Just a chance

By: Ricky Rodriguez

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 12th Dec 2021

As fun as the little getaway to Hartford was, Ricky still found himself beating himself up after yet another failed championship match, this time against Dave the Dinosaur. And what helps when you’re down in the dumps after a bad match? Getting high as all holy hell and indulging in a bit of Saint’s Row 4. A blank expression across his face, Ricky kept those half closed, bloodshot eyes focused on the television.


With Ricky’s control, The Boss roamed around Zinyak’s simulated reality. As he was doing so, he used a shoulder mounted rocket launcher, blowing up vehicles of every kid on either side of the road. While not as good as 2’s, the soundtrack of 4 was still pretty good. With Kendrick Lamar’s Swimming Pools proving to be the anthem of Ricky’s stress relieving destruction, the Fight NYC wrestler sank into that couch, losing himself in the moment. 


Without a word of warning or a knock or anything similar, the door to that apartment swung open. He barely had the chance to turn his head in that direction before Sahara came barging inside, closing the door behind her. Almost instantly, Ricky’s mood brightened, as did the smile on his features.


Sahara wouldn’t give him a chance to get up as she made sure to lock that door and walk right over to where he sat. As she stood in front of him, Ricky paused his game and set the controller down on the side of him. Reaching up to place his hands on her waist, he looked up at her with a look of absolute adoration.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Hey..’


Rather than give an answer, Sahara dropped a rather stuffed envelope into the lap of Ricky. Looking down at it, he looked back up at her with a look of slight confusion on his face. Seeing that, Sahara couldn’t resist laughing and rolling her eyes as she did so.


Sahara: ‘What we talked about? At the party?’


Realization hit Ricky like a sack of bricks. His eyes shot open and he gasped in shock. Grabbing that envelope off of his lap, he opened the flap and gazed down at the thick stack of bills within. His mouth agape for just a moment as he turned his head to look at her, still stunned.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘If I didn’t trust you, I’d say that you need to be really careful. I’ve seen the movies and one bad move and next thing y’know you got a bookie comin at your knees with a bat.’


She laughed at the innocence shown by Ricky, as she usually would. Bringing up her right hand, she ruffled the hair atop his head before dragging it down and resting it upon the side of his face.


Sahara: ‘You’re so adorable when you worry about me.’


Smiling brightly as those words left her lips, Ricky turned his attention back to that envelope he held. There was something that he had missed the first time and he found himself just realizing it. Across the front of that envelope were a few words. ’50 on Ricky L.’ It took him a moment to realize exactly what it was saying but when he did, his entire mood just crumbled. His brow lowering, he looked up at Sahara, almost in disbelief.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘..you bet against me?’


The hurt in his voice and on his face were both perfectly evident. Even despite that, Sahara showed little to no reaction to Ricky’s state.


Sahara: ‘I figured after the little talk we had, the other night, you were gonna do what we talked about.’


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘And what’s that!?’


Sahara: ‘Uhh..tank your odds? It wasn’t even that long ago, c’mon.’


The disbelief shown by Ricky made it clear that he didn’t believe her in the slightest. He was having trouble even getting words out at this point.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Bullshit!’


Even Sahara was a bit taken aback at Ricky’s outburst. Slowly, the disbelief and hurt radiating off of him shifted into a rarely seen anger.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘You didn’t think I was gonna win.’


A scoff slipped free from behind the lips of Ricky. In true form, Sahara was ready with a quick response.


Sahara: ‘It’s not..’


However, Ricky wasn’t having any of it. All of those things he had been keeping bottled up had finally spilled over. He wouldn’t even let her finish her statement before speaking back up.


Ricky Rodriguez: Don’t. Why waste a good excuse, right? Just be honest with me. You legit didn’t think I’d win.’


Sahara: ‘I didn’t..’


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘You don’t think I’m good enough.’


Sahara: ‘Ricky..’


Ricky Rodriguez: That’s why you’d rather team with that ragin bitch, Michelle, and Ash, even though they talk just as much shit bout you as the rest of them do, isn’t it?’


Sahara: ‘Shut up and listen!’


Despite her words, Ricky was past the point of no return with the overflow of emotion.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘No! I’m fuckin tired of just listenin and not bein listened to! I’m fuckin tired of you not believin in me. I’m just fuckin tired.’


Sahara: ‘Ricky..look.’


She slowly stepped towards him and when she was close enough, she brought up a single hand to cup the side of his face with it. Her thumb lightly rubbed against that spot, Ricky visibly calming down a bit.


Sahara: ‘I love you but let’s be honest here. You and Jennie both, you’d both rather build Legos than hurt someone. You don’t have the stomach for all of this.’


There was nothing but silence from Ricky as his brow lowered, listening intently to Sahara.


Sahara: ‘When are you going to realize that winning and losing isn’t what matters..’


Even after that outburst, Sahara spoke in a calm, calculated voice. With that hand, she patted his cheek before slowly dragging her hand off of it. She pointed to that envelope with a smile.


Sahara: That..money..is all that matters. Fuck winning or losing.’


And just like that, every ounce of calm Ricky felt had went out the door. He yelled out in frustration before turning away from her and walking towards the door.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘I can’t fuckin believe you. I just..fuck, I’m outta here.’


Sahara: ‘Ricky, it’s your apartment.’


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!’


Jerking that door open, Ricky didn’t even bother to look back at her as he stepped out of his apartment, violently slamming the door closed behind him. A slight sigh slipped free from Sahara as she reached down to grab that cash filled envelope.


Sahara: ‘He’ll see.’


The next morning.


It was a rough night, to say the least. Not really talking to anyone but Big Ass Bobby about the whole thing, the night ended with Ricky drinking himself to sleep. Despite that, he still woke up fairly early and couldn’t go back to sleep to save his life. Everything that happened yesterday still weighed heavy on his heart and mind both. Finally deciding he needed to talk about it, he looked towards the one person he could go to: Jennie Fenix.


Taking a quick shower and getting dressed, Ricky grabbed up his keys and headed out. He made a b-line towards Jennie’s apartment and with the key he had, unlocked the door and walked inside without a single thought behind it.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘I am sooo tired of her shit, Jennie.’


His frustration with Sahara was clear. Figuring Jennie was already awake, he went right into her room before seeing her asleep. Shaking his head, he walked up to the foot of her bed. Bracing his hands onto it, he took in a deep breath as he prepared to..


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘JennieJennieJennieJennieJennieJennieJennieJennie!’


Jennie begins screaming in bloody murder, and rips the gelled eye mask from her eyes and immediately starts slapping at Ricky as if he were an intruder.




Jennie blinks several times before finally getting a focus on Ricky.


Jennie Fenix: ‘RICKY?! What time is it?!!’


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Uhh..’


With one hand still rubbing the side of his stinging face, he used the other to pull his phone out to check the time.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Seven..ish.’


Returning that phone to his pocket, he laughed slightly, rubbing the back of his head.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘I know it’s early but I reallyyyy needed to talk.’


Jennie Fenix: ‘Oh… oh! Hi, Ricky!’


Jennie gave him a hug.


Jennie Fenix: ‘It’s early… like… early. I’m sorry! Are you okay? I didn’t mean to hit you! I mean… like I did… but had I known it was you, I wouldn’t have done that!’


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘I’m totally fine and it’s completely my bad. I didn’t really sleep for nothin last night and been up for so long now and I’m just..ugh.’


Sighing out, Ricky shook his head before unwrapping his arms from around Jennie.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘It’s Sahara. She don’t believe in me for nothin, Jennie. Neither one of us. Said we’d rather play Legos than hurt someone.’


He looked at her, still feeling bad about the whole conversation he had with her.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘And like..there ain’t even anythin wrong with that. Who says we can’t be successful without wantin to really hurt someone? What’s wrong with havin fun? Everythin doesn’t hafta be all doom and gloom, y’know?’


Jennie Fenix: ‘Oohhh, no, gloom and doom is kinda overdone I think. But two things…’


Jennie said while patting Ricky on the arm.


Jennie Fenix: ‘Like… are you sure you heard her right? Like no mistake? And two… I really have to pee.’


Jennie bit on her lip and appeared to get more and more antsy while trying to make sure Ricky would be okay with her taking a moment.


Jennie Fenix: ‘It’s just like, ya know, ya just wake up and bam! Full bladder!’


Ricky laughed out at the change in Jennie’s body language. Putting on a reassuring smile, he nodded his head.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Always time to go pee. Go, it’s okay, really. I’ll wait here.’


Another laugh slipped free from Ricky, even just getting out what he did had a visible improvement on his attitude.


Jennie Fenix: ‘Good! Thank you! Hold that thought!’


Jennie slid out from the covers and was already squeezing her legs together as she scurried to the bathroom as quick as she could.


Some time passes before the flush is heard, and the running faucet which lasted for a good two minutes; she was always clean. When she came back to the room…


Jennie Fenix: ‘Okay!’


She jumped onto the foot of the bed and sat criss-cross.


Jennie Fenix: ‘So what’d Sahara say? Are you sure you heard her right?’


Having been seated there the whole time, Ricky was patient with it all. Shortly before she had gotten back, Ricky fell back to lay against that bed, his eyes gazing up at the ceiling.


When Jennie returned and sat at the foot of the bed, Ricky sat back up and looked at her with a sigh.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘She bet against me against Dave. She doesn’t think I can succeed cause I’m too nice. Look, even that match she has against Joe’s team. I got every reason to wanna kick Joe’s ass but did she ask me?’


He shook his head firmly, a slight frown across his face.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘I’ve always had her back, no matter how much trash people talked bout her. She picked Michelle and Ash as her partners and they talk just as much shit about her than anyone does.’


Jennie Fenix: ‘She says I’m too nice too and says I need to start being meaner. She does remind me a bit of my sister, actually… everyone always saying we’re too nice.’


Jennie grumbles a bit under her breath.


Jennie Fenix: ‘I can’t believe she would bet against you though! Did she… tell you?  Like how do you figure she bet against you?’


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘See, Tara’s no better. We don’t hafta be like everyone else. That doesn’t mean we don’t put just as much of ourselves into this as they do. It’s not fair, Jennie. What’s wrong with bein a good person?’


Taking in a breath, he sighed shakily while trying to keep his composure about himself.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘She did. Like literally told me. Why would she do that?’


Jennie put her hand on Ricky’s shoulder in an attempt to comfort him.


Jennie Fenix: ‘I’m sure she had her reason… Did you like ask her? But no, we shouldn’t have to change who we are. Makes no sense!’


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Not really. There’s no reason for that. And it ain’t even the first time she’s done and said somethin like that.’


Looking to her hand for a moment, he shook his head slowly.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘I’ve tried hard not to but it’s like..damn, what if she’s right? I shouldn’t be thinkin like that and she damn sure shouldn’t be the reason I’m thinkin like that.’


Jennie Fenix: ‘What do you do if she is right?’


Jennie shrugged.


Jennie Fenix: ‘Like, they are more experienced… than us… right?’


Jennie looked genuinely confused and seemed like she was trying to think about it.


Jennie Fenix: ‘But no, no, we can’t think like that.’


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘You have a point tho. What if Sahara is right? What if Tara is right? What if we don’t change who we are? Does that mean we’ll never amount to anythin here?’


The confusion Ricky showed was similar to Jennie’s except there was a look of almost defeat in his face.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Look at us. We can’t win a match to save our lives. I lost to a guy who dresses up like a dinosaur and you just won the only title you can get by losin.’


He chewed on the inside of his cheek.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Maybe they are right?’


Jennie hummed a little while thinking about it.


Jennie Fenix: ‘But how do you feel?’


Jennie clapped her hands against her thighs several times, then clapped her hands together before leaning forward so her elbows were on her knees.


Jennie Fenix: ‘Like, do you think you could be like them?’


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘I don’t wanna be like them. I see how they act and how they treat each other and it legit hurts my heart, y’know?’


He brought his arms up and laced his fingers behind his head. Stretching out a bit, he sighed in frustration.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘I am who I am. This is who I wanna be.’


Jennie smiled genuinely happy for Ricky.


Jennie Fenix: ‘Then we are who we are!’


She threw her arms into the air as if to take it as a celebration but it didn’t last long.


Jennie Fenix: ‘But I can’t believe what Tara did! Do you know what she did?’


Jennie asked angrily.


The smile brought on by Jennie’s reaction didn’t last long before being replaced by a look of concern.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘No, I don’t. What happened? What’d she do?’


Reaching across, he put his hand on her knee and gave a reassuring squeeze.


Jennie was gesturing with her hands that her mind was about to explode.


Jennie Fenix: ‘I told her that I wanted her to stay OUT OF MY BUSINESS and let me handle myself…like she’s not my big sister here, she doesn’t need to hold my hand, y’know?’


Jennie took a deep breath, trying to regain her composure.


Jennie Fenix: ‘She REQUESTED to fight Joe! And I know she did it because he beat me! That’s not staying out of my business, and then she hasn’t returned my calls, texts, or ANYTHING!’


The more he listened, the wider his eyes grew. He shook his head adamantly, his eyes focused in on her.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Jennie, that’s not fair to you. You’re one of the best people I’ve ever seen wrestle. There’s absolutely no reason she shoulda done that.’


He sighed softly.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘You know damn well you can beat Joe. Everyone has off nights and that’s exactly what that was. She has no right to just butt in and try to run things.’


He straightened up, his elbows resting against his knees just like hers did.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘We can’t let people like Sahara and Tara try to tell us who we need to be. We don’t need them to run our lives how they see fit. We gotta stand up to them. Their names even sound the same!’


Jennie Fenix: ‘You’re right…’


Jennie said and seemed to have the most brilliant idea.


Jennie Fenix: ‘I’m gonna have to go to Hartford!’


He gasped, nodding in total agreement.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Yes! Yes you do! Stand up to her. Show her you’re not some little kid she hasta fight for.’


That smile lingered across his features.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘And I gotta do the same with Sahara. Who I am is good enough, no matter what anyone thinks.’


Jennie Fenix: ‘YES! That is exactly what we need to do!’


Jennie held both of her hands up for a double high five.


Bringing his hands up, he slapped them against hers, squeezing both of them excitedly.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘We’ll show them that there’s nothin wrong with who we are or how we do things.’


Jennie stood up from the bed and straightened her shirt out.


Jennie Fenix: ‘We’re perfect the way we are. So are you gonna go talk to Sahara now? Ooor later on?’


Ricky followed suit, getting up to his feet as well.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘We are, in every way possible. I think I’ll talk to her later. I gotta film somethin for Dickie first.’


Jennie Fenix: ‘Oh, okay. I’m gonna head to Tara’s now… You’re welcome to stay here for a while if you need!’


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘I appreciate that but there’s alottabit I gotta get off my chest. Better sooner than later.’


He laughed a bit, nodding his head.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘But thank you, I really appreciate that. If things don’t go well with Tara just lemme know and I’ll be right there!’


Jennie gave Ricky another hug, squeezing tight.


Jennie Fenix: ‘You da best!’


Ricky returned that hug just as tightly, letting it linger a bit.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Nah, we’re the best.’


Later that day.


Seated upon the apron of a ring, Ricky Rodriguez looked forward at about ten or twelve young men and women. The lot of them were inside a local wrestling school and the ones he sat in front of were on the cusp of finishing up with their training. 


Each one with their own individual hopes and dreams, their own path laid out before them. Ricky leaned forward, letting his elbows rest against the tops of his legs. A warm smile grew across his features as he spoke up.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Throughout your life..there’s always gonna be people who don’t believe in you. And the fucked up thing of it is it’s not just the people who want to keep you down that aren’t gonna believe in you. Sometimes it’s the ones closest to you that don’t believe in you. That’s on them. You can’t make someone believe in you. They hafta wanna believe in you.


That includes parents, siblins, friends, even partners. My own girlfriend, Sahara, she doesn’t believe in me. Thinks I’m too nice. Thinks that I’d rather play with Legos than hurt someone. And that’s okay. No matter what anybody tells you, there’s absolutely nothin wrong with that. Ima nerd at heart.


Last night? I got high as hell and watched Bridge to Terabithia. I hang out with Jennie Fenix alottabit and we do the most childish stuff, build Lego sets, hit up arcades. But does that mean we don’t put in the work? Does that mean we aren’t committed to this life? Who are they to tell you how to live your life? As long as you ain’t hurtin someone..as long as you’re puttin in the work you needa put up. Do whatever makes you happy. Be whoever you wanna be.’


The resolve of Ricky built more and more with every word he spoke. Bringing his right hand up, he slicked back the hair atop his head.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘I wish I had someone who gave me this talk when I was where you’re at. Woulda saved me a whole hell of alottabit of heartache. But live and learn in all of this. I’ve learned, even if nobody else believes in you? You gotta believe in you. Take every opportunity there is out there. Whether you win or lose, as long as you do everythin in your power to be the very best you can be..then you’ll be a success, no matter what anyone has to say about it.


See, I got this match comin up against Fight’s Empire Champion Dickie Watson. From the very start, Dickie has been on top. Nobody’s been able to take that championship from him. Nobody’s been able to knock him off his throne. I mean, look at what he’s done and look at what I’ve done. Let’s be real here, it should be a foregone conclusion. Outclassed in every sense of the word. 


But I don’t believe that. Anybody can be beaten at any time. As good as you are, you’re not unbeatable. There might be winnin streaks here and there. But nobody is unbeatable. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has off nights. Everybody loses one time or another..everyone.


And that includes Dickie Watson. I can count the number of times he’s lost here on one hand. That’s a hell of a thing to be able to have said about you. Another hell of a thing to be able to say? That you’re one of the very few to have walked away from a match, with you, with a win. And..uhh..’


Ricky strayed off from his train of thought as he noticed Sahara standing behind that group of people. Her arms were crossed at her chest and there was a light smile across her face. Shaking his head, as to get himself back on track.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Dickie can say whatever he wanna say bout it but at the end of the day, the book says Ricky Rodriguez and Paul Montuori defeated Amari Kent and Dickie Watson. And lemme tell you, unfounded or not, that has me feelin a whole hell of alottabit more confident goin into this match. Not arrogant..but confident.


See, like I said before, Dickie has been on top since the beginnin. But as the NSQ grew more and more with time, Dickie began to come off as..less important..so to say, as the others there. I mean, he’s barely the third most important member. I mean, that’s to be expected when you’re comparin people like Warstein and Raven with..Dickie.


But that’s okay. I mean, nobody really expects me to pick up that win against Dickie. I’m sure my own girlfriend prolly doesn’t even believe I can win this..’


His gaze shifted towards Sahara, shooting her a look that was noticed by more than a few of them.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘But even if the whole world doesn’t believe you..as long as you believe in you? You gotta chance. I believe in myself. I know, despite these insurmountable odds, I gotta chance against Dickie. That’s all I need: A chance. As long as I gotta chance, I’m gonna fight with every ounce of strength I got in me. I’m gonna fight till I can’t fight nomore.


If I win, I’ll be happy as fuck. Ima celebrate my ass off. And if I lose? It ain’t the end of the world. Sure, it’ll suck and I’ll feel like shit. But I’ll get over it. I’ll learn from it and get better cause of it. Every time you get knocked down, as long as you get back up, you’ll be a success.


That’s what’s important. No matter how bad shit gets, you always get back up. If you can do that then you can do anythin. Ain’t no limit to what you can accomplish.’


Ricky clapped his hands together before hopping off of that apron and onto his feet.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Well! I’m sure you all got plenty of other things you’d rather be doin than listenin to me go on and on so have a good rest of your day.’


As they got up out of their seats, a few of them noticed Sahara and were genuinely excited to see her. She took the time to engage them in small talk and her form of advice, totally the opposite of what Ricky had told them.


A light smile lingered across Ricky’s face as he watched it play out. Once it was done and over with, he looked over at her, watching as she started walking towards him. Leaning back against that apron, he kept his eyes on her as she approached.


Sahara: ‘Just a chance isn’t going to be enough.’


The expression of Ricky fell as he sighed softly. Before he could say anything, Sahara spoke up.


Sahara: ‘But if you believe in you then I believe in you.’


Ricky’s smile quickly returned as he shoved off of that apron and threw his arms around her. His lips pressed against hers as the two shared a rather passionate embrace. After a couple moments, they parted.


Sahara: ‘But you know it’s going to take more than that..’


She grabbed him by both of his hands before beginning to pull him towards the exit.


Sahara: ‘Let’s make sure you’re really ready to go the extra mile.’


A rather seductive grin broke out across her face as Ricky nodded in total agreement. Hand in hand, the two of them happily made their way out of that gym. Later that night, Ricky is seen leaving Sahara’s apartment with the biggest smile on his face. He pulled the phone out of the pocket of his gym shorts. Setting that camera up, he had a few last words for his upcoming opponent, Dickie.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Y’know, just bein in a match like this puts even more eyes on me and that’s always a great thing. I mean, you’re the Empire Champion. If I can, somehow, manage to pull this off? My stock would go through the fuckin roof! Even in a loss. As long as I have a good showin against you, it does nothin but benefit me. But you? It won’t be as easy for you.


Anythin less than a win and you’ll never hear the end of it. Just like how it was with Ash. You lose here and people gonna start doubtin you. Even you yourself. I know you’re lookin past me, Dickie. And that’s okay. You gotta big defense comin up. Somethin a whole hell of alottabit more important than this match. You’re not lookin at me. You’re lookin to your next challenger.


That’s gonna be my openin. My chance. And I intend on fully takin advantage of it. This win here, it would do so much for me. I just gotta take you off your game. Come at you like nobody else has before. I’m comin in as hard and as fast as I can, Dickie. I want you to bring your best. I want you to come into this match with the intent of remindin everyone why you’re the Empire Champion. Bring it all, Dickie, cause Ima do the same.’


Arriving at the door of his own apartment, he looked down to see the package sitting there in front of his door. Recognizing it immediately, Ricky knelt down and picked it up. Holding it up, he laughed a bit, shaking his head.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Secret Santa. Y’know, sometimes to see that someone doesn’t need your help..to see that someone is perfectly able to fully take care of themselves without you needin to intervene and fight for them? You needa see it for yourself. And that’s exactly whatcha gonna see when you watch this. Jennie is a great person, in and out of that ring. She has one of the best personalities and hearts I’ve ever known. 


I understand the spot you’re in but sometimes you needa just let her be her. It’s better to be there when she needs it than to impose your will when you think she needs it. Hopefully you’ll understand this after you watch this.’


Ricky flashed a wink before closing out that video and ending his recording. Shoving his phone back into his pocket, Ricky balanced the package while opening up his door. Walking inside, he thought it was odd that the lights were on.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Coulda swore I turned those off.’


Shaking it off, Ricky tossed that package onto the couch and headed towards his bedroom. Pulling open the door, he walked about half way in before stopping dead in his tracks. The sight before him was exactly why. Catherine, the source of one of Ricky’s problems, was standing on her knees in the middle of his bed. Not a stitch of clothing was on the young woman’s body as she grinned at Ricky.


Catherine: ‘It’s about damn time. I tho..’


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Nope.’


That single word was the only one to leave the lips of Ricky as he turned around and walked out of the bedroom. Closing the door behind him, he stopped to grab the package before exiting the apartment entirely.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Gotta start lockin my door, fuck.’


Pulling that phone back out, he dialed up Big Ass Bobby’s number. It took no time at all before the other end picked up.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Gonna need to crash with you tonight, Bobby.’