By: Joe Montuori

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 18th Mar 2022

I Will Struggle
I Will Fall Down
But I Will Always
Rise Back Up
And I Will Be
Stronger Than

[People may say I gave up during my match with Brandon Moore. They saw when I threw my hands to the side, leaving my face wide open for more destruction. My nose and cheek bursted wide open. Blood was everywhere. Brandon may have got the win on that and finally could say he defeated J Mont, but he will remember on that night, i gave him the middle finger on the way out to let him know that i may be down, but i’m not out. Then I went unconscious right after. With my eyes shut, just like during my match, all these thoughts were running through my head.]

[People don’t understand how hard it is to be in the shoes of J Mont. They think it’s so easy because I have all this money, cars, housing, fame, businesses, stocks and bonds and a great fiancee in Mia. Well, that’s if I still have her. But reality is, the pressures finally caught up to me on that night with Brandon. I truly walked in there with the best positive attitude I could have, but my mind was all over the map. I should have been focused more on North America, but instead, my mind was on South America. You catch the drift. Brandon did what he had to do, and I can’t fault him for it. I ran my mouth, said some harsh things about him personally and he came for me. Well done Brandon.]

[But why don’t you wear my shoes for a day and see how hard it is? You walk into a big title match with your mind twisted. Go figure, twisted bit me in the ass this time. I remember walking out from the back looking around and thinking to myself. Is Mia ok? Why is this woman trying to ruin my life? That little girl isnt my daughter but she is getting dragged into the mess. Mia is pregnant and I haven’t been there since I have been served. My contract with FIGHT is almost up. I have been putting Chris Page through so much shit since I joined CCPE. These shoes were too big for me on this night to wear.]

[Finally, I asked myself while I lay on my back, full of blood. Eyes closed, not doing well. My mind was still working and running. I said, is it worth it to even open my eyes back up after all of this? Or should I just keep them closed and let it all go?]


UCLA Medical Center
200 Medical Plaza Driveway
Los Angeles, CA 90024

[We are not in 90210, and Kelly Taylor’s dad is not operating today. This is where J Mont was brought immediately after Venom 17. He was put on a stretcher, with an ambulance that was on standby in case things like this happen. The ambulance, with sirens roaring, moved as fast as it could through traffic, stop lights and bridges to get J Mont to the UCLA Medical Center. The #1 hospital on the West Coast. During that ride, the medics were making sure he was getting enough oxygen and all the tubes were hooked up correctly and properly. The car ride didn’t seem long because the medics were concerned about the amount of blood loss in the body of J Mont. When they arrived at the medical center, the back door flew open like someone just took a shit and clogged the toilet. One of the medics jumped down and grabbed the stretcher while the other helped guide it down. Now with the wheels in motion, they push through the doors like they are going for the finish line. The call was already placed about his arrival. A DR and Nurse were already awaiting his arrival. They take over, and start to push J Mont down the hallway. They also have a look of concern on their faces as well.]

[Rushed to the Emergency Room, where the gloves are changed, and the DR looks over to the nurse. And just as he does that, you can see J Mont suddenly start to shake a little and start to go a little pale.]

DR: This man is going into a Hypovolemic Shock.

[For anyone that’s not smart enough to watch Doogie Howser MD, let me fill you in. This is where you lose a lot of blood and go below your volume. You go into a major shock. ]

DR: We need to get this gentleman an immediate blood transfusion stat and get him stitched up as well.

[The Dr and the Nurse are immediately getting this all set up. While the Nurse prepares the blood bag, and the tubes, the DR is looking over some of the medical records and sees this man has a clean bill of health except for some cocaine in his system. Thanks a lot Miss Michelle for that. After a few quick minutes, the nurse is all ready and the DR is ready to make this blood transfusion to help J Mont get stable and back to reality maybe. The Doctor pulls up his gloves, and grabs the small needle and inserts it into the vein. The blood is moving from the bag through a rubber tube and into the vein where the needle was inserted. The Transfusion is in progress. It could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours for this to be complete.]

2 Hours Later

[The Doctor and the Nurse are out of the room. J Mont lays there in the bed, with a tube hooked to his arm and face. You can see him breathing through a small tube where there is access to speak when needed. His eyes are still closed and I’m sure all those thoughts from prior are still racing through his head. All alone, no MIA by his side. NO CCPE. NO FOCUS. NO FAMILY. Is he really all alone and on his own for this. Maybe? Maybe Not? But in that instance, you can see J Mont’s eyebrows move. His eyes start to kinda open a little. He sees a shadow in the room.]

J Mont: MIA!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that you baby??? [After that loud remark by J Mont, there are no words said by the figure.] MIA, please be you.

[The figure starts to get closer to J Mont, and he is trying to open his eyes some more, but the pain is killing him. He can tell the figure is really close to him. He can hear the breathing, even a small laughter. He now knows it’s not Mia.]

J Mont: OK, it’s not MIA. Who the fuck is there?

Voice: KARMA!

[J Mont finally grows the strength to fight the pain and his eyes open 80% only to see the 1 person he never thought would be there.]

Dane Preston: You pushed your brother away with your lies and treachery. You pushed your pregnant fiancée away with your lies. The sins of your past have come back to haunt you. I warned you a long time ago that I would be there when your world crumbles around you. This is the universe paying you back for all the people you’ve fucked over. All by your lonesome. You pushed your FoCuS brothers away and overstayed your welcome.

J Mont: Why are you really here? Just to run your mouth and blabber on about things? What I did to my brother was approved by the family to protect him. My fiance walked out because I’m being set up, and trust and believe, once myself and Page find out who did this, consider them buried under a sidewalk in Manhattan. And that is a check I can CASH any time.

Dane Preston: For once in your life, shut the fuck up. Stop acting like you’re in any position to do anything to anyone. I promised you that I would make you suffer for everything you did to me, everything you did to my wife. I’m here for the best seat in the house for the Joe Montuori Hits Rock Bottom tour. And it’s only just kicking off.

J Mont: Only kicking off? Dane, are you writing another check that your ass can’t cash? [J Mont coughs.] Dickie Watson! [J Mont coughs again.] Obviously you haven’t been paying attention because ever since I met Mia, I have been a changed man. But you just can’t let the past be the past. You love to live in the past and not the present or future. I apologized to Allie and moved on. But you can’t. And remember this, I came and saw you a few times in the hospital. Where was your good ol friend Sahara at? Where was Murphy at? Where was Josh Manhunt at? They never came but i did, and with a FUCKIN pizza too, that you were craving.

Dane Preston: Your brother couldn’t beat Dickie. I couldn’t beat Dickie. So fucking what. I mopped the floor with you at every opportunity. You want to bring up people who weren’t there for me when I was in the hospital? [Dane looks around.] I don’t see Paul. I don’t see Michelle. I don’t see Austin or Toddy. Hell, your own fiance is sleeping at Vin and Vhodka’s and practically wants nothing to do with you.

J Mont: [A look of humbleness hits the face of J Mont. It’s like a light bulb just went off in his head. Maybe what Dane is saying is right, but J Mont will never admit that to Dane or will he?] You know what Dane, I’ve been trying to change and thought I was going on the right path. I don’t know what happened. Being here and alone has made me realize things. You are right. No one has come and visited, and I don’t blame them. I’m kinda surprised you showed up to be honest.

Dane Preston: Despite how much I hate you, I’m here because you were one of the few that was there for me when I needed it. Despite all the personal shit, Toxic Tag Wars II was a highlight for me. Hell, for US.

J Mont: [Before Dane can walk out of the room.] You think there will be a Toxic Tag Wars III?

Dane Preston: Your guess is as good as mine.

J Mont: If we keep hating each other, they will pair us up again. And then we can become 2 TIME Toxic Tag War Champs.

Dane Preston: If that happens, and that’s a very strong if, Fight will be hard pressed to find anyone capable of beating us.

[Dane leaves J Mont’s hospital room leaving J Mont to digest what’s been said.]

[Several hours pass as J Mont becomes more lucid. His attention draws towards his open door as a familiar voice is heard in the distance.]

Chris Page: I don’t care if visiting hours are up or not. You can try and stop me.

[Seconds pass before Chris Page enters J Mont’s room closing the door behind him directly in the face of a nurse. The nurse starts knocking on the door to which she is garnered a middle finger by Chris Page through a glass pane. Chris turns around looking at his client.]

Chris Page: Some people can be so rude.

[Sheer sarcasm from Chris as he walks over to a chair next to Joe’s bedside.]

Chris Page: Goddamn son, did you at least get the plate number?

J Mont: Plate number?

Chris Page: From the mac truck that ran over you because you look like shit.

J Mont: Man, I did this to myself. Brandon can take all the credit he wants, but it was all me. I let this happen. I let my thoughts and emotions get the best of me.

Chris Page: I’ve told you that you are your own worst enemy. This is further proof that you need to slow the fuck down. I hate seeing you put yourself through this shit when ultimately we know this isn’t about Brandon Moore, you did this to yourself because your head is fucked up with this Mia situation.

J Mont: What am I supposed to do? The best thing that has happened to me has walked out on me and is carrying our baby. She won’t return my calls. I can’t even get Vhodka to pick the phone up. Then this stupid bitch is trying to get millions out of me. And before you know it, my contract will be up here. You tell me what to do then.

Chris Page: I’ve already told you what to do. Shut it down. How? DNA test. It’s the only thing that will show the world that within this situation you’re the victim, not the suspect. Guys like you and I, the guys that don’t play by the rules, that run to the beat of our own drum never get the benefit of the doubt. So let me ask you, what do YOU think is going to happen if you get this DNA test out of the way and you ARE NOT the father? How can Mia not eat a little crow with the rest of the people that have condemned you without evidence?

[Chris pauses for a moment before he continues on.]

Chris Page: Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes.

J Mont: Before my match, I got an email and text from my attorney David that he sent her the documents and paperwork for the paternity test but she has not responded to anything yet. So, what is the next step now then? Because everyone is loving this. You got Dane, Allie, Sahara, Thad and so on running their mouths like “Your past has caught up to you.” See, I told you he was an ASSHOLE all along.” “He has 2 kids now, the child support is going to add up.” And there is plenty of more quotes out there

Chris Page: I’ll tell you what’s next; she doesn’t respond, we serve her papers ourselves. False accusations are considered slander, trying to get millions out of you is called extortion. We have legal options at our fingertips to clear your name; and most people might say it’s a guilty conscience to actively seek out this kind of resolution; not I, this is the only way that I can see you saving your relationship with Mia. You can’t force her to take your calls, you can’t force a conversation, you shouldn’t be tracking down others to call her on your behalf either; that’s desperate. Last I checked, Joe Montuori is anything but desperate. In regards to people jumping on that bandwagon, they can eat the same crow if this result comes back that you are indeed not the father.

J Mont: Then let’s serve this BITCH. I’m tired Chris. I’m tired of all this bull shit with people. I have been working on myself and trying to get better for my future. That’s why I teamed up with you to work on my image so people see that J Mont is a changed man. That’s why I focused on my career and Mia. I have never spoken or entertained another woman since I met Mia. I have been balls to the wall in the gym keeping myself ready. I have been doing commercials and TV shows showing FIGHT they need to pay me. My merchandise has been selling out every week.

Chris Page: I’ll reach out to David myself and find out what we need to do, or how long someone has to respond to this kind of request. Reality is if she is blowing smoke up everyone’s ass you have the grounds to press charges and make them the example.

[Chris pauses.]

Chris Page: I’m sitting down with Miss F next week to start negotiating your contract. Before I go to the table I need to know what you’re looking for out of Fight?

J Mont: For starters, I have been here since Day 1. I promote this company more than most people here. I have some of the hottest merchandise to sell. Companies wanna hire me daily for commercials which they can use to their advantage as well. Whenever a show is booked with me, it sells out instantly. I give them 110 percent every match I’m in. I have been LOYAL, more than some can say here. They need to show me the love back now. I want an Empire Title shot in my contract. I want to be paid TOP 3 in the fed money wise. And I want to be on the FIGHT Billboard.

Chris Page: Okay, well some of that is just outright petty. Let’s really go through these and determine what is priority. If it’s me, arguably a guaranteed Empire Title shot has to be in the mix, especially since they’ve allowed Centurion to walk into the company and immediately challenge for a Championship with his only other match being a loss to me at Countdown. The precedence to tell them to fuck off with blood money buying shots has already been set; and yes there’s no denying just how loyal you’ve been to the company, which makes getting you extra cheddar a no brainer. Fuck the Fight Billboard, I’ll just put one up directly in front of theirs featuring you. Can’t say it would make me many friends within the brass but let’s not pretend I didn’t fall out of favor a few months ago.

J Mont: Get me the Empire Title shot and the big time Money, and I will sign on the dotted line. And I like your billboard idea. I’m game for that too. Now that we have that figured out as well as serving that BITCH personally about the paternity test, that just leaves Venom 18 for us. I will be medically cleared to go. The transfusion was a success. I can leave tonight if I want too.

[The DR walks in and sees that there is a guest in the room. He doesn’t seem too happy about it either.]

DR: Mr. Montuori, it’s past hours for guests to be here.

J Mont: I paid you guys some good money to get all of this shit done and not to bother me after. This is the great Chris Page, and where I go, he goes. He will be here whether you like it or not.

DR: I have to inform you that I will have to call security to escort your guest out of the room at this time. I’m sorry.

J Mont: You know DOC, I’m feeling better than ever all of a sudden. I think it’s in your best interest to just leave the room and sign my paperwork and release forms.

DR: I will get right on the paperwork so I don’t have to deal with you anymore.

J Mont: You better be nice to me because your job is on the line. I know the owner of this hospital as well as the mayor of Los Angeles. So, as you were saying?

DR: I’m getting right on your release forms sir. You both have a good day.

Chris Page: Prick.

[Chris spouts towards the Doctor who turns towards him like he wants to say something… yep, you guessed it, middle finger from CCP before shoeing him away. The Doc takes his leave as we see Joe reposition himself in the bed. Chris shifts his attention back towards J Mont as he states.]

Chris Page: About this tag match on Venom.

[Chris rolls his eyes]

J Mont: What’s that all about with the eyeroll?

Chris Page: Considering I am supposed to be on a leave and have somehow found myself in a booked match baffles my mind, but whatever, I’m as game as I can be I suppose.

J Mont: I understand brother, but I’m not gonna sit here and lose to a couple who thinks they are the IT COUPLE, the POWER COUPLE. I like Atty and all, and get along with her at the club, but make no mistake about it. [A Pause.] Being in the ring, it’s a whole different ball game. All the laughter and fun, and taking Molly is gone. If I have to hit the bitch, I’m gonna hit her. Well, with her being pregnant, I may need a Plan B. And if that TOOL of a man tries to get in my way, I will knock each AB he has out of him.

Chris Page: I’m still wondering how Fight is going to allow her to compete being preggers and all. I mean, I don’t have a gripe with Atara, but you are correct when you say that outside of those ropes is one thing but when you step inside them it’s a horse of a different color altogether. Atara isn’t on my shitlist, but business is business. I don’t want to be held accountable for the miscarriage that is no doubt going to happen.

J Mont: The best thing for all of this is to keep Atty out of the match so we don’t hear any bullshit. I really don’t want to see nothing happen to her and the baby. I can only imagine if something happened to MIA with her being pregnant. And I swear to GOD, if Sahara even thinks of going near MIA this time around, i will have someone put a bullet in her. But, I can’t get side tracked again. We need to keep the FOCUS on Atty and the wanna be GOAT.

Chris Page: You’re the guy that just brought Sahara into this?

[Chris laughs under his breath.]

Chris Page: I do have my concerns with Atty’s involvement, and like I said the last thing I want to do is be the guy that ends her term. If she steps in the ring all bets are off. I have my own thoughts on Raven. We tore the house down at the Denzel Invitational delivering the match of the weekend; like there was a doubt, personally I think this a quick attempt to capitalize on that moment. Cheap if you ask me, and the biggest misconception is that there’s a beef between James and I when in reality, he’s always been someone I consider a friend.

J Mont: If she gets involved, then it’s on her. I’m going out there with one thing on my mind and that’s to get the WIN. I can’t go into this match with the same outcome as last time. I gotta free my mind and know that everything going on in the outside world will get handled. I know that the baby is not mine. And I know that I love Mia, and will marry her. Knowing that, all I need to do at this point now is let you and the attorney do your part, and I will do mine.

Chris Page: I’ll keep it real with you man. The only reason I’m showing up on Venom is because the opportunity that does rest with what could come from picking up this victory. Atty holds one-half of the Island Championship… a win goes a long way in solidifying a shot at those straps. I know going in that we stand an incredible shot at picking up that victory. I don’t think I’ve seen a less motivated Raven than who stands before us here and now. He was looked at as the strong link to this team. If he’s not on point it’s an easy “w”.

J Mont: To be quite honest with you, I think Raven is a moron. [J Mont chuckles to himself.] I wonder if he even knows that he is facing J Mont, and not P Mont. He has confused us so many times in his promos and comments it’s quite amusing. I wonder if he thinks i’m the one fucking Michelle and Paul is the one who knocked up Mia.

Chris Page: Nobody’s perfect.

[Chris snickers under his breath]

Chris Page: Fact is I’m showing up for you not for Fight. The opportunity is there for some moves to be made, and as I mentioned the Island Championship. Naturally everyone will assume that I would be your partner… but what if I told you that I have something else in mind that I’d like to run by you.

J Mont: You can always run options by me. We always have great ideas when we sit down and map it out. But right now, the Island Titles are in the back of mind til we handle the business of Raven and Atty. And I know Raven may be a friend of yours, but man this guy really needs to pay attention. Because when he walks to the ring, he is going to see TWIZTED THOUGHTZ and not Paul. I hope he’s not expecting to be fighting a guy with hair like Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell. He is stepping in the ring with a 260 pound man on a mission. Im getting my life back in order and i’m going to make sure i take out this GOAT and mount his head in my office.

Chris Page: It’s alright cause I’m saved by the, it’s alright cause I’m saved by the bell!

[Joe doesn’t seem impressed with CCP’s song selection.]

Chris Page: Come on that was a little funny, and you’re right Raven is a friend BUT much like Atara when the bell sounds the last thing I do is phone it in. I didn’t hold back at the Invitational, what makes you think I’ll hold back now?

J Mont: I know you won’t. I’m just making you aware that what Brandon did to me last Venom, I plan on doing the same thing to James Raven. He overlooked me in the past and I know he is doing it again. I want to make him realize that J MONT is a LEGEND in this sport just like he claims to be. I’m not P MONT. I’m J MONT. And after Venom, I will make sure he never mistakes us again. He will leave that match knowing that J MONT is the real deal and will understand that i’m someone not to ever make a mistake again.

Chris Page: It looks like we have some work to do. I’ll be giving David a call, have a flight to catch to Japan for some XWF business on Wednesday. Let’s get you the fuck out of here and home. We can regroup when I get back. Make no mistake though, this is a must win situation; and while those Island Titles might be in the back of your mind just know that if it’s a route we go down I have someone in mind, I don’t know how you’ll take it… Dane Preston.

J Mont: Wait! What? It’s not April 1st, so it can’t be an April Fools Joke. I got so many other people I could team with in mind.

Chris Page: … but I have a plan.

[Chris winks at J Mont.]

Chris Page: We have to crawl before we can walk. Let’s get through Venom and see how it shakes. I’ll get on the contract stuff to get this wrapped up before the end of the season.

J Mont: Let me guess. Your plan B for me to team up with is Sahara? [J Mont amuses himself for a minute.] I think i’m gonna need some stronger pain meds because this plan might just set me off but im gonna do my best to listen to your plan first before i say anything. I’m learning to let you speak first with your thoughts and ideas before I cut you off like I did in the past.

Chris Page: You and Sahara is oil and water, just doesn’t mix. Learned trying to manage that situation is a lost cause. One thing I will say, I will never steer you wrong and will always keep it one hundred if it’s for you or against you.

J Mont: And you know I appreciate that. That’s why I was one of the first to sign on for CCPE when you approached me about it. But before you head out and have shitty phone service in Japan, i want to let you know when i get back to NY, i’m heading to the Rabbit to handle some business. I want to apologize to Voo and hand her a check for the damages I caused. I need to do this and I want your blessing with it.

Chris Page: You don’t need my blessing to be an adult and handle your responsibilities for the damages caused. You should probably give her a call and let her know you’re coming by as well as the intentions you have. Voo’s business at the Rabbit is her business, but you can’t ever expect that Empire Room Pass if you don’t behave yourself.

[Chris checks the rolex on his wrist which catches J Mont’s eyes as the rolex he gave to Page and all of CCPE several months back.]

Chris Page: I gotta get out of here and get on my jet. Call me if you need anything.

[Chris gets out of the chair.]

Chris Page: Try not to kill yourself while I’m in Japan.

[Chris turns his back and heads towards the door leaving J Mont all alone once again in his room. But he knows it’s almost check out time, and cannot wait to get out of this hospital and back to New York to salvage whatever is left of his life there.]

J Mont: So much to do when I get back. This laundry list is longer than the list of guys Sahara has slept with. I need to get with my attorney David and Page to get this paternity shit handled. I need to talk with Vhodka to make sure Mia is ok. Hopefully Page can finalize my new FIGHT contract. I have to go to the Rabbit and apologize to VooDoo for what I did and pay for the damages. And then get ready for Venom. I swear it feels just like yesterday I was fighting on Venom, but I guess when you lose a shit load of blood, you lose sight of the time.

[J Mont slowly starts to remove the tubes from his face and arms, one by one. Trying to do it as neatly as possible so he doesn’t have to deal with the bullshit of the doctors complaining about damage. He has already done enough damage to his own life, he doesn’t need to add anymore. After about 15 minutes of removing all the medical equipment from himself, he is a free man. Well, that is until he signs the release forms. He slowly gets up from the bed, and starts to stretch out his body. You can hear a few body cracks, but there is a small smile on his face. He looks over to the nightstand and sees the bell to ring when you need assistance. He starts to tap that bell like there is no tomorrow. You can hear a stampede from down the hallway coming towards the room. 2 nurses and a Doctor rush in to see J Mont standing up out of bed ready to go.]

Nurse: Sir, what are you doing?

J Mont: Trying to get someone’s attention here so I can sign my release forms and be on my way.

Nurse: Who said you can leave.

J Mont: Me, Myself and I.

Nurse: Let me get the doctor.

J Mont: How about you just get the release form so i can sign it and be on my way. And I’m going to make sure it’s a release form and not some bullshit about a baby.

Nurse: A baby?

J Mont: YES! I can see your trifling ass trying to set me up too. Saying you’re pregnant and that it’s my baby.

Nurse: I would never sleep with you. You’re a man whore. I need a gentleman like Poptart who knows how to be there for a woman.

J Mont: Just go get my fuckin Doctor before i have you fired and your only source of income will be ONLYFANS.

[The Nurse storms off and within seconds, the DR walks in. I guess the Nurse is ready for J Mont to leave the hospital.]

DR: Here are your release forms. I will need you to leave immediately after you sign these. The Nurse you just insulted is furious and wants to call the law.

[J Mont signs the release forms and looks up at the DR after.]

J Mont: Tell her to call Captain Mahoney of the LA Police Department, and mention my name. See how far she gets with this complaint.

[J Mont pats the DR on the shoulder and walks out of the room.]

DR: What an ASSHOLE!

[It’s been a roller coaster of a time for J Mont since Venom. Checking himself out of the hospital on his own power and will, he is on his way. But where is he going? For one, he is getting the fuck out of this hospital and onto his fucked up life. Maybe some Molly pills wouldn’t be a bad idea right now. At least for 6 hours he can be in a happy and fun state of mind til he comes down. But right now is not the time for that. J Mont exits the hospital after all these detours, hallways and elevators. Now standing in the front of the hospital, he realized something. He didn’t drive here. He was rushed here in an ambulance.]

J Mont: I wonder what the FINE would be for stealing an ambulance and leaving it at the airport.

[J Mont really ponders this for a minute. Having flashbacks of playing Grand Theft Auto 5 are in his head right now. He starts to walk towards the ambulance, but then stops dead in his tracks.]

J Mont: I have a baby on the way. I have to start making more rational decisions and this isn’t one. Maybe next time ambulance. You got lucky today. [J Mont lets out a smile.]

[Pulling out his IPhone, and when he does, his face kinda drops. He sees the image of MIA, which is his background image.]

J Mont: This is bullshit. I know she is safe and sound with Vhodka/Vin, but not to even respond to any calls or texts is a little out of hand. I mean, the baby is mine too and I’m trying to be there. It still hurts me to think she believes this woman who came out of right field with these accusations. But, like I said in the past, the TRUTH will set me free. But this time around, I’m telling the TRUTH. This isn’t like any of the games I was playing with Allison. I have never and will never CHEAT on MIA. I cannot wait till this comes to an end and my life is back to normal.

[J Mont finally gets over his Mia rant, and selects the Uber app. Finding a ride to the airport here in LA is very easy so it won’t be long before he is picked up.]

J Mont: I guess while I stand around and wait for this damn Uber ride, I can mentally get myself ready for this tag match at Venom. Good ol James Raven. The man that thinks he is the ladies man, but in reality, he is just a dirtbag. He leaves Betsy Granger high and dry for Atara. And I can’t say anything bad about Atara, because she is a friend and someone I get along with. But I will have to question her on this decision to be with James Raven. If he cheated on Betsy and got you pregnant, what makes you think he won’t do the same to you with someone else. Maybe Sahara? They seem pretty comfy a lot at the Rabbit with their flirting ways.

[J Mont walks over to the entrance way and leans against the wall, ignoring the bench right next to him. One leg up on the wall, looking like the cool guy he was back in the high school days.]

J Mont: Everyone loves to just talk up James Raven, but let me be MR DIFFERENT about it. I’m not gonna sit here and feed this guy’s EGO. There are plenty of you that do that and kiss his ass. I’m not feeding him shit and I’m gonna kick his ass. I’m going to teach him the meaning of being a REAL MAN. I’m getting my head in the game as we speak, but James…..is your head in the game? Or are you preoccupied with Atara? Or your Abs? Or the fact that you may be studying tapes on Paul and not me. Get your head in the fuckin game James. J Mont is not a man to take lightly. Just ask around. I dare you to overlook me. As a matter of fact, I want you to overlook me so after I beat you in that ring, you can use that as an excuse. Or you might use the whole, my girl is pregnant and can’t fight so it’s a 2 on 1. But let me tell you about this match, Raven. I already talked to Page, and I told him I want to be the one that SLAYS the GOAT. And, since we are on that subject, when i think of a GOAT in the sporting or entertainment world, i think of a few people.


J Mont: Not once do I think of the man named JAMES RAVEN. So, I think it’s time we find you a new nickname. Maybe we can call you “The Poser” James Raven. That is what you are. A man who acts in a manner in order to impress people. I have figured you out James. You love the attention and talking shit, but this time around, you’re in the ring with 2 men who do it better than you. Chris Page and J Mont, are 2 Legends that talk spit better then anyone and always draw the crowds, ratings and fans. You are in for a rude awakening James when that bell sounds. Right now, I’m a man on a mission. My life is a fuckin mess, and i think its time i take it out on someone. And the so-called, wanna be POSER is the man that is going to feel this wrath.

[J Mont sees a 2022 Cadillac Escalade ESV pulling up. Black on Black. His ride has finally arrived. His thoughts chill down for a moment as he gets ready to finally leave the hospital behind him. You can hear the driver’s door open, and a man is starting to walk around the vehicle.]

J Mont: You have to be fuckin kidding me. I’m going back inside the hospital for hallucinations.

Shaquille Oatmeal: IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[J Mont cannot believe this man has found him again. All the way in LA too. Last time J Mont saw him was back in NY when they boarded the plane for LA.]

J Mont: What are you doing here?

Shaquille Oatmeal: I’ve been hanging around making some good money ever since we landed. Figured i would stick around for a few weeks before I head back to NY. And I heard you were at the hospital in LA and when I got the notice someone needed a ride, I just knew it was you.

J Mont: And let me guess. You are going to fly the jet back to NY as well?

Shaquille Oatmeal: Nah, I’m gonna stick around for another week. There are some big time games going on, so I’m gonna make that bank. But Chris Page has the private jet waiting for you at Los Angeles International Airport.

J Mont: At least someone has my back with all the shit going on right now.

Shaquille Oatmeal: If it makes you feel any better, I think you are innocent.

J Mont: That’s great. Why don’t you go tell that bitch that and get her out of my life.

Shaquille Oatmeal: I have my own problems. I have 3 baby mama’s. I know how ruthless they can get. I’m not getting in the middle of this.

J Mont: Your a fuckin monster and your scared of women?

Shaquille Oatmeal: You ever been tasered? Or shot at? Or beaten with a pocketbook? I didn’t think so. I hope Mia smacks you in the head one day so you can relate.

J Mont: I was kicked in the balls on national TV by Allison. Checkmate BITCH.

[J Mont opens the back door and hops into the Escalade. He slams the door shut leaving Shaquille alone on the outside. He finally makes his way to the driver’s side and gets back in. And once again, they are off together on another ride to the airport. J Mont lounges the captain’s chair in the second row half way back.]

J Mont: This is gonna be fun. Getting back to NY to deal with this shit storm. I got a few things to say to people who didn’t come to see me. And of all the fuckin people to come see me, Dane Preston. I knew Page would come by but I thought for sure others would. I can hear the excuses now. I was in NY, and you were on the other side of the United States. I don’t give a fuck. I have been there for people at the worst hours of the day and night. I have driven, flew or ran to help people. And this is the respect I get? There is going to be a lot of people’s feelings hurt when I’m done. But I need to get back so I can FIX all these issues going on. And right in the middle of all this bull shit, FIGHT wants to book a match to fatten their pockets. You’re putting 4 HUGE names in 1 ring for whatever reason they thought was good. Page and Raven just put on a show at the Denzel Tournament, well PAGE carried that match if you ask me. But then FIGHT also wants to make things interesting with the pregnant Atara in this match. I’m still to this moment not sure what impact she can have based on her conditions. [J Mont ponders something for a minute.] I wonder if that is James Raven’s baby. Maybe I should send out some bullshit paperwork stating that Atara slept with a few other guys and it could be theirs. But then I would be hurting the friendship I have with Atty. This is a fucked up situation. FIGHT knew what they were doing. They wanted the Drama, The Ratings, and all the What If’s of this match.

[J Mont’s body jumps up a little from a pothole that was hit in the road.]

J Mont: Jesus Christ Shaquille. I know you can see the damn road.

[J Mont pulls out his phone.]

J Mont: Hey SIRI….. Teach Shaquille how to fuckin drive.

Siri: He is a terrible driver. There is no hope.

[J Mont starts to let loose a little. Something that he needs to do with all the stress in his life.]

J Mont: WOW…..didn’t see that coming. [Back to his thoughts. The voices in his head haven’t stopped.] We are getting close to Venom. I can’t let Page down. I can’t let CCPE down even though 2 of the members, Thad and Sahara, could give 2 shits about what happens to me. They are on the sideline cheering this woman on and hope my life crumbles like a cookie squeezed in a hand. But I’m done with all the Sahara bull shit. I already tried to fix that chapter, and there is no hope. Like there is no HOPE for James and Atty. Myself and Page already have a plan in place. We talked at the hospital about what needs to be done and before the match, we will make sure everything is in order as to what we need to do. And James, from the past few weeks I can already tell you are checked out. You don’t want this SMOKE.

[Speaking of smoke, J Mont starts to think again about all the shit this woman is putting him through and not responding to the paternity test. And Mia flashes in his head again. The sound of a baby crying is next. Then the image of his arms falling to the side as Brandon swings away like his face is a pinata. J Mont shakes his head to rid himself of all these images.]

J Mont: Day by Day. That is all I can do. Everything will work out this time. I believe the LORD has my back on this one. He has seen the change in me. He sees im about my future and a family with Mia. All this bull shit going on is just speed bumps that I need to run over and keep going. I know god is testing me right now. He is making sure that this version of J Mont is legit and not the version of game playing like I did with Allison. I brought this all upon myself, and I will conquer this all myself. I know who I can trust and who I can’t. My circle is small and that’s the way I like it. I know what I have to do. It’s a long ass laundry list, but it has to get done. One by one I will be checking things off till it’s complete. From fixing things with Paul, to getting what I want from FIGHT with my new contract, to getting this crazy bitch out of my life, to getting MIA and my baby back in the house so we can continue our future. Mark my words. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. If you doubt me, bet against and watch all your savings and checkings go out the window.

[When you bet against J Mont, be prepared to lose. That’s a promise.]

J Mont: And if anyone is a betting person. Pick up your phone, or log in online and bet on J Mont and Chris Page. I promise you that you will make some CHEDDAR and love life after. If you bet against us, I’m sorry that your life is ruined, but you made that call. As a matter of fact, I need to make one more call before I forget.

[J Mont pulls out his phone again and goes to his favorites. VHODKA BLACK.]





Voice: This mailbox is currently full. Please try again later.

J Mont: FUCK!!!!!! I need to hear how MIA is doing with everything that is going on and with her pregnancy.

[J Mont leans his head back before he loses his mind. His eyes start to slowly close. Finally closed, just like they were when he was taken away on the stretcher. The ride continues and for 30 more minutes, they are on the road before arriving at the LA International Airport.]

Shaquille Oatmeal: We are here Joe. We are at your destination.

J Mont: [Opening his eyes and wiping them.] Why the fuck do you look so happy?

Shaquille Oatmeal: Cause i know i have a good TIP coming my way.

J Mont: Oh yeah? Here is a TIP. Stop fucking hood rats.

[J Mont gets out of the Escalade and slams the door shut. Not being a cheap bastard like Sahara is, he pulls out his phone and sends Shaquille a 5K TIP. Within seconds, you see the Escalade pull off, but a thumbs up out the driver’s window as he got his TIP.]

J Mont: He’s really not a bad guy, but just fuckin annoying sometimes. I guess let me find where this private jet is and get on back to NY. Gotta go deal with VooDoo at the Rabbit and maybe she can get me in touch with Mia unless she just wants to punch my face in like Mike Tysons Punchout. But it’s a gamble I’m willing to take.

[J Mont pushes through the glass door and enters the airport. Behind him, the glass door slowly closes. When finally shut, J Mont is on his way. And that door closed, just like the way J Mont and Page are going to close that mouth of Raven and get that Win. Fade to Black.]