[JmOnT] Past, Present, Future……Focus…..[DRU Sighting.]

By: Joe Montuori

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 3rd Dec 2021


[Many years ago. Yes, I’m getting old. I’m an 80’s baby. 1980 to be exact. So much happened that some people remember but also some that they forgot. Ronald Reagan was elected President of the United States. Sally Ride was the first United States Woman Astronaut. The Macintosh Computer came out. The Nasdaq Stock market became huge. The San Francisco 49ers won 4 Super Bowls. The Boston Celtics won 3 NBA titles. The Edmonton Oilers won 4 Stanley Cups. You had the Iran and Iraq war going on.]

[But enough about America and their good times. Lets FOCUS on J Mont’s past for a minute here. Back in the day, the wrestling world was all about one faction and they were called THE ELITE. Led by All Hannan, Chris Cage, Shaggy 2 Dope aka Bonz Williams, Blade, Stallion, Johnny Extreme and Buh Buh Fungul. Everyone wanted to join them but no one had the chance or opportunity to do so. But that was until Hannan told the group he had his boy from the Bronx. J Mont met the group for the first time and when he left, they were very impressed with how he carried himself and how ruthless he could be. Then a few weeks later on an HWA PPV, it happened. Hannan and Stallion defeated Angus Manson and RIP. But before they could celebrate another win, from the back came The Reaper and Kevin Shields. 4 on 2, but before you could say anything else. The lights flickered like lightning and went into complete darkness. When they came back on, you see in the middle of the ring known as just JOE MONTUORI at that time. Beating the living hell out of Kevin Shields as Hannan and Stallion handled the other 3. Joe Montuori was ELITE and his career was starting. And over the years, being with the Elite. Joe was on a mission and he was pretty unstoppable. Not losing a match for the first 6 months and capturing the Intercontinental title at the time before he got the wake up call he needed. In a gruesome 60 minute iron match with Bud Burns. Joe was hanging in there and was down 3 to 2 and in the final 3 minutes, just couldn’t muster enough to tie it up. His first loss, his first title loss but he won the respect of the Smokin Skull and was one of the best at that time. Speed it up a little and the Elite were on their way out. Everyone made their money, had long Hall of Fame careers. They all wanted to do different things not affiliated with wrestling. But Joe was not done yet. He didn’t wanna go. He was the last man standing but didnt wanna use the ELITE name. So the name got retired and Joe went on his way. Finding other promotions that paid him a pretty penny but what was next was unexpected. Joe came across Jason Jarrett and that was it from there. He got introduced to Shawn Stevens. Slowly but surely, a new ELITE was forming but it wasn’t gonna be the nice and chill way. Montuori, Stevens and Jarrett needed more warriors to stir the pot and raise hell. Here comes Tom Sinnery, Cam Vincent, Co-B and Tommy Shadez.]


[The new Elite was known as FOCUS. A group that everyone feared because they knew all these men were crazy and out of their minds. There was no filter on their mouths. They did and said what they wanted, when they wanted. As their slogan said. WE DIDN’T CROSS THE LINE, WE MADE THE LINE. For what seemed like forever at this point, FOCUS would go fed to fed and raise hell. Take careers, close feds, break out families and couples. Even claim that some kids were even there for the ratings. This is where TWIZTED THOUGHTZ JOE MONTUORI came into play thanks to FOCUS. The mindset changed. It was all about MONEY, RATINGS, SPOTLIGHT and not caring what you do to others. And it worked. Joe was a 20 time World Champion. Won every belt there probably was. Everyone wanted a match with him for a chance to beat him and get bragging rights. Only a few were that lucky to say they did that. A hall of fame career with 2 of the best stables that were night and day different.]


[The PAST was great times for J Mont as he goes by now. But the Present has been a roller coaster from hell and he can blame himself for a lot of it. But he knows it. From coming back as the Producer of the OPW and fucking with people’s lives to coming over to FIGHT NYC and doing the same thing. Trying to break up the marriage of Dane and Allison for some retribution towards Damon Riggs. To also be in the spotlight and have things his way was another reason. Don’t get me wrong, sleeping with Allison was also on the agenda as well. Mission Completed. But that whole ordeal also did a lot of damage to J Mont as well. His career and life started to spiral like some good Italian pasta. He had to apologize to Allison per FIGHT NYC, he got arrested twice, lost all of his titles and suite at FIGHT tower. Then to make matters worse, he won the Toxic Tag with Dane Preston who cost him the Island Titles later on. And just when he thought everything was slowly getting better because he met Mia at the Velvet Rabbit. Shout out to VooDoo for hiring Mia and having some kick ass wings. Sahara broke into her house and almost took her life from me. Being at that hospital, I knew it was time for a change. So when we finally got Mia home to the new place, I told her I was going to calm down and try to be a little nicer and understanding to people. I really did try but it’s not me. I started to hear the voices in my head telling me one thing, then another. My mind was fried. I started to do things that didn’t make sense. I was taking risks that were calculated or thought about. I thought I could win the Queens title and then challenge Dane so he could be the Queen Bitch. But instead I lost and have been stuck with the title ever since. And then my brother found out I was lying about the parents death. He has been missing in action and even blew off the party. It’s been a disaster and I’m sinking faster than the Titanic with 100 Philips Banks on it.]


[Queens Champion is something not to be proud of. But hopefully before this year is up. We have a few weeks left. This title will be on someone else’s waist and 2022 can start off fresh with good vibes and memories. I already have an engagement to my future wife Mia. A big ass contract and debut with the XWF coming up. More endorsements deals. I need to get back to how I was in the past and move past the present. Make a future for people to remember me by. J Mont of the past is a LEGEND. J Mont of the Present is a Queen. J Mont of the Future is a World Champion.]


[In the head of J Mont right now, he is hearing the song. “Queen of New York.” from King Kong on Broadway featuring Christiani Pitts. But he is not in Queens. Instead, he is in Brooklyn for a meeting. But he wanted to stroll through downtown for a moment to catch up on all the changes and new scenery. And then he comes across Wolves Auto.]

J Mont: Wonder if they have anything in my price range? Over 300k or I don’t want it.

[J Mont laughs at himself and before he could walk a few more steps, he notices a woman coming his way. His eyes cannot believe who he has just run into. It’s Druscilla White.]

J Mont: Casper the friendly ghost. I mean DRU.

DRU: Cute, bruh” She sat behind the counter, filing repeat orders. “Need something Joe?

J Mont: It’s actually good to see you. We were just getting on good terms before your little Makaveli imitation. Nice work by the way. Wish i could have helped you with it. [J Mont winks at Dru.]

DRU: We’ll, there’s always next time.” she laughed. “Never know when someone needs to go underground. Right?” She moved the paperwork as two of her Bike Bunnies slipped into the back room. “So, what brings you here Joe? Need some parts ordered? Didn’t take you for a biker…

J Mont: I saw the name Wolves Auto and just peeped a quick look to see if you had anything in my expansive price range. You know I like to spend money. And I have the connections to handle that underground stuff for you here. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure my uncle buried someone under the sidewalk out front. [J Mont lets out a chuckle.] I don’t need the biker bunnies or parts. I guess I’m just catching up with the ol downtown you know?

DRU: Totally.” She nodded, lighting a cigarette. She offered him one, politely. “Well, our pricier bikes are over there, they’re custom. Tend to run a few hundred grand or so, depending on what’s ordered. We had a custom Xenomorph we built for Robi a while back. Bitch was beautiful.” She watched him, he’d been through a hell of a lot lately. As had she. “Hey, … Thanks. You know. For everything.

J Mont: You’re welcome and thank you as well. You know I’m only a phone call away if anything ever comes up again. I actually didn’t just stop by here by accident either.

DRU: She smiled, nodding. “Same goes for us. The Wolves are all just a call away.” She grinned a bit, nudging him with her elbow. “I kinda figured. Brooklyn’s a lil out of the norm for you, I think.”

J Mont: I hate the Brooklyn Nets. Go Knicks. But I came by because I do want a kick ass custom bike that no one has. And to check on you.

DRU: She patted his hand softly. Ashing her cigarette in the tray beside her. “The Wolves and the Mont’s are definitely a good team.” She smiled. “And that custom dream of yours? We can most definitely bring it to reality. I have a metalworker who works miracles.” She leaned a bit closer, to add; “Thanks for checking in. Not many have done that yet. You’re sweet.”

J Mont: How much do you need right now? And when will it be ready? I hope it goes pretty fast because I need a good ride to let off some steam. You were there for me when Mia went down and out. She hasn’t forgotten that yet either. I needed to be there for you. And what I did for you, I would do it again if need be. Thank you again as well.

DRU: She hugged him, patting his shoulder. “What are friends for?” She smiled. “As for the bike, well it somewhat depends on what you’re looking for. Generally we can have a custom piece up and running in a couple weeks if we rush things.”

J Mont: I need to set up that spa thing. Mia and Vhodka we’re going. I’m gonna get you with them so the three of you can go together and have a nice relaxing day. I appreciate you. Just tell me how much, and it’s done.

DRU: She smiled. “Well how about this. Friend and Family discount. We’ll say 150k. Only charge for the parts.” Dru was many things, but she always showed those she cared for how much she cared. In any way possible. “A spa day sounds amazing, honestly. I’ve been sore and stiff since fighting Austin last week.” She laughed a bit.

J Mont: Done deal. I will make sure to Tip the person that works on it for me. I appreciate your help on this purchase and glad you are doing well. I will have Mia give you a call as well so you guys can plan the day. Anything else I can do for you?

DRU: She wrote a number down on one of her Wolves Auto business cards and handed it to him. “Here are my personal numbers. You or Mia need something, call. All of us will come running.” The Wolves wandering the shop all barked their agreements and raised their tools or drinks in assurance. Joe hadn’t expected the family to all be like Dru. But they were, and then some. “How about you kick ass at your next match? We’re all in your corner Joe.”

J Mont: Let your family know as well. If anyone gives them a hard time anywhere in NYC, mention my name or call me and it will be handled. Just like before, I got your back. I cannot wait to see this bike either. I’m excited now. [J Mont slips Dru a card as well.] This has my uncle’s cell as well as mine on there. You are good now.

DRU: “Family just got bigger.” She chuckled, slipping the card Joe handed her into her pocket. “I’ll be sure to send you updates on your bike, too!”

J Mont: Sounds like a plan. Thanks. Let me get back to Manhattan to handle some business. But remember. We got more business to discuss.

DRU: “That we do.” She grinned, writing down the order for Joe’s bike, with a few notes. Looking back to him, she winked. “Now you have a great day, Joe. Be the Champ Champ!”

[J Mont leaves and only him would spend 150k just for the hell of it. It’s Xmas time. It’s the time to be spending money and giving back to others. Mia got a ring, J Mont got a bike. It’s fair.]


[J Mont arrives back at the condo, where he sees from the back, Mia sitting on the couch watching the NEW Saved by the Bell.]

J Mont: Oh Kelly, I’m home.

[Mia turns around and smiles.]

Mia: How was your day Zach?

J Mont: You know…….just walked around a little. Saw an old friend. Bought a Bike.

Mia: A Bike? What are you gonna do with the bike? Drive it to Bayside High?

J Mont: Maybe go there and pick up a hot ass cheerleader who knows how to serve a cheeseburger like no one else from the Max.

Mia: Come over here so I can serve you right now!

[J Mont and Mia both laugh and he rushes over to the couch and gives her a big kiss. Mia then sits down on the couch as J Mont lays down with his head on her sexy thighs.]

Mia: You know the Fight Xmas Party is tonight.

J Mont: Fuck Serotonin. Fuck Miss F. They can’t make me do shit.

Mia: You know babe. This might be something good for us, you know.

J Mont: There is nothing good that can come out of this. I don’t wanna see half the people going.

Mia: Sometimes you have to let the past be the past.

J Mont: In the past I was the BEST. I was the KING. Now I’m just a friggin QUEEN stuck at the bottom.

Mia: You have a plan. You got off course a little. Just stick with it and it will all work out for you.

J Mont: Great plan. Opening match for the Queen’s title. Im a fuckin winner.

Mia: Just stop it right now. I need you to be the guy that won my heart day 1. The guy that was confident and cocky and did not give a shit what he said to anyone.

[Just then, the ring of his cell phone goes off. J Mont reaches into his pocket and the caller ID says FOCUS. Mia sees that and starts to wonder.]

J Mont: What’s up dude.

Voice: You got a minute?

[J Mont gets up and holds his finger up to Mia pretty much telling her to give him a minute.]

J Mont: Shoot

Voice: So you are 100 percent in with this?

J Mont: I’M IN. I’M READY.

Voice: Great, just be ready because once this hits…..the WAR begins. You will have more enemies than you ever did before.

J Mont: It’s time I worry about J Mont again and FOCUS.

[You hear the phone hang up. J Mont walks back to Mia who wants an answer from the look on her face.]

J Mont: Don’t worry. That was not Stacey Carosi babe.

Mia: I’m not laughing. Please tell me you are not getting your old boys FOCUS back here.

J Mont: Babe, just trust me on this like you always do you. You got my heart, you got the ring. I’m doing this for us and our future. I promise.

[Mia walks up to J Mont and gives him a hug. Feeling safe in his arms, she grips even tighter. J Mont knows he has his queen even though he feels like the Queen right now.]

J Mont: And don’t worry, I will not do anything funny in the ring with Jennie Fenix. Truth be told, that’s Ricky’s girl. I kinda feel bad I gotta beat her in the middle of the ring. Me and Ricky were just getting back to the way things used to be. Hopefully he won’t be pissed when I beat his side piece.

Mia: His side piece?

J Mont: Yeah like you have a steak with mushroom, then garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. Sahara is like steak and Jennie is like mashed potatoes.

Mia: Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

J Mont: I’m like the last person to talk about disasters right now or give any advice on love. Well, maybe I can help with the love part. Or better yet, maybe ill get them a gift card to LegoLand or something.

Mia: There you go. You have such a big heart.

J Mont: Hopefully I can get this big slump off my back and move forward.

Mia: Why don’t we move this to the bedroom.

[J Mont slaps Mia’s ass pretty hard.]

Mia: You’re gonna get it now.

[J Mont picks up Mia and brings her to the bedroom. The door closes, but before it heats up, you can hear Mia.]

Mia: Why is FOCUS calling again?

[The Past belongs in the Past but sometimes you need the Past to succeed in the Future.The Present has been great but it also has sucked. Just stay tuned and see what’s in store for the FUTURE.]