Main Event Media Day

By: Ashlynn Cassidy

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 4th Mar 2022

The following events all took place between 8:34am and 4:07pm on March 04, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.


See? Self love works wonders!

Ashlynn Cassidy felt her vision return as the cucumbers that were over her eyes were taken off. She reopened her eyes and fought herself not to smile too wide. The exfoliate mask was still on, she was better off not cracking it right now. Instead, she did a little excited shuffle with her slipper-covered feet. Her thighs rubbing against each other under the white silk robe she wore. She was quite giddy. She turned her head to see Miss Michelle beside her. Michelle had had the mask and eye covering removed by now, so she was free to express herself. Her face read of shared glee, with a hint of amusement as well as concern. She laughed.

You really needed this, didn’t you? I wish I could say a spa day was just what I needed to relax facing Warstein and all but…

Just as Michelle had been speaking, an attendant came by and freed Ashlynn from her mask. She smiled and shrugged casually. “I figured you might be on edge. But hey! How many times have you treated me? I knew this time it would be on me. With you facing Shawn, and me facing Dickie. It seemed like a fitting time, y’know?

Michelle nodded. The two women sighed, one was definitely more cheerful than the other.

I know, and I appreciate it, but a spa day isn’t going to take away ALL the stress. Shawn fucking Warstein and Dickie fucking Watson. Two of the top names ANYWHERE in wrestling. Plus the whole thing with…thank God Poptart’s watching Ezra right now. Why am I the one on edge here? You have the Empire Champion to get ready for. Hell, a couple months ago? You-

Ashlynn swung her legs and got out of the little spa recliner provided to patrons. She placed her hands on the shoulders of her friend. Ashlynn’s eyes were intense, yet gentle.

You realize you won on the last Venom, right? You’re fierce in that ring, you can beat anyone, any time, anywhere. I get it, months ago? I was VERY different. Months ago, I threw a fit over chips. I was RIDICULOUS. I was on the verge of snapping every moment of every day. Here I am now, I literally just had my feet up as I head into my first main event. Funny to think about how before this year? I was just like Dickie, kinda. Tragic backstory, never smiling, always intense. Almost like drinking my own tears would give me superstrength of some superpower to carry me to victory. Hell, maybe that is how Dickie works, I don’t fucking know. The first time I’m not some emo-goth, woe-is-me, self-torture-pornstar about how I deserve more from others, my luck changed. The first time I loved myself, and realized FIGHT was leeching off me for MY beauty and MY talent? BOOM! Main event slot. Win? Lose? I mean… more people were talking about that steamy kiss than who won what match weren’t they?” Ashlynn winked teasingly. “I’m not gonna beat myself up, whatever happens. That’s some toxic ass energy. Fact is, he’s been champion as long as he has for a reason. He’s went to war with countless challengers and came out on top. So maybe it does feel like I’m a sitting duck. I’m not going to let myself get upset. The only upset I’ll allow is the one where I am the one who gets my hand raised.

Just then, Ashlynn had an idea pop in her head. She glanced at her nails before she took Michelle by the wrist and led her toward the nail and hair section of the spa establishment. Michelle was the one to pull her back, though Ashlynn was prepared to cut the line.

Slow down! I don’t even know if and what I want yet!” Michelle stated.

Good point…

Your FIGHT!NYC main event star era seems pretty high maintenance. God help us.

Ashlynn was slightly confused by this. “It’s just self-care, that’s all.


A little while later, Ashlynn sat in a chair letting her nails dry. The warm air tickled, making her wiggle her fingers and toes. It was probably also to pass time. Michelle, for her part, just had her nails done. A sharp, eye-catching red. Ashlynn on the other hand, was sure to loosen up, spoil herself a little. Especially given that she was in the main event, she was definitely going to give herself the proper, full-body treatment. As well as the nails, Ashlynn’s head was wrapped up and under a hairdryer. Not that it was on, she’d already coloured and had her hair washed. She grinned, taking time to admire her nails, freshly done and now a glittery gold. Michelle’s red nails waved in front of her face. Ashlynn shook her head and blinked.

Earth to Ash?” Michelle called out, after having said something but it didn’t register for the other woman. “Are you sure you’re okay, babe?

Ashlynn gave a reassuring nod. “Never been better! Never felt more comfortable. This is where I belong. Everywhere I’ve been, I attract gold. Over the month I was away? I won a title. In between last Venom and this one? Another championship. I belong on billboards, LEDs, on all sorts of promotional material. I belong in main event matches. I belong around gold. I know it, I always have, and now it seems like FIGHT!NYC knows it too. So I’ve got a new attitude, sure I’ve redefined what ‘UNDENIABLE’ means to me, but I am still capable, and vicious, and hungry when it counts. I did say I wasn’t going to let whatever happens break me, but believe me. I KNOW that this opportunity can MAKE me. If I can be the one to topple the untopple-able? Then…” Ashlynn wore a giddy smirk. “Sure, I’m not like Dickie, I don’t have the same level of hatred in my mind, sadness in my heart and anger in my soul. There was a time when the whole ‘tragic, angsty, punk boy band’ was just my type. Now? It’s just really obvious to me, he lives a miserable existence. A capable wrestler, that’s obvious, but when he isn’t hitting something, or verbally assaulting someone? He’s lonely and paranoid. There’s a reason I thought he’d like the mirror I got him months ago.

You and I? We got it down. We know how to balance shit out. WE understand how to have fun, how to relax. Sure it took some time, but we grew out of our brooding man fetish-

The taller woman paused, as Michelle had given her a scolding look. It was just for a moment before they broke out in laughter.

I’m proud of our growth. We’re evolved, happier, bitchier every second, but happier.” Michelle said with a friendly nudge.

She might not have noticed, but Ash was moments away from being enamoured with her beauty once again. Her nails matched the gold she won in her adventures outside of FIGHT!NYC. A tag title in Zion Wrestling as well as a World Title in a Cleveland based company. Said company’s future, up in the air, but she had still won that belt. As bubbly and personable as she was, she had won that singles title resorting to a strong level of aggression and violence that evoked questions from even her closest friends including Serena Riot, who she considered as close as a sister. As well as Serena’s girlfriend, who she had to put down for said belt. Point was, deep down, she knew to have a chance at beating Dickie, she needed to dig deep and revisit the confident but also cold, heartless bitch that won that Fight! gold. Of course she really wanted to knock off the guy who held this FIGHT! gold.

Then again, who didn’t? Then again, she could.

Speaking of happy, how is Paul?

Oh, he’s insatiable, but we both are. He’s really sweet!

Ash smiled a genuine and kind smile, even mouthing “aaaaw!” and “happy for you!” Just then, Michelle felt her phone buzz. Ashlynn could immediately sense the vibe Michelle’s face was giving off as she looked at her phone. Ashlynn nodded. “Go, have fun! I have some media to do.” She winked.

Oh, is that why we came here? Is that why…” Michelle gestured from the top of Ash to the bottom. After all, Ash had gone all out on pampering herself that morning.

Ash shrugged her shoulders, a guilty expression on her face. “Only partially…” insisted Ashlynn, playing up the lash batting. She was guilty, but hopefully she could sway Michelle’s judgement.

Michelle waved it off rolling her eyes as she got up, Ash following suit a moment later

What? Main eventer status duties, you get it, you’ve taught me the same tricks. Plus, you look radiant!

The two share a light hug before heading to the stalls to retrieve their clothes.

On the way there, Ash’s hair towel fell off to reveal fresh, new and improved blonde hair rather than her brown FIGHT!NYC fans might be used to. Ashlynn thought about picking it up. Once she’d looked at her pretty nails, she chose not to.
People get paid to pick shit up off the floor and keep this place clean, right?

Michelle, who’d been in more of a rush, was naturally faster, first to the exit. “Go kill it, bitch!

Ashlynn blew her a kiss and waved as Michelle hurried away. On her way out, Ashlynn noticed the same towel was still dropped on the floor. She thought to herself to pick it up. She very easily could have. Again, she chose not to. In fact, she intentionally stepped on it with her heel. She felt the towel rip under her foot as she walked straight out of the establishment. Don’t worry! She wasn’t a cheapskate crook. She’d paid up front.


Later that day, Ashlynn was the focus of a media scrum just outside the Arena, the former Staples Centre. She stood at the podium with her bright blonde hair, her face all made up, her lips with a coat of red. Longtime, keen FIGHT!NYC fans would have noticed that this was similar to Ashlynn’s very first run in doing media for FIGHT!NYC. Unlike then, Ashlynn was in no way intimidated. She wasn’t uncomfortable anymore. She didn’t have to put on a character. She was able to just be herself. Whether “herself” was the same version of herself she was on her first day? The shy, innocent, frightened girl? She was gone. Instead? Here stood a woman who, some might say, could get high on her own hype. She waited for the scrum to calm themselves and let their eyes focus on her.

Now, before we get started, I wanted to issue an apology. For months and months, I berated FIGHT!NYC staff for misusing me. I threw tantrums because I felt that instead of being treated like a legitimate wrestler, I was the eye candy. I want to apologize, I wasn’t self-aware enough. I didn’t have enough self-love. I can be both. I am hot as hell, I fully embrace that now. In a way, I can thank FIGHT! for placing me in low-stakes, safer matches. They were protecting one of their key assets until she was ready. I’m ready now, I know more than ever my self-importance within this company. I get it now. I’m wicked talented. I literally have a face that can and will be the face of FIGHT!NYC. Now I understand that. Now I understand what I must do. I have to take care of myself, for me, for FIGHT!, for all of our fans. FIGHT! paid attention, obviously we can all agree my time has come.

For a moment, she catches sight of the advertising for Venom 17. There was her face, her name in lights. She made it onto the big ad screen at one of the world’s most famous arenas in Los fucking Angeles. If this were Day One Ash, she’d try to shrug it off as no big deal. Now? 2022 Ash wouldn’t deny that this was one of her dreams come true. Sure, Dickie was there too, but that’s not where she was focused.

Miss Cassidy.” spoke a voice.

Miss Cassidy!” it repeated.

Ashlynn refocused herself at the podium. A gentleman in a red polo shirt was at the front of the line when a microphone stood, meant to allow for questions to be asked. He cleared his throat before speaking.
Well, Ash, I just had a questi-” This time, it was Ashlynn was the one to cut him off. “Ash-LYNN. My friends call me Ash. I’m not too comfortable with just ANYONE using it. Are we friends, sir? I don’t think I know you…” After a few seconds of Ashlynn raising a brow at him, the gentleman shook his head and started over. “Ashlynn, I just had a question about how you’ve adjusted, if you need to, now that you’re a main eventer here in FIGHT!NYC.” He spoke much faster than he had when he tried to ask the first time. “But I think it’s fair to say you have because…love the hair, by the way.

First and foremost, Ashlynn did a little showy flip of her hair. She seemingly heard that first. Then, everyone in attendance could’ve seen her visibly recollect the rest of his words. “Look at you, answering your own question. Almost like you didn’t need to come here and ask it. I’m nice though! I know the fans want to know. So here goes…

Short answer? Yeah, and no. I’m changed, I wouldn’t even say it’s because I’m a main eventer. I have always been a main event caliber talent. I’ve proven it on multiple occasions. I have been multiple places and I have proven that I can shine like any other star in the business. I have always had STAR written all over me. That is undeniable. What’s different is I’m over the jitters. I’m over the idea that it’s a big world out there and I’m just me. The majority of my time here? I have been dripping in gold. Sure, none of the gold IN FIGHT!NYC, but gold. Hell, I even went out and locked down a different Fight! title. I get it, I do. Some of you out there, even some of you who I share moments backstage with, some of you might say that I am a big fish in small ponds. When you put me out here, I’ll drown.” Ashlynn paused, as she couldn’t help but laugh.

You know what’s sad? Up until the end of 2021 I believed all of you. I thought so too. Thank God the new year knocked some sense into me. I’m thankful that I let myself take time away. It was a chance for me to gain some perspective! Guess what? I look at FIGHT! with new eyes! I mean, sure, right now I’m not yet the BIG fish here but I could be. It’s not about how big the pond is, or how big I am. I am a GOLDEN FISH.” Ashlynn readjusted herself, bringing her mouth closer to the mic. “Did you all get that? GOLDEN. FISH. Not goldfish, I remember things really well. Not Goldfish, even though I totally am what people would call a snacc. GOLDEN FISH.

I am the prized possession. I am the beautiful creature people want to get to see. I gravitate toward champions and championships. I swim into promotions and I lust for gold. I sniff gold and I go into a frenzy. I fight and I flail, I go for blood. If I have the chance? You know damn well that I’m taking it. So here I am, Venom 17 in there against the King Shark himself, Dickie Watson.

A woman in a blue cardigan was next up. She did not dare speak until eye contact was made.

Ashlynn, it is no secret that Dickie Watson is one of the biggest names in the wrestling world. His record in FIGHT!NYC is impossible to ignore. Defeating Dickie Watson has proven to be practically impossible. What are your thoughts? Do you think you have what it takes to defeat him?

Ashlynn sighed, needing a moment to collect her thoughts.

Dmitri Watson does not lose. He just…doesn’t. He is a bonafide legend. What chance do I have? After Venom, I can officially say that I am a FIGHT! main eventer. Thing is? I can’t ignore the part of me that thinks “you were just next in line’. Everyone has stepped up, everyone has fallen. They set them up, he knocks them down. They spun a wheel and I proved to be the unlucky wedge it stopped on. They spun the Wheel of Misfortune, and come Venom’s end I’ll be another feather in his already covered, overstuffed cap. Countless have come before me, some with more experience, some, flat out, better shit talkers than me. I’m sure they all said they’ll try their best, or that because of just how angry,
and twisted,
and badass,
and strong-willed…

They all fell.

So what in the hell am I supposed to do?

There’s a few seconds of silence for dramatic effect. Ashlynn absolutely relished in the fact that the crowd seemed to hang on every word.

I can only do one thing: show up and fight. As tempting as it is to soak in all the attention, and the perks of being the poster girl and just ghost at the show, I know I can’t. I know what happens to folks who beg for the spotlight and the moment it finds them, they run. The spotlight will never go looking for them again. I have to try to shine as bright as I can now. I just have to.

Ashlynn had her hand up, needing more time yet again. “Sorry everyone. Just goes to show this is the biggest match of my career, at least at FIGHT!NYC.

Ashlynn took a step back and took a deep breath or two. This wasn’t ENTIRELY for show anymore. She finally stepped back up.

In my first in-ring match at FIGHT, I got the win against Dane Preston. I remember not feeling ready. I put my head down and got in there. I don’t remember most of it, but I won.

A couple weeks later, I stepped in the ring against one of Dickie’s pals, Kasey Winterborn. I didn’t feel ready then either, not really. Turns out, I was. In my mind, and the mind of many others, those were upsets. If I were to pull this off? Of course it’d be. It could be the biggest upset in the entire 2 season plus history of this company. I wish I could stand here and tell you that I have more sadness, and bitterness, and anger, that I’ve faced the tribulation that trumps Dickie’s that means that I have the key. I wish that I had the one insult that I guarantee will crack the Molotov right open. If I had it, I’d say it. I wish that I could say because I know how to dig myself out of sad emo swamp once in a while so that I could be more level-headed and guarantee I pull off the upset of the century.

I wish I could stand here and say that I have a plan. The fact is, I don’t. The fact is, no one does. Unless maybe you’re Shawn Warstein.” The Undeniable starlet did a little twirl on the spot. “Do I look like I’m Shawn Warstein?

Ashlynn spotted one idiot who stated the obvious. “No.” The one idiot said aloud.

No shit. Ashlynn took a moment to take out her phone, using the camera function to assess if her makeup had run. She stood at the podium at the front. She pulled a tissue from her pocket to properly fix her look. After all this, she resumed speaking.

Earlier today, I was getting pampered alongside Miss Michelle. I told her that I was going to be prepared. As hard as I will try, and as much as Dickie will get every last part of me. IF I lose, I will not have built myself up enough to be devastated in defeat. IF I lose, I will just have been the latest in a very long line. I still will have known what it’s like to demand main event attention. I will have known what it was like to have all of you hang on every word I said. I will have known what it’s like to have all of you listen to me take minutes at a time to answer two questions.

…and if I win? I will have pulled off the impossible, and I will live on in FIGHT!NYC history as the one to be the one that made the Molotov blow up in Dickie Watson’s face. If I win? There is no other way to look at it. There’s no doubt, it will be UNDENIABLE! I will have stunned the entire wrestling world.

With a blown kiss and a hair flip, Ashlynn made her exit. The media scrum became confused, some outright upset. It was promised there’d be at least three questions answered. Unfortunately for them, it really was quite simple.

They came for Ashlynn Cassidy. They came to hear ME speak.
It’s MY press conference.
I am the star and I call the shots.