[JMONT] Lost a BELT, but not the Manhattan One! [JMONT/DYNASTY]

By: Joe Montuori

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 9th Sep 2021

“Forget the Mistake. Remember the Lesson.”

“The Greatest Mistake you can make in life is continually fearing that you will make one.”

[The Hearst Tower, home of FIGHT NYC. A second home for J Mont you can say. He already has his condo downtown that is like living in a resort so he uses the Suite here as a getaway from everyone. Pulling up in his brand new 2022 Lamborghini Countach, and yes a great way to spend 2.5 million.]

[Just look at that beauty. V12 engine that generates 803 horsepower. Dane Preston can choke on this exhaust that piece of shit. Also the special red interior with the Lamborghini logos custom stitched into the seats. Many more features and benefits here but lets keep this moving, like Allison is with Dane.]

[J Mont pulls up to the valet and he sees his boy Jamal there waiting with a big smile on his face. J Mont put the vehicle in park and the driver’s door opened all the way up. He steps out looking so fresh and so clean. He walks over to Jamal and dabs him up.]

J Mont: My man, how have things been?

Jamal: You know, working a little overtime to handle a few things.

J Mont: You got my number. Text me what’s going on and let’s see if we can get you straight and back on track. I got you.

Jamal: Thanks J. You should be the man of the year for 2021.

J Mont: Hmmm that’s not a bad idea. I will call my publicist and start that up.

[J Mont walks over to the front of the car before he leaves because if you know anything about this car, the engine is in the back and trunk is in the front. He grabs a small Gucci duffle bag and makes his way towards the automatic glass doors. As he gets closer, the doors open. And he enters, but before the doors close, he hears a sound.]


J Mont: That Jamal is a good kid.

[J Mont chuckles and is now inside the Hearst Tower. He has not stayed here in a while since giving up the Island Suites to Allison but he still has the Manhattan suite. But all the happiness and smiles just went out the window. There she is. The wicked receptionist that never does anything J Mont asks or says.]

Receptionist: Well if it isn’t “THE GOD” himself gracing us with his presence.

J Mont: I’m going to find a replacement for your fat ass.

Receptionist: I see you like fat asses. Does that mean I have a chance with you?

J Mont: I wouldn’t even touch you with Dane’s dick, well I may just to get him a disease.

Receptionist: I’m 100 percent clean you asshole.

J Mont: I will make sure X knows you cursed at me.

Receptionist: Leandra stated and i have the email and text that if J Mont specifically or any other FIGHT members give me a hard time, i can curse back or take actions.

J Mont: Oh go fuck yourself you fat ungrateful wanna eat 7 Little Caesars pizza’s for lunch bitch.

[The receptionist has just about had enough. J Mont sees the red in her face and that’s not make up. She stands up and looks at J Mont.]

Receptionist: I dare you to say something. One more thing. I double dare you.

[J Mont is a man that never backs down from bets or challenges, or will he this time. He looks around, no one else in sight.]

J Mont: If a cookie falls onto the floor and you pick it up. That is considered 1 squat? Correct?

[In that moment, you can see the receptionist reaching down at her desk and in the heat of battle, she roars back and launches a stapler at J Mont who ducks down avoiding it. And then here comes the Tape, a box of Pens, Staples. He is dodging everything thrown his way. He must have been the dodgeball champ at his high school. Finally after a few more moments of this, she is over there breathing heavy and probably out of things to throw.]

J Mont: You missed me. And to leave you on this note. Why weigh yourself when you could set yourself on fire, then roll in broken glass and feel the same way.

[That was his cue as he sped walk towards the elevator to get to his suite. He presses the up arrow which he was lucky because the door opened right up for him. He can see that she isn’t coming, probably because she is still out of breath or realized she can’t win. Either way, the door closes and once again, J Mont is looking up because he knows what’s coming.]

“Behind These Hazel Eyes” By Kelly Clarkson

[J Mont just falls down to the corner of the elevator with his Gucci bag, with his head down like it’s all over with.]

J Mont: Who the fuck picks these songs? It kills the whole vibe and mood.

[Before he could finish his thought, he was home. The sound of DING was heard and the doors opened. He doesn’t have to go far. He makes a right hand turn and there it is.]

The Manhattan Championship Suite

[He reaches into his pocket and takes out the card and swipes it. The door unlocks and walks in. Nothing has changed since the last time he’s been there. He places the bag on top of the kitchen counter. Takes a seat on the stool and pulls out his IPhone 12. Scrolling through the contacts, he finally stops on the name.]

Allison Riggs

[He has changed the name in his phone to that and also there is no picture of her in a bikini anymore or the favorites list. He presses the CALL button and waits for it to ring.]



[For the first time since they have met, she has answered the phone in under 4 rings, this time 1.5 rings.]

ARP: You rang, Joe?

J Mont: Just wanted to make sure you were down the hall at the Island’s Suite so I can bring you something.

ARP:  Yeah, I’m here. Thinking about going to the Velvet Rabbit tonight to talk to Aunt Voo. I need someone to talk to and she’s going to give it to me straight and below the belt.

J Mont: Well, after we talk, you may need her and I may need to find a new club to go to.

[That was a quick to the point phone call between Allie and J Mont. You can tell things are really all over the map with them right now. J Mont has his new boo in MIA, and Allison is in the works of fixing her marriage if she can and being there for her kids while she battles for FIGHT. But anyway, J Mont slips the phone into his pocket and walks over to the fridge but before he opens the door, he sees an envelope held up by a magnet that reads J MONT PLEASE OPEN.]

[J Mont grabs the envelope off the fridge as the magnet falls to the floor. He looks around because someone has been in his place. He decides to open the envelope and when he does, the first thing he notices is the FIGHT NYC letterhead. This could be a few things. Is he getting suspended? Is he getting fired? Is he getting fined? Is he kicked out of the Hearst Tower? Are there charges being pressed against him? Or maybe is the meeting with X about his contract extension to be the highest paid wrestler in the business. Anyway, J Mont looks down and starts to read.]

Dear J Mont,

We are very happy with everything you have done for us here at FIGHT NYC thus far and appreciate all the advertising and words you promote for this company. But we need a favor from you. This favor is something you really do not want to do. We need you to have a sit down with Allison Riggs Preston and be honest about what you did and why you did it. Thank you in advance


[J Mont pauses for a moment and sits back on the bar stool. Staring at the letter like something is going to change. Does he really shock the world and Allison? Does he leak the TRUTH out that he has been preaching for months? Or does he ignore what FIGHT wants him to do and just be an asshole? He reaches for his phone again and this time, you see a picture of Mia in a sexy outfit and it says Wifey. He hits the call button. And the phone starts to ring.]


[Right away, Mia picks up the phone.]

Mia: Hey, Babe. How are you? [You can hear the smile in her voice.] I was just thinking about you.

J Mont: Babe, I need your advice. I got a letter from management and they want me to clear the air with Allison. They left an envelope on my fridge so this must be a serious matter. I don’t know what to do right now. I don’t want you to be mad that I’m alone talking with her but I’m all yours.. You’re my boo.

Mia: Aw, babe, I’m not worried about her. I know she’s old news. You do whatever it is you need to do to help Allison fix what happened. I really wished we had met sooner, maybe if we had. Things wouldn’t have happened the way they did. I hope she and her husband can work past this.

J Mont: This is why we are going to succeed and be together forever. Our communication is amazing and I love it. Thank you baby.

Mia: You’re welcome, hun. Now, go do what you have to do.

J Mont: I will see you later on tonight. I need to handle this now and get it over with so I can kinda move on with this whole thing.

Mia: That’s right, get it over with, so everyone can move on.

[The phone hangs up and J Mont knows what he has to do now. THE TRUTH that he has been stating all along is about to come out. Allison is going to get an earful but it has to be said. J Mont knows FIGHT NYC has his back and this will show them that he is a changed man and the FACE of the company. But this will not be an easy task. There are still feelings there for Allison. Those just don’t go away. But you can tell that he and Mia are really close, and there is something special there. Before he puts his phone in his pocket, he double checks to make sure his fantasy team is all set.]

J Mont: Tough call here. Go with the gun slinger Jameis Winston, or take a gamble with my Jets and Zack Wilson? You know where my heart is with this.

[J Mont inserts Wilson into his starting line up and hits Save.]

J Mont: Heart……i don’t want to break Allison’s heart but this might do it. But I also don’t want to hurt Mia’s either. She is special and the way we are together is just so rare in the world today. I brought this on myself, and I will have to find a way to get out of this myself. I care about Allison’s and Mia’s feelings. Dane can go straight to hell because at the end of the day, he is still not right for Allison.

[He slips the phone into pocket once again. He then looks at the letter one more time, like is this really happening. Is today the day it all goes down?]

J Mont: Time to put on my big boy pants and do this.

[This conversation could go one of two ways. It could be the closing of this chapter and we all move on or it could be the FOURTH OF JULY and shit hits the fan and the war is even worse than before. J Mont knows he has to face his demons now. He grabs his Gucci duffle bag and makes his way to the door. He quickly slings it open and walks down the hallway towards the Islands Suite. Within a few moments, he is at the door. He used to have a key, now he has to act like a stranger and knock.]




[Finally, on the other side, you can hear the sound of the door being unlocked. It slowly opens and there she is. Allison Riggs Preston and you can tell she has had a better day too. She invites J Mont in and he enters. The door closes behind him but this time not for pleasure but for business and other reasons. J Mont looks at Allie as he takes a seat on the couch.]

J Mont: How are you doing today Allison?

ARP: I guess I am doing as well as I can be, you know, all things considered.

J Mont: I guess we might as well get to the point since I’m pretty sure you want to either punch me in the face or kick me in my big balls.

ARP: Or both.

J Mont: Well hit me with any question you have first. Don’t hold back. Ask away. Anything.

ARP: What did I ever do to you? Why did you do this?

J Mont: Honestly Allison. There are so many reasons this happened but deep down I knew they were all wrong. But my old school way of thinking got the best of me. Talking with old pals and colleagues just got into my head. You haven’t done anything to me but one thing. You never gave me a chance to really get to know me. You let everyone brainwash you that I was this terrible guy. This asshole. This Meatbol as your Dickless husband would say. So I said I will show her. I wined and dined. Did everything your husband hasn’t been doing to you. Made him look like the piece of shit he is and you the queen of the world. And while this was all going on, made sure Damon HAVOK Riggs saw it all. He thinks he got the last laugh or last word. Not until I’m not breathing anymore, he will never get rid of me. And Dane Preston will never forget the name J MONT. They all thought I was washed up and out of the game. But I AM THE GAME. No one plays it better than me. They can all try and go past GO and collect 200 bucks but that’s about as far as they will get. I will always get the Checkmate first or to the finish line first.

[Allison is about to cock back and punch J Mont. But she collects her thoughts as she raises her voice at J Mont.]

ARP: My fuckin’ kids, man. You bought my kids into it.

J Mont: Yeah I didn’t think that part through til it happened. You have some great kids and truthfully I’M SORRY about that. I never met to bring them into the equation like that. But if it makes you feel any better, when we went to Mama T’s and spent a family day together, I had a lot of fun and was happy to see they had a great time too. But you have to know I would never PUT your kids in any harm or jeopardy. I knew I got them involved but they were always protected. You have to believe me on that front and if not, then I will just have to accept that as well. I’m trying to tell you Allison, I know I fucked up and didn’t do right by you. But this business sometimes gets the best of you. The world outside gets the best of us. Everyone here in New York City sees me as the KING, as the GOD, as the MAN, as the SAVIOR, as the LEADER, as the MAFIA lord. There is a lot of pressure on me, so I did what I had to do to get the upper hand and make my move. So once again I’m sorry your kids were brought into this situation.

[Allison, looking at J Mont really doesn’t know if he is being sincere or just putting on an act again. He is as good as Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail, so she is being very precautious about all of this.]

ARP: So, all this was to stick it to my dad and my husband. You used me. You used me to play your little games and make yourself famous. [She sat there for a moment and shook her head; a look of hurt flashing across her face, that was soon masked by one of disappointment.] Sad thing is, I am not surprised.

J Mont: Used is such a harsh word Allie. As the days went on and even months, I was liking you more and more but then you started to REALLY push me away with telling me you loved your husband, needed to work things out, that i will find someone who will love me for me and so on. So after hearing that for a few weeks, I knew the time was coming where this would happen. The explosion between all of us. Yes i wanted to piss off old man bingo Riggs and your stupid waste of a husband Dane. But they made me play this game. A game that is still far from over. I am sorry it had to be like this but sometimes in life, you have to make decisions and go with the flow. I made a decision on that day, having SSS in the arena to make everyone think he was coming back. I knew what I was doing. He was part of the plan and it just unfolded perfectly. But look at the bright side of all of this. You have been a tag champ for a while now, we even made the top list of best couples at the time and you are back at the top of being famous. So I may have fucked up and did what I did, but I also helped you too. And you don’t have to worry about me anymore trying to get with you. I have Mia now, who is there for me. But once again, I am sorry about how things went down. Go ahead, ask another.

ARP: Not exactly sure that I have any more questions to ask. You’ve pretty much explained that I was a pawn in your game. Sure, having the gold was nice. But it was a helluva cost to me personally. Guess I still proved my point. I can work with anyone. [She sighed and shook her head again.] Yeah, go me. [She looks at JMont.] But hey, everything’s looking roses in your life now.

J Mont: I guess I should tell you a little more then too. I know you don’t care anymore about this and my game has been blown up a little but I feel it’s only right since i do care about you whether you believe it or not that i give you this.

[J Mont reaches into his Gucci duffle bag and pulls out a pregnancy test. Allie is looking at him like what the fuck is that.]

J Mont: This is a fake pregnancy test. I was gonna use this a month after you fucked me and let the world know you were pregnant and of course it could only be mine since I was the only one you were with. But, still having a heart and caring about you, I felt it’s only right to give you this.

[J Mont hands Allie the fake pregnancy test. Allie looked at the test in her hand.]

ARP: Jesus fuckin’ Christ, Joe. Really? This is the shit that my mother and you were talking about wasn’t it? For fucks sake, Joe… for someone who “cares” about me, you sure have a piss poor way of showing it. Oh, that’s right… wasn’t about me. It was all about you and making a name for yourself and sticking it to my dad and husband. And you used my name to do it.

J Mont: Yes this was part of the plan too and not all mine. Stellar was a part of that idea and I went along with it. I’m sorry again that it hurt you but I didn’t want to hide it any longer. I’m here letting the flood gates open and telling you all you want or need to know. It’s only right for you. I don’t care about your asshole husband and his feelings. He’s too busy fucking Sahara and worrying about his cars then you. And where is the asshole by the way? I for sure thought he would be here for this. I know he doesn’t trust me and you alone.

ARP: I don’t know where he’s at. I am not one of those women who keeps tabs on their husband. That is… if he’s still my husband. We’re talking. But could be your damage has already been done.

J Mont: If he loves you, he will figure a way to make it work. All I did was truly show you he wasn’t showing you the attention and love you deserved. I never seen you guys go on yachts, dinner dates, movies, get sent flowers and gifts. NOTHING…. All he talks about is fighting and his stupid matchbox cars he has. Maybe this is a wake up call for you that you need to move on and get someone who is going to treat you better and like a Queen. You told me a thousand times to do that and I did. I found Mia. Maybe you can find yours next. I know a lot of good guys here in New York City.

ARP: No, I am good thanks. Last thing I need is for you to try hooking me up with someone. Don’t worry about me and my life, you’ve already done enough of that. Glad you have Mia, wished you had found her sooner. Hope you have a wonderful life with her.

J Mont:  And for the record, Mia has said nothing but nice things about you and even told me the same thing. Wish that I met her sooner so you didn’t get dragged down like this or into the fire. Once again Allison, I’m SORRY…..just know that.

ARP: You sound like it. I just don’t know if I am ready to forgive and forget and pretend that everything is all rainbows and kittens. If you hadn’t met Mia, how far would you have been willing to go?

J Mont: Truthfully, I would have gone on with the fake pregnancy test to really ruffle some feathers. And at that point, I would have truly seen if you wanted to work things out with me or still fight for Dane or leave us both alone. But I guess we will never know what would have happened now. But i would have taken it as far as i could and as i sit back and look at it now, i really hurt you with these decisions and i know you didnt wanna hear any of this but i feel you deserved to here some of this as somewhat of a closure even though the wounds won’t heal for a while. Is there anything else that’s on your mind? Cause i’m not holding back at this point.

ARP: No, no more questions from me. You pretty much told me all I needed to know.

J Mont: Well, we do still need to co exist with these Tag Titles we have here in this cluster fuck Trio.

ARP: I think I’ve pretty well shown what I am willing to do to keep the gold. When everyone was on their thing about “they wouldn’t have agreed to this” I stuck to it. I just need to know that you can still hold up your side of things, because there will be times when you have to defend them with Dane. I need to know that you’re going to be able to put the bullshit aside and work with him, to make sure the three of us keep them.

J Mont: FUCKKKKKK….work with Dane still? Why can’t I just tag with you and he stays home and collects the money and glory of being a tag champ? There were so many times during Toxic Tag i wanted to knock his lights out but i didn’t wanna cost myself the money or chance to be the winner and bragging rights. I promise you I will do my best but I really hate him with a passion and when the time comes for ME AND HIM… I may have the decision made for you already after I rearrange his face and separate his head from his body. But once again I’m sorry for everything.

ARP: Because I don’t make the rules and I am not the one who picks who defends when. And apparently you don’t either, since FIGHT decided this was how it was going to go. [She looked at him and smiled, but it wasn’t a real friendly smile.] If you’re sorry, prove it each and every time you step into the ring to defend the belts. That’s all I ask.

J Mont: I will apologise in advance if I knock Dane out during a match. I really can’t stand the guy but I won’t say no more. But I will leave you with one more thing Allie. Are you ready?

ARP: What could you possibly give me that you already haven’t? Hell, what could I possibly want from you?

J Mont: I know you are gonna appreciate this, well i think you will.

[J Mont reaches once again into his Gucci Duffle Bag and pulls out the ARP Championship Belt he had custom made for after his night with Allie. He hands her the title.]

J Mont: I don’t deserve this anymore and it’s only fitting you get it. What you do with it, is your decision. You can keep it, wear it, burn it, sell it.. It’s yours. But that was a great night, you have to admit that.

ARP: It was a great night. Mia’s going to be very happy. I hope you’re able to keep up with her as well as you did with me. [She smiles and looks down at the belt.] I can’t believe you made a fuckin belt. You’re nuts.

J Mont: Hey, being with Allison Riggs is something not many men can say then have done. Sorry Johnny Stylez, but you lost to me again. But that belt was special to me because of what we did but it’s not who i am trying to be now with Mia. She deserves all I can give her. Hopefully this apology is somewhat accepted and doesn’t have to be right now but i wanted to clear the air with all of this or at least with what you wanted to know.

ARP: Thanks, Joe. I appreciate it. I also want you to know, that I still expect you in the gym training with me so that way we can still defend these titles, I know you won’t with Dane, and that’s cool, but I’m not going to lose these titles because you’re slacking off training because you’re out partying all night long.

J Mont: I can’t help being a VIP at the Rabbitt and VooDoo likes taking my money. But it’s what I do now. I’m a good guy. I enjoy taking out my boo MIA, Ricky, P Mont, Alexis, Todrick, Austin, Denzel and so on. I like to give back to the people who have been there for me and so on. So i will be partying like a rock star but you know i’m EGOTISTICAL and don’t wanna lose any gold i have. I just lost the ARP belt, not about to lose the Island Titles or the Manhattan. Be safe, have fun and tell Dane I can fix a car better than him anytime.

ARP: Same to you, Joe. Hope you and Mia are happy. Hope no asshole comes walking into your life and tries some stupid shit. [She smiles a big smile.] And there is no way you can fix a car better than my husband and he’s built me one to prove it.

J Mont: No one will get to Mia. I promise you that. And if they do or try, rest in peace. Wrong game to play or try. And as far as the car thing goes….maybe one day i will show you what i can do with the wrenches.

[Allie shrugs her shoulders as J mont makes his way to the door now with an empty Gucci Duffle Bag. He looks at her one more time and nods his head as he opens the door. Quickly after he exits, the door closes and you can hear it lock.]

J Mont: Wow, that was very intense and interesting.

[J Mont makes his way back towards the Manhattan Suite. After doing a courageous thing like he just did, it’s time to sit back and relax. Opening the door again with the card key, he enters. Dropping the duffel bag onto the barstool. He walks over to the fridge and grabs a bottle of Kona Deep- the best Hawaiian spring water. He makes his way towards the Artica Leather sofa set with adjustable headrests. This is a beautiful set J Mont bought for the Manhattan suite since he figures he will be here for a while. It consists of a sofa, love seat, coffee table, and a TV stand. It also includes large side storage openings and is illuminated by a LED light. J Mont lays back on the sofa, staring at the ceiling which at night time is decorated by stars and lights built into it.]

J Mont: What a week. So much has gone on I don’t even know where to begin. Made things official with Mia which shocked a lot of people. Have to deal with Sahara running her mouth about dating a stripper with a BIG ASS… she’s just jealous she never got a piece of the J Mont and has a flat ass like a pancake. Then Dane is still running his mouth that he’s going to kill me.. Boo Hoo I’m so scared…..and then VooDoo fires my girl cause i’m a so-called customer that is against protocol…. She is lucky that everyone likes going there or I would take my business elsewhere.

[J Mont moves around a little ro get more comfortable.]

J Mont:  And speaking of partying. After this Saturday night when I defend my Manhattan title against Todrick and get my hand raised. Party at the rabbit and Todrick, don’t hold it against me for beating you. You’re still a friend and I expect you to come out after and party. No Hard Feelings. I’m just not ready to part with the Manhattan title yet. You’re a good guy, a good friend, and someone who enjoys going out with all of us. We kind of built a PARTY TEAM of myself, Mia, P Mont, Alexis, Yourself, Austin, Ricky, Denzel and a few others. I don’t want that to be ruined just because of this big Main Event Match. I will shake your hand before the match and after I get the 123, I will help you up and we will party.

[J Mont leans up and swags another drink out of the water bottle. Now sitting up, he realizes a lot is on his plate this week.]

J Mont: Where do I begin and where does it end? That’s the million dollar question. It all began when I decided to spend that night with Mia which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. She’s an amazing woman who has made my outlook on something different. She listens to me, gives me great advice, is very affectionate with me and wants to see the best for me. What more can you ask for? Oh yeah, that killer body she has. Now I see why Sahara is all pissed and jealous. All she ever gets is sloppy seconds. Dane Preston after Allie. Ricky after Ani. Who is next? Poptart? That would be a major boost to Sahara if she could get the Tart. But anyway, back to more important business. Now that I kinda buried the hatchet with Allison, and showed FIGHT NYC i’m ready to be the leader of the show, the STAR, the FACE of this franchise. I did so by being honest with her on a lot of stuff and giving her back some items that hurt her or could have hurt her even more. That’s some brownie points with her and the company right there. But I need to redirect my FOCUS a little away from Allison and Dane a little more on what’s going down this Saturday night. Yes the Velvet Rabbit is going down but that’s after the big main Event Match with Mr Todrick Ramsey.

[J Mont gets up from the custom sofa and makes his way back to the island countertop. He puts both elbows down, cracking his knuckles like he is getting ready to battle.]

J Mont: It’s going to be a war. But I have been to plenty of them. I actually love it when it’s a true battle like this. Todrick earned his way to a title shot. He showed he can be a true force here in FIGHT NYC. That’s why I’ve been hanging out with him and Ricky and Denzel’s Son. This new young generation talent right here is going to carry FIGHT for the years to come but that time is not right now. I am not ready to step off this pedestal as the GUY. As the MAN. As the Manhattan CHAMP. I’m sorry Todrick, but your timing is terrible for a chance for this.

Good timing is invisible. Bad timing sticks out a mile.

J Mont: And this Saturday night, I will fight miles and miles on end until I get that 123. I know it won’t be easy and the man standing opposite to me has a lot to prove to himself and FIGHT. But like I said, this is something I’m ready for and done a million times. Title Defenses? Been there, done that. Main Events? Lost track. And Todrick, don’t think I’m looking past you by any means. I just know I’m going to get the job done and move on to my next battle which is hopefully the final nail in Dane Preston’s coffin. But before I can make it to that battle, I need to get this one with you over with. And every day, I live by 8 sayings that I try to honor.

Believe In Yourself

Stay Strong

Never Give Up

Be Grateful

Work Hard

Stay Humble

Be Kind

Keep Smiling

J Mont: So Todrick, you need to ask yourself those same words and sayings I ask myself everyday. Do you believe in yourself? Are you strong enough to beat me? Are you going to not give up? Are you going to be grateful? Are you going to work hard? Will you stay humble? Will you be kind? And will you smile? Let me do you a favor and answer these for you. Yes, I know you believe in yourself but you may be putting yourself ahead of the game if you think you can beat me. And we all know that I am stronger than you, so that wont work. And I know you wont give up without a fight, but you will give up. And I thank you for being a grateful loser this Saturday. Keep working hard, it will pay off in the long run, just not right now. And Stay humble, you’re doing a great job. And keep being kind, cause you truly are a good dude. And Keep smiling because after I beat you Saturday night, the drinks and DOES will be out in full force in the VIP section I have for all of us.

[J Mont lifts his elbows and makes his way over to the other side of the room where there are all the windows with a great view of NYC. He slides open the glass door which leads to the balcony and he steps outside. The weather is great, the view is like a work of art. He leans up against the railing taking it all in.]

J Mont: Who am I kidding? No one will ever know or understand the pressures I feel everyday. This is New York City. This is FIGHT NYC. Everyone looks at me to be the man at all times. To never fail. To never lose. To always be on top. They don’t understand how much work it takes to make everyone happy. Or all the people you have to hurt along the way to succeed. Maybe the pressure is starting to get to me. Maybe I’m about to crack and everyone is going to start to see that. I don’t know. I just feel a lot of weight is on my shoulders and I can’t let everyone down. FIGHT needs me to be the top draw week in and week out and I hope they see I’ve been doing that in and out of the ring. Shit, I even just sat down with Allison and told her my masterplan I carved out. Dynasty needs me. My brother needs me. My family needs me. MIA needs me.

[J Mont takes a deep breathe.]

J Mont: It’s all adding up. And being a double champion to top it off means I have multiple people coming for me to get this GOLD off of me. And to make matters worse, a crazed husband still wants to kill me for ruining his marriage. Oh yeah, can’t forget Sahara who is mad. I took her off my tab at the club and always wants to one up me. I guess it’s time to lace up the boots and finish this WAR I started and brought upon myself. But before that happens, I need to step back and handle the business in front of me. Austin, let me apologize to you as well. Todrick is going to lose Saturday night and I don’t want that to affect the great friendship we built. If it does, I guess I need to chalk it up to being part of the business. But don’t hold it against me. When Todrick loses, he has a chance to become champion. He just didn’t get the job done. You need to look at him and tell him that he needs to work or train harder or whatever it is he needs to do. You’re stepping in the ring with the GOD of this industry. The man with TWIZTED THOUGHTZ and is on a mission to the TOP. Todrick, i leave you with a small piece of advice and fuck you Johnny Stylez, i don’t need a trademark or permission for this.


[J Mont turns around and walks back into the Manhattan suite. Going to the island counter top again, he grabs his cell phone he left there.]

J Mont: This has been a fucked up day. I been High, i been low. I been happy, i been sad. I been smiling, i been depressed. I been chillin, i been stressed. I need a good fuckin laugh right now.

[J Mont dials a number into his phone and it starts to ring. Within a moment, a voice is heard on the other line.]

Voice: Little Caesars pizza, how can we help you.

J Mont: I need 7 Large DEEP DISH ULTIMATE SUPREMES delivered to the Hearst Tower which is FIGHT NYC.

Voice: Great and anything else sir?

J Mont: Oh yeah.. A large diet coke please.

[You can hear the person on the other end chuckle.]

J Mont: Please have it delivered to the receptionist at the front desk. It’s all for her and I will pay for it now with my AMEX.

[J Mont reads out his AMEX number and the transaction goes through. The bill is paid and the pizza is on the way.]

J Mont: That fat bitch will realize I’m not one to mess around with.

20 Minutes Later

[You can see J Mont waiting around the corner with that devilish grin on his face. He knows at any moment that delivery person is coming through the door. And that timing couldn’t be any better. You can’t miss that orange outfit walking towards the glass doors. When They open, you see a man walking towards the receptionist desk with 7 Large Pizzas and a small plastic bag with a drink in it.]

Delivery Guy: These are for the receptionist up front.

Receptionist: I didn’t order this.

Delivery Guy:They are paid for. Have a great day and enjoy all this pizza.

[The receptionist looks so confused and kinda irritated now that she cant see nothing but 7 pizza boxes in front of her.]

Delivery Guy: Oh yeah, here is your DIET COKE TOO.

[She is now really about to blow a gasket as the delivery guy speed walks out of the building and here it comes. J Mont pops around the corner.]

J Mont: HAHAHAHA Enjoy the Pizza you fat bitch and make sure you wash it down with that healthy Diet Coke.

[The Diet Coke is thrown in the direction of J Mont but it misses and splatters all over the floor.]

Clean up: Aisle 1 of the Hearst Tower Please

J Mont: Way to get rid of the only semi healthy thing there FATTY. Tell Leandra, you’re going to be replaced soon and I have someone in mind.

Receptionist: I’m going to get your fired from FIGHT NYC.

J Mont: Good luck with that and you will be stuck seeing me here since I’m still the Islands Champ and will keep my Manhattan title this Saturday Night. Have a great night with your 7 Pizzas and remember, this is my world and im letting you be in it for as long as i want you to be.]

[The receptionist slams her hand down, but wait for it….. Wait for it.. She opens the top box and grabs a slice and bites into it. She thinks no one saw her but J Mont did. But he is already away from her and towards the elevators at this point.]

J Mont: Life’s a test, mistakes are lessons, but the gift of life is knowing that you have made a difference.

[On that note, J Mont enters the elevator and has that smirk on his face that something is going down real soon. The doors close as we fade to the elevator going up and Todrick Ramsey going down.]