KXW: Plans?

By: Xavier Wolf

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 11th Oct 2021

Daniel, a pillar among culinary destinations in New York, had been the gathering spot for the FYA OG reunion. Seated at a table in the middle of the room the members, who were Kal Wolf. A former bodyguard, Angelique Wolf, a former ballerina,, Maximus Burden, a former bouncer, Christine Blake, a former figure skater, and the Luchadore known as El Mutante, a former human being, all sat and talked about their lives up until this point. They talked about their investments, their children, their health, and their plans for the future. For 5 ex-wrestlers, they sure did talk about anything but wrestling. As the night went on they enjoyed the tasting menu offered by the chef for a paltry 350 a person, and laughed and drank and ate, albeit very small portions.


At the end of the night they raised a drink to their sixth man, Hugh Jass, who had passed away a few years earlier, which was also the last time they were all in the room together. Even with Mutante serving as a teacher to Vin’s student, they never talked. What was there to talk about?


Seperating, they all hugged and kissed and promised not to make it so long before they did this again. And as they all promised, they knew it would probably be until the next one passed. It wouldn’t be on purpose, it woudn’t be because they didn’t like each other, They loved each other, they were the godfathers and godmothers to each other’s children. But that was just the way it was.


Sitting in the passenger seat of Ang’s Lamborghini Urus, Kal looked out at the city he’d grown up in. Well, gotten older in. Kal hadn’t grown up at all, ever. He had just gotten older. Angelique being the type of wife who notices these things, noticed his expression, and reached out and grabbed his hand. She could feel the sadness in him, and it made her sorry she couldn’t help ease it.


Angelique Wolf: You ok, Treebeard?


Kal X Wolf: Yeah, Just…You ever think we’d get this fucking old?


Angelique Wolf: I wasn’t aware we’d aged at all.


Kal X Wolf: Like, wasn’t it just yesterday that we were fucking kids, making the world our own? Where the fuck did the time go? Mutante is so fucking old. It’s like, if he’s old, then what the fuck are we?


Angelique Wolf: Tree, we’re not ancient. You’re still fighting. After all you went through, you’re in the best shape of your life. Of a lot of peoples lives.


Kal X Wolf: That’s. Listen. I’m not talking about opportunity.  Or Want. Not talking about ability. Any one of us could lace them on, get back in there, and do it. We might not win, we might not fucking even get close. But when the fuck was it ever about winning with us. What I mean is, we wouldn’t because we’re fucking different now. All of us. We don’t have shit to prove so we fucking don’t bother.


Angelique Wolf: Was that not the point? To become established in a business that didn’t want us? I seem to remember one of us yelling to the point of drooling about how he was going to make sure this business didn’t forget us. Last I checked, it didn’t.


Kal X Wolf: I know. I just fucking miss the days where it had, and we got to fucking remind them. You know? Now, now we’d have to clear schedules, talk to business associates and let them know it might affect the stocks. We aren’t our own anymore, you know? We belong to fucking others. Our kids, our businesses. Just odd to me that a group of fucking idiots made it that far and did it that fucking big, you know?


Angelique Wolf: Yeah, it’s so sad that our success was so major that now we have to enjoy it. So rude.


Kal X Wolf: That’s…that’s not what I fucking me- Hold the fuck on is that a taco truck over there?


Angelique Wolf: Oh thank god, I’m starving.


Kal X Wolf: Let’s fucking goooooo!!


Angelique pulled the car over as fast as she could and almost hit a Dodge Demon parked in front of her, but hadn’t even noticed. She leaped out of the car along with her husband right behind her, and dashed toward the taco truck. The pudgy man at the window barely gets his greeting out before Angelique, the prettiest woman he’s ever seen in a dress that could pay his rent, orders enough food to choke two horses, before looking back at her husband, and asking ‘what do you want?’ The man writes it all down to the point that his pen almost catches fire, and tells them to go sit with the other people who ordered the entire menu, and as they point, almost as if expected, Kal and Angelique see everyone they just had dinner with.


Kal chuckles so hard he coughs a bit and they rejoin the people they just left. ‘Should’ve known’ he thinks to himself. They were never the type for glitz and glam. FFS they slept on top of each other on an old bus and would literally shit in fields on the side of the road and hope not to get arrested. They were skells back then and in their heart, they still were. They just smelled better. 


Sitting down, the real conversations began. Old matches they’d never forget, how the fuck Joe Montouri was still single, and all of the other shit. Mutante talked about who impressed him, and they all swore he was full of shit. It was as it had always been.


After an hour of eating tacos and nachos, and drinking all of the beer the truck had, the five of them made their way to the Fight tower, and instantly took over the Turnbuckle. One phone call later, the newer FYA of Sahara, Allison, and Dane also joined the fray. As Kal looked upon the stable that was, and the stable that is, he was suddenly taken back by how far he’d gotten, and what had actually gotten him there. Clanging his beer with his gigantic skull ring, he slid his ass onto the bar, and made sure to get everyone’s attention.


Kal X Wolf: No one ever asked me if I fucking planned to get here. If they had, I’d have told him. No, mother fucker. I hadn’t. Because like I’ve heard it said, wanna make god laugh? Make a fucking plan. I never planned on being a bodyguard to an asshole wrestler who thankfully, is dead, I fucking hope and think. I never planned to take up the boots myself, to get bounced out of every piece of shit fucking promotion until I almost gave up…


Mutante leaned back, obviously wasted, and yelled out ‘wish you’d give up on talking,’ to the laughted at bay a few people, and chuckled at by Kal.


Kal X Wolf: I never planned on getting paid to be a punching bag in Japan. I didn’t plan on having a legendary rivalry with a snake of a person, only to then go on falling in love with the Tootsie of the wrestling world, who was the aforementioned snake. I planned on being dead by 25. I planned on being found in a fucking ditch, and dropped into a fucking hole. And here I am, all these years later. I have a family. I have friends. I have 3 different types of soap. Back then I don’t think I had any.


Kal X Wolf: But that’s the thing about Plans, isn’t it? You can fucking make one, craft it, practice it, really put yourself behind it. You can fucking check the plan, change the plan, and master the plan as best you can but in the fucking end there are way too many fucking variables for a plan, any plan, to be successful. Especially in this fucking business. It’s why I, and we, in FYA, never planned. We set out with not a fucking plan, but a goal. And that goal was to fuck up, not anyone, but fucking everyone. 


Kal X Wolf: To be the ones that they all would never discount ever again. Granted, this new class, it’s not the fucking same for sure. But looking at them, the fucking feeling is there. The want is there. Allison who comes from some of the fucking best stock this business has ever seen. Dane who studied at the fucking hand of that same stock, plus myself for good measure. And for, I can’t believe I’m saying this, for patience and calmness. Is calmness a word? I mean, did anyone ever think in the end, Kal would be the fucking calm one?


The entire crowd laughed, save for Allison, who was just as prone to temper as her old man, and had to decide on the fly if she was ok with her uncle teasing him in such ways but finally landed on yea, why not.


Kal X Wolf: Anyway, this group also has Sahara. Who I watched in the EWA with great interest, having known, or known of, her family for a long time. See we all travel in the same circle in this business. We know that. But what some of these new guys might not know, that circle we speak of, is going around a fucking drain.


Kal X Wolf: All of you, us, them are all fucking spiraling toward the end. All on the verge of going down, and staying down, for-fuckin-ever. That’s the business. We all exist on the fucking…what’s the word?


‘Precipice’ someone yelled, but Kal waved them off, as that was far too fancy of a word for him. Someone yelled out ‘edge,’ and Kal continued.


Kal X Wolf: On the edge of extinction. Every day in this business has the threat of being your worst. And your last. It’s why we always tell you young guns, take the time, enjoy the process. Keep your head about you, and make damn fucking sure that win, lose, or draw, you show this shitty business the love you had when you got into it, because the second you can’t fucking do it anymore, you’ll wish you were doing nothing else.


Kal X Wolf: So come. Talk to me about your new GOATs like Watson, and Moore. Tell me how the game has gotten younger and stronger. Talk to me about how each and every group in this fight has the chance to win, and how amazing that is. But do not talk to me about fucking plans. ‘less of course you wanna make me laugh. Cheers, Mother fuckers!


The entire bar exploded in cheers and Kal scoots, yes scoots, off the bar and back to his feet. It is not a single moment before Dane Preston is upon him. A very nice button down shirt fluttering as he walks, and flopping against him as he stopped. Kal looks at the bottle of water in his hand, and wants to remark but doesn’t.


Dane Preston: Hate to be the guy, big guy. But we do have a plan. Like, you were there. Did you want to change the plan? Do you not like the plan?


Kal X Wolf: …love the plan.


Dane Preston: So what’s the issue? Was this about me? If its about me, you can just say so?


Kal X Wolf: Dane. Calm. This wasn’t about that. It’s just a speech.


Dane Preston: Sorry. I’m on edge because I’m dying to get into it already. I might go into it as the losers champion, but hey, we can’t win them all. Or even the last few.


Kal X Wolf: You know how many matches I lost in my career?


Dane Preston: A lot?


Kal X Wolf: None. Not a single fucking one.


Dane Preston: That’s not true. And even if it was, that’s impossible.


Kal X Wolf: Right. So what the fuck do you care if you lose night one? We’re gonna own night 2.


Dane Preston: Hells yeah. 


Kal X Wolf: So, where’s my boy?


Dane Preston: Murph? I don’t know. I called him, but it went right to voicemail.


Kal X Wolf: As did mine. Fucking kids a mess.


Dane Preston: He’ll be ok, It’s fresh. Have faith.


Kal X Wolf: Faith I’ve never fucking had. But I don’t really got no choice, do I.


Dane Preston: So, who do you think you’re most excited to get your hands on?


Kal X Wolf: I tell you, I look at this NSQ crew and there’s a lot about these fuckers I don’t like. Not because I can’t respect it, but because it reminds me of myself. Close knit group, going about trying to fucking infiltrate every promotion possible. It makes me jealous, but also kinda fucking glad to see. That being fuckin said, I’d like nothing less than to be the reason that NSQ falls flat on the A-S-S.


See Dane, what you gotta know, from watching my old clips, to training with me, is that I’m not an athlete. I don’t do no flips or jumps, or shit. I’m a fighter. Like Murphy, like Vin. We don’t ever go out there looking to be no highlight clip. Being on fucking espn like Joe. Or on the cover of a fucking magazine. I’m no fucking celebrity. I’m a fucking half a pizza with shamrocks goomba from Brooklyn. I ain’t never put ‘em on in the hopes that I’d get my picture taken and my name written down. My entire fucking goal in this business was to take that other fucking jerkoff, and make damn sure he knew he was in a fight. That he was in a fight with me. You know what my secret was?


Dane Preston: That you were tough?


Kal X Wolf: Ain’t nobody ever been in this game what ain’t been tough, guy. My secret was, you know what longevity is? The ability to last a long time and that? I never gave a fuck about it. I didn’t go out there and hope that my next match was better. Fuck far as I was concerned there wasn’t to be no other match. All I was, all I had was gonna be left right there in that ring and I’d be a fucking veggie after if I had my way. Did I get fucking lucky that it never happened? Maybe. But I’ll tell you, I worked hard for that luck. That’s the best you can really do in this business. Get so good some asshole what ain’t half you are will look at you and say you’re lucky. That’s when you know you made it.


Dane Preston: I beat Dickie before. I know if I can get there, If I can just get there, I can do it again. Make FYA mean something again.


Kal X Wolf: Two things wrong with that. One, fucking Dickie didn’t know what was what the last time. This time you ain’t some guy. You’re the one what embarrassed him the last time. So it won’t be as easy. And two, forget about making this group something. Groups that try to be something fail. Groups that simply exist and let the world decide what they are, well, they have reunions in bars during a work night and get rowdy. Which one is better to you? Because as far as I ca-


MDM: you ever shut the fuck up?


Dane Preston: There he is!


Kal X Wolf: Interupt my fucking monologue! Where’s your drink?


MDM: I need to talk to you..


Dane Preston: Let’s do it.


MDM: Not you, keemosaba. Just the big.


Dane Preston: …ah. Alright. N-b-d.


Dane slinks away, talking a swig off his water bottle, and vanishing back into the crowd, as Kal and Murphy watch. Kal looks sideeyed at Murphy, and leans in, compensating for the loud volume of the music, which for your information, is the safety dance. While it plays, an actual little person dressed as Kal begins to lead a parade around the room, to the amusement of all.


Kal X Wolf: You hurt his feelings.


MDM: He’ll get over it. Listen, I need your help.


Kal X Wolf: You got it. Money? What?


MDM: …I need you to help me rewrite history.


Kal X Wolf: …I’m gonna need more fucking detail than that.


Kal and Murphy begin to discuss the finer details of what it is Murphy is asking for, when the music becomes so loud that they can barely hear themselves. Murphy points to the outside and Kal follows. In a moment the party would be over, and despite his speech, a planning session would start.

Kal X Wolf: Fuckkk.