Listen to Your Heart

By: Atara Themis

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 26th Jan 2022



Listen To Your Heart


Hello Doves.

Greece is everywhere, especially in America. Your government, a Greek idea. Your courts, your government buildings, the White House, your monuments…all built in styles originating from my home. Hollywood, the world’s entertainment mecca, wouldn’t be without Greek tragedy and comedy. Wrestling, our wrestling would not be without Greece. I suppose in some way, America’s whole existence, an existence that allowed for something like to Fight to become a reality, is owed to my home.

How would America have gotten those idea I wonder…if Greeks had not been so hospitable? If they had not been stolen?

How would those ideas have spread and taken hold in this continent so far west if a native people had not been, like Greeks, so hospitable? If they had not helped show you how to survive in what you thought was untamed and savage wilderness. Would Jamestown have been another failed experiment if not for a young girl acting as the bridge between two cultures? A native girl you took  in and made one of your own. What would have been if not for the kindness of a Powhatan Princess acting as the bridge between two cultures. Where would you be if her land had not been stolen.

Jamestown, the first brick of America’s foundation, made everything possible. It’s why you know her name.

James Raven, the first brick of my career’s foundation. He’s why you know my name.

I am Atara Themis, a Grecian princess nicknamed as the incarnation of laughter loving Aphrodite. She was Powhatan princess Amonute, nicknamed Pocahontas…one who likes to play. You only exist because of us. My career isn’t dependent on winning Blood Money.

Yours is.

That’s what separates me from you. I don’t need it. I’m the Brooklyn Champion. I don’t have to brag about a grocery list of accomplishments.

I’m the Brooklyn Champion.

I don’t have to run down every member of every stable or not stable to prove a point.

I’m the Brooklyn Champion.

I don’t have to run down every member of this roster to prove a point.

 I’m the Brooklyn Champion.

 I don’t have to run down every journey man in this tournament to make a point.

 I’m the Brooklyn Champion.

 I don’t need to want it more or prove how I can overcome any odds.

 I’m the Brooklyn Champion.

 I don’t need to be smarter or have  the same played out phone a friend tricks up my sleeve.

 I’m the Brooklyn Champion.

 And do you remember how I became the Brooklyn Champion? 

 I barked. I told hard truths.  I said it was going to happen. I barked and a bitch pissed herself, retired and handed it to me. 

 I am the Brooklyn Champion and I don’t need a Blood Money victory. That doesn’t mean you can sleep easily. I do want a Blood Money a victory….

...but not for me. The hard truth in that is you will be hard pressed to stop it from happening. Your career probably is dependent on not trying to stop it from happening.

 So there it is Fight! NYC. I barked. 

 Listen to your heart, Doves. Quote the Raven Nevermore.


Steady As The Beating Drum


“Steady as the beating drum singing to the cedar flute, seasons come and seasons come, bare the corn and bare the fruit.”

I had never wanted to be a professional professional wrestler when I was younger. My aspirations had always being to become a ballerina much like my mother but then she passed and that focal point I had was gone. I was slapped with the uncertainty of life and realized none of us know what exactly is waiting around the river bend. That was when 200 BPM Atty was really born and I stopped worrying whether or not the water was going to be choppy or smooth.  I was just in my canoe going where it took me. 

Needless to say my canoe has hit a ton of banks and it getting beat up my the countless rocks and boulders before my father took me under his wing and showed me that my canoe, while on a rivers path doesn’t go far without the assistance of a rutter to steer. He became that rutter for the longest and I dead set on becoming just like him. Everyday, I was at Themis Palaestra learning and soaking in everything I could about wresting, about Pankration. I competed just like him. Toured Europe with him. My canoe was moving along just fine and then once again life skipped an iceberg of a pebble in its path and I was upturned just like when mater was taken.

May 10, 2010

12 years ago. I was 14 and it was the first time I would ever lay eyes on James Raven. He was 19 and already on the path that would make him our G.O.A.T.  Invited to Athens, naturally of course, to face my dad in an exhibition match, it was my first taste of professional wrestling and boy was enthralled. Maybe it was horomones, maybe it was the excitement of this Canadian phenom come to fight Greece’s best but one thing was for sure. 

My rutter shifted direction immediately at the sight of him. I was Ariadne at the sight of Theseus. Completely, madly, obsessively in love with all things James Raven. With anything related to professional wrestling. I wasn’t to pleased with the result of the match. Matter of fact I was pissed that this thing I had just found, this beautiful perfect thing could be so volatile and destructive that it near killed my father. Destroyed my rutter and upended my canoe once again. 

So pissed I said fuck that river and took my little boat and put it a different one entirely. I put it in that stream I knew would lead me to inevitably to him. I’ve been in that river sense I have stopped for not stone or rapid or waterfall ever since. If someone slowed my boat I tossed it out, if something tried to dissuade me and I silenced it.  A face to face with James Raven steadied me for the longest time and finally once I had reached XWF I got it.

Then, May 10th happened all over again. Except this time Theseus didn’t leave Ariadne a broken mess hell bent on revenge. He left her the 14 year old girl who had fell head over heels madly in love with him back in Athens. He rode with her and helped guide that rutter no matter what popped up in front them.

It’s been 12 years. It was never a game. My Blood Money win is and always has been James Raven. 

I’ve always barked that it was and now he’s here. Eating my Greek Salad.