The Power Move

By: Mason Alexander Vanderbilt

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 9th Jul 2021


Losses, I do not like losses. From as long as I can remember, I have never been okay with the idea of being the lesser competitor. Iíve prided myself on being a winner in every endeavor that I have ever taken on, and thatís not changing with professional wrestling. Yes, I was not able to walk away with the victory at the very last show for Outlaw Pro Wrestling, but that doesnít mean anything. There is a brand new start on the horizon, and Mason Alexander Vanderbilt is going to take full advantage of that. The loss to Amari Kent, is forever irrelevant. From here on out, the brand new start forÖ whatever this venture is becoming, will be the Vanderbilt era.


It had been a very arduous few days. Since losing at the final OPW Showca$e, Mr. Vanderbilt had been in a predictably foul mood. Though he knew that the loss to Amari Kent would not matter in the grand scheme of his career, it was still a blow to his ego due to the amount of shit he talked about on social media. In his lavish Manhattan penthouse, Mason was busy pounding away at his heavy bag. With every blow, the bag would push back. It was clear that frustration was being taken out. As the shots continued to get stronger, the sounds of the bag being hit would be louder. After finishing his set, there is a sudden knock on the door. He turns his attention away from the heavy bag. Reaching down, he grabs a towel and wipes the sweat from his brow. Once again, the knocking on the door continues. Mason walks over to the door, and quickly opens it. A smirk comes over his face as his business partner Sienna Sharpe stands in front of him. Sienna, dressed in a black mesh halter top, and light wash jeans stands in the doorway with her hands on her hips. She lets out a soft laugh as she examines Mason for a moment. She takes note of his sweaty, chiseled physique. After she examines him for a moment, she looks up and meets his gaze.

”Well, itís about time that you answered the door. I know you live in a very high security complex by New York standards, but I still do not necessarily like having to stand in the hallway any longer than I need to. What took you so long?”

Scoffing, Mason steps back to allow Sienna to enter his abode. As she walks into the apartment, she takes a seat on his black, leather couch. Crossing her legs, she looks up at him as he begins to put his grey t-shirt on.

”I mean, I was in the middle of working out. You know, Iím not exactly used to having impromptu visitors. What brings you by ,Sienna?”

Reaching into her jeans pocket, Sienna pulls out her cell phone. Waiting for her to speak, Mason takes up a water bottle from his coffee table, and drinks it.

”Well, you know I wouldnít come here if I didnít have a reason to. I mean, I tried to mix a little bit of pleasure with our business, but you werenít down for that. Now ,Iím just here on business, I promise. I have something from the new owners of your former employer that you just have to see.”

Sienna reaches her hand out, extending her phone towards Mason. Grabbing her phone, he looks over the screen for a moment. With a look of focus on his face, he looks up from the phone, and back to Sienna.

”What kind of shit is this? I donít understand the point of being so secretive about your grand, new business venture. This is a professional wrestling company, not a game of Clue. Iím not exactly a big fan of not knowing exactly what I am getting myself involved in. Like, I seriously have to think about this Sienna.”

Placing her phone back into her pocket, Sienna looks up at Mason with a quizzical expression. She crosses her arms over her chest, before beginning to speak to him once again.

”Mason, this could be the best move that you make. Think about it, this could be the most unique professional wrestling experience in the world. Why in the world wouldnít you want to continue to see what you can do? I mean, Iím assuming the talents will be the same, and they were nothing compared to you. No matter what this odd-ball new vision is, youíll always be better than that group of carnival freaks.”

Nodding his head in approval, Mason looks down at Sienna and flashes a smile. Taking a seat next to her, he looks forward at the wall.

”Youíre right, I have never given up on anything. No matter what the fear about it may have been. I mean, Iíve accomplished a lot in my life, but never what I wanted to in this business. I really donít think that I could just walk away from this based on it being a mysterious concept. Iíve taken down people in war, whatís the harm in seeing what some new-found shady business is going to be? Plus, I donít exactly have to go far for this event.”

Sienna crosses her right leg over her left, looking over at Mason with a smirk. She clasps her hands together, before looking over at the wall.

”Youíre right, youíve done a lot of big things in your life, and you still have many more years to make an impact. Come on, youíre a decorated collegiate athlete, youíve stared the face of evil in war, and youíve even ran for Congress, youíre barely thirty. You have years to make pro-wrestling your bitch. I think this company will be the perfect place for you and I to take over the fucking world. The best part of this honestly is the short travel time. Iím honesty confused about what in the fuck theyíre trying to do, but hey, weíre going to be there. Youíre a hot commodity Mr. Vanderbilt, and they know that. No matter how confidential this project apparently is, they want you involved. So, donít doubt it, believe that youíre about to be the face of that movement.”

With a smirk over his face, Mason looked over at Sienna. For once, the uneasy feeling that was given when he read the message, quickly eased. He knew that this new company was going to be more than the right move that he needed to make. No matter what fears would be there, Mason knew that he would be able to shine brighter than he had ever shined before, no matter how gritty this turn would be.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ”Thereís a lot of amazing things to see in the city that never sleeps.”

Outside of the mysterious building that will be hosting the Fight!, Mason Alexander Vandebilt stands. Wearing a signature Armani Suit, his hands are firmly in his pockets. Looking up at the massive structure, Mason takes a moment to collect his thoughts. He takes a deep breath to end his pause before speaking once more.

”The Statue of Liberty, Time Square, Broadway, all significant in the grand scheme of what makes New York City the epicenter of America. New York has been my home for a great part of my life. In fact, this city was the first great love that I ever had. I am a proud New Yorker, and thatís why Iím proud to be competing here tonight. However, I do not know what I am here for.”

Taking a moment, Mason looks down at the sidewalk. Once again, he looks up at the ominous building before beginning to speak once again.

”Last week, Outlaw Pro Wrestling took its last breath. I was fortunate to be part of the funeral, though I was unsuccessful in my match-up, the promise of my movement was seen. I said that I was going to change Outlaw Pro Wrestling, well, I canít do that with something that is dead. However, I can continue to push my movement forward here. I donít know what this company is, or what this company is supposed to become, but I will show that the promise of my movement will have legs. Professional wrestling will continue to be saved by the Maverick. I donít know what I can say, this is going to be an unknown, but I do know that I will be the biggest star that this new company can have. So, New YorkÖ letís fight!”