missed out on.

[J Mont starts to walk down the cement steps. He is going towards the field and this is going to take a minute because he was up semi high, enjoying the view and collecting his thoughts. Step after step, he is going down quicker and quicker. This surely would make Michelle mad at the pace J Mont is moving right now. For her, he was like a turtle. Right now, he is like a gazelle. Finally getting to the first row which is pretty much right on the field, J Mont jumps the small wall in front of him and is now on the field. He walks by the dugout towards home plate. He lays down his Gucci Duffle bag and heads for home plate. He gets into the batter’s box and looks at the center field wall with the big black section behind it.]

J Mont: This war is like a game of baseball with Dane Preston. Only thing is, I know how to hit curveballs, splitters, change ups, and knuckleballs. Only thing Dane can hit is probably a straight fast ball, but it will probably go opposite field because he will be so late on his swing.

[J Mont digs into the batter’s box with a fake bat in hand. Smirking at the pitcher’s mound, like someone is really there.]

Ball 1
Ball 2
Strike 1
Ball 3
Foul Tip
Ball 4
Take your base.

[J Mont walks slowly down the first base line as he pretends the at bat was a walk. Now standing on the clean first base, he looks around, observing the area. He takes a nice lead off of first base. Looks like he is ready to steal second or is he?]

J Mont: This whole war with Dane Preston started just like this. A slow WALK. I was just egging him on, spreading rumors, flirting with Allison. As the Producer, I even used my power to ensure me and Allison would team up. And I know I shouldn’t say no based on her desire for gold and her never say no approach in wrestling. Things were unfolding nicely and the plan was slowly taking off. A walk in the park some would say. But, I had to be careful when to strike. I didn’t want to strike out too early and ruin the plan. That’s why I started off WALKING before running. Planting the seeds of doubt in Dane’s head that Allison was enjoying the things i did for her, the rumors spread about her going on dates with me, holding my hand, kissing me, which she did do a few times so that’s not a rumor. But it was all to break down Dane and make him go insane and get his head out of the game. The plan was working. And truth be told, Allison was falling for me whether she wanted to admit it or not. She was enjoying all the affection and romance and time with a real man. I was doing all the things that she wasn’t getting at home from Dane. And every day I reminded him of that too. You could see the veins in the side of his head bulging out because he knew I was getting the better of him. It was time to strike while the iron was hot.

[J Mont takes one more stride towards second base. And then takes off like he is stealing second base. He easily makes it there standing up. Stolen base is a success.]

J Mont: Stealing second kind of reminds me Dane of stealing your woman for a little. All the close time we spent together. The time I took Bella, Allie and the kids to Mama T’s and she kissed me. Or the dinner in Washington DC where she held my hand at the table then when we waited outside for the car, holding her from behind. If I truly wanted Allison, I could have had her Dane. But that wasn’t my plan. My plan was to play ball and see how far I could take it. And I took it all the way to the promiseland. Just remember now every time you sleep with Allison, that J Mont WUZ HERE. HAHAHAHAHA.

[J Mont pretends the pitcher on the mound was called for a balk by the home plate umpire. He starts to walk towards 3rd base since you get a base when the pitcher does that. Now standing on 3rd base, J Mont is ready to finish it off soon.]

J Mont: And then sometimes you have a hiccup in your master plans. Just like a BALK hurts the starting pitcher, I balked a few times that hurt the plan. The main time was when I actually decided to work with you at Toxic Tag Wars and win the whole thing. All that win did was bring you closer to me and Allison and make you an Island Champ which allowed you to fuck me over. Thanks to Allison and that kick. Then you brought Kal X Wolf back to play some mind games with Murphy only to have me get distracted and pinned. Now I’m sitting here as the Queens Champ for the losing streak I’m on. I feel like the Jacksonville Jaguars. Even with the number 1 pick and top QB, can’t nothing go right. But sometimes you need to hit that rock bottom to get back up to the top. I need to call Drake and do a remix. I hit rock bottom but I’m back at the top again. That would be a number 1 hit in the making. Another area I balked at was when I let FIGHT have me sit down with Allison and apologize to her and give back the ARP title I made. That weakened my game a little. Yes Mia was happy I did it, but I knew it was going to hurt me in the battle. So right now, Dane thinks he has the upperhand on me. I lost the suites. I lost the Manhattan title. I lost the Islands title. I won the Queens title. I’m at the lowest I have ever been in my career. He is sitting over there with that dumb smirk on his face. I can see it now, but there is something I can do to change all of this.

[J Mont takes off for home like he is Willie Mays Hayes from the movie Major League. He slides right leg first….. SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J Mont steals home and wins the game he has been playing in his head.]

J Mont: So Dane, I’m going to win on Saturday night like I just proved and after i win, i will be a gentleman and hand over to you, the Queens Title. That way, when You, Allison and Sahara hang out, you can all pretend to be queens when you are all nothing but a group of BITCHES. It’s time it all finally comes to an end and trust me when I say this. You made the biggest mistake of your life having me go through this depression and down time. Now my mind is really TWIZTED and all over the place. That only means more pain and blood for you.


1,2 J Mont is coming for you

3,4 You better lock your doors

5,6 Get your Crucifix

7,8 Don’t stay up late.

J Mont: The end of Dane Preston is coming soon, to a local cemetery near you. Saturday, October 16th, 2021. And that will be a question of jeopardy too in a few years. Under the category of History. What Month, Day and Year did J Mont end Dane Preston. Answer again is 10/16/21.

[With that, J Mont dusts himself off, walks over to grab his bag. He walks towards the dug out and walks down the steps and into the back. He is going a different way this time and who is going to stop him? Definitely not Security Officer Picklestein. He wants to keep his job and Cashman pretty much told J Mont to do what he wants.]

25 Minutes Later

[J Mont appears out of nowhere, walking right past Security Officer Picklestein. He just laughs as he opens the gate for him. J Mont, not even a goodbye keeps walking towards his G Wagon that did not get towed, even though illegally parked. Guess you can say J Mont really does run New York City. He gets into the vehicle and gets ready to take off. But before he does, the Bluetooth in the car goes off. He has an incoming call. It’s from his Mom’s nursing aide who monitors and watches her while she is alone. And at this time, Papa Mont is out in Italy handling some family business and won’t be back for another week or 2. So J Mont is concerned because they rarely ever call him.]

J Mont: Hello?

Mariah: Hello Mr. Montuori. This is Mariah, your mother’s attendant at the retirement community. I wanted to inform you that today your mother had a visitor that is not on the list of approved family or friends.[/color]

[J Mont hangs up the phone and right away calls Mama Mont up.]

[Mama Mont and the guest both here A familiar buzzing that can be heard as both reach for their smartphones. The guest realizes that it’s not his phone and looks over to see Mama Mont put the phone on speaker.]

Mama Mont: Joey! How nice of you to call.

J Mont: Hey ma, I just wanted to check in with ya. I got a call from one of the attendants that you had a visitor that wasn’t on your usual list…

Mama Mont: That’s correct, he’s sitting with me now,” she says with a smile.

J Mont: Who is it? Tell me it’s Tom Sinnery, I know he lives upstate now. That’d be just like him…”

Mama Mont: It’s actually Dane Preston.”

[And in that brief moment it felt like the world froze, time didn’t move, and there was utter silence. And then it snapped back to reality.]

J Mont: Tell me ya joking ma, you’re joking with me right?

Mama Mont: He’s really here, we’re actually about to have tea.

J Mont: Put his ass on the phone right now, ma!

Dane Preston: I can hear you fine Joey, your mother has us on speakerphone…

J Mont: Don’t you fuckin’ call me that. I don’t know what sick fuckin’ game you’re playin’ right now. But you need to leave my mother the fuck out of our shit.

Dane Preston: Like you left my wife, kids, and in-laws out of it, right?” Dane smirked, because it was at that exact moment that he knew he’d crossed the line and J Mont was about to snap. “But as your mother said, we’re about to have tea, so let us finish up with our brief visit and I’ll be on my way. She’ll call you back then.”

[Dane ended the call and put her smartphone in airplane mode. J Mont sitting in his G Wagon is punching the steering wheel. Has he snapped back into this Twizted Thoughtz or is this going to rally drive the nail into depression?]

J Mont: I know my attorney and doctor told me not to use this word anymore, but enough is enough. Dane just truly crossed the line and there is no coming back from this. I am going to KILL THIS MAN and END HIS LIFE once and for all.

[J Mont rips out of the spot he was parked in and takes off. No one has ever seen a G Wagon move like that before.]

Fast Forward- 1 Hour Later

[J Mont walks off the elevator and scans his car which unlocks the door. He drops his bag down on the floor. Heads right for the bar. Grabs a glass and pours some Johnny Walker Black straight up into it. Half full, he slams it down. Then, when he is done, he slams the glass down and it shatters everywhere. That sound woke up Mia, who came storming around the corner from the bedroom.]

Mia: Baby, what happened?

J Mont: That Cunt Dane Preston is with my mom right now at her house in the Hamptons. He hung the phone up on me and now it goes right to voicemail.

Mia: Babe, I am sure your mom is OKAY. He wouldn’t do anything stupid/

J Mont: He did that stupid laugh and hung up the phone. I am going to KILL HIM.

Mia: You are talking crazy now Joe. You’re not going to kill him. I would imagine being in jail would suck if you kill him. Why don’t you go outside and cool off for a while.

[J Mont gives MIA a big kiss and starts to make his way outside. J Mont is also pissed that Uncle Vincenzo and Crazy Giuseppe both left together to get dinner. He told them that at least one person has to be here at all times if he’s not around. I am sure they will be getting an earful later on. J Mont sees Mia sweeping up the broken class and cleaning it up. He knows he has his future wife right here with him. He just has to get his head on straight before he loses her too. Outside now, J Mont leans over the railing looking at all the traffic down below. All the people walking on both sidewalks on each side of the road. Nothing but cars and people everywhere.]

J Mont: Looking at that makes me realize that I live in the best city in the United States. New York City. MY CITY. The MONTUORI City. Ascension is where I can make them proud and make sure Dynasty and Brother P get the win. Maybe pull another ACE out of my sleeve like I did with Toxic Tag Wars and get the win when no one thought I would because I was teamed up with Dickless Dane Preston. This time around, I got my family with me…. Well Brother P and Toddy. Then I got the wishy washy bitchy Michelle and the Benedict Arnold of our team. Ricky. It’s going to be interesting, but one thing I can tell you, we are getting to the TOP at Ascension. Brother P will be the new Empire Champ. Dane Preston will be the new Queens Champ. And the Dynasty will prevail as the best faction alive today.

[J Mont holds the railing and leans back. Stretching his arms and legs for a minute. It has been a very long day for him. Mentally more than anything. A little base running as well but he knows come Saturday, it’s an all out war that is going to be mental, physical and life threatening.]

J Mont: I also want to remind Shawn with the stupid W, and Brandon Moore, my so called ex friend one thing. The last time they underestimated me, what happened? I left as a Toxic Tag Winner over the both of them. I think history is about to strike again. Everyone is counting out J Mont because of my personal demons right now and the streak I’m on, but when the spotlight is on, that’s when I step up and produce. Everyone that decides to show up for Ascension needs to realize one thing, I appreciate you showing up and giving your all, but it will not be enough. Nice Try, better luck next time. Dynasty and J Mont are running Ascension. New Empire Champ with P Mont, Toddy is going to retain his Manhattan Title, Michelle will keep her Bronx Title, I will lose the Queens title to Dane and team Dynasty will be at the top of the Fight Tower standing tall.

[A smirk from J Mont who is done but not done yet.]

J Mont: Dane Preston. Truth be told. Your number 1 on my hitlist for Ascension followed by Sahara as #2 and believe it or not, Ricky is #3. It’s going to be fun this Saturday and Sunday. Let the games begin. You all thought you had me down and out but in reality, I’m more TWIZTED and fucked up than I have ever been before. You fell into my trap. You fell into my games. You thought I was getting weak but I was playing with your minds all along again. Dane, it’s going to be fun finally ending this chapter with you. Sucks you’re going to be on the losing end like you have most of your career. Sucks that I fucked your wife just because I wanted to. Sucks that FYA will fail just like the Cute and Status Quo. Ascension, I will be rising to the top both nights and when it’s over, I will be out celebrating with my team and Mia. Get used to seeing this face because I am not going anywhere. And one more thing Dane, I know Sahara is questioning your loyalty and friendship because you did attack her from behind and use the 1 Shot Kill on her. I have to give you credit for that. You waited for the right time to make your move and attack the woman you cheated on your wife with. I give you props for that.

[Just after J Mont states his case, Mia walks outside towards J Mont holding a Panda head.]

Mia: Is this what I think it is?

[J Mont grabs the Panda head from Mia, who is smiling but also concerned as well at the same time.]

J Mont: Sahara, Dane… guess what you stupid bitches. It was me all along. With the help of Vhodka Black who got the outfit in the building for me, I made the move. It worked to perfection. You two think you are going to get the last laugh on me but not on my watch.

“Who’s Laughing Now?”

[J Mont takes off the Panda head and drops it like it’s a Mic. He grabs Mia’s hand, gives her a big kiss and they walk inside together. Could this be the turning point for J Mont as he tries to ASCEND to the TOP again?]

Game- Set- Match- Checkmate