[JmOnT] Past, Present and Future [JALLISON]

By: Joe Montuori

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 30th Jul 2021

[Some people just don’t realize how bad the past can haunt you in the future.]


“The past is a nice place to Visit, but certainly not a good place to stay.”


[Going back to the days when J Mont didn’t give a shit about anything and did what he wanted to. Well, that’s kinda how he is now, but he has slowed down a little. Back in the day, he was reckless. Drinking, Smoking, Cocaine, Strippers, Women everywhere, parties every night. Party like a rockstar is the slogan everyone says. But if you saw J Mont, you knew the night was going to be full of adventures.]

[But the downfall of all of this is that at the end of the day, as much as she showed the ladies he loved them and cared and did what he could, they didn’t believe it because they knew how he was. All you have to do is turn on the TV, watch the news or YouTube and you would see J Mont living life with a different girl.]

[The phrase everyone liked to use on J Mont with his dating life was…….]


Love them and Leave them


[He showed them love and when he felt it was time to move on or bored, he left them. And leaving them wasn’t so much of a problem… it was how he left them.]

1.Carly- Got Dumped over the Phone.

2. Jenny- Was on Vacation with J Mont, only to find out he had another room at the hotel with another woman.

3. Makayla- Saw she got dumped from a post on MySpace.

4. Naomi- Got a text at 3 am that things weren’t working out and it’s over.

5. Hayley- Had a Fedex Priority package with a note and bear saying things aren’t working out right now.

6: Tammy- Got Dumped by a voicemail message.

7. Kara- Got dumped for her best friend who then got dumped 2 weeks later.

8. Krista- Got dumped on ESPN 60 minutes on LIVE TV.

9. Bayley- Got dumped on New Years Eve at 11:58 pm right before the ball dropped.

10. Teresa: Woke up the next morning and J Mont was long gone.

[So the pattern here in the past for J Mont was how he handled things and commitment which has caused some issues for his present life.]

[He has tried to show the world and women that he is a different man now. He has slowed down the partying life… no more drugs but still spends money like he prints it in his own house. And when it comes to the ladies, he shows them how they should be treated like a queen and how affection and romance is still alive today.]


“Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift, that’s why they call it the



[Right now, today…..J Mont has spent the last few months courting and spending time with Allison Riggs- Not saying that last name because it’s from a piece of shit who doesn’t deserve her, but back to the point. J Mont has been there for her. Listened to her. Saved her. Surprised her. Showed her affection and attention. He has done everything that a man is supposed to do for his woman. And he hasn’t bailed or left her and doesn’t want to either. He has even gone as far as BLOOD MONEY, carrying her to safety risking his own chance to be at the top again.]

[But all of that hasn’t made Allison Riggs- once again not saying that stupid ass last name. TRUST J Mont as her other half or significant other. She can use the MARRIED card all she wants, but J Mont is doing stuff Dane could only wish and thought of to do for her. But she isn’t believing him right now. She has shown signs of breaking down and finally being on his side, but it’s been a long hard process to make happen.]

[Hopefully with all that he has shown her as well as winning the TAG GOLD, she will finally realize that J Mont and Allie are the match made in heaven that he has been saying since Day 1.]


“The best way to predict your future is to create it”


[Can the past be left in the past? Only time will tell but with the way things are unfolding, the FUTURE looks to be bright. Sometimes you just need to learn from your past to have a successful and bright future. But the main question in the air right now is, WILL SHE BELIEVE IN HIM ENOUGH TO MAKE THAT MOVE TO HIM? Or will his PAST haunt him forever?]