Love Thine Enemy

By: Sebastian Everett Bryce

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 16th Feb 2022

Turns out that whilst having long nails dragged across your skin can evoke pleasure-filled moments of ecstasy, the same cannot be said when these sharp appendages are raked across one’s eyes.

Sebastian Everett-Bryce stood over a water fountain, flicking water into his massacred eyes. He imagined sharp gashes much like those worn by Captain Mifune following the attack upon Zion by the Sentinels – yes. Those Sentinels. From the Matrix Revolutions. Having not washed away any blood or pieces of his own skin, Seb had been forced to conclude that perhaps he was being a tad overdramatic in his considerations regarding his injuries.

Seb turned away from the fountain as he heard a loud crash. He followed the sounds of shifting metal and the sound of one man being heaved onto another’s shoulders – It’s a very specific yet indescribable sound. Seb peered around a corner as Austin Ramsey began his journey.

Keeping well out of sight, Seb stalked from shadowy space to shadowy space, careful not to engage. It wasn’t as if he was a pacifist but more that, as best he could, he wanted to avoid a direct fight if he could help it. And so, he followed the well built young stud through Tomorrowland until he stopped at a large… Dumpster. Seb tilted his head, a touch confused by the entire situation, before he was distracted by a metal folding chair.

Seb wondered to himself whether anyone else had noticed an abundance of steel folding chairs at wrestling events. What was all the more puzzling was that often, the seats that the audience sat on were padded, but these chairs were – nine times out of ten – entirely metallic in their structure. It was almost as if they hadn’t been designed for sitting on at all. And also, who buys a metal folding chair without any padding? It’s entirely uncomfortable save for maybe a couple of minutes before the buttocks would be irreparably numb for at least an hour.

Austin, for example, who had a fantastic derriere, would find himself uncomfortable in mere moments, though Seb considered it would be more comfortable than the dumpster within which poor Bam Miller now found himself.

And so, this in depth analysis led Seb to one simple conclusion. The steel chair he now held in his hand was not, in fact, a symbol of rest but an implement of victory. Some would say he was merely trying to assuage his own guilt, but the reality was that Seb quite enjoyed hitting people with steel chairs. As Seb swung the chair into the back of Austin’s head, he collided with the dumpster and bounced off. Seb stood over him with what could have passed for a look of regret – if only for a moment.

“Sorry about that, friend. Name of the game and all that.” He said before lifting the chair up high and bringing it down on Austin’s head. The wristband turned red and Seb bent down to scan it.

“Drucilla on Space Mountain… Bam eliminated Frenz… Austin eliminated Bam… I eliminated Austin…” Seb counted off before looking around, before starting to whistle the tune to Hi Ho as he walked towards the exit of Tomorrowland. As he passed the remnants of a turkey leg lay upon the ground, he wrinkled his nose and did his best not to baulk.

He wasn’t sure he’d ever eat Christmas Dinner again.

As he wandered he saw smoke rising in the distance, which let’s be honest, is never a good sign. And so he continued his meandering through the exit of Tomorrowland onto the no mans land that was… What was this called? Seb span on the spot looking around for the name of something, anything. If Sloane was here, Sloane would know. She’d also probably have eliminated him already – she was a cunning one that Sloane Taylor.

And then he spotted them, sat upon the edge of the fountain.

“Shawn and Raven.” Seb said, with a deep breath. “Of course it’s Shawn and Raven.”

And Seb fit himself with a faux smirk and began his walk towards the fountain.

It had been pleasant for a while, a few jibes here and there, you know – the kind of top quality bants that would be expected from the final competitors in Blood Money. And Dane was there too. And then, from playful back and forth, everything descended into anarchy. Dane launched at Shawn, and taking the lead Seb tackled Raven off the fountain and sent him crashing to the ground. He mounted the Raven and did his best to ignore the thought that a million women and several million men would be so jealous of him right now.

That momentary lapse in concentration allowed the fresher Raven to take advantage. Turning Seb onto his back, Raven towers over him.

“Buy me dinner first, at least!” Seb called out as a distraction technique and he could have sworn for a moment he saw The People’s G.O.A.T. crack. And then he began to rain down blows upon him. Thankfully, years of trying to avoid his father’s ear clips were coming to his eternal benefit as he dodged this way and that.

“Oh, nearly… Oof, clipped me that time… Oops, almost punched the floor there… Come on… Hit me!” Seb said. At this point, he was just trying to get under Raven’s skin. And whilst he wasn’t entirely sure it had worked, he did see the heat beginning to rise. “… Fuck.”

Raven’s anger broke and his blows became more powerful but more erratic. At this point, Seb had no idea what else was going on anywhere. All he was trying to do was avoid getting his beautiful face turned inside out. And then Seb saw stars – one of the blows had found their mark. And then it was two and three more. The world swam before him – christ, he’d forgotten how hard Raven could hit.

But then he felt the pressure lift as Raven got to his feet. Seb shook his head and breathed hard trying to get a sense of where anything was. He pushed up onto his elbows as Raven advanced and he turned his head slightly to cast a look to where Shawn and Dane were battling.

Raven paused and turned, concerned he was about to be attacked from behind.

Seb took his chance and slammed his foot into Raven’s knee. With a yell of pain, he fell to the ground and Seb pushed up to his knees, and then up onto his feet.

“Fucking Ravens.” He said under his breath.

“We don’t die easily.” James replied with a smirk.

“Beat me once, shame on you… Beat me twice, shame on me…” Seb said.

“Nothing to be ashamed about.” Raven said with a smirk. “Plenty have.”

“Beat me thrice?” Seb said, leaning forward and pointing at Raven – but his palm is pointed upwards whilst pointing to emphasise drama and seriousness. “Fuck… That.”

And yes, I know you tried the Seb point. Everyone does.

“Let’s see about that, hmm?” Raven asked as he pushed up to his knees and then up to his feet. As he does Seb advanced – he linked his arms around Raven’s waist and hoisted twisting in mid air hitting a huge Tornado Belly to Belly onto the concrete pavement.

Seb pushed backwards and turned, readying himself to restart the fight, only to see the red of Raven’s band. He let out a deep sigh of relief as he scanned off his band and climbed to his feet.

“Finally…” Seb said, shaking his head. “… I got one of you fuckers.”

He stretched his neck a little, his moment of satisfaction fleeting as he turned around to see Shawn leaning backwards against the fallen Dane Prescott.

“Well alright…” He said quietly under his breath. As he walked towards the fountain, he tried to blink the pain away from his eyes. He cast a look up Main Street and let out a small cough – the smoke was getting bad by now. Prescott was fucking crazy. As he reached Shawn, he glanced down.

His fucking bracelet was red. It was… Red. Without so much as a stern look exchanged between the two of them.

They’d been robbed of a moment.

“Shame, Shawn… We could have gone out big. At least now you’ve got the distinct honour of being the only guy to eliminate himself. Well…” Seb said with disappointment in his voice. “That and being the only guy to wear his band on his left wrist…”

Why was he wearing it on his left wrist? Fucking attention seeker.

Except he wouldn’t have put it on himself… None of them did. So why…


Seb looked down at Dane’s wrist, and noticed what was not there to notice. The lack of a wristband. And then Shawn lunged, his hands around Seb’s throat, squeezing.

And with the smoke in his lungs, Seb was fading faster than he’d have hoped.

Lights popped in front of his eyes and for the second time, he saw stars popping in front of his eyes.

It was over…

And then she popped into his head – Sloane. The words she’d said before the night even began. She’d wrapped her hand in his and she’d pulled him close.

“You’re going to kill it, baby.” She’d said. “There’s nothing you can’t overcome.”

And she seemed to block out the popping lights – and she’d smiled. She’d winked. And despite Shawn’s seemingly endless strength, Seb somehow managed to drag his hands away from his throat.

But the respite was only momentary – Shawn rotated his wrists out and then suddenly felt a blinding pain in his head.

And all was dark.

Seb wasn’t sure what woke him, but he was aware of the nudges and the voices all at once. His head ached and his throat was dry and scratchy from the smoke. He opened his eyes and rolled over.

“Fucking Warstein…” He said as he pushed himself up from the concrete.

“I hear that a lot.” Said a voice from his right – Seb winced and squinted. The smoke and the earlier vicious and unnecessary blinding still vastly apparent. “You alright?”

“Yeah, you?” Seb asked, looking up at James Raven sat on the edge of the fountain.

“Been better, been worse.” He said, smirking. “You got me.”

“I got lucky.” Seb said, shrugging. “Next time it’ll be clinical.”

“Next time?” Raven asked with the roll of his eyes. “Does there need to be a next time?”

“This was the equivalent of the Cruise.” Seb said, pushing up to his feet and sitting down on the fountain next to Raven. “Still need to even out Horizons.”

“Of course you do.” Raven said, his eyes drifting off towards the exit from the Magic Kingdom. “How’d he beat you?”

“Faked that his band was red – took Dane’s. Almost choked me to death and then dropped me on my head.” Seb said with a chuckle. “Got the better of me, that’s all.”

“It happens.” Raven said with a scratch of that fantastically handsome jawline. “Are you heading out?”

“Sure.” Said Seb, before casting a look around. “Where’s Dane?”

“I assume the Phoenix rose.” Said Raven. “Or some bullshit.”

And Seb began to laugh as the two of them walked towards the exit.

“It’s been a long couple of weeks since Blood Money.” Seb said quietly as he sat in locker room backstage at UGWC Infinity. He’s still dressed in his wrestling gear, and covered in perspiration after his match against Nathaniel Dixon.

“In the weeks that have passed since that night, I’ve defeated my… I don’t know… Maybe former cooperative partner, Travis Pierce, the newly crowned UGWC Cross Hemisphere Champion Ragdoll, and tonight, Nathaniel Dixon to gain an opportunity to fight for any championship I choose…” Seb said with a little shake of his head. “Except for the World Title.”

He slowly started to unwrap the tape from his wrists.

“It’s Valentine’s day – and I’m taking this unusual opportunity that I have to look positively upon those who crossed my path two weeks ago. Blood Money was an epic event taking place at a location at which dreams come true. And I was close – so very close to turning everything on its head. Don’t get me wrong, the world wants to see Dickie and Shawn finally step into the ring together – it’s a match that’s been in the making for god knows how long. And yet… A second here or there and I would have stolen that away from everyone.” Seb said with a wistful smile. “Imagine that? Sebastian Everett-Bryce winning Blood Money on his first night out.”

As Seb finished unwrapping his first wrist, uncovering the small, dated tattoo that was marked there, he moved to the opposite.

“Alas – as we well know if my aunt had bollocks, she’d be my uncle – and what ifs matter not in the grand scheme of things. Shawn Warstein beat me – that’s the fact. Shawn Warstein is intelligent and cunning, on top of being a truly great wrestler. In the same position, I’d only wish I’d have had the foresight to play the game as well as he did that night. He may not have looked like a winner, but he outplayed everyone. And the reality is that he came out victorious – he, Shawn Warstein, was victorious.” Seb said with a smirk. “I want you to know Shawn, that now more than ever I regret that the two of us are no longer set to face each other at the Denzel Porter Invitational. Because that moment, that fleeting time which you and I had together at Blood Money did nothing but fuel that burning desire for the two of us to face. It’ll happen man – because you’ve got dreams to crush… Am I right?”

Seb balled up the tape in his hand and tossed it into a nearby rubbish bin. Yes, a rubbish bin, because that’s what it’s really called, thank you very much. And then he started the process of unwrapping his fists.

“Hello James.” Seb said, glancing up at the camera. “Oh come on, you know I had to brag a little, right? You’ve had my number every time we’ve faced each other. You pinned me on the cruise, you came into my home and violated me, basically pouring lukewarm urine all over my big redemption moment. You think I wouldn’t take just a single, solitary moment to crow about how I’d finally beat The Raven?”

Seb paused for a second before rolling his eyes.

“Fine – that’s it, that’s all. I’m done – because the reality is that when I walked towards that fountain, save for the vicious assault upon my peepers that almost left me permanently blind, I too had remained virtually unscathed by the happenings of the event. I watched a grown man almost sodomised with holiday food. I watched another tossed unceremoniously into a dumpster. And I walked out of Tomorrowland having accosted an opponent with seating apparatus. And yet, when I walked towards Shawn I felt anything but whole. You, my friend, are the true reason that I didn’t win. For without you, I doubt Shawn would have had the reserves to keep me down. Kudos – you weren’t easy to beat. I don’t think anyone could ever say that about you. You’re truly… One of the all time greats.”

Once his wrists were unwrapped, Seb leaned forward to start the process of untying his boots.

“Don’t think I’ve forgotten you, Austin – because I haven’t. I’d understand if you’re pissed at me. You’d finally gotten that moment you’d been chasing for sometime. You beat up Bam Miller. I was impressed – not so impressed that I wouldn’t slip in and take the opportunity when it presented itself. But that’s me – I’m an opportunity kind of guy. I saw you stood there, taking a second to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. All well and good, friend, but the reality is that you left yourself wide open. I saw the bigger picture that perhaps evaded you – but you’ll have your time. No-one as impressive as you goes uncelebrated.” Seb added as he finished the first boot.

“Hey there Anne – think you need to get your nails cut. Bit scratchy… You know?” Seb said with a smirk. “You’ll be glad, I’m sure, to hear that there were no lasting effects. You didn’t scar my pretty face. If I’d known it was you, I’d have taken the time to introduce myself properly. Afterall, it would be rude for an Englishman not to pay his respects to royalty.”

Once his boots were untied, Seb leaned back in his seat, his eyes focused on the middle distance.

“Blood Money was just a taste for me – the click of a finger… the blink of an eye and it was all over.” His mouth curled into a smirk. “But I don’t want it to be over. That taste became a craving, and the craving has grown to a need. There’s so much talent, so many new matches, so many opportunities to make history. A new world to explore.”

And then his eyes focus upon the camera.

“I’m coming back, Fight! NYC… And I can’t wait to show you all..” He said, before blowing a kiss to the camera. “… That the Empire is mine – you’ll merely be allowed to play in it. See you soon.”

And with that, Seb climbed up from his seat and stepped out of his boots before walking towards the shower, his towel around his waist. And as he steps inside, he allows it to drop. Because who doesn’t enjoy a gratuitous buttock shot to end a promo?

I know I do.