Making you an offer…

By: Enforcer

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 10th Sep 2021


::Enforcer is walking up to the front door of his Central Park West apartment. Just as he slides his key into the keyhole a young man in his early twenties approaches him.::


Young Man:You are a difficult man to track down.


Enforcer:Well, that depends on who is looking for me.


Young Man:Oh yes, allow me to introduce myself. I am Lucifer Lopez and I work for Fight NYC!


::Still facing towards his shut door.::


Enforcer:How may I help you, Mr. Lopez?


Lucifer Lopez:Oh yes. I was asked to deliver this package to you.


::Enforcer slowly turns around and suspiciously looks at Lucifer.::




::Lucifer reaches into his bag and takes out a manila folder. Lucifer hands the folder over to Enforcer.::


Enforcer:What is this?


Lucifer Lopez:Take a look.


::Enforcer opens up the folder.::


Enforcer:A contract?


Lucifer Lopez:Yes, indeed it is.


::Enforcer scans the first page. He stops scanning the page, his eyes widen and he looks back up at Lucifer.::


Enforcer:A commercial to endorse Nacho Cheese Doritos?!?!?! What the actual fuck?


Lucifer Lopez:Yes, Mrs. Black insisted you join her in doing this commercial.


Enforcer:Vhodka!!! I knew she was behind this!!!


::Enforcer shuts the manila folder.::


Enforcer:You can tell Vhodka that Iíd rather stick needles into my groin. Tell her thanks but no thanks.


Lucifer Lopez:Oh, I must have given you the wrong impression, Anthony. Fight NYC! Management is insisting that you do this commercial.


Enforcer:Son of a bitch! Why is management insisting I do this commercial?


Lucifer Lopez:I think one of the reasons is Vhodka is getting some devilish amusement out of the idea of you endorsing Nacho Cheese Doritos.


Enforcer:Touche, Vhodka. Touche.


Lucifer Lopez:Plus you are on the list of Fight NYC! Wrestlers the Doritos executives that aren’t as one Fight NYC! Executive said, “isnít a raging piece of shit.”


Enforcer:I would like to think I am not a raging piece of shit.


Lucifer Lopez:It was said you are just, “a self loathing narcissist.”


::Enforcer gives Lucifer a dirty look.::


Enforcer:Well, that might be true.


:;Enforcer and Lucifer shake their heads in agreement.::


Lucifer Lopez:So, youíll sign the contract to do the commercial and I can tell the higher ups youíll do it?


Enforcer:Fuck no!


Lucifer Lopez:Wait, why not? Come on, man. I need this win. The bosses kinda have been treating me like the low man on the totem pole.


Enforcer:Are you the low man on the totem pole?


Lucifer Lopez:Well yeah but I still need the win.


Enforcer:Well shit, kid. Getting treated like a little bitch boy comes with the territory of adulting. Welcome, kid. You donít get any cookies but you can get kicked in the balls over and over until you are able to do something about it.


Lucifer Lopez:I am doing something about it, right now.


Enforcer:(Puts his right hand over his brow.)You are killing me, kid.


Lucifer Lopez:Itís not fun getting kicked in the balls over and over, is it?


Enforcer:About as much fun as watching Johnny boy competing in a spelling bee. Actually that might fucking fun. Getting kicked in the balls is as much fun as witnessing Jerry Watts reacting to getting dumped. Itís like watching a car wreck. Look kid, if you really want me to do this then youíll go back to Vhodka and tell her she has to eat a whole big ass bag of Cool Ranch Dorito on camera. Then and only then Iíll consent to promoting those disgusting gutter trash chips she loves for some reason.


Lucifer Lopez:You serious?


Enforcer:Very much so.


Lucifer Lopez:You want me to go ask Vhodka to eat Cool Ranch Doritos?


Enforcer:I would suggest wearing football pads, a helmet, a cup, and a bulletproof vest.


::Luciferís jaw drops.::


Lucifer Lopez:No,no,no,no,no…Donít make me do this! Please no!


::Enforcer starts leading Lucifer down the hallway to the elevator.::


Enforcer:Grow some balls, kid. You want to stop getting treated like a little bitch boy. What better way to do it then manning the fuck up?


Lucifer Lopez:Manning the fuck up to Vhodka though?


::Enforcer presses the elevator button.::


Enforcer:Sheíll probably kill you but what an epic way to go? If she doesnít kill you she might turn you into a Christmas ornament. I would say it is about a fifty/fifty chance. Regardless whatever she is going to do to you it will make the news.


::The elevator doors open and Enforcer shoves Lucifer into the elevator.::


Enforcer:Good luck, kid.


::The elevator doors shut, Enforcer turns around, and starts chuckling to himself as he is walking to his apartment door. He gets to his door and opens the front door to his apartment. He sets his keys on a table near the front door.::


Enforcer:A Nacho Cheese Dorito commercial? Me? I think I have heard everything now.


::Enforcer walks into the kitchen and grabs a bottle of Whiskey. He gets a glass and pours himself a drink.::


Enforcer:I need to be focusing on my upcoming match against Druscilla. Not contemplating whether or not I do a damn commercial for those grotesque chips. If I can even call them chips but I must digress because the only thing that should be on my mind is Druscilla. I must show up to the Fight Towers and show out when I step into the Night NYC! Ring next. As much as I hate to admit it I may have lost my one and only chance to become the Fight NYC! Brooklyn Champion. Not that Mason doesnít deserve to be champion but he brought it a couple of weeks ago at Toxic Tag to become the Brooklyn champion. But this has to do more with me because more than anything I wanted to represent the borough that I have and will always call home as its champion. Obviously that didnít happen but if I have anything to say about it then it will one day change in the very near future.


::Enforcer walks out of the kitchen as he takes a sip of whiskey.::


Enforcer:Until then though I need to remind the world and myself of who the fuck I am. Druscilla, dear, you may have got a lot of things going for you from the advantageous childhood with your family. That is of course until you came to New York. You know, Dru, there is something I have always wondered. Why would someone born of money choose this life? And no I am not speaking of a life as a wrestler but a life that involves this thing of ours. Did you feel that neglected as a child that you came here to New York and fell under the spell of Capo di tutti i capi? You must have been a very impressionable young woman. It is why Miss F treats you like you are my new buddy Lucifer.


::Enforcer sets his glass down on the living room table.::


Enforcer:I have to admit I am kind of honored to be involved in your coming of age story. But we have seen many who have come before you, Dru, talk down to their opponents. Which is why those hotshots youngsters before have fallen to a grizzled veteran like myself. If you donít want to take me seriously despite going through the motions of training to step into the ring with me then you do you, Dru. So, which is it Dru? Am I a lackluster wrestler or someone who you need to get ready for both mentally and physically to step into the ring with? That impressionable sixteen year old still seems to be inside you screaming to get out. When you figure it out who you are Druscilla please let the world know but donít expect that epiphany of yours to happen at my expense. All that I am concerned with is making sure The Cure stays strong and my redemption within the Fight NYC! Will come to fruition.


::Enforcerís cell phone rings. He takes his phone out of his pocket and answers it.::




Voice:Hello, Anthony. It is Lucifer and I have an answer for you from Vhodka….


::The screen fades to black.::