MAV || Another Part of Me

By: Mason Alexander Vanderbilt

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 24th Aug 2021

They say that itís good in life to make yourself a fish out of water from time to time. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone is a perfectly normal aspect of the human experience. Lately, I have somewhat reverted back to one of my oldest lifestyle tropes. Being a native New Yorker, I enjoy being stuck in a city that has such hustle and bustle. While I do enjoy travelling the world, thereís something about the lifestyle Iíve been able to have for my entire life in New York City. I do luckily come from a very advantaged family, so I never experienced the terrors of some of the boroughs throughout the cityÖ so why would I ever want to leave? Of course, I eventually did leave the city and experience living in other places, but thereís something about New York City. Now, I am back in the city on such a consistent basisÖ that I havenít tried to leave. Not only do I live in New York City, I now exclusively wrestle in New York City. Thereís something great about this business when youíre able to sleep every single night in your own bed. Unfortunately, thereís been a biting pressure to leave the cityÖ mainly from the biting influences that I have in my career. As much as Iíve grown to appreciate having the beautiful Sienna Sharpe as my management, sheís become a lot. Typically, we only deal with one another on a two to three day a week basis in person. Given that she lives her life on the west coast, we are usually given the living space necessary for her to not get under my skin. Unfortunately, that changed for the last few weeks. With two weeks of bookings in FIGHT, she never left the city. Instead, I was subjected to the drama and misfortunes of the Sharpe family. For days on end, I was exposed to Siennaís siblings, Silas and Selena, and their odd hijinks. For a fleeting moment, I looked forward to having a week off before the Toxic Tag event. I looked forward to a week of solitude and focus, in order to prepare myself for an opportunity to gain an opportunity at the Brooklyn Championship that I rightfully believed should have been mine. I also looked forward to an opportunity to finally iron out the final details of my custodial agreements with Christina. Unfortunately, those plans changed. Instead of spending time in my humble abode, I was summoned to the East Coast along with Sienna to meet with Corneilus. As much as I would have loved to dismiss this calling, I have always gone forth with whatever Cornelius needed, because he would always do the same for me. So, I boarded a flight and found myself in Los Angeles.


The sun began to set on another beautiful day in Los Angeles. Many people speak ill about The City of Angels, but there were many beautiful spectacles to see. While there were many different things to be done in the city, that wasnít the purpose for being there. The only reason why Mason Alexander Vanderbilt was able to view the beautiful sunset was through the casement window in Cornelius James Walkerís office. The office, located in the gym in which Cornelius and his partner train wrestlers, was shockingly lavish. While it may not have been large in size, it was large in extravagances, shocking for a gym. The green walls are adorned with pictures of Cornelius in his prime. Two beige leather couches sit parallel to each other. On one sits Sienna Sharpe. The buxom blonde sits with legs crossed and head down, her eyes transfixed on her phone. On the couch across from her, is Cornelius. Sitting with† his hands clasped on his knees, Cornelius’ eyes shift back and forth between Sienna and Mason.

Cornelius: “Mason…what in the fuck are you doing?”

Slightly startled by the mention of his name, Mason turns his head away from the window. He looks over at Cornelius before placing his hands into the pockets of his blue jeans.

MAV: “I was admiring the sunset. You know, itís good to look out at the sunset and think from time to time Corny.”

Unclasping his hands from each other, Cornelius lets out a light scof.

Cornelius: “Yeah, I guess it is when you actually have nothing to doÖ but thatís not what this is! Youíre supposed to be helping me out here, son!”

Mason looks over at Cornelius intently.

MAV: “Corn, you know I am here to help you. Iíve gotten into the ring with your students for the last week. The only reason that I am here, is youÖ”

Suddenly, Sienna lifts her head from her phone. Letting out a soft laugh, she interjects into the conversation.

Sienna: “ActuallyÖ Iím the reason youíre here. If it wasnít for me, I had to practically drag you onto a plane to come here. Cornelius wanted you to come show these C-tier students how itís done. I wanted to come take a few more talent meetings, so it was a win-win.”

Stepping away from the window, Mason makes his way across the room. He stands at Corneliusí desk, and turns his back to it. Leaning his lower body against it, he crosses his arms over his chest.

MAV: “First of all Sienna, I would have come regardless of your influence or not. I owe a lot to Cornelius, and I do what I can. Now, I wouldnít call his students c-tier. Yes, they are rough around the edges, but that takes time. I mean, look at what Cheyenne is doing. She signed her first contract, and she is killing it! I sincerely hope that you wouldnít think you would have been able to scout yourself a new client out of Cornyís trainees.”

Perking up in her seat, Sienna puts her phone down on the couch near her side.

Sienna: “As a matter of fact, yes. There are some decent talents, but they definitely arenít ready made. I donít know, I would have thought Corny would have worked some miracles!”

Shaking his head, Cornelius lets out a laugh.

Cornelius: “Little girl, you donít understand this business. It takes years to really hone your craft. It took Mason less time than most, but thatís not a situation that you should get used to. Iíve worked my entire life in this fucking business, Iím not like you. Iím not a pretty little social media influencer who decided she wanted to break in for clout. I worked for over thirty years to get this far, donít talk about my students.† Iíve worked you out before, youíre far from being able to throw a stone.”

The look on Siennaís face could tell a story. It was obvious that she was offended by Corneliusí sentiment, but Mason knew he was completely correct. Mason lets out a soft laugh before beginning to speak again.

MAV: “Well, thatís one way to make this room a bit more stuffy. Listen, Corny they are roughÖ but I did see potential in quite a few people. They may not all be completely ready, but I know they will be. If Iím being completely honest, I only saw one person who Iíd say was absolutely great.”

A quizzical look befalls Corneliusí face.

Cornelius: “Well, tell me kid. Who do you think is actually ready to maybe try it at the big time?”

Uncrossing his arms, Mason places his hands on the desk.

MAV: “I really think Arabella could really be something. I know, she hasnít really worked on this as long as some of the others, but she has the heart. You know, you trained Kzyer, and he was great. Itís unfortunate that he isnít here, but sheís keeping up his legacy. She has the look and the heart that these companies go for, and you know that.”

Cornelius rubs his chin, taking a moment to ponder Masonís musings.

Cornelius: “You know, I really do think sheís something special. I havenít really been working with her that long, but she came to me already pretty ready. She has that look, but Iím still not sure. Are you sure that this isnít just off the back of the relationship you and Kyzer had?”

Mason takes a deep breath. For a moment, he thought about what Cornelius had stated.

MAV: “Kyzer and I had a tumultuous relationship, thatís for sure. You know, we just didnít see eye to eye for a while. He was way too big for his britches, and he was just getting started. I know that I was gaining an ego at that point, but he was entirely too big. You know, after six months, we started to actually see eye to eye. Then, when I finally got my big break, we actually became quite good friends. Itís a shame that he was part of senseless gang violence last year, he was so close to making it big.”

With her arms crossed over her chest, Sienna lets out a deep sigh.

Sienna: “WowÖ thatís awfully fucking sad. So, you and this chickís brother were essentially rivals?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Mason begins to tap his fingers along the edge of the desk.

MAV: “I guess that you could say that. You know, he could have been a star, and I always knew that. I was Cornyís top dog, so we had a little rivalry. It only got personal once or twice, but we eventually got over it. We became friends, and eventually you could only sit there and let petty little egos run for a bit. This business is a selfish thing, but you should want to see your peers. We both came from the same teacher, it would have been a success of the system, and thatís bigger than just ourselves. Ky was a person I became proud to call my friend.”

Cornelius nods his head in agreement before standing up from the couch.

Cornelius: “Iím proud of the growth that youíve had Mason. There is not a chance in hell that you would have said that before you left my tutelage. Youíre right, Ky could have been big. He was a masterful wrestler, but itís just how life works out. He shouldnít have been involved in the things he did, but you canít change that. I know that Arabella is really trying hard, and I do think sheís ready, but you know this business is extremely cutthroat. I donít really know if sheís ready for all of that.”

Perking up once again, Sienna interjects once more.

Sienna: “Actually, she was one of the best to me. She and I have been talking andÖ she is strongly considering coming under my management.”

Cornelius looks down at Sienna with slight bewilderment.

Cornelius: “Little girl,† are you serious? Youíre about to make this girl really think she should jump even further in this than she should, arenít you?”

Letting out a soft laugh, Sienna uncrosses her legs before standing up from the couch.

Sienna: “Sheís ready, because I know that I can make her a star.”

Rolling his eyes, Cornelius scoffs.

Cornelius: “Bit..”

Before he is fully able to utter the expletive phrase, Mason sharply interjects.

MAV:† “SiennaÖ you donít know what youíre doing. Sheís good, and I have said that, but you canít just throw her into the wolves like I know youíre planning to do. She needs time, you canít promise her the world when sheís not likely to get it.”

Siennaís eyes could tell a story. Darting looks between Cornelius and Mason, she stamps her Louis Vuitton heel against the tiles on the floor beneath her.

Sienna: “What do you mean I donít Ďget ití? Mason, I donít need you to tell me what the fuck I do or donít get when I am the person thatís you have at your side. If I didnít understand this business, I donít think youíd want me at your side. Thatís really fucking stupid of you to say, donít you think?”

Shaking his head, Mason lets out a soft scoff.

MAV: “Sienna, youíre a beautiful woman. I want you for me because youíre great at what you do, but donít ever be confused with that being a weakness of mine in this business. If I didnít want you with me, I would be just fine. Weíre a team, but never think this canít become a solo act.”

Bewildered by his statement, Sienna looks down at the floor. After a moment, she darts her eyes back up, and scurries away towards the door. She swings it open, the force taking the door careening into the wall. In a huff, she scampers out of Corneliusí office. In shock, Cornelius looks over at Mason with obvious bewilderment.

Cornelius: “Did that bitch really just almost put a hole in my fucking wall?”

Mason looks over at Cornelius, and simply shrugs his shoulders. Were his words to Sienna Sharpe a bit more biting than they should have been? Possibly. Could he have articulated his phrasing better, sure. However, Mason was not sorry for what he said to Sienna. Yes, she was a valuable part of his career, but no matter what, he would find a way to be okay if he didnít have her.


No matter the context, all relationships have similar pitfalls. Whether friends, family, or loversÖ the dichotomy of a relationship is bound to change. All relationships have a natural ebb and flow, and itís all in the individuals involved to curtail them. It is inherent on those individuals to fix the problems that plague their relationship. I never claim to be perfect when it comes to fixing relationships. Iím far from an expert, my lack of friends and divorce prove that fact on a daily basis. Sometimes, I am simply not willing to go forward with the effort that is necessary to be the bigger person in situations. Sometimes, itís hard to suck up your pride. Itís hard to admit that you were wrong, especially if you still believe that youíre not. In my life, Iíve been told that I am hard to get along with on a multitude of occasions. Since returning from the Middle East, I stopped trying to make myself open to the entire world. With the exception of Christina, no one ever got the opportunity to be close enough to see my true emotional self. I hate being wrong, and that has caused my stone wall of hubris that I have always experienced. With Christina, I would admit my faults because thatís how a relationship is supposed to work. When itís your spouse, it is easier and even advantageous to admit your fault. It not only stops your drama, your dick gets sucked better than itís ever been. Yet, friendships are a type of relationship that is harder to admit those faults. When I think back to my friendship with Kyzer, it was definitely rocky. We were adversarial for longer periods than we ever were friendly, but it taught me a lot about myself. Once we let bygones be bygones, we reached a new found level of understanding. I didnít truly feel that I was wrong for what I told Sienna, but I knew that I was more scathing than she would ever expect. She is a valuable part of me now, both personally and professionally, and that makes this a situation that I have to fix. It sucks to suck up your pride, but itís easier to live in harmony than to deal with the woman that youíve scorned, especially when you arenít fucking her.

Two days had passed without contact between Mason and Sienna. At first he assumed that she would get over herself, but Sienna has proven that sheís more like Christina than he ever imagined. When he would get into squabbles with his ex-wife, she would ignore him until he put forth the effort to apologize. It seemed that Sienna was the same, and he wasnít looking forward to it. Walking through the hallway of the fifth floor of Siennaís apartment building, Mason admired the modern building in which she lived. He knew that she lived in a nice apartment building, but he certainly didnít expect her to have the digs in which she did. Walking towards her apartment door, he took a deep breath, he knew that this was going to be a tough conversation. Placing his left hand into the pockets of his black and white plaid pants, he lifts his left hand and knocks on the door. For a moment, Mason looks down at the welcome mat at the door, admiring the obvious tastes that Sienna had in the items she bought. A few moments passed before the sound of the door opening snaps Mason back to reality. Picking his head up, wearing a cheesy smile on his face. Mason is shocked, not to see Sienna opening the door, but her sister Selena. While both Sharpe sisters were beautiful, there was something absolutely enchanting about Selena. Mason could never put his finger on what truly attracted him to her, but he ticked every single box that he had. Looking down at her with a smile, he examines her for a split second. She looked vivacious in her pink workout gear, he knew that heíd give her the pounding of a lifetime if given the chance, but he wasnít there for Selena.

MAV: “Selena, itís good to see you!”

A large smile comes over Selenaís face. Selena was the complete antithesis of Sienna. If Sienna smolders, Selena smiles. Her jovial disposition was obvious as she bounced up and down for a moment, much to Masonís obvious pleasure.

Selena: “Oh hi Mason! Itís fantastical to see you too! Come in, what are you doing here?”

The smile on Masonís face drops slightly. He lets out a soft chuckle as Selena moves closer to the open door to allow Mason to enter the apartment. Walking into the apartment, he looks over her digs, which were more impressive than he would have imagined. Chic home dťcor was obviously Siennaís forte, and she succeeded. Turning his attention back to the sultry Selena, he shrugs his shoulders.

MAV: “Well, I have to apologize to Sienna. I thought about calling her, but I felt like an apology in person would do her a lot more good. Is she here?”

Closing the door, Selena spins, allowing Mason to look over her vivacious figure once more. She lets out a bubbly laugh before speaking once again.

Selena: “Yeah! Sheís here, sheís just out on the balcony with a potential client or some shit like that, give me a second, Iíll go get her!”

With swiftness, Selena makes her way past Mason and towards the balcony. He couldnít help himself, Mason watched her every movement as she made her way over to the balcony. Every hip swing captivated Mason, she was fucking beautiful. He knew that he would destroy her, and likely could, but knew he shouldnít do it. You shouldnít mix business with pleasure after all. Even if he didnít have any professional business with Selena, he knew that Sienna would have an issue. Itís easier not to poke the bear. As she goes further away from his view, Mason shifts his focus back to the apartment. Once again, he admires the lavish grandeur of what Sienna had done. Who knows, maybe sheíd be a better high end decorator than a professional wrestling manager. After a few moments, Mason hears the sounds of multiple feet hitting the floor. Growing louder and louder, Mason looks up and notices the return of Selena, along with Sienna and much to his surprise Arabella Evers. As Sienna and Arabella make their way into the living room, Selena looks over at Mason with her beautiful smile. Bypassing Arabella and Sienna, Selena walks over to Mason, wrapping her arms around his neck. She leans her body in, hugging him. Shocked, Mason wraps his arms around the small of her back, making sure that his hands were far enough to not grab the cheeks that his eyes could not get enough of. After a moment, Selena pulls away. Mason quickly drops his arms back down to his side, the smile on his face was undeniable.

Selena: “Mason, it was good seeing you! I have a spin class, so I have to go! I hope to see you again soon!”

Quickly stepping in front of him, she walks over to the door and opens it. Before he is able to speak, she quickly walks out of the apartment, closing the door behind her.

MAV: “…. likewise”

Mason smirks for a moment before turning his attention to the women inside the apartment. Sienna has taken a seat on the couch, a shit-eating smirk coming over her face. Letting out a soft laugh, Mason turns his attention to Arabella who is walking towards him. After the last week, it would be the most heíd seen Arabella since Kyzerís death. Though they were never friends, he had met her plenty of times before her brotherís death. She was always a sweet, ambitious girl. Her dreams of becoming an actress were often the only thing sheíd talk about. Those dreams never worked out, and she found herself as an exotic dancer. It wouldnít be until Kyís death that sheíd find her out from that situation, wrestling. What a better way to honor your brother, to stop taking your clothes off, and start snapping necks. Mason looked down at Arabella with a smile. She was always a beautiful girl, and he couldnít help but to admire her. His eyes couldnít leave her white halter top, specifically because her nipple piercings pushed against her shirt with reckless abandon.

Arabella: “Mason, Iím so happy that I got to see you before you go back to New York! I canít wait to be around you a bit more! You know, since weíre both part of Sienna Sharpe Management, I guess weíre family!”

He couldnít control the expression of his face. The smile that was on her face was there no more. A stern expression comes over his face before he begins to speak.

MAV: “Really? Well, congratulations! Sienna is a wonderful business partner, so Iím sure that she is going to work wonders for you. Sheís done great things for me, so I look forward to seeing what you get out of this experience!”

A smile comes over Arabellaís face, she looks back at Sienna who still has a smirk on her face as she looks at her phone. Turning back to Mason, she quickly rolls her eyes.

Arabella: “Yeah, sheís going to be great! Iím so happy. Well, I have to get going, it was great seeing you!”

She walks past Mason, and goes towards the door. Mason didnít take the time to admire her equally amazing body as he did Selena. Instead, he walks forward as Arabella opens the door. Looking down at Sienna, Mason is not† surprised that she is still transfixed on her phone. As the sound of the door closing is heard, Sienna looks up from her phone, and begins to chuckle. All he could do was shake his head at Sienna.

MAV: “You really just had to go and try to prove a point, didnít you? What delusions of grandeur did you sell her, Sienna?”

Placing her phone down at her head, she looks up at Mason, allowing another soft chuckle to breach her lips.

Sienna: “I mean, of course I proved a point. Not only did you doubt me, but you also cosigned with the bullshit that Corneliusí geriatric ass was spewing. Mason, I may not bleed wrestling like he does, but I certainly understand what this business wants. Have you not noticed that Sienna Sharpe is a hot commodity? You should be so lucky that I devote as much time as I do to you. Youíre my first client, but you are not my only. You really threw it in my face that you would be okay without me. Well, why donít we go ahead and test that out? Why donít you go your way, and I go mine. Letís see if you can survive without having my influence in your corner.”

Shaking his head, Mason lets out a long, deep sigh. Moving closer, he finds his way over to the couch. He takes a seat next to Sienna. With deep intent, he locks eyes with her.

MAV: “Sienna, it came out in a manner in which I did not mean. I think that you have many strengths that are extremely important, but you arenít a wrestler. There are simply things about this business that I know, that you donít. Youíre a valuable person to me, donít get me wrong. I donít understand what you really think that you can do for Arabella. Sheís young, sheís just starting out in this business, what can you do? You barely know whatís going on half the time. Yes, you get the things that you do, and you get them well. But she has no ability to navigate like I can, youíre setting yourself up for something youíre not ready for. Iím trying to look out for both of you, this is not a good idea.”

Sienna raises her right hand, flicking her blonde locks off of her shoulders. As her hand falls back down to her side, she sighs.

Sienna: “YeahÖ† I donít know anything. That is absolutely true, but youíre wrong about me not being good for her. Sheís young, sheís sexy, I know what to do with young and sexy. I built my own influencer lifestyle on being young and sexy. Do you realize how many people follow me? Dude, I can literally set her on fucking fire. I plan on it, trust me. You just want to doubt me because you still drink that Cornelius Walker kool-aid. Look, he knows wrestlingÖ from nineteen eighty-six. Babe, you know that the business has changed. Come on, you even do modelling and shit, and youíre a serious athlete. You know Cornelius doesnít like that shit, but youíve blazed your own little path here. Iím trying to do the same. Iím trying to help this girl in the way in which I know sheíll catch fire. You helped me get into this business, now let me help change it. Mason, honestly, it hurt that you spoke to me that way.”

Taking a deep breath, Mason nods his head. He knew that she would feel like he diminished her, and that was never his intention.

MAV: “I didnít mean to diminish you. Trust me, you do know some things, some very valuable things. You know I have told you to expand and make yourself the brightest star that you could be. I love having you to work with, but you are definitely good enough to spread your wings. I just donít want to see Arabella do this, and it does not go well. Sheís a wonderful woman, and sheís gotten into this business for reasons that are far bigger than why any of us have. I got into this because itís something I have dreamed about my entire life. You are doing this for some grandiose clout. Sheís doing this to honor her brother, who only had dreams of doing what I do. Sheís honoring a legacy of someone who never got their fair shot, and thatís a tremendous amount of weight to put on someone. Once Kyzer and I finally put our bullshit aside, I told him that I would look out for him when he was finally ready to enter the business. Well, he never got that opportunity, so I have to look after her. Sienna, I donít want you to put her into a position that she wonít be able to find her way out of.”

The look on Siennaís face changes. The obvious cynicism that she previously had was no more. Crestfallen, she looks up at Mason.

Sienna: “Thatís a lot of weight on me too. Mason, I donít want her to fail, I truly believe that she has something special. I know I havenít been around this business for long, but I know where everything trends. Dude, I did reality tv and grew a brand off of it. A stupid dating show gave me my foot in the door of relevancy. You know, Iím not just sitting here trying to do this to make myself feel better about your criticism. I truly believe that she would be the best thing for what I want to grow beyond you. I know you are looking out for her, but sheís liking everything that I have planned to help her out. You canít police what she wants to do. Mason, she wants to work with me and quite frankly, you shouldnít blame her for it. Iím not going to do anything to tarnish her reasons for wanting to do this, no more than Iíve tarnished you. Beyond professionalism, I consider you a fucking friend. Mason, we open to each other from time to time. I know itís not something you enjoy doing, but you do. I know all about your issues with Christina and your children. Dude, the last thing I would ever do is diminish what you go through or accomplish. Whyíd you do it to me?”

Raising his right hand up, he lets his fingers rest against his chin. After a moment, a deep breath again falls from his lips. He looks over at Sienna for a moment, before placing his left hand onto her knee.

MAV: “It wasnít my intention, and for that, I apologize. Itís just I want to make sure sheís okay with everything. Yes, sheís her own person, and yes, I will still support you in all of this. I just donít want her to fall into a bunch of traps. I donít think you would ever put her in a position for that to happen, Iím just looking out for the legacy of someone I cared about. You know, I lost people in war, and this business too. I honor everyone when I do what I do, and I know that sheís going to do the best that she can for him. Now, I truly am sorry. I did not mean to be completely insensitive to your ambitions. Iím just an asÖí

Suddenly, almost simultaneously, both Sienna and Masonís phones go off. Quickly looking down at her phone, Sienna reads the text message that just came through. The serious expression she had worn was gone. Replaced with a gleeful one, her stance perks up. She pushes Mason on the shoulder.

Sienna: “OH my god! Amari Kent has relinquished the Brooklyn Championship and is leaving FIGHT! I couldnít stand his ass or that stank bitch of his! God, this is like the best news Iíve seen all day!”

Mason quickly takes his phone out of pocket. He takes a moment to reach the message he received before turning his attention back to Sienna.

MAV: “Wow, thatís shocking, it truly is. I wouldnít go that far about him though. I may have been tough about him initially, but Amari was an amazing wrestler. I can honestly say he deserved to beat me when he did, he was the better man then. I donít wish for the end of anyoneís career, but I guess itís at least a godsend that heís doing it on his own terms.”

Sienna is intently focused on her phone. After a moment of silence, she looks back up at Mason and lets out a laugh.

Sienna: “Yeah…good one! So, Iím trying to see if FIGHT has announced what theyíre going to do with the title. I know he was supposed to defend the title against Ricky Rodriguez. Iíd imagine that theyíd just award him the title, but whereís the fun with that? Like this is major! I know you were preparing to beat Enforcer and get your shot at Amari again, but this changes everything!”

She was right, this changed everything. Little did they both know things would continue to change.


Like wildfire, the news of Amari Kentís decision spread over social media. The love and adulation that he received, was even enough for me to give me heartfelt condolences on his situation. Professionally, he was an adversary. He was able to prove that he was a better man than I was on every occasion we stepped into the ring. I learned and grew to respect him, though we had some differences. Now, the situation for Toxic Tag has changed. Now, I have an opportunity that I could have only thought of in my dreams.

The all too familiar scene of the VANDERBILT sign can be seen. The set up, which was always akin to something you would see at a political campaign rally stands as it usually does. With four flag poles; two with the flag of the United States of America, and two with the flag of the New York state. In front of the sign stands a podium. At the front, a miniature version of the Vanderbilt sign. It was almost like the setting had become a pattern for the typical weekly remarks by Mister Vanderbilt. After a moment, the screeching of a public announce system can be heard. Within milliseconds, the sounds of deep coughing are heard reverberating throughout the room.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Sienna Sharpe!”

The sounds of heels clicking could soon be heard. Within a few moments, the sexpot Sienna Sharpe begins her strut towards the podium. Wrapped in a black dress that accentuates her ample figure, she places her right hand onto her hip as she stands behind the podium. A stern expression falls on her beautiful face, before she begins to speak.

Sienna: “Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who do not know me, if you donít, somethingís wrong with you. I am Sienna Sharpe, the greatest wrestler manager of all-time. My star is rising, faster than any other manager could wish for. I have taken my exemplary skills, and I have started to cultivate a professional wrestling dynasty. Yes, I haveÖ and no one can tell me otherwise. My clout has risen beyond expectation, and more wrestlers have wanted my service than I could have ever dreamed! While I do believe that this is a testament to my strength, character, and leadershipÖ this would not have been possible without Mason…Alexander…Vanderbilt!”

The serious expression on her face is replaced with a much lighter disposition. Placing her left hand onto the podium, she continues to speak once again.

Sienna: “Mason Alexander Vanderbilt believes in me. He sees the vision that I see for professional wrestling, and he is proud to not only call me his manager, but his partner. Since our debut in FIGHT, we have been lambasted. Raked over the coals by individuals who are simply not qualified to hold the rake. I have continuously been victimized by the creeps that this company hires. I do nothing more than speak the truth, and I am constantly attacked on social media by this industry’s version of the lollipop guild. Itís okay though, because I have the backing of a true man! Mason Alexander Vanderbilt stood up for my honor when I was too upset to be at Venom three weeks ago. When Austin Ramsey attempt to assassinate my character on social media because of issues he has with my brother, I was deeply disturbed. The fact that someone with the obvious problems that Austin has would ever try to come for my moral character, was baffling. Yet, I couldnít help but be upset about it. Luckily, Mason stood up for my honor, and I am forever indebted to him for that. Now, this isnít about me. This isnít about Austin Ramsey. THISÖ is about opportunity.”

Taking a moment to raise her right hand to the podium, she pauses.

Sienna:† “This is about an opportunity that Mister Vanderbilt has worked for since the very first day he walked into the dying carcass of Outlaw Pro Wrestling. This is the opportunity that was stolen from Mason by that ghetto piece of trash, Amari Kent. This is the opportunity that should have been his from day one. Now, you canít change the past, but you can correct a mistake. Luckily, FIGHT is doing just that. So, without any further ado, please welcome your next FIGHT! NYC Brooklyn Champion; The Maverick, MasonÖ AlexanderÖ Vanderbilt!”

As Sienna backs away from the podium, she begins her usual clap for Mason. Sauntering into view, is a different Mason than everyone is used to seeing. No Armani suit in sight, instead, a simple white T-shirt and blue jeans. A quizzical look befalls Siennaís face, her clapping slowed slightly. Mason walks forward, looking over at Sienna, he could only shake his head with a smirk. He goes over to the podium, but does not go behind it. He begins to examine the podium, looking it over as if there’s something wrong. Suddenly, he reaches forward, taking hold to the Vanderbilt sign in front. Pulling it off, he throws it down to the ground. A shocked Sienna looks on as Mason pushes the podium to the floor, causing a loud thud to be heard. Looking down, he takes a deep breath, before letting out a chuckle. He turns his attention to Sienna, who still wears a look of shock on her face.

MAV: “Donít be shocked, no one should be.”

Turning his attention forward, a deep look of intent falls on Mason’s face.

MAV: “For weeks now, Iíve been standing at a podium. Iíve been standing at a podium dressing down individuals, bragging about my moral superiorities. Well, I really donít think that I can aptly brag about moral superiorities anymore. You see, there is† a lot of truth to the words that Iíve said. There is no question that I am an athlete that IS above and beyond what most are. There is no question that I have a hunger and a drive for this business that is unmatched. There is no question that I truly am as good as I say I amÖ but I haven’t shown it yet. No, instead Iíve sat here dressing down my opponents because they do things differently. Iíve dressed my opponents because they don’t subscribe to MY philosophy of what I think should happen in a wrestling ring. Yes, I look at what most people do and scoff. I do that, because I would never do what they do to risk it all. Yet, that doesnít make what they do in the ring any different than what I do. We all have skills that are made for this business, and itís time that I acknowledge that. Itís time that I acknowledge the semi-humblingÖ of the Maverick. A humbling that is almost exclusively on the back of Amari Kent.”

Sienna continues to look on, gobsmacked by the words of Mister Vanderbilt. Mason takes a moment in silence before continuing to speak again.

MAV: “You see, I ragged on Amari Kent for putting focus on his career outside of professional wrestling. I ragged on Amari Kent because I thought he was nothing more than a pissant attempting to masquerade as a professional wrestler for cloutÖ Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong about Amari Kent. Amari Kent and I tangoed more than once, and he was the better man on every occasion. Yes, I admit that Amari Kent was better than me on each occasion in which we battled. On the very first broadcast of Venom, we faced off in the main event to become the inaugural Brooklyn Champion, and I lost. Yes, it was a spirited affair that could have gone either way, but I lost. The Maverick…was humbled. I watched Amari Kent take away part of what I believed to be my destiny, and that made me respect the man more than I ever did. Yes, Amari and I have philosophical differences, but I can no longer deny how great he was in the ring. I was prepared to come here, and talk about getting the opportunity to win another battle with Amari for that title, but thatís not the case anymore. Amari Kent has relinquished the FIGHT! Brooklyn Championship, and is bowing out of his in-ring career. It is a shame to lose a great champion, but personal matters are always of paramount importance. I looked forward to the opportunity to prove that I was better than I had shown thus far in FIGHT. Yes, I was lucky enough to FINALLY put a win in my column against Murphy Doyle Maher, but one win isnít enough for me.”

Taking a moment, he turns to Sienna. She stands with her arms folded over her chest, obviously confused by his direction. He scoffs before turning back to continue to speak.

MAV: “I wanted to prove that I could beat Amari Kent. It wasnít going to be a showing of me being better, it was going to me showing myself that I am truly good enough. .Now, the situation has flipped on its head. Instead of facing The Enforcer once again to have an opportunity to potentially face either Ricky Rodriguez or Amari Kent for the title, we have a new dance. At Toxic Tag, Ricky will face Enforcer and myself to crown the new Brooklyn Champion. Now, I am obviously elated to have the opportunity to capture the Brooklyn Championship, but this match is much bigger than that. Enforcer, this isnít the first time that you and I have danced. A month or so back, the two of us stepped in the ring, and you were the better man on that night. We had a back and forth battle, until a bag of chips caused my downfall. Thereís something poetic about losing out on a victory to a bag of [span style=font-size:13.3333px;]Doritos[/span]. You see, that embarrassed me. Anthony, that embarrassed me because Iím a better athlete than stooping to slap=stick cartoon distractions. I donít need distractions, because I am a true athlete. Now, Sienna Sharpe is a beautiful woman. She is a sharp business mind, but she didnít think her involvement in that match through. You deserved a better encounter from me than that. You were the better man then, but will you be this time?”

Sienna shakes her head in disbelief. She walks past Mason quickly, obviously upset by what he said. Mason simply shrugs his shoulders.

MAV: “Sometimes, you just have to speak the truth. Ricky Rodriguez, you are one of my favorite combatants to watch in that ring. Youíre young, youíre hungry, and you have all the capabilities in the world to be a champion. Much like me, you didnít see eye to eye with Amari Kent. He was brash, he was cocky, much like you. Now, thereís nothing wrong with being cocky, everyone needs to be from time to time. I respect your moxie, Ricky. Youíre a fighter, you donít let people talk down to you. You donít let people walk all over you. Ricky, you are a man of action, and that is something I vehemently respect. You and I have some similarities that justÖ make me feel good about you. Neither of us come from the seedy underbelly. Neither of us had an underprivileged upbringing. Sure, Iím sure mine was a bit more lavish, but itís all about what you did with it. See, while you went out in a sea of gluttony, an excess of partying. I went forth and found different experiences in life that gave me purpose. I fought for our county, looking evil square in the eye in the Middle East. I worked in philanthropic causes and politics, Iíve done a lot on my journey to finally making my way to professional wrestling. I donít dismiss you because you like to party. In fact, I am honored to share the ring with you at Toxic Tag. You are, in my opinion, the brightest of shining stars in this business. That goes equally for Enforcer, a man who has proven before that he can hold championship gold. You two are some of the best that FIGHT has to offer, and I could not be more proud of the fact that we are going to collide for that Brooklyn Championship. Now, someone has to win, and I have no doubts in my mind that most of you donít think itíll be me. I know, somehow I am viewed as the underdog. I know that Iíve only been able to secure one victory in FIGHT thus far, but that doesnít make me the underdog. When the brass decided to make the inaugural match for the Brooklyn Championship, I was in it. Iím the one who took Amari Kent to the limit. Yes, I did not win, but I proved something then. Enforcer, youíve beaten me beforeÖ but why? You beat me because of a miscommunication that shouldnít have happened. You took advantage of it, like any smart competitor would. Can you beat me when I am at my best? Ricky, you are a STAR! There is no denying that, but are you hungry enough for this? At the end of the day, this is going to come down to which of the three of us is the hungriest. If youíre thinking of food, itís probably Enforcer. If youíre thinking about who is the hungrier to prove to the world that they are better than theyíve shownÖ It’s ME. Gentleman, I have everything to prove at Toxic Tag. This is my chance to show the masses that I am better than what theyíve seen. Iím not just a man who came from some money, and loves his country. I am not just a man who stands behind a podium like itís a campaign rally, undressing his opponents based on self-professed moral superiority. Iím not just a man who believes that he is better in the ring, because he learned from a bygone era. No, Iím a man who fucking believes in himself. I believe that I am better than what Iíve done, not that I am better than either of you. I believe in myself, now more than ever. I now, truly believe, that I am the fucking Maverick. At Toxic Tag, may the best man win. If itís not me, congratulations to whomever it may be. However, if it is me, this is the dawning of a new M.A.V., believe that!”

With the end of his statement, Mason turns his back. He stands there, looking up at the Vanderbilt sign that was on the back wall. Lifting his right hand, he passes his hand along the Vanderbilt. He takes a deep breath before backing away, and walking away from the signÖ uncertain of the future of the movement he was supposedly pushing for. The only thing he did know, was he needed to be the next FIGHT! Brooklyn Champion.