[JmOnT] Is this Goodbye? [DyNaStY]

By: Joe Montuori

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 1st Oct 2021

[An estimated 34 percent of current athletes as well as former athletes have anxiety or depression. Many struggle in the dark and some professional athletes use drugs to help them cope instead of getting formal help.]

[Many of these professionals are depressed from injury, career termination, performance expectations and even over training. This may increase the risk of depression compared with the general population. Research even suggests that depression does not spring from simply having too much or too little to certain brain chemicals. Rather, there are many possible causes of depression including faulty mood regulation by the brain, genetic vulnerability, stressful life events, medication, medical problems and sudden outbursts.]

[Not many athletes have the courage to talk about their mental struggles or depression, but there are a few former ones who have spoken out about their own.]

Michael Phelps-Olympic Swimmer
“Battled depression and suicidal thoughts” He even admitted he never wanted to get out of bed sometimes, and just drink the day away.

Naomi Osaka- Star Tennis Player
“Anxiety and Depression” She admits to passing on a lot of the post match interviews for this mental health issue she has.

Terry Bradshaw- NFL Hall of Famer
“Battling Depression” He drank to cope with these issues and downfalls in life.

Serena Williams- Top Female Tennis Player
“Struggling with Depression” After giving birth to her beautiful daughter, she has been dealing with postpartum depression.

Linsey Vonn- Olympic Skier
“Major Depression Issues” It all began when her parents relationship fell apart and the rugged workouts for the Olympics

[Although we revere them for their physical prowess, professional athletes are not immune to mental health conditions. The positive sign here is that all the ones listed above, got help from family, friends and counselors and overcame their battles and struggles.]


[Not your usual view when you’re dealing with J Mont. Still tucked away in the bed like he just lost it all and has nothing left. The TV is off, the blinds are closed, his cell phone is off. J Mont lays alone in the bed, looking all down and depressed. This is not like the man who took the wrestling world by storm the last 8 months. Then suddenly, the door opens and the light switch is pushed up. The lights come on, and J Mont’s eyes start to squint like he just smoked 5 blunts. Wiping his eyes, when he finally realizes, it’s his Queen……MIA…and she brought him something to try and cheer him up. She has a Venti Mocha Frappuccino and a spinach egg white wrap from Starbucks. She sighs a little bit as she walks over to the bed.]

Mia: Babe, seriously, you need to get up.

J Mont: This California King is the perfect place for me.

Mia: Can you please get up? [She waves the bag and coffee in her hands.] I got you your favorite. And there is even a message on your drink from the cashier.

J Mont: Let me guess, she wants an autograph like the rest of the world?

Mia: Nope, not gonna tell you, just get up and see for yourself.

[J Mont finally pulls the sheets off of himself, and rolls out of the bed. And despite Mia really loving the view and wanting to drive in the bed with him, she needed him out of the bed; whatever he was going through, he needed to snap out of it and she didn’t think laying in bed all day was going to work. He walks over to Mia and gives her a big kiss. She hands him his drink. J Mont spins the cup around and sees.]

Sahara SUCKS

[J Mont and Mia have a nice laugh for that brief moment but it wasn’t enough. J Mont sits back on the bed and takes a bite of his spinach egg white wrap and just looks at Mia.]

J Mont: Why are you with me?

Mia: Would you like me to lie to you or tell you the truth?

J Mont: Hit me with it. I don’t think things could get any worse. We are both sitting here as Queens right now.

Mia: Because I fell in love with you. Because you showed me a side of you that the rest of the world doesn’t get to see. You showed me the real you, you showed me Joe, not J Mont. [She smiled a little.] Not that I don’t like JMont, he was the one who slid up to me that night wanting a lap dance. You kept coming back and proved to me that you weren’t like all the other guys up there at the Rabbit trying to score a Doe, you, for whatever reason, treated me differently. You’re a great guy, you care about the people you love and would do anything for them. Look at what you did for me? You didn’t have to do all this. You could have easily walked away when Sahara did what she did. But you didn’t. You stayed right there with me. I don’t know of too many men who would do that for a stripper that they’ve known for less than 6 months.

J Mont: I don’t think of you as a DOE, or a STRIPPER…..i think of you as MIA, the fun loving woman i talked hours with at the Rabbitt before i realized that i fell in love with you. You make being in a relationship so easy and so much fun. You are the reason I am truly trying to change my ways. I want my future to have longevity and with you forever. But right now, I feel like I’m a sinking ship. Like my battleship was sunk and it’s over. The headlines have been reading.

“J Mont on a downward spiral.”

J Mont: It’s really messin with my head. I have never been in a situation like this before. I’m the King of New York and one of the best the business has to offer with mind games. But right now, I feel like the kid that gets picked last in gym class or the nerd that sits by himself at the lunch table. Maybe this is it for me.

Mia: There must be something in the water you wrestlers are drinking, because you’re not the only one who’s going through some sort of existential crisis when a person questions when their lives have meaning or purpose. There is no shame in it. I’ve gone through this before, it’s one of the reasons I moved to New York. I was looking for a change. [She took both of her hands and framed them around her face.] Boy did I get one. [She laughed a little.] The change that I made, also caused us to meet. You’re just going through a rough spot and you’re questioning things with your career and how it’s going.

[J Mont leans over as he grabs Mia’s hand. He looks into her eyes and gives her a kiss on her soft lips. And after that quick moment of heat, he leans back still looking at her.]

J Mont: Babes, I love you and I’m not going to do anything to ever lose you. But right now, I think I just maybe need to take a walk and clear my head. Do some soul searching and try to remember who I truly am. Will you be safe here alone with the new security system or do I need to call Uncle Vincenzo or crazy cousin Giuseppe or even Razor?

Mia: I’ll be safe here. You’ve practically got me in a fortress. You go and do what you have to do. I’ll be here waiting.

J Mont: Remember these 2 words babe. It’s not right now, but in the near future. I DO.

Mia: We’ll talk more about that after that PPV thingy. You need to FoCuS on that, because if you don’t, your team captain, co-captain, whatever she is, is going to kill you if you don’t and we won’t have to worry about I DO.

[J Mont and Mia get off the bed at the same time. He gives her a big hug, not wanting to let go but he knows he needs this time alone. When he finally loosens his grip, she smiles at him and they kiss one more time. Mia walks out of the room leaving J Mont alone to get ready.]

[J Mont just looking all down and depressed slowly makes his way over to the closet. He is moving about as fast as a 90 year old man with a cane. He slowly starts to go through his clothes hanging up until he finds something that suits him for the day. He pulls out an Air Jordan all black sweatsuit and a white Air Jordan tee shirt. He walks back to the bed and puts on the outfit. He is still not in a great state of mind as he starts to look around for his Jordan’s that he finally finds behind the door. He grabs his Yankee fitted hat and throws it on and pulls the hoodie over his head. He walks by the kitchen where Mia is but doesn’t say anything. All she hears is the door close. She knows he needs this time and she is ok with it.]

Fast Forward 30 Minutes

[You can see J Mont walking down the sidewalk where there are many people doing the same thing. It is Manhattan, where most people walk and don’t drive. I bet half of the people walking don’t even have a driver’s license at the moment. J Mont fitting right in with the local crowd the way he is dressed. No one is stopping him for autographs, money or even just to say hi. It’s hard to recognize him right now because usually when you see him, he is all decked out in designer clothes and jewelry. Finally after a few miles of just walking and breaking in the Jordan shoes, he sees a bench and takes a seat.]

J Mont: Since the day I left the family business when I was 21, my priorities have changed. No longer was I chasing down money from people, or making pickups or driving the getaway car. I had a career and future to worry about. From wrestling, to TV gigs, to magazine shoots, to stocks and bonds, to real estate, to the investments in the Knicks and Rangers. And let’s not forget all my family here in New York as well as everyone here who looks up to me and admires me. There is a lot of pressure that people don’t see that I have to deal with on an everyday basis. All they see is the cocky, loudmouth J Mont who spends money like there is no tomorrow, driving different cars every week, living in one of the baddest condos in all of New York. Even Derek Jeter calls me every week trying to buy it. But no one sees the amount of pressure that I’m dealing with.

[A quick sigh]

J Mont: People may not believe this, but I do have emotions. I do break down at times. I do go through small periods of depression. And it’s nothing to laugh about. But I’ve been strong enough to overcome it every time but this time, it’s been the hardest. I have never experienced a fall like this. I fell off my bike as a kid, got back up and rode all the way to the next block. I was at the 6th grade dance at the roller rink and spilled out in front of everyone. I got right back up and grabbed the hottest girl’s hand and skated around. I was rounding 2nd base in a baseball game only to trip and fall. But I got back up and made it to 3rd base before they could get me out. I remember when the hottest girl in high school broke up with me and I sat in my room all week faking a sickness til I finally had the balls and courage to go back to school and ask out her best friend who said yes. I guess this is something I can get up from too. Or maybe not.

[J Mont sees all the people walking by him and just observes. He sees everyone walking to a fast pace like they have somewhere to be and need to be there fast. While he just sits on the bench sulking about all the issues he has. But one thing is for certain, I am sure all these people have as many issues as well as J Mont. I’m sure they are thinking about how they are going to make their current light bill or car payment or even their cell phone bill. You probably have some guys wondering if their baby mama will let them slide on child support this month because they spent that check at the Velvet Rabbit instead of their kids. Everyone has problems and issues but this is truly the first time that J Mont has been in a situation like he’s in and depression has surely kicked in.]

[J Mont sitting on the bench looking like a defeated man. The cockines is gone. The loud mouth is gone. Just that aura of him being the MAN looks to be gone too.]

J Mont: Truth be told. I did this to myself. I can truly admit I played the game I know very well but didn’t tie up the loose ends and I let it get to me. Just when I thought I had Dane and Allison where I wanted them with the whole world believing everything I was doing and saying.


J Mont: It all fell apart. Day by Day it just kept getting worse and worse. Like it was a bad dream that just wouldn’t stop. I would go to sleep and think when I woke up, it would be over. It was still there. I would go to the Hearst Tower to chill out, it was there. I would go on the radio, it was there. I could not get rid of the fact, I was going through a DOWNWARD SPIRAL and fast. First FIGHT NYC makes me apologize to Allison and give her back the ARP title I made. Then the Maury show called and spoiled the plan I had in place when they showed proof I paid off the intern. Then with everything going on, my mind is distracted and I make a bad move in the match with Toddy and lose the Manhattan title and suite. Only to be followed by the NUT shot heard around the world courtesy of Allison Riggs which cost us to lose the Islands tag titles and suite. And then to really make matters worse, Sahara finds her way to Mia’s apartment and messes her up to the point we need emergency surgery. Sitting in that hospital chair made me realize one thing though. While I had many priorities in my life going on with the first one being to keep the money flowing but at the end of the day, if you don’t have someone to love and enjoy it with, what does it truly mean? Holding Mia’s hand while she was bandaged up after surgery, worrying I was going to leave her when I told her I was going nowhere. When we both said I love you in that room and held hands, that’s when I knew she will always be my FIRST and LAST PRIORITY no matter what i got going on.

[J Mont finally decides to get up off the bench after some reminders and moments of how bad things got. He sees the hot dog vendor across the street. His stomach growls, so I guess that spinach egg white wrap wasn’t enough before. He walks over to the intersection and presses the yellow button. Staring across the street waiting for the white walk light to show up. After a few seconds, it pops up and he walks across the street. He then approaches the hot dog vendor guy.]

Hot Dog Guy: Hey bud, what can I get ya?

J Mont: 2 dogs, with mustard and Kraut.

Hot Dog Guy: Anything else?

J Mont: Dr. Pepper too.

[Just as he said that, the hot dog guy’s face lit up.]

Hot Dog Guy: J Mont…. My man….its Vitaly….friend of the family.

J Mont: What’s up V?

Vitaly: Why didn’t you tell me it was you hiding under that hood?

J Mont: Just trying to be a regular guy today.

Vitaly: There is nothing regular about J Mont. You are the FUCKIN MAN of New York City.

[Vitaly starts to get loud like most Italians do when they are around family.]

Vitaly: Everyone…. It’s the KING of New York…..it’s J MONTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

[Everyone starts to pile over like there is a free giveaway going on. J Mont for the first time around people doesn’t seem too thrilled. He shakes a few hands, people are trying to get pics but he is kinda shying away from it.]

J Mont: Hey V, just give me the dogs and drink and I’ll take care of this.

[Vitaly hands J Mont his 2 dogs and drinks. J Mont hands him over 500 bucks.]

J Mont: Feed everyone. I gotta go man.

[J Mont starts to push through the crowd. This is not like him. He loves the attention, the cameras, the noise, the spotlight, but this depression is really sitting in. After about a mile and a half walk, he approaches a small park. In the process of that walk, he killed the 2 hot dogs and drink. Now a little tired and full, he makes his way towards the big swing in the park. He takes a seat on it with both hands holding the hanging chain on each side.]

J Mont: King Of New York my ass. I’m the fuckin god damn queens Champion. The lowest of the low. A belt for a loser and a small 1 bedroom at the Hearst Tower if i want to stay there but after Asher Jules shit and farted in there, i think i will pass. Probably safer to sleep on a park bench here than that room.

[J Mont chuckles to himself a little.]

J Mont: All this going on and to top it off, Murphy got the better of me last week and that’s why I’m a Queen now, not the King. Can I sink any lower? Will I find the Titanic or treasure when I hit the bottom of the sea? Who knows but I’m just about there. I’m sinking in quicksand and all that you see is my hand sticking out. And if I lose to Anne Boleyn this week, I might as well not fight it and let it take me and end it.

[This sudden depression is really affecting J Mont. He has never questioned himself like this before. He never thinks about losing or anything along that line. But he is walking a thin line right now. One that has never been reached before. ROCK BOTTOM……the downward spiral as they all say is in effect.]

J Mont: Is it really this bad? Are things as bad as they seem?

[Thinking a little more about what he just said.]

J Mont: They truly are. I’m opening the show, which I have never done in my whole career. Even as a rookie, green pea, new guy, I never once opened a show before. Now they have me doing that and deendding a fuckin QUEENS title. WOW things really are this bad. And speaking of this match. Who in the hell is this Anne Boleyn woman? I think X and the Fight authority are trying to fuck with me at this point. But what can I do? I did this to myself and now I need to find a way to get out of this or I’m doomed. I know Dane and Allison are laughing. Sahara is walking around like she is the shit and got away with murder. I mean what else can I do? I even went to jail last week on live TV. Maybe I should just not even show up. It has been done here before. Maybe I should go call Lisa Marie Ashton, the Queen Mafia Bitch and let her fight this one.

[J Mont shakes his head and realizes that’s a bad idea.]

J Mont: Ok, I’m not that crazy. But Anne, hopefully you have done a little research on me and my past. You will see the accomplishments I have, the records, titles, and honors. And if not, you’re seeing me at my worst which could be good or bad for you. Could be good for you if I can’t shake this funk. Bad for you if I get my head out of my ass and get TWIZTED. But will that happen? I don’t even have the answer for that but one thing i can say is that your name makes me think of the Queen of England. And the one thing that sticks out to her for me is the extra finger on her left hand. So right off the bat, you are up 11 fingers to 10. But on a serious note, this Saturday night, I need to get my mind right if i can. If not, it may be just time to take my ball and go home. Call it a day. Call it a career. Tell myself it’s Game Over.

[J Mont starts to swing himself back and forth on the swing. With each swing, he starts to get high and higher. At this point, he can’t go any higher based on his weight and chains. Then…….]


[Flying in the air, J Mont with no look of fear on his face lands on his feet as the swing starts to flop around with the chains going back and forth.]

J Mont: Sometimes, you need to blow off some steam and let it out. Sometimes you just need the alone time to capture your thoughts and think about things in your life. I really don’t want to think about mine because it SUCKS right now. But I have priorities. I can’t let my brother P down who believes in me. I can’t let Mia down who has been by my side through this rock bottom experience. I would say I can’t let Ricky down, but he is so far up Sahara’s ass i dont know if I can trust him anymore. And then we have Austin actually talking with Dane. That’s a no no to me. And the bossy bitch herself Michelle. ” I wanna be the captain.” “This is how we are going to do things, My Way.” Between my own depression struggles and the friction in Dynasty, I think I’m gonna check myself into rehab and see if it helps my mind and spirit. Because right now, the person I am is not good for FIGHT, New York City, Dynasty or Mia. And it sucks because I truly found the love of my life finally and she is seeing me at my worst. But i’m trying to stay up beat because she is my priority. My everything. My future. But come Saturday, i never thought i would say i wanna lose a championship but there is always a first, like me and Dane working together and winning, or Dane and Allison getting an upper hand on me or ME saying i wanna lose a title belt. This Queen belt needs to go and get out of my life. It will look great on Queen Anne. And if not, it may be time to walk away for good.

[J Mont pulls out his cellphone and makes a call.]

J Mont: Hey Vhodka, what’s up?

Vhodka Black: What’s up J.

J Mont: Remember what we talked about the other night on the phone?

Vhodka Black: Yes, and I think it’s an amazing idea.

J Mont: Please make sure you handle that part and I will handle the rest.

Vhodka Black: I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

J Mont: If this doesn’t get my head right, nothing will.

Vhodka Black: Tell Mia I said hi, and see you Saturday.

J Mont: Thanks again for everything.

[Both phones hang up and J Mont in the park still is ready to head back to his queen and top priority in his life.]

J Mont: People may think that my wrestling career is a top priority or all the money I’m making from all avenues is my top priority. But it’s not. Not even ruining Sahara’s life is my top priority. Mia is my everything and I need to get back to her now before she truly worries because this state of mind i’m in is very dangerous. Anything can happen, good or bad. Best place for me right now is home with Mia and then figure out the rest as I go.

[J Mont knows what time it is. Time to get home and figure this shit out.]

“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.”