MAV || For A Better Brooklyn… Champion

By: Mason Alexander Vanderbilt

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 16th Jul 2021

When you decide to break into professional wrestling, it is far from a cake-walk. Anyone who doesnít have a war story or battle scar from trying to claw their way to big leagues, is simply lying. For my entire life, wrestling has been a massive passion of mine. From my formative years, wrestling was the one sport that I truly wanted to pursue. Throughout high school and college, I realized that wrestling could be my future, but bigger things called me away. My patriotism called me to serve our great country. I am proud of my service, but it did cause me to miss out on getting further in the business than I should be. Though I did have dalliances in other passions of mine, politics and modeling included, wrestling has always been the one passion that has drawn me back. Fortunately, I owe that to the man who had a big hand in my training. Cornelius Walker. Corny was a manager in the late eighties and early nineties who managed some of my favorite professional wrestlers growing up. When I decided to break into the business, I found his wrestling school, and heís shaped me into the athlete that I am today.†




It had been two days since the Blood Money event. Though he was not able to come out of the event with the victory, he was able to get his hands on Amari Kent, who had somehow quickly became an adversary of his since the dying days of OPW. While his loss did cause him some issues, Mason knew that getting his feet firmly planted in the new entity known as Fight: New York, would take some time. Luckily for Mason, being in New York City had its advantages. New York has always been his heart and soul. Given that both of his parents made their fortunes through investment banking and the stock market, he was always used to the finer things in the city that never sleeps. Inside the lavish Riverpark restaurant on the East River, Mr. Vanderbilt sat at a table for three. With a stone-cold, stern expression on his face, Mason looked down at his phone. Reaching over with his right hand, he grabs a hold of the glass holding his usual double-bourbon and takes a sip. Placing the glass and his phone down onto the table, Mason takes a controlled, deep breath. The expression on his face swiftly changes to a smile as he stands up from the table.†


”Corny, I swear to god I thought you were about to stand me up!”


Stepping away from his chair, Mason adjusts his lavender colored blazer. Looking over with a smile, Cornelius lunges over and meets Mason with a gigantic hug. As the two men embrace, Mason looks over his mentor’s shoulder, noticing his beautiful daughter Cheyenne. Wearing a red dress that accented all of her best features, and her golden skin. Mason pulls away, looking down at Corneliusí flashy red suit.†


”Well, Iíll be damned! Mason, you finally learned to be a master of the fashion-ary finesse! I told you, once you add a pop of color to your wardrobe, shit changes!”


Walking past Cornelius, Mason pulls out a chair for the table. With a charming smile on his face, he motions for Cheyenne to take a seat. As she obliges, he pushes the chair back towards the table.†

”Dad, you never told me that your favorite protege was so charming! Iím Cheyenne, I had to hear so much about you over the years Mason.”


As Cornelius takes a seat next to his daughter, Mason finds his way back to his seat. Reaching down, he takes a sip of his drink before he speaks once again.†


”Likewise, Iíve heard a lot about you, especially recently. Your dad was telling me that heís been training you to get into the business.”


Before Cheyenne is able to speak, Cornelius springs forward in his seat.†


”Yeah, I am. Sheís doing great. You know, my daughter would have to be a natural athlete, it skipped my generation! I really wish she didnít get into the business, but you know that you gotta let your kids follow their dreams. Speaking of kids, how are the girls?”


Taking a deep breath, Mason places his glass back onto the table.†


”Theyíre great, I have not been able to see them since coming back into the city. I have been so busy making the adjustment of moving back. Luckily, this new company seems to be completely based here in New York, so I definitely plan on seeing them more. Christina is still a bitch, you know that.”


Chey reaches across the table, grabbing Masonís glass. While both Mason and Cornelius look over at her quizzically, she takes a swig of the bourbon. She places the glass back down on the table next to Mason, before flicking her brunette hair off her shoulders.†


”Sorry, I have a superstitious thing about men calling women female dogs, I hate that word.”


Raising his eyebrow, Mason lets out a soft chuckle.†


”I apologize. My ex-wife has always been quite evil, so I call her that. I promise, thatís the last time youíre going to have to hear that out of my mouth today.”

Cheyenne flashes a smile at Mason. Looking at his daughter, then quickly darting his eyes over at Mason, Cornelius clears his throat.†


”SoÖ I saw that dreck you were part of the other day. What kind of wrestling show was that? Where was the fucking ring kid? You know that I didnít teach you that whatever the fuck that was real professional wrestling.”


As a waitress brings a bottle of champagne over to the table, Cheyenne looks at her dad quizzically.†


”Dad, you fell asleep like right after Mason was eliminated. Eventually, there was a ring. I have to say, I donít know what kind of company this is but they set you guys up really nice.”


After finishing off his drink, Mason lets out a soft chuckle.†


”Sheís right, there is a ring, that just wasnít a contest that involved it. Besides, itís not like I was in for long. I know that disappointed you, but I am still trying to find my footing. I took that long sabbatical from the business to try to make things work with Chris, and that was a big mistake. I plan on showing that you fostered the best professional wrestling of all-time, trust me.”


Pouring himself a glass of champagne, Cornelius looks over at Mason with obvious concern. As he pours a glass of champagne for his daughter, he begins to speak.†


”Iíll be honest with you Mas, I know what your biggest problem is. Who is that little tartlet that you have with you at ringside? Look, sheís a beautiful white girl, and if I was twenty-five years younger, I would be all over that. Yet, I donít understand what she does for you at ringside my boy.”


As Mason pours himself a glass of champagne, he looks over towards the massive windows in the restaurant. Staring off into the river, he takes a moment to collect his thoughts before broaching the Sienna subject. Taking a deep breath, he takes a quick swig of the bubbly before putting the glass back down onto the table.†


”Sienna is a very unique talent, thatís why I wanted her as my management. Sheís beautiful for one, but sheís smarter than anyone will ever give her credit for. Not only does she have the looks, sheís really dastardly, and sheís got exactly what I need by my side. If I canít have you, Sienna Sharpe is easily the next best thing.”


Letting his eyes roll, Cornelius takes a quick swig of his champagne.†


”If you would have told good olí Corny, he would have come out of retirement just for you. I guess it is for the best, I have to tend to my little superstars career over here. I do have to know for my own morbid curiosity, are you fucking that baddie?”


Darting her eyes at her father, Cheyenne quickly slaps him in the arm. Cornelius rubs his arm where he was hit as he turns his attention to his daughter.


”Dad, why in the hell would you ask him that? Itís literally none of your business if heís fucking her or not!”


Mason lets out a soft chuckle as he looks over at his two guests. He rubs the back of his neck with his right hand before speaking.†


”Sheís triedÖ but I couldnít bring myself to do it. Corny, I listened to the first thing you ever told me when I wanted to get into the business. You donít bring your wife into it, and you do not fuck your co-workers. Sienna is a beautiful woman, but I know that sleeping with her would be the biggest mistake I could make for my career. Sheís more of an asset to me without her vagina.”


Corny nods his head in agreement.†


”Nice to see that you actually listened to my lessons. Now, I just need to get my own daughter to do thatÖ and weíll be set!”


As the three share a good laugh, Mason knew that Cornelius is what he was truly missing. Everyone in life needs someone to push them to be the best version of themselves that they need to be. For Mason, he knew that Cornelius would be the person to make him realize where he needed to be in professional wrestling.†




Sometimes you need good friends to give brevity to the situations that youíre facing. Sometimes, you need to realize that you need the fire under your ass to be lit. For Mason Alexander Vanderbilt, Cornelius J. Walker was the igniter that was needed. After a beautiful lunch with Corny and his enchanting daughter Cheyenne, there was a difference in Masonís demeanor. For the last two days, Mason began thinking about truly where he wanted his career and life to go. It was an early morning for Mason. Though he was never a late sleeper, he never found himself up before seven unless something absolutely warranted it. Luckily, he was awake for a really good reason. As he sat on his couch enjoying his morning coffee, a soft knock befalls his door. Standing up from his seat, he walks over to the door. Opening it with a smile, he sees a seemingly less than enthusiastic Sienna Sharpe standing in the hallway. Sienna, wearing light blue workout clothes, steps into the apartment quickly. Mason closes the door and turns towards Sienna who has already found a seat on his couch.†


”Listen, I really enjoy our kinship, but why in the fuck do you want me here so early in the morning? I love working out, but I also enjoy martinis. I had a few too many last night, so youíre lucky that I even am joining you for this fucking workout that you want.”


Shrugging his shoulders, Mason takes a seat next to his business partner.†


”Well, this wasnít my decision. I had a meeting yesterday with Cornelius Walker, the man who trained me to wrestle. He made some very astute observations about you, and I want to show him that heís wrong.”


A quizzical look befalls Siennaís beautiful face. She crosses her arms over her chest as she lets out a scof.†


”What do you mean astute observations? You know, I havenít even really done much with you yet. I wasnít involved at Blood Money. I wasnít even in the building, what observations could he have possibly made?”


Placing his coffee mug on the table, Mason looks over at Sienna and lets out a soft chuckle.†


”Sienna, he just doesnít understand why I would want you as my manager. Heís got an eye for talent, and I know he would see it in you. He just hasnít yet, so thatís what todayís about. You see, he has a daughter who heís been training to wrestle, and I know you want to eventually get into the ring too. So, why not let the person who showed me the ropes, show you?”


Letting out a soft sigh, Sienna looks at Mason for a moment before rolling her eyes.†


”So you really got me out of bed, to go train? Look, I want to get into the ring eventually, but I have other interests in my life right now. I am perfectly satisfied, looking fine, and managing you. Iíll humor and do this, but youíre going to owe me big time for making this shit sound so urgent.”


Raising his eyebrow, Mason looks over at Sienna intently.†


”Sweetheart, Iím trying to help you out. I donít exactly know what you would want in return for getting you further in the business.”


Sienna lets out a scof before crossing her legs. Batting her eyes at Mason a few times, she lets out a soft sigh before speaking.†


”Honey, you know that I just want to have a little fun. Lifeís all about the fun, and you need to learn to have it. You are always so business minded, we donít ever talk about anything but business, itís tiring. You opened up to me about your custody battle, and that shocked me. You just donít ever have fun. I understand it, youíre regimented. Wrestling is your blood, youíve been in the military and politics, but youíve done nothing that anyone would actually say is fun. Mason, you canít just do everything all the time to advance yourself into this career. You had an injury, and you took yourself out for the betterment of your familial situation, but when is the last time you just saidÖ fuck it? Seriously, Iím shocked you just havenít stroked out yet.”


Looking down at the floor for a moment, Mason took time to rationalize everything Sienna had said. He takes a deep breath, before looking up at Sienna.†


”Listen, I know that I may seem like I always have my mind on business, but you canít blame me. Sienna, my entire life all I wanted to do was become a winner. I have to be about my business, or I fail at achieving what the fuck I want to. I have to keep myself on the up and up as much as possible to make sure that I get where I need to for my kids. I know thatís not something that is easily understood by everyone, but my children are a big factor in why Iím pushing myself to be a success. Yeah, Iíve accomplished a lot, but I haven’t done shit in what I dreamed of doing my entire life. I want my kids to be proud of their tough, wrestler dad. I want to prove Christina wrong, she never wanted me to do this, and thatís why our marriage fell apart. She would have rathered me continuously running for Congress in a district I couldnít win instead of following my real passion. She was a succubus, and she made me lose the love for what I wanted to do for nearly twelve years. She was my everything from the moment I met her. She supported me in every endeavour until I wanted to pursue wrestling professionally. She divorced me because I told her that I was going to do what I wanted to do. So yeah, sue me for trying to prove that bitch wrong.”


Taken aback by Masonís statements, Sienna sinks into the couch. For once, a look of concern befalls her face. Uncrossing her arms, she reaches over placing her right hand on Masonís knee. Meeting each otherís gaze, tears are welling up in Siennaís eyes.†


”MasonÖ I didnít know any of that. IÖ I honestly canít believe that someone really would try to crush your dreams like that. Look, i know that our relationship has literally just been me bitching about my past with Donovan, and trying to fuck you, but I care about you. I want to see you successful, I want you to have everything that you want in your career. Still, I want you to actually enjoy life. Babes, I fucking fell in love with Donovan, and we were so toxic for each other. Yet, we canít let each other go sometimes, and itís scary. I know Iím terrible for him, and he destroys himself over it, but I canít help it. I beat myself up constantly for making someone feel that terrible, but I canít let it go. So, I have a lot of fun in my life, I have to, or I would go fucking nuts. I couldnít imagine what you go through daily, but thatís because you never let me in on everything. Iím sorry that I try to push you to do so many different things, itís wrong. I shouldnít be trying to get you to fill my empty sexual urgesÖ god, Iím a bitch.”


For the first time since they began associating, Mason and Sienna finally made sense to each other. Looking over at the beautiful blonde, tears began to flow down her face. Scooting over to meet her, he wipes the tears away from her face, and pulls her in close for a tight hug.†


”Youíre not a bitch Sienna. We all do things that we shouldnít to try to make ourselves feel better about the strife we go through. I care about you too, and thatís why I defended my association with you to Cornelius. You are so talented, and I know wrestling was never something you really wanted to get into, but god, I know you can be great. Sienna, I want you to take this seriously, because I know that you and I can rule the fucking world. As for Donovan, heís a good kid, you need to cut that cord. I know I havenít known him as long as you, but itís obvious that he goes through† a lot of shit. I donít think you need to add on to it. I know, Iím far from someone to take relationship advice from, but you two need to separate permanently.”


Sienna takes a deep breath as she picks up her head from Masonís shoulder. She looks over at him, cracking a smile.†


”I know, youíre right. I need to let my toxic tendencies stop destroying a good person. I also need to learn to listen to you a little more. I think I should take this shit a bit more seriously. Iíve trained for a few months now, but I am missing that edge. Do you really think that Corny could help me like he helped you?”


Cracking a smile, Mason looks down at Sienna.†


”Oh definitely, Corny has trained a lot of wrestlers. Heís totally focused on getting his daughter Cheyenne ready, but he can definitely do some great stuff with you and I still. So, letís go have a good little work out. He can see that youíre definitely more than a pretty face.”


Taking a deep breath, Sienna looks up at Mason with a large smile. Meeting each otherís gaze, Sienna lets out a soft laugh.†


”Okay, Iíll let you win this round Mister Vanderbilt, just schedule the next training session for a bit later if you can? I need my beauty sleep before I manage the career of the soon-to-be inaugural Fight Brooklyn ChampionÖ whatever that is.”


With two large smiles, Mason and Sienna stand up from the couch. He motions towards Sienna as she walks towards the door. He quickly follows, making sure to open the door to let her exit his loft first. Turning back, he looks over his loft with a quick glance before turning off the lights and closing the door. The door closing was symbolic, it was the closing of the sexual tension that Sienna trotted, and the start of a dominatingly powerful relationship, and an even stronger friendship. Looking down at the ground, Sienna notices a box near the door of Masonís loft. She bends over, and hands it to him. Mason grabs the package from Sienna, and begins to look it over. As a quizzical expression befalls his face, Sienna notices the label on the package.†


”Well, it sounds like the people behind Fight want you to have something. Did you leave something at the facility?”


Mason shakes his head to tell Sienna no. Looking at the box, he finds the opening. Inside, he finds a letter. He quickly skims it to see that inside of the box is something that he has always wanted as a token of gratitude from the company for making Blood Money a “rousing success”. Looking up at Sienna, he lets out a soft chuckle.†


”Apparently these people know what I want most in my life. According to this letter, the contents of this box is exactly what I have always wanted in my life. I donít exactly know what the fuck they could think I want, but they donít know me well enough to tell me what i want.”


Placing her hands onto her hips, Sienna looks inside of the box that Mason is holding.†


”Well, what exactly could you possibly want? Mason, from what I can see, you have everything that you could ever have accomplished. I really donít know what they could give you that would make you grateful for these people that you donít honestly even know.”


Pushing the cardboard box down, he takes hold of a smaller, gold-plated box. Examining it for a moment, he notices the clasps holding the box together. Opening it, there are multiple documents inside. Sienna grabs a hold to the documents that were inside of the box. Looking them over quickly, she lets out a gasp.†


”Oh…my god. Mason, you need to look at this. MaybeÖ maybe these guys really do know what youíve wanted this entire time!”


Looking over towards Sienna, Mason notices the arrest report for one Christina Drake. Quickly looking it over he notices the charges that are placed on the report. Raising his eye-brow, he lets out a soft chuckle.†


”A DUI and two counts of reckless endangerment of children. You mean to tell me that my ex-wife endangered our children’s lives? I can sue for full-custody solely based on this. I canít believe she got this buried, I canít believe she never disclosed any of this to me! I know that her parents are well-connected legally, I just never expected them to keep something like this a secret.”


Crossing her arms over her chest, Sienna looks at Mason with a smirk.†


”Well, itís not a secret anymore. Assuming this isnít fabricated, this is exactly what you needed to show her complete incompetence. It wouldnít be hard to find out if any of this is fabricated, and then you can finally have what youíve always wanted, a real chance to be with your kids.”


A genuine smile comes over Masonís face. Looking down at Sienna, he couldnít help but to feel bewilderment from what was inside of the box. He looks over the arrest report one more time, before shaking his head in amazement.†


”I guess I do have something to be thankful for sticking with this company. Now, letís hope that Iím able to fucking shut Amari Kentís big mouth for good this time.”


Mason bends over and quickly slides the papers through the door of his loft. He makes his way back to his vertical base, he and Sienna make eye contact. For a brief moment, they can do nothing more than look into each otherís eyes. Then, it became fairly obvious to Mason that the connection between the two was deepening, and he was lucky that she now understood not to take things further. Unfortunately, he also realized that he had now gave her the power she desperately coveted.†






The message can be seen over a television test card. For a moment, the sounds of beeping can be heard at two second intervals. After the fifth beep, the test card goes away, leading to a slow fade into the sight of a large, white sign. The sign, which is an obvious take on a political yard sign, features the surname Vanderbilt in bold, red letters. Beneath in blue, the hashtag “TrustInTheMAV” can be seen. After a moment, the camera begins to pan out, allowing for one Mason Alexander Vanderbuilt to be seen. Mason, wearing a signature black armani suit can be seen. The statuesque Mister Vanderbuilt stands with his right hand in his pants pocket. A stern expression adorns his chiseled face. At his side, Sienna Sharpe stands wearing a predictably tight fitting black catsuit. Her hands are firmly placed on her hips as she looks over at Mason. The stern expression on his face eventually relaxes as he steps forward, looking directly towards the soul of those he is able to address.†


”Brooklyn, one of the most prolific boroughs in the history of New York City. With a population of over two and a half million inhabitants, it is in fact the most populated area in the city. It is no surprise that Fight: New York would launch a championship based around Brooklyn, itís a no-brainer for any company that would base itself within the amazing epicenter that is New York City. Speaking of Fight: New York, the Blood Money event was simply one of the most unique events that I have taken part in throughout my entire career. While yes, it was far from traditional wrestling and it still featured the same carnival trash that Iíve spoken out against in my career, this new entity has already proven to me that itís worth the high-priced building from which it emanates. While yes, my showing at the Blood Money event was not what an athlete of my caliber would have hoped for, I am proud to say that I was still one of the most buzzed about parts of the event. To Dickie Watson, congratulations on becoming the inaugural Empire Champion, what a prestigious honor. Now, Blood Money has thankfully come and gone, and we can get down to the real nitty-gritty of what we love to do, wrestlingÖ inside of a wrestling ring. Yeah, I am more than sure that some of the gutter trash talent that seeped over from the remnants of Outlaw Pro Wrestling enjoyed fighting throughout the bowels of the building, destroying property, thatís not my style. I like to handle my business in the ring, and luckily, the final five participants in that match showed me that Fight: New York may have some legitimate athletes after all.”


Taking a moment to recollect his thoughts, Mason looks over at Sienna. Her hands are still firmly placed on her hips, and a smirk falls over her face. Then, Mason faces forward once more letting out a soft chuckle before beginning to speak once again.†


”I canít argue with a company that makes the bold move of buying the Hearst Building, and turning it into a cutting-edge wrestling venue, thereís obvious money behind this company, something good old Outlaw apparently couldnít do. The higher brass have even noticed that I am just as great of an asset as I will always say that I am. You see, while there are still a lot of unknowns about this company, thereís obviously someone who is smart enough to realize that the Maverick is money. Whether it truly be from the gods as Miss F stated, or simply the powerful group of investors who saw potential in the dying days of Outlaw Pro Wrestling, these individuals obviously like what they see from me. If they did not, they would not have placed me in the inaugural match to decide their first Brooklyn Champion. In fact, even luckier for me, is the adversary that they have deemed equally deserving.”


As Sienna scofs in the corner, Mason looks over at her moment. Taking pause, the two make eye contact. After this, Sienna can be seen mouthing the words “Iím sorry” towards Mason. Nodding his head, Mason turns back, looking forward intently.†


”Amari KentÖ my little friend, it seems like the universe just wants to bring us together again. Amari, you are the man who gave me my very first loss, in fact my only loss, in Outlaw. Granted, it was a tainted victory as far as the standards of warriors would go, it was still a notch in your belt that you are still very proud to trot out from time to time. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, I really donít think anything that happened in Outlaw should be brought up considering the company is now more than dead. Amari, what you donít understand is that this goes deeper than me having an issue with a little loss. My friend, a loss will not phase me, especially to a pissant like you. Yes, you beat me as Iíve said before, but look at the situation that you were able to take advantage of. I had a competitive meeting with Josiah Black, and you scavaged your way to beating me. Yes, that is how gauntlet style matches work, itís the luck of the draw. However, I still took you to a limit after being less than fresh. Donít you think that stepping into the ring with me, one on one, would be a completely different scenario? Donít you think that if we have a straight up wrestling contest, that I wonít beat you? Let me quickly tell you a bit about myself. Iíve been wrestling for nearly my entire life. I was a D-1 collegiate wrestler. I had Olympic buzz behind me, but fate intervened. You see, instead of following my passion, I helped serve this country proudly from the Middle East. I do things for the betterment of my people, and my country. That’s way more than I can say when it comes to you.”


Once again, Mason takes a pause to compose himself. He then lets out a soft laugh, and begins to speak.†


”Amari, you have presented yourself as what I consider to be the lowest form of athlete. Yes, we have all been taken by the cancer that is Twitter, but you really seem like youíve just let it take over your life. Every day, you sit there and go on and on with your constant and incoherent dreck. You pick fights with everyone, based on trivial little things. I understand that you have primarily come from a world of reality television, but I can think of constant examples within this same company that are not as antagonistic as you are when it comes to how you handle yourself. Look at your cousin and his wonderful husband. Those gentlemen are proud examples of how wrestling reality stars are supposed to conduct themselves. While on the subject, might i suggest you have your girlfriend or your manager read over what you are sending before you tweet. Yes, I understand shorthand is a commonality of today, but have some respect for yourself. You are legitimately one tweet away from being as incoherent as Cher. Sheís in her seventies, whatís your excuse?”


Turning his back for a moment, Mason faces the large Vanderbilt sign that is behind him. He stares at it intently for a few moments before turning forward once more.†


”I am a simple man, Amari. You sat there and really called out my character on social media, thinking that I wanted to be on some reality show. Let me be perfectly clear, if I wanted to have a place on a reality television program, I could do it with no hesitation. If I wanted to have my life raked across the coals on every episode of a show just to satiate someoneís need for drama, I could do that. You put yourself on a pedestal because a television network that bases itself on drama wanted to include you on a program, thatís awfully sad. You know what I base my life in? What I have actually done that was important. My service to this country was important, Iíve lost brothers in arms, and that humbled me, itís made me the man that I am today. You sit there and have ponderosas that end in arguments and drink throwing. I was vetted to run to represent this very state in Congress, what have you done? I want you to look at yourself, and think. Amari, what makes you a better fit to be a champion than I? Your one victory over me is officially irrelevant. You think that I am so pressed about you that I have to use you for some kind of relevancy, and thatís simply not the truth. Iím a fucking Vanderbilt, I am more relevant than you could in your own dreams. I hate to admit it, but I do see that you have some potential, but you are absolutely not in my league. Why donít you strip back your high flying nature, and wrestle me like a fucking man? You are nowhere near the man that I am, and you are nowhere near the athlete that I am. You know, if you wouldnít spend so much time picking arbitrary fights on Twitter with your cousin-in-law, maybe youíd be as good of an athlete as he and your cousin. I respect Austin, I respect Todrick, I respect everyone else who has transitioned in and out of wrestling, except you. You donít love this fucking business, youíre simply chasing clout. Well, clout isnít going to get you a victory over me this time.”


Mason unbuttons his blazer, allowing it to open up and reveal the black shirt that is underneath. A smirk befalls his face before he begins to speak once more.†


”Clout wonít help you when you actually step into the ring with a real athlete. Amari, you are not on my level, and everyone knows that. Thereís a reason that I call myself the Maverick, Iím not of my time. I am a wrestler that doesnít need the theatrics that you throw out. I donít need to be fancy. I donít need flips and flops, I just need what Iíve crafted my entire fucking life. Amari, we are going to step into the brand new ring, and we are going to have a contest that shows exactly why you are nothing more than a flash in the pan, and a pain in my ass. When I beat you at the first ever Venom show, it sets a precedent. Not only am I going to right an egregious wrong, I am going to become a champion that New York City can be proud of. When I beat you, I can proudly say that the fluke from the last days of OPW was precisely that. Youíre not fucking beating me, because I have the weight of real wrestling on my shoulders. I have the weight of every real athlete on my shoulders. I have the weight of New York City on my shoulders, and I will NOT disappoint all of those people. A Maverick is seen as being unorthodox, and there is no one who is more unorthodox today than I. I believe in the Maverick, New York City believes in the Maverick. Amari, at Venom, youíre going to fucking believe in the Maverick!”


At the end of his statement, Sienna comes forward. She places her right hand onto his shoulder, and looks up at him with a gleeful expression.†


”TrustÖ in theÖ Maverick!”


Smiles come over both Mason and Siennaís face; the scene begins to fade out and back to the test card that was seen at the beginning of the transmission.†