Let Chaos Begin

By: Jonny Frenz

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 13th Jan 2022

December 31, 2021
Outside Fight Towers

Jonny walks the streets of New York with his therapist Sara, who just helped him get out of going to jail for trying to pay a gas station clerk with jokes instead of money. Sara looks at Jonny with disappointment as they head to the subway station. Jonny begins to light up a cigarette but Sara snatches it out of his mouth.

Sara: What have I told you about these things and no I’m not giving you a break over what happened. We’ve talked about this for months since you’ve been released from prison. You can not keep doing these that will get you locked up.

Sara turns to look at Jonny but he has run off towards a group of people looking at The Fight Tower. Sara shakes her head at him and starts to walk towards them but stops once she sees firefighters and trucks pulling up then an explosion goes off that rocks the building and starts a little fire as well. Jonny looks up in amazement.

Jonny Frenz: Man this wrestling company really knows how to have fun! 

Sara rushes over to Jonny trying to avoid all the panic in the streets. She grabs his arm and pulls him to her.

Sara: That’s its emergency therapy session when I get back on the 9th Jonny. I swear you better stay out of trouble why I’m gone. Now come on let’s get you home.

Jonny and Sara reach the stairs to the subway station as chaos still goe son in the background as it fades out.

January 9, 2022 Brooklyn New York Dr. Sara’s office 

Jonny Frenz lays down on a couch in his therapist’s office why Sara sits in a chair not far away from him with a tablet in her handwriting her notes down on.

Sara: OK Jonny let’s talk about New Year’s eve, why did you think it was OK to pay the cashier in-jokes?

Jonny laughs before answering.

JonnyFrenz: Who doesn’t like a good joke? 

Sara shakes her head in frustration.

Sara: Can you be serious for a moment Jonny!

Jonny sits up and looks Sara into her eyes.

Jonny Frenz: WHY SO SERIOUS SARA! I don’t want to talk about that anyway. I want to talk about why you were away. I decided to be a big boy and got me a job and maybe even a career you could say.

Sara looks at Jonny intrigued.

Sara: Well that’s actually a step in the right direction. What did you get hired at?

Jonny smiles from ear to ear.

Jonny Frenz: FIGHT!NYC The wrestling promotion we saw on new years eve. Do you remember the one with all the explosions?

Sara: Great you found a place that will let you be violent. God, I hope they know what they’ve gotten themselves into, but if this is what you want and keeps you out of trouble I support it but I see this ending very badly.

Jonny Frenz: Don’t worry Doc I won’t do anything too chaotic and also will have to cut this session short today, I’ve got work supplies I need to go buy.

Sara: And how do you plan to pay for this stuff?

Jonny Frenz: Weren’t you listening everyone enjoys a good joke.

Hahaha hahaha 

Jonny gets up and walks out the door as Saraa shakes her head in frustration again as the scene comes to an end.

January 13, 2022

Jonnys Playhouse 

New York City

The world is a carousel of fear, 

Wonderful, wonderful fear. 

The world is a carousel of fear, 

History, comedy, fantasy, 

There’s drama and death, 

There’s old mother chaos

With all of her secrets to see. 

The world is a treasure-trove of faces, 

Fabulous, faraway places. 

The nightmares and the fears, 

The pain and the tears 

Of people like you and like me. 

The kingdom of Blood Money 

The glorious sound of screams

The world of disorder, and the reality of fear.

This world is where we each play a part. 

The miracle of imagination, 

The marvels of violence, anger, and fear, 

These wonders untold 

Are ours to behold 

In the funny world, 

The  Blood Money World,

The wonderful world of fear.

A man steps out of the darkness and into a spotlight waving his hands like he’s playing orchestra as the music keeps playing. His appearance is not what society would describe as normal. His hair is a bright green, and his face is painted white with red lips. He wears a purple jacket with black dress pants and dress shoes, he has tattoos on his body. He keeps walking forward as the spotlight follows him with each step, he continues to mimic a music conductor until he comes to a stop and lets out a clowning laugh.


Boys and Girls I am Unhinged Jonny Frenz recording live from Johnny’s Playhouse right here in the rat-infested city known as  New York City and home… scratch that former home of the most violent and popular wrestling promotion out there Fight! NYC after its building had a little explosion that dawned near collapsed the place and left one of their stars named…

Jonny looks around for something in his pockets, after a second of struggling he finally pulls out a piece of paper and holds it close to his face to read.

Oh yes, Dane Preston is in a coma, that’s the one right there. The one who let his peers, fans, And friends convince himself he needed to be this white knight hero to save the promotion from the evil system known as New Status Quo. He let them put him on a pedestal just so they could watch as he failed to capture the Empire Championship and leave it in the hands of the system, but really NSQ isn’t even the villains everyone makes them out to be, I know who the real villains are of Fight, I know who everyone should be mad at but I’ll get into that later, for now, I want to take a moment and tell you all about yours truly. You know actually, I’ll show what life was for The Handsome Devil.

Jonny starts acting like he’s pulling an invisible rope with all his might. After a couple of minutes of this, we transition to Jonny sitting in a director’s chair with a director’s megaphone in hand. He pulls it up to his red-painted lips.


Suddenly a few lights appear and reveal a stage in front of Jonny Frenz as a giant projector screen comes lowering down on the stage, the lights dim down as the screen comes to a stop.

Ok boys and girls you are about to pull the curtains back and show you a little about my upbringing thanks to a few good people from the New York Insane Asylum that I got my therapist to let me borrow for a reenactment. I promised her I wouldn’t do anything crazy to crazy for them but the truth is my upbringing was just that. NOW ACTION.

On cue, the screen lights up and the focus starts to come in as we transition to December 24, 2004, inside a small raggedy house in  Chicago, Illinois. The outside of the house is not in good shape as the paint fades away and a few windows are boarding up. The yard is cluttered with broken beer bottles and trash, inside the home is no different as the floors have trash everywhere along with more beer bottles. The Fridge has nothing in it as a large man wearing a tank top with holes in it and some boxers, looks inside for some food but is left unsatisfied as he eruptd6 with anger and knocks over the Fridge to the floor then turns around to a woman who quivers in fear of him. You can tell why she would be scared as she has bruises on her arms and face from previous beatings. The large man lashes out at her 


The women, still quivering, hesitate to answer at first.

Jonnys Mother: James…. please stop, you know why we have no food, you spend all the money on beer.


Jamie Frenz: JAMES… That’s not what I said…

James Frenz: I’ll show you how much of a man I really am.

James walks over to a closet in the living room area and starts pulling stuff out until he gets to his favorite Louisville slugger bat. He grins with satisfaction. As he turns back around, Jamie has had enough of the abuse and has a knife pulled out on James.

Jamie Frenz: I won’t let you do this anymore.

Jamie stands there with the knife inches from James’ throat but James calls her bluff as he strikes her with his hand and sends her flying to the floor and starts beating on her until her already left black eye shuts and her nose starts bleeding. James gets up and goes for the knife as Jamie crawls toward another door.

Jamie: Please James… Stop… think about our son Jonny.

James comes running towards her and kicks her in the ribs knocking some of the air out of her as he rolls over and holds her sides.

James: You want Jonny so BAD I’ll bring our boy out and show him how a man handles his household.

James kicks a door open and inside the room has no bed or toys. Just a small TV playing some local wrestling show on repeat,why a young boy who wears a clowning mask is tied to a seat, not able to move or anything. Just tied to a chair watching wrestling over and over again. James walks up on Jonny who starts shaking as James unties him and grabs him by the arm and drags him out next to his mother. Jamie brings Jonny in for a hug as they embrace.

James Frenz: Look at you babying him and making him weak! This boy and I are better off without you my love, I think it’s time you went to Hell my love 

Jamie pulls Jonny away from her and makes him watch what he’s about to do next. He takes the knife and starts stabbing Jamie to death as she yells out in pain. Blood starts to fill the floor as Jonny is forced to watch this dramatic event. James stops and stands up as Jamie no longer kicks or screams, she now lays there lifeless as Jonny cries out for his mother. This upsets James and he takes the clown mask off Jonny and puts the knife in Jonny’s mouth.

James Frenz: What’s wrong son why are you crying? WHY SO SERIOUS? LET’S PUT A SMILE ON!

Just as James said those words he slashes the knife from the sides of Jonnys mouth and drops him on the floor next to his mother. James walks off to the master bedroom why Jonny suffers in pain mentally and Physically.

The screen starts to go dark and fades out as we return to Jonny Frenz in the director’s chair.

Jonny sits in the chair clapping with excitement and laughing uncontrollably.

Hahaha hahaha,  Wasn’t that just a fun story to tell with you all, I gave you a little glimpse into what made me who I am today but now I’m going to tell the Fight! NYC roster who they are because back on July 17 most of you were all respected and feared. Stars like Brandon Moore, Dane Preston, Paul and Joe Montuori were the Big Dogs in the company dating back to their time somewhere else. Miss F and any other figurehead would never treat you guys how they treat you now. You were the big draws and pillars to this company but now you are not and I must ask what happened? DID YOUR BALLS DROP OFF?

Jonny Frenz smirks and then begins laughing again.

Hahaha hahaha, You see you poor fools let Miss F and the other powers in place here pit you against each other and you all fell for it like the mad dogs you are, and then Ascension happened you brainless sheep were so selfish for your desires that you let the very virus you was trying to stop spread out into the system of Fight you allowed NSQ to take the power that every single last one of you had a chance to have. You didn’t even see James Raven coming in to upset the balance of power and now NSQ walks around here flexing power and letting you all know who runs the yard but even NSQ is nothing but puppets having their strings pulled from the higher-ups. Trust me this is just the beginning of the higher-ups using the NSQ to their advantage just ask Sahara who was voted a Co-MVP and was left off the card and Fight didn’t miss a beat. Soon you will all be disposable. Down in the gutter with the likes of Bam Miller, Jennie Fenix, Ashylynn Cassidy, and Anicka Swan fighting for The Queens Championship.

Hahaha hahaha 

You all are in trouble if you don’t stop being fools and start playing this system smart. Even NSQ because Fight needs you right now but once they don’t,  they cast you out like a leopard. You see their code and morals are a bad joke at a drop at the first hint of trouble. I’ll show you when the chips are down they’ll eat each other.

You see, you all care too much about winning the Empire Championship when it’s about making a statement!. You see you all keep getting fooled that if you win the Championship that you’ll be in control but you’ll never be in control until you break NSQ and the best way to break NSQ is to break Dickie Watson emotionally and physically, you have to take his already fragile and dark soul and crush it just a little more, introduce him to just a little bit more pain and once you do that his mental state will Crack and NSQ will fold and the path for power will be wide open for us all but I have a different desire once I help eliminate NSQ from power, I don’t want one group to be in control I don’t want Miss F in control I want chaos, I want madness I want Anarchy in Fight. I want the inmates to run the asylum and I know what you are all thinking. You have run this place before but did you really? You guys caused a little trouble and got put on lockdown and you obeyed like the good dogs you are because you are scared to defy the system but I’m not I’m someone that can’t be bought off with Championship promises or negotiated with. You see I just want to see Fight burn and I’ll provide the gasoline and the lighter for you all, because nothing in life is more beautiful than watching a system burn to the ground.

So when we arrive in Disney and Blood Money begins just know I’m a walking unpredictable psychopath that’s going to change the way Fight operates in the near future. I know all of the people think this will be a one night only deal for me but I plan to stay here for a while actually. I really want to have some fun in Fight and I inflict so much chaos around here. So watch your backs everyone you never know when I’ll appear and start the real fun.

Hahaha hahaha 

JONNY stands up and walks up to the camera and places a Joker card over the lens as the camera flickers off.