By: Jennie Fenix

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 3rd Nov 2021

There was a silver chain that hung around Jennie’s neck with a locket attached to the end; she would rarely take it off, but would constantly hide it behind whatever she was wearing. A bouquet of flowers was under her other arm. On this particular day, she held it between her fingers as she drew in a deep breath almost in an attempt to retain her composure… There was the sly smile on her face, the part of her that always tried to stay positive; to see things in a different light, but it was a mask. One that she wore for herself. It worked… most of the time. But there were days where the mask would crumble and she would do her best to avoid contact with anyone until she could bring herself back to how the world saw her. Cheerful. Goofy. A little random at times, but she always felt what she did was done with a purpose.


There was an overcast, and drizzling rain. She wore one of her usual oversized hoodies with her hood pulled up over her head and the lavender color protruded from the sides. She was navigating her way through the graveyard. The dirt crunched beneath her feet as she eyed each of the gravestones with their names perfectly etched into it, and it only took her another minute before she got to where she was going.


“It’s been a while…” She muttered, and the smile on her face grew for a moment as she gave a nervous chuckle before taking a seat beside the stone with the plaque on it: DYLAN JONES. She laid the flowers down and drew her legs in to sit in a criss-cross fashion, then reached her hands to her feet to hold them near.


“I–“ she began with a stutter, and wiped her sleeve across her eyes, “I miss you. I’m sorry that I haven’t come by to visit for… well, for a long time, but there’s a lot that I should fill you in on.” She said with a sniffle and began rocking back and forth, and despite the way that she felt by being here, there was something different about her smile; it was genuine now that she was where she came… She looked forward as if someone were sitting next to her.


“Dru died…” Jennie said in a low tone, the hurt clear in her voice, “You didn’t know Dru, but you would have loved her. She– she kind of brought me back, and after she died, I just– I realized that I hadn’t come to see you… I don’t know why… I drove by this place so many times, but I just– I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t see you. I couldn’t be here. But it’s just, losing her… How is she?” Jennie asked.


She hesitated for a moment in answering, giving a moment as if Dylan were answering her. She gave another nervous chuckle before finally answering, “Why would I ask you that? You probably haven’t met her yet, but you will… Tell her that we miss her. Tell her we love her. But– I’m sorry, again, I’m just… I didn’t forget you. Nobody looks at me the way you did. Nobody has made me feel the way you did. Anyways! Tell me… How are things?”


The wind blew and silence ensued. The only sound that broke the silence was Jennie’s occasional sniffle as her nose turned red, and her eyes began to appear puffy while she tried to fight back her tears; she reached her hand back to her necklace and pinched it lightly between her fingers. 


“That’s good. I’m glad.” She answered. She drew in a deep breath and began nodding her head, as if still listening.


“It… sounds nice.” Jennie said before finally answering, “I still listen to that CD burned for me. It’s crazy–“ Jennie laughed, “–people these days barely know what a CD is anymore. Even the new cards don’t hae a CD player. Just… crazy.” Her voice trailed off.


She stayed silent for a few seconds and began twiddling her thumbs.


“I had my first title match this week…” She said in a low tone, “It… didn’t go well. I didn’t win. I tried, baby! I tried! I promise, I did my best, and– and–“ another deep breath, “–you know I did. But I’m going to try again. I’m going to bring it here for you to see when I win it.” 


Jennie went silent again for a long moment. Her voice stumbled many times before she could finally say the words that she was trying to let escape, “I love you, Dylan. And I wish you were still here with me. Every day… I wish you were still here with me. I know– I know that people said we were just young, and foolish, but I know that what we had was real… and I just… I don’t feel with anyone what I felt with you. I– I promise that I’m going to come back to visit more often. I’m sorry that I didn’t. I’m sorry I couldn’t be here. But… I love you.”


Jennie adjusted in her seat and leaned against the headstone as if falling into Dylan’s arms, resting her head against it as if it were his shoulder, and she wrapped her arms tightly around herself. She closed her eyes.