Land Down Unda 4: Seasons Beatings

By: Aiden Reynolds

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 2nd Dec 2021

Aiden had a love/hate relationship with parties and social gatherings. On the one hand he would be the life of the party, people seemed to enjoy his company, his jokes and his general demeanor. On the other hand, he was alot more socially awkward than most people realised or thought was possible. And here he was going to the Fight tower for a christmas party with people he worked with and in most cases, threw hands against or was going to. The rest of New Status Quo would be there, that made him feel more comfortable and confident, however this was still a large party with lots of people.

Many of whom would kick his ass if given half the opportunity.


The sound of a Kendo stick startled him awake, his eyes darting as he shot up in the back of the yellow New York cab, Dickie sitting next to him, his eyebrow raised. “You ok?” Aiden swallowed, nodding slowly as he let out a sigh and relaxed. “The Sahara nightmare again?”

His eyes narrowed, Dickie just smiled politely. The truth is he was right, Aiden had been having nightmares about being in the dark, beaten down by a kendo stick wielding blond psycho. And even though he won their encounter and got his revenge, his mind still took him back to that moment. The cab turned, coming to a stop at the FIGHT NYC Tower. “You got this right?” Before Dickie could answer Aiden kicked the door open stepping out onto the pavement. Dickie followed after paying for the cab, the two making their way in. Aiden shaking his head the second Mariah Carey’s “All I want for christmas is you” is heard. Dickie looked physically ill; a standard response…

“Bruh you should be in your element here. You love parties” Dickie poked and prodded, being the little smart ass he has always been. Aiden just narrowed his eyes as they made their way into the room where the main party was to be held. Food, music and an open bar. 

Aidens eyes moving to the bar with a smile on his face. “Found my spot for the night.” He straight away grabbed a shot of bourbon, taking it down with a sigh of happiness as the amber liquid rolled won his throat making him feel better instantly. A wave of relaxation washing over him as he turned back toward the room, his eyes focusing on one Dane Preston. “Uh fuck it” He grabbed two shots making his way over to try and “socialize”.

He stopped mid step, he swallowed hard and shook his head turning back to the bar, he needed more. His hand reaching out as he slammed down a few more shots. Taking a deep breath a nod and a few words to himself  “Fuck I hate people…” He turned on his heels, almost swaying to far over as his head began to swim. “Oi!…Dane! Ya fuckin good lookin fuck…”

Some people mulling around close to Aiden and Dane turned, seeing the Australian go from tipsy to drunk right before their eyes as the alcohol started to affect him. He stepped forward and swayed again. “Mate, bro, I gotta ask, how…how the fuck…hold on..” He took down another shot handing the other one in his hand to Dane, almost falling back. “How the fuck are you that good lookin man….c’mon be farkin honest…you had surgery right?..a nip here…a tuck….a tuck there?….rhino…rhino…rhinopla…rizno…a fuckin nose job?:” Aiden didn’t even here if Dane replied, his eyes glazing over as he looked around the room, and then…there he was…


His friend and tag team partner came over, he said a few things to Dane, but Aiden was too distracted by the lights and swirling. He led Aiden over to the other members of NSQ attending the christmas party. Aiden looked around and laughed “Hey guys!” He talked, he laughed, now he was having fun, now he was able to forget, to move on. Until everything went black.






“Mate…can you stop making all that fuckin noise?”

Dickie Watson, sitting on one of Aidens chairs, his legs thrown over the end of it kicking his legs while playing his Nintendo Switch. He blinked a few times and just went back to playing his game, clicking the button as Aiden groaned and rolled off his couch before looking up at the clock, the sun from the window making his eyes wince and close as his head felt like it was going to explode. “A little hungover are we?” Aiden groaned louder moving to the kitchen.

He opened the fridge pulling out a two gallon container filled with water, he turned it upside down, chugging the liquid as Dickie slowly looked over in awe at how much water was disappearing, Aiden finish the bottle putting it down before stumbling back to the couch and laying down. “I feel like me fuckin head is in a vice.”

Dickie scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Thought you’d be dying of embarrassment after last night.”


“Why would you….” He sighed and put his switch down before pushing to his feet with a laugh. “Aiden, last night you spent half the night laughing at the dumbest shit and the other half crying because Dane is “better looking than you” and “fucking gorgeous” don’t you remember?”

We flash back to a moment at the party, Aiden is hugging a couch cuchion, tears streaming down his face as Kasey Winterborne slowly pats him on the back, Shawn Warstein just shakes his head in the background, BOOM back to present day. “What?!” Aiden shook his head slowly and sat up wincing in pain again. “I wouldn’t do that”

“Bro….you started singing…”

“…anything good?”

“All I want for Christmas is you.”

“WHAT?…I would neve!….I ain’t gonna take this fuckin slander against me character Dickie!…….and that’s two Mariah Carey jokes in 24 hours…we hit our quota…”

Dickie scoffed again and shook his head. “Last night was wild man, but you drank like a damn fish, I’m pretty sure you inhaled all the bourbon…”

Aiden groaned again and ran a hand through his hair. “Atleast there’s a bit of time before the next FIGHT show and I ain’t booked for PWS Apex, I’m gonna need a few days to get rid of all the fuckin piss…” His head started to feel a little better as he sat up instead of laid down. Dickie just grabbed more water planting it in front of his friend. “Besides, my match ain’t as crazy as yours…fuckin objects around the ring, you’re gonna have to use some weird shit as weapons mate…”

“Nah it won’t be that bad.” Dickie smiled and stretched his arms over his head. “Besides I’ll use whatever I have to, even against your boyfriend Dane”

“What if one of the weapons is a dildo?”

“The weapons are supposed to be Christmas presents Ai-…you gave someone a dildo didn’t you?”

“Look…don’t judge me..”

Dickie couldn’t help but laugh and shake his head. “It’ll be alright, Warstein and I will take care of business. You have your match.”

“Aye yeah, Chris Page, stoned businessman extraordinaire. I mean I like the guy, kinda, I don’t know, do I?” Aiden pauses a moment taking more water. “He’s been havin fun beating up Austin Ramsey, but now he has to put up with me and I’m not sure he’s ready for it. I mean shit Dickie, I was all down in the dumps not really sure what the hell I was doin in Fight yet, look at what I’ve been doin. I climbed that fuckin tower with you all, I technically won against Mon…Monto…the fuckin pretty boy and I just beat the queen of sandy cu-“

“UT-UT-UT” Dickie put his finger up and shakes his head. “You’re not allowed to say that word anymore.”


“I don’t know, I saw something on twitter about it.”

“Movin on, I beat Sahara, I have more of this fuckin blood money stuff, I’m just wonderin how much more I have to win till I can use it for somethin. I want” Aiden stares off into the distance, Dickie raises an eyebrow and sighs heavily, almost as if he was sick of this “bit” or frustrated by his friend legit not knowing how to use blood money. NO ONE WILL REALLY KNOW. 

“You’ll do fine man. You always do, it’ll be a great way to see out the year and have fun before christimas.” Dickie chuckled. “Speaking of which what does Minnie Li-“

Aiden starts to furious shake his head lifting up his hand and pointing at his best friend. “Do not….for two reasons, One, I’m tryin to focus on my match and Chris Page…”

Dickie waits for a moment and tilts his head. “And reason two?”

Aiden growls and makes a face as if he’s trying to hold back vomit. “I dun wanna think about how you’re trying to bang me sister….for fucks sake Dickie…you can do better.” Dickie’s jaw drops, he swallows hard and goes to say something else before Aiden interrupts “But now, I gotta focus mate, this could be make or break. For the last month or so I’ve been tryin man, tryin to get my head around fight, and the way we found ourselves in…”

He pauses and shakes his head. “I wasn’t prepared mate, I wasn’t prepared for the pressure. See, I came in and because of you, Warstein, Betsy and Kasey I was already looked at bas a champion, thrust into the spotlight in a company I’d never set foot in…” He trails off again, deep in thought as Dickie just stays silent, knowing not to interrupt Aiden when he was like this. “Don’t get me wrong mate, I like that I’m treated as a threat right away, I like that I haven’t been met with the low hangin fruit bullshit of “who the fuck are you?” It’s refreshing. And I ain’t gonna do that stupid shit to Chris Page…”

Aiden slowly pushes up to his feet swaying as his head aches. “Chris is a threat, he’s walked into Fight and already shown he’s no joke and he’s here to bust his ass and win. I respect that. He didn’t get to where he is today by bein a nobody and not putin in that hard work. But I feel like I’ve come so far Dickie, I have come so far and worked hard to make my name mean somethin and to justify the position Fight and you all put me in…”

He scoffs. Dickie smiles and shakes his head. “Bruh, you already have…you came in and did what you said you were going to, you watched our backs and..aside from the christmas party it’s not like you’ve embarrassed yourself…”

“I told ya, I don’t remember any of that. Not even Danes piercing eyes or his strong jawline and movie star leading man of the 1050’s good looks…Also did ya see the size of that cunts hands? I bet that means he’s packin hea-“

“….And he’s back…”

“Oi shut up…I need something greasy and fatty…and then I need to attempt a work out and sweat the alcohol out of me…you comin?” Dickie just gave a nod following Aiden into the kitchen.