[JmOnT] I already got my QUEEN-Mia… [DyNaStY]

By: Joe Montuori

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 23rd Sep 2021


[Kasey doesn’t even answer, she slaps herself in, and as she steps through the ropes, Joe bullrushes her. He’s starting to overwhelm her, and he is laughing his head off again.]

J Mont: My darling Allie, the pleasure’s all mine for keeping these belts. Do me the final honor of finishing it off..

[He goes to tag Allie, but she sticks her boot through the ropes and drives it into his nuts.]

[Dane Preston’s lips draw into a wide smirk, and he climbs in the ring and lifts the chin of his partner who had been doubled over. ONE. SHOT. KILL.]

[Montuori staggers back, as Dane and Allison slide out of the ring.]

[Kasey lays in wait, coming off the rope with a sling blade. She laces Montuori’s legs..]


[Montuori is tied up in the middle of the ring with nobody to save him. Kasey Winterborn’s got him in her Wicked Little Machine…]

[Joe Montuori… is… tapping out!!!]



[J Mont after another long week at the office is sitting on his custom made Plume Blanche Diamond Encrusted Sofa. Great way to almost spend 200K to keep your ass comfortable. While he sits and ponders his thoughts, sleeping in the bedroom down the hallway is Mia getting her rest. Meanwhile, J Mont is collecting his thoughts and decides he just wants to sit back and relax for a change. He grabs the remote off of the coffee table and hits the power button. And what a view when the TV turns on. It’s a Samsung 146 Inch Wall TV. One of the biggest you will find in the market. MicroLED technology, which uses super fine LED’s to provide light and color for individual pixels. Scrolling through the guide to find something he would like to watch, J Mont finally comes to a screeching halt in his search. He stops at ESPN2 and sees Pardon the Interruption with Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. He hits the OK button and the show appears. He leans back and focuses on that beautiful Wall TV.]

Tony: Welcome to Pardon the Interruption. Today, we will be focusing on some of the biggest kicks in the world today.

Michael: We have come up with a TOP 10 List of the biggest kicks to date in the world of sports.

Tony: I will tell you one thing, some of these kicks will surprise you.

Michael: Some may hurt you too.

Tony: Let’s get into the action shall we?

Michael:  And here we go with the TOP 10 list of the biggest kicks. There will be no interruption until the end after the Winner and Number 1 is announced.

[The screen then goes to an image of TOP 10 and the number 10 flashes on the screen.]

2010 AFC Wild Card Game where Nick Folk kicked a 32 yard field goal to beat the Colts.

2009 NFL Championship game where Garrett Hartley’s 40 yard field goal beat the Vikings and Brett Favre.

2001 AFC Divisional playoffs where Adam Vinateri’s 23 yard field goal knocked off the Raiders.

2006 NFC Divisional Playoffs where Robbie Gould’s 49 yard field goal eliminated the Seahawks.

2006 Season where Josh Brown had 5 winning field goals in a season from 42, 54, 38, 50 and 55 yards.

2006 season where Matt Bryant hits a record 62 yard field goal to beat the Eagles.

2007 season where Rob Bironas single handedly beat the Texans with a record 8 field goals in 1 game.

2003 Super Bowl where Adam Vinateri’s 41 yard field goal knocked down the Panthers.

2001 Super Bowl where Adam Vinateri’s 48 yard field goal knocked off the Rams

And #1
September 18th, 2021 in Manhattan at Venom #8 where Allison Riggs Preston kicked the one and only Joe Montuori in the nuts costing him the Island Titles.

[Before anything else could be said, J Mont turns off the TV and throws the remote to the side of the couch. In the past, that remote would have ended up through the TV, but lately, he has been a little calmer and collected. Probably thanks to Mia. But you can tell J Mont is not happy. He gets up and makes his way towards the bedroom. When he slowly opens up the door, he sees Mia resting there looking so beautiful and sweet. J Mont enters the room quietly and makes his way to the bed. This time not looking to score at the moment, he sits down and grabs her hand and kisses it.]

J Mont: You are the best thing that has happened to me. You are slowly changing me for the better.

[Mia slowly opens her eyes and smiles at J Mont.]

Mia: Aww, Joe, you say the sweetest things to me.

J Mont: Sorry to wake you babes, but I just needed to see your smile and hear your voice.

Mia: What’s wrong, babe? Sounds like something’s bothering you.

J Mont: I was #1 on the best kicks in sports. My NUTS all over the TV…..

Mia: Ouch, I’m sorry babe. It had to hurt seeing that, much less feeling it. She smiled a little bit. Let’s be fair though, probably not the first time your nuts have been on TV.

J Mont: TMZ is a bunch of perverted people babe but the only good thing is knowing you are here with me.

Mia: You know, when they told me that I was going to have to have surgery and that I wouldn’t look the same. I was worried. Worried that you wouldn’t love me now as much as you loved me before.

J Mont: I’m in love with you and the crazy thing is. Those assholes only brought us CLOSER together. We have a bond they will never understand and I don’t care who thinks I’m crazy. You’re my girl. My Woman.

My Future. My 1 and only.

Mia: I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

J Mont: The future holds me and you together……….FOREVER.

Mia: I think forever would be the perfect amount of time to spend with you.

J Mont: DONE DEAL babe, not get some rest because before you know it, we will be having a party here for you.

[J Mont gives Mia a nice kiss as she slowly starts to close her eyes again as bed rest is what is best for her at this current time. J Mont takes one more look at his queen, before he slowly gets up off the bed. He walks towards the door and closes it very quietly. He then proceeds to make his way towards the outside, which is one of the best setups in all of NYC. Makes people like Derek Jeter and Donald Trump Jealous. He has a pool and hot tub outside along with a full lounge area as well other great amenities. J Mont slides open the glass door and walks towards the pool. He kicks off his Jordan’s, lifts up his sweatpants and slowly bends down. He puts his feet and part of his legs in the water and sits there. Scenery most people would die for. Almost like watching a movie the way it was all set up.]

J Mont: Maybe a kick in the Nuts is what I needed to wake up. You got Dane, Sahara and Allie all over there thinking they are one up on me but what they don’t realize is that i’m always one step ahead of them in this game. I created this game and I made the rules. I will decide when I want it to end. But right now, it’s time to make a small detour off the game board and get back my FOCUS.

[J Mont kicks the water as he stretches out his legs.]

J Mont: And he’s back again on my radar. Mr Murphy Doyle Maher. The reigning Queens Champion. I think the last time this guy won a match was when Al Bundy got laid. And I can tell you one thing, the last time we were in the ring, I let you get away. But this time, I won’t let that happen. My man RAZOR is on standby to give that long awaited hair cut of yours that is well deserved.

[J Mont chuckles to himself and then has a flashback.]

[Murphy then leapt straight upward in the air and stuck his leg out, catching Joe in the back of the head and hitting his finisher the Got Got. Murphy goes for the cover but no sooner than the 2 count lights up, Joe shoots his left shoulder off the ground. Cursing, Murphy goes to pick up Joe, when he is suddenly distracted by something in the crowd. His eyes try to concentrate on what it is he thinks he’s seeing, but in the moment it takes him to do this, Joe Mont grabs his head and drags him downward, hitting the Twisted Thoughts, and laying Murphy out. Joe grabs the leg and in 3 seconds, Joe proves he’s still a legend, and Murphy is proven to still need work.]

J Mont:  A Flashback is going to be the future of Murphy again. We can fast forward to Saturday and just hit replay because the same thing is going to happen. But this time, I’m going to make sure I hit the Twizted Thoughtz on him a few times to get the message across to him. I am the man and he is just here.

[Another flashback comes across the mind of J Mont.]

J Mont: [His thoughts take over.] I remember way back in the day, Focus running the show. J Mont winning world titles and matches all over the place. Nothing could get in his way or stop him from doing what he wanted to do. You had guys like Jerome, my own brother P Mont, Brandon Moore, Johnny Extreme, Angel Sloane, Vincent Black, Vhodka Marie, VooDoo, Tommy Shades, and even the old man Riggs and his Posse. I’m sure there is more, but no reason to list a million people when the only one that matters is J Mont. But, last Saturday night, one of the names I didn’t mention decided to return. Pulling a chapter out of my book and making a comeback. Mr Kal X Wolf. And when I think of Kal in the past, I remember all the battles and wars we had. But I don’t care about that at the moment. The one thing that sticks out is this little punk kid from back in the day that I smacked around like a bitch and talked all the shit too. And all he did was tuck his tail between his legs and cry back to Kal. From that point, I knew he would never amount to anything in the business. Family or connections, it doesn’t matter. His skin wasn’t tough enough. His mental game was weak. I even gave him the chance to punch me as hard as he could in the face and he was scared to do it. So the only thing left to do after that was punch him in the face and make him realize that you never miss out on chances that are given to you because you never know when you will get another one.

[Flashback is over.]

J Mont:  Well this punk ass kid is getting another chance to redeem himself. Wait……wait for it…..YES…MURPHY DOYLE MAHER was that punk ass bitch back in the day and as you can tell, he is still that same little bitch, but with a few more tattoos and longer hair. I smacked him around in the Past, and in the Present and definitely in the FUTURE. Maybe this time around, he will finally LEARN I am the MASTER, and he is the BITCH.

[J Mont gets himself up as his feet leave the water. Walking barefoot, he makes his way towards a lounge chair. He is really taking this relaxing and resting to another level. He leans down and lays down on the chair. Laid out like a million bucks you can say. Looking up at the beautiful sky, all blue, no clouds. A day like this is one you need every so often. But relaxing and resting is hard to do when there is so much on your mind and so much to do.]

J Mont: New York City is my home. When people mention NYC, the first name that comes up is J Mont and why not. I have given back more to this city than anyone has. From donations to autographs to helping the city build up areas to even helping the local 911 authorities get the right equipment and cars to fight crime. That’s why I can’t let them down. Andrew Cuomo has already put a dent in NYC, but in due time I will do what I can to help NYC get back on track. This is my CITY and I won’t let them down.

[J Mont adjusted his body a little to get more comfortable.]

J Mont: I’m sure one day Murphy can sit back and dream of having a life like me. The money, the houses, the cars, the investments, the stocks, and a beautiful woman like Mia. Not many can say they have that. And I know the first person that is going to run his mouth and say he has all that too is Murphy’s good ol friend Dane Dickless Preston. And trust me when i say, he may have some money and a business or 2, but he’s not in my league. You have J Mont in the Majors…. Dane is hovering around AA ball and poor old Murphy is still in Tee ball. This is my game boys and it’s one you surely don’t want to get involved in. Just look at what happened at the Hearst Tower, home of FIGHT NYC. THey had to have a lockdown in fear as to what i could have done or would do. I never seen security so tight before in a building. All the cameras and locks on the doors. We all might as well been locked up in Rikers Islands til our matches but the reason for that was ME. They feared my TWIZTED side was going to come out. That my past was going to repeat itself. And my resume speaks for itself. Careers ended, feds shut down, women were stolen from their men and so on. So I gotta give credit to X and his team for what they did. I really was on the edge at the condo with a loaded gun and even had the bullets engraved with the name Sahara in them. But they got a small step ahead of me and that’s ok. She will get hers in due time because MIA is more important to me then anyone will ever understand and what she did to her only warrants far worse pain then she went through.

[J Mont trying to be a better man but everyone keeps poking at him and when that happens, the Thoughz gets crazy and the old school starts to come out again. Mia has been a blessing to J Mont, but only the close people to him can see that and vouch for that. She has really shown him that true love does exist and that you can be a good guy and still get your point across. But when he starts to be nice, everyone else takes their gloves off to try to get an upper hand on J Mont. Which in turn he has to revert back to his old self to make sure they understand, he is the MAN. A GOD. A LEGEND. The man that makes the rules. What was the old saying.]

I didn’t cross the line, I made the line.

[All these thoughts, ideas, issues, problems, love have taken a toll on J Mont. His hazel eyes at this point are getting a little heavy. A nap looks to be in hsi future right now. And after a few moments of fighting it, he dozes off and gets some well needed actual rest.]


[The sun is glaring on J Mont now. His eyes open but blurry because of the sun. He wipes them and slowly gets up. Stretching out his body and getting ready for his next move today. When suddenly, his phone starts to ring. Without hesitation, he answers the call.]

J Mont: Hello?

DR O’Malley: Mr Montuori…..i know Mia is resting and i did not want to bother her at the moment. Just wanted to make you both aware that this Sunday, the 26th, you can have the bandages removed.

J Mont: That is great news Doc.

DR O’Malley: But I will warn you. She may have some issues with coming to terms with looking at someone different in the mirror. You just have to make sure that you didn’t fall in love with just another pretty face.

J Mont: This time, it’s a different DOC. I’m in love with Mia for what she does for me and with me. I’m not going anywhere.

DR O’Malley: Well Mr Montuori, that is great news. That love and energy is only going to make things easier for her as the days and weeks go on.

J Mont: She has nothing to worry about. I’m not leaving her side and we already have a brand new place living together. I will make sure nothing ever happens to her again. Thank you for everything. And when that special day comes, you will be invited to the wedding.

DR O’Malley: Can I bring 2 nurses?

J Mont: Look at you DOC. You go brother. The old J Mont would have asked you if he could sneak in there one night and play DR with a few of them but not anymore. I’m a 1 woman guy. Mia is all for J Mont. I love her. And yes you can bring 2.

DR O’Malley: Keep in touch.

[The phone call has ended. The look on J Mont’s face is like a little kid on Xmas. He knows this Sunday, he and Mia can get back to their lives and build for their future.]


[Ever since FIGHT NYC opened and J Mont signed that contract, he knew business was about to pick up but the one thing he couldn’t predict is that the GAME he played with Dane and Allison truly brought him to the woman he loves.]

[Think about it for a moment. Day in, day out, J Mont had a game plan. No, this isn’t like Joe Kingman in GAME PLAN when he had a daughter he didn’t know about knocking on his door. J Mont knew what he was doing. He loves the attention. He loves the spotlight. He loves the headlines. Everywhere he went, he was mobbed. The fans wanted autographs, the bums wanted money, the valets all wanted big tips, all the kids wanted pictures, all the ladies wanted to get a hotel room with him. It was like groundhog day for him. It would just repeat itself to the point that it started to get kinda old to J Mont. He loves his fans and the kids but sometimes you just want to be human and have your space too. But if you sit back and think about it, all the stuff he did with Allison from the dinners, to the gifts, to the trips, to the surprises, to the romance made him more Popular then the likes of Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, Kanye West, Michael Jordan and so on. The day to day life was amazing and all that attention was what he wanted at that time. He wanted to be on the news, the magazines and having people speak about what he was doing. He thought all of that was for the better in his life. But it’s crazy how all of that can change. When that one day happens, when you realize you want something different. That night at the Velvet Rabbit changed how J Mont wanted to live his life. After meeting Mia, and taking her home, only to have her come over and spend the night. Then waking up together like it was just meant to be. All that stuff he used to do to be in the spotlight and headlines, he didn’t want that anymore. But the problem is, the fans and people are used to it. It’s not like a light switch that can just be turned off at any given moment. J Mont knows he has to take this day by day for the people to see that he is changing. But truth be told, all the games he played with Dane and Allison, to all the publicity stunts and headlines he made has given him the one thing he thought he would never find. TRUE LOVE. So, J Mont can sit back and think his celebrity status with the wrestling world and people of New York is something that has hindered or made things worse in his life, but in reality…..all of that has made his life better because he would change nothing he did at all. It all brought him MIA and that’s all that matters.]


[Focus back in after some more deep thoughts about life and the future. J Mont knows Saturday night is just around the corner and this battle is with an arch rival and definitely carries some big weight. You don’t want to lose this match because if you do, you are leaving with a title. But it’s not one you want to brag about to anyone.]

J Mont: All I know is that Murphy is in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Rage going through my veins is enough to kill any man at this moment. Saturday night will be a great lesson for young Murphy. I’m going to remind him that he is still the same little bitch he was back then when I slapped him around and laughed at him as he is today. He will keep losing and when it’s all said and done, he will be in the record books with a bunch of other losers like……………..

BUFFALO BILLS- lost 4 straight Super Bowls

CALTECH BASKETBALL- 207 straight losses

PRAIRIE VIEW A&M- 80 straight losses

CHARLIE WI- 260 events- NO PGA wins

ANTHONY YOUNG- 27 CONSECUTIVE losses as a Starter

MURPHY DOYLE MAHER- To Be Determined how many losses in a row

J Mont:You will never be in the same class as me Murphy. I’m GOD’S gift to the wrestling world. From all my skills in the ring, to all the skills I have outside the ring. There is no better HEEL in the business. No one is better at GAME PLANNING and MASTERMINDING then me. Some people may have caught me off guard here or there but I always get the last laugh and word.

[J Mont laughs to himself.]

J Mont: Remember this Saturday night Murphy. You fell short in the past to hit me. Then fell short on our last match. This is going to be your 3rd strike and YOU’RE OUT! I will be surprised if Dane keeps you around after you lose this match. But he may because he has no other friends. I’m ready for war Saturday. Not only is this match on my agenda I’m also FOCUSED on the Main Event with Sahara. I will make sure my presence is felt at ringside before, during or after the match. A magician never reveals his tricks ahead of time. POOF! Sahara will realize the biggest mistake she ever made was making it PERSONAL. Sorry to my boy Ricky, but if he wants to fuck a woman with no legs, that’s his prerogative. That’s where I’m going to start this week. I had to tone it down a little after my talk with HR Vincent Black. I respect the man and he’s a friend, but I told him I will get my revenge. It may not be a gunshot, but in the world of Italians, we take body parts as a down payment. Consider this the FIRST SHOT of many. Saturday night will be remembered as the night J Mont beats a man who uses L’Oreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish conditioner like a bitch. Also the night i collect my down payment from Sahara. Everyone needs to be ready. This is a Venom you do not want to miss.

[J Mont cracks his knuckles and walks back inside so he can check on Mia again. And soon enough, Mia will be back and by J Mont’s side but for now, he is showing his caring loving side for his woman and future. Let’s Fade to black this time with some love.]