Mean Girls [ Anicka & Apathy ]

By: Anicka Swan

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 25th Aug 2021

When Anicka Swan slowly came out of sleep, she could smell fresh coffee and bacon in the air; she lay there with her eyes closed and thought back on last nightís happenings. She started off the night at the Velvet Rabbit, drinking and getting lap dances from the girls while she was trying to decide just what kind of night she was going to have. Then she ended up at the Empire Room where she proceeded to drink an insane amount more and hit the dance floor until a 5í7″ hot little number with short black hair wearing a white muscle shirt and tattoos slid up next to her; little on the butch side, but Ani kinda liked it. Nova, Anicka thought as she sat up in bed, Nova was her name. And it smelled like Nova knew how to cook. Anicka got out of bed and grabbed the robe laying over the arm on the chair and made her way through her apartment into the great room and she saw the woman standing in front of the stove scrambling eggs. She was wearing the muscle shirt and jeans from last night. Anicka stood there for a moment, she wasnít used to this. Sheís used to people being gone before she wakes up, this was different. Has magic fingers and makes breakfast. Aniís impressed.

WellÖ Nova turned and gave her a wink. After that thing you did with your tongue, it was the least I could do. She turned back to the eggs so she didnít burn them. Do you have plans today?

Aniís got a few business meetings downstairs. She walked over to the small kitchen table in front of the floor to ceiling window with itís view lording over Central Park and all the buildings around it. There was already a cup of coffee sitting there. Sheís going to storm LeXís houseÖ

Lex? Nova turned and looked at Ani for a moment. Whoís Lex? Boyfriend?

Aniís baby momma and daddy. Thatís a new one. Aniís not seen Leí-Leí in a couple weeks and itís killing her.

Ahh, LeíAndra and Xavier. Nova turned off the stove and turned around with the pan of eggs and put them on a plate with bacon and toast. I was trying to surprise you with breakfast in bed. You didnít cooperate.

Ani does really bad at that. Ani picked up the fork and took a bite of the eggs. Thatís why they are telling her that she needs a handler.

Who do I speak to about putting in my resume? She poured herself a cup of coffee and walked over and took a seat in front of Ani.

Not a job for the faint of heart. She nibbled on a piece of the bacon.

Iím up for a good challenge. She took the last drink of her coffee and then stood up. I put my phone number in your cell phone last night. You want to hang out, give me a call.

And with that, Nova leaned down and gave her a kiss on the lips before turning around and taking her cup back to the kitchen. The last thing that Anicka heard wasÖ Hope to see you around, Ms. Swan before Ani was left alone. Ani looked into the direction that she had left in and then turned back to her breakfast. She kept thinkingÖ how interesting this day had been already.

Anicka quickly got dressed for work and for the next few hours she sat in meetings. She was sitting in the middle of her last one of the day when she picked up her cell phone and quickly typed up a text and sent it to Apathy. She and her need to talk about what they were going to do with this match and how they were going to work together. Since the first day they had stepped into the same fed with each other, they have always bumped heads. Whether it was them and their personality conflicted with each other or whether it was some sort of dangerous mastermind always pitting them against one another, the world would never know. She really didnít know what to expect of this meeting going in but looks like she was going to find out if the two of them could work together long enough to win it and then decide what to do after it.

After the meetings were over and Ani had stormed the castle to see with her own eyes that LeíAndra and Xavier were okay and shed her own tears over the now missing Baby X2, she was sitting in a bubble bath, smoking a blunt and staring out at the darkening sky. Ever since Aniís seen whoís all in this tourney and who they are partnered with, she canít help but laugh and she means really laugh, too. She takes a puff. Dane Preston and Joe Montuori. Ani canít see them working together. Not with Joe having just slipped the python to her. Aniíd be wanting to rip it off and shove it down his throat. But thatís just Ani. JMont, heís a man thatís used to talking a lot of shit, because he has to. He has to make himself the center of attention and keep himself relevant, because right now, the only thing that makes him relevant is Allison and Dane. Poor Dane, heís used to Ani slapping that ass and biting on it, heís not used to Ani beating it in a squared ring. Maybe Aniíll swing by tonight after the match and check on him? But then again, thatís if they can get past the Matriarchs. Another puff off the blunt. VooDoo and Vhodka Marie. Aniís kinda rooting for Dane and JMont to win. Itís just good business for Ani and Apathy. The lessor of the two evils, if you will. We just have a better chance of beating them. Aniís been in the ring just training with Voo. Yaíll think the bitch is a joke. And neither is Vhodka Marie. Yaíll just seeing them as Vincent Blackís babies momma. They ever work out their family issuesÖ weíre all screwed for the Island Belts. And you can take Aniís word for that one. She laughs lightly as she takes another hit and blows smoke rings into the air.

Vincent Black and Dollface. Another team that might not make it to the ring because they ar too busy fighting each other. Aniís trained with Vin for many years.. Him and all of his brother beat the shit out of Ani when she first started training. He even hated Ani. That was until the Mall incident, and Ani protected his twins like they were her own. Itís just business with each otherÖ nothing personalÖ although with Dollface it might be a little personal. Because bitch is always in her face. Congrats on beating Ani for the belt.. Keep it warm, sheís coming for it. She pauses for a moment. Going to be interesting, Apathy is supposed to have Aniís back while her little puppet is on the opposing team. Itís going to be testing loyalties and alliances, thatís for sure. Ani may have to watch her back as well as her front.

Another pause to take a drawl of the blunt. ARP and Sahara. Shit, another team that might not make it to the ring, they barely made it walking in the hallway since Sahara finally pinned Dane. And you know Aniís not talking about pinning him in the ring. Ani doesnít know why people are calling him dickless, take it from Ani, dudeís got dick. And you know Ani, she doesnít typically have “repeat performers” but he made the list. Him and Allison both. ARP, another ass that Aniís spanked and bit on. Sheís also beat that ass plenty of times sparring in the ring. And Ani wonít have any issues doing it if we have to face off. Just Ani wonít have any issues with Sahara. Ani might even enjoy doing this to her. She just put herself right in the middle of things, knowing sheíd catch a chink in the armor and jump on it and cause as much damage as possible. Ani feels the need to cause as much damage as possible, too. Anicka smiles and winks as she takes another drag. Brandon Moore and Shawn Warstein. Ani knows all about Brandon. She knows the type of wrestler that he is. Just means her and Apathy are going to have to fight hard and dirty. Not to stroke his ego, but Ani knows heís got a higher tolerance for pain than most do. Just like she does. He might be more of a challenge than his partner, Shawn. Aniís seen him around and in the ring. Heís good, but Aniís not too sure on if heís as good in the ring as he is at running his mouth. If heís as good as the hype he gives himself? Guess we will all see if we face off. Another hit off the blunt that she holds in for the longest time then exhales.

Druscilla White and Asher Jules. Ani actually feels bad for Dru. First they gave her the same tag team partner that she had the previous time and expected them to work togetherÖ again? He didnít like the whole pairing and just up and left and then tried to shit on FNYC? Ani wouldnít have blamed her if she took the old man out before they got to the ring. She smiles and shakes her head. Then they give her Asher? Vincent thought he had to beat the crap out of Ani to get her ready for the ring. All Aniís got to say man, you need her to return the favor, give her a call. Her and Apathy have to face off against him, we can call that Lesson Number One.

She laughs and takes a hit from the blunt as her crimson colored toes peaked from the bubbles at the other end of the tub. She used her big toe to pull the chain from the tub and the water slowly began to drain.

That brings Ani to Dickie Watson and Paul “the Other” MontUOriÖ. The Empire Champion and the “empire-lite” Champ. Paulís trying so damned hard to change and be the wrestler that everyone has always seen his brother to be, instead of his brotherís “hype man”. But his brother keeps pulling him down. The water is soon drained out and sheís sitting there, her privates still covered in bubbles. Then again, maybe he knows what heís doing? He knows how destructive his brother really is and heís slowly pushing him closer and closer to self-destruct? Ani doesnít know, but she knows when JMont gets to that point, PMont better run as fast as Ani did and Xavier and LeíAndreaís wedding to make sure Xís side of the family didnít have to serve Leís family. PMont knows all about Ani in the ring, Dickie doesnít. If we end up facing off, he will know what he may one day have to face off against if we step in the ring when itís just one on one. Call it a taste of whatís to come. Aniís sure you will give her a good fight, might even win.. But at least you will know Ani was there.

The view zooms in slowly on Anicka until the only thing seen is bubbles that slowly fade to back but then there is a shimmy of the screen and itís hours later, Anicka stepped into the bar inside FIGHT! Tower, she gave a look around and saw that Apathy hadnít arrived so she decided to go find a place for them to talk. She walked into the direction of the pool tables that were sitting in one of the corners, scooping up the shot and drink that one of the bartenders placed on the bar. She tossed back the shot and placed the empty glass on one of the waitresses’ tray as they passed each other. She stopped just inside the pool area and looked around for a moment, it was full of Scrappers who had come from a long day of fighting with the actual Fighters down in the gym. Everyone stopped and looked at herÖ waiting for her to make her move. And when she did, everyone who was in her way moved out of it, until she reached the table at the furthest corner away. She looked at the four men who were half way through a doubles game carefully making eye contact with each and everyone one of them.

Man, sheís wearing pants. One of them finally spoke as he shook his head and tossed the cue stick he was holding on the table. We donít want any part of her tonight. His buddies looked at him questioningly. Dude, itís Ani 101.. Pants are for fighting.

As the four men left, Anicka began to rack up the balls and took a seat as she waited for Apathy to show. Actually, they were wrong, she hadnít planned on fighting tonight, but she was ready if need be.

++Meanwhile in the hall a few floors up, outside the front door to Eoinís apartment in the building, Apathy was leaning against the wall across from it, double checking her face in the hand held mirror. The door opened and the towering ginger poked his head out++

Eoin: You sure about this lass? Going alone to this meet up?

++She darted her eyes above the compact mirror and smiled slyly, almost rolling her eyes++

Elizabeth: Who said I would be alone? Dollface is my personal security. Where I go she goes. Even if you donít see her, she is always watching and always there just in case I get into a predicament. It is about appearing vulnerable, while not actually being so. I imagine that she also has someone on the side watching from a distance.

++She closed the compact and slid it into her vintage lucite box purse, latching it with a twist. She slid the handles over her wrist and pushed herself off the wall++

Elizabeth: You find my jeweled hair clip? Thatís all Iím waiting onÖ Eoin: Aye. Fell to the side of the bed after last nightÖ Elizabeth: ExcellentÖ

++He reached his arm out, palm up, presenting the metal and jewel claw clip and watched as she gently took it, reaching behind to twist her hair up and then affix the claw. Her bloodwine colored hair sprouted to the side through the clip. Messy yet casual. Satisfied she blew him a kiss and headed for the elevator. As the heels of her velvet stiletto boots clacked against the hard floor, it echoed down the halls. She waited patiently as the elevator made its way to her, examining her violet matte dipped nails, tapping them against the metal facade of the elevator frame. A digital beep broke the silence as she slipped into the elevator, double checking her reflection in the mirrored doors as they closed in front of her++

Elizabeth: Ready or not Ani, here I come. This should prove interesting if anything. Worst case scenario, we end up both paying for damages caused to property to the bar. Probably not the first time, wonít be the last.

++As the elevator came to the floor where the FIGHT bar was located, the doors opened, before stepping off she made it a point to casually look up at the not so hidden cameras, acknowledging it and grinned as she strolled off the elevator and towards the bar. She presented her credentials to the door and slithered in, hoping to catch sight of Ani before vice versa. She caught a glimpse of her at a pool table, secluded in the back of the establishment. She was leaned over, taking some practice shots. As Ani practiced her shots, Apathy made her way to the bar and got the tenders attention++

Elizabeth: Pool table in the back, keep a tab, whatever is ordered gets delivered no matter the price. Nevermind if we get drunk, this is a business meeting. One last thing, double shot of fireball, cherry soda chaser. God I miss Pepsi FireÖ..

++She made her way through the bar, Fireball shot in one hand, can of cherry soda in the order. As she came closer to Ani, who had just taken a shot to break the balls, Liz cleared her throat++

Elizabeth: Sorry about the delay, seemed I lost my hair clip after some drunk sex. I think Iíve lost more belongings due to sloppy, drunk, no strings attached sex than I have doing anything else…

Anicka looked up and chuckled. Man, Ani doesnít even wear underwear anymore when she goes out. Sheís lost so many, really cute ones, too. She picked up her glass and took a drink. Since Aniís been here, sheís felt like someoneís been watching her, so if your little puppetís here, you can give her the light off. Ani called this littleÖ She raised her hands in a non-threathening and casual manner. Parley of sorts, she wouldnít break it, sheís a woman of her word.

Elizabeth: Ah. Dollface yes. On one hand yes I can signal to her that all is safe, which I will out of respect, whether she leaves the area or not, that is something I have no control over. She is an observer of sorts. Like a phantom lurking in the wings. She likes to watch people, study them, possibly think of the many ways they could die or what they would sound like if she got her hands on them. StillÖ

++As she picked up a pull cue and started grinding the chalk onto it, she casually raised her left arm, her hand making a signal or gesture. As she finished prepping the cue, she smirked and returned to Aniís attention++

Elizabeth: Done. Though let’s be honest, look at where we are, consider the people weíre surrounded by. Someone is always watching in the shadows. Either by camera or strategic placement because FIGHT isnít just about fighting…it is about entertainment and revenue. Weíre all a part of an experiment. Weíre lab rats, well that is considering on who side you are on in the grand scheme of things. I know what is going on, I see what is coming and I am just…playing my part. Iím not too proud to notice that the fans, who buy our merch and pay to see us, are hyped about the fact that you and I are going to be standing as partners in the ring. So as for your parley, I accept. This benefits both of us. Itís that thrill of seeing two women, both powerful and dominant in their own right work together. Yes I know why the names were drawn the way they were. Ratings. Money. Weíve both played this game and know exactly what the end goal is. Chaos and a free for all. FIGHT makes more money off of the back and forth grudges that play out in the ring week in and week out, without a match happening and they are capitalizing on it.

++Liz downed another shot of Fireball, chased it a shot of spiced whiskey, to get into the Fall spirit and then finished off with a shot of Smirnoff Iced Cake vodka. As she set the shot glasses aside on a tray that management had left for them to use, she turned around and leaned over, taking a shot. She was solids. Sunk the 4 ball. Aniís turn++

Anicka walked around the table and found herself a shot and took out the 10 ball just as one of the servers came over and dropped off Anicka another mixed drink and a bottle of vodquila with two shot glasses. Anicka twisted off the skull lid and poured a couple of shots, picked both glasses up and walked over to Apathy and handed her one.

So, open negotiation it is. They tapped glasses together and tossed back the shot. Anicka sat her shot glass on the table and got ready to take her shot while Apathy grabbed Aniís shot glass and made her way to the table and poured the next couple shots. Anicka went for the 14 ball in the corner pocket, and missed a perfect shot by a pussy hair. What are we going to do? Fight them or each other?

Elizabeth: The way I see it, the buzz around the very thought of us being in a team together is too good to capitalize on. Let me be frank, whatís been going on here with you and I? Itís business. Nothing personal. Iím just trying to claw my own way in a comfortable position and I canít do that without ruffling feathers and carving my own niche. Youíre one of the top women in this company, who better to target? I know I donít have a need to justify my behavior or actions to you. I do so out of respect and to put my own chips on the table. Imagine those marks barely on the edge of their seat, asses almost on the floor, salivating at the thought that you and I will have a breakdown and go to blows before the match even starts. Then that doesnít happen. Suddenly all their wet dreams begin coming true, the two sassiest bitches in the building, working together as a single unit. From a business aspect we both benefit. Our images and public relations benefit, so for me? I would much rather work with you than against you. As far as “they” are concerned, they have their own mix of ideas of how this will pan out. Iíve heard they have started betting already. I say we give them the least expected outcome. You? Anicka pours them another couple of drinks which they toss back and Apathy goes on to bank a couple of balls before she finally misses again. While Ani rounds the table looking for a shot, Apathy pours them one. Ani has kind of let the cat out of the bag with her not being as dumb as she let everyone think she was, Ani knows good business when she sees if. Itís one of the reasons she called you here. See, Ani believes that an outside force has always kept us at each otherís throats because they thought itís good for business. Maybe they were blinded by sitting back and watching us for their own amusement and entertainment, like we were puppets for their amusement.

Anicka leans over to take the shot and one of the scrappers at the table behind her glanced back and bent over to take his shot, too. When he did so, he made sure his cue stick popped Ani in the ass causing her to scratch the ball. She stood up and turned around. Aniís not got time for fuckiní jokes, donít make her turn you into one right now.

Sorry, sorry. Didnít mean to start anything. Anicka growled at him and made her way back around to Apathy and they both tossed back another shot. The scrapper is over talking with his buddies, they keep looking over and smiling. Elizabeth: He seems to like to take liberties. Typical. Right now he’s thinking he’s in. Probably telling himself you only seem mad but right now you’re standing here saying he’s cute. We’ve both dealt with this entitled behavior. Men in this business, in general, treat us as if we were just our assets, that somehow we owe them. You know, if you don’t teach them young they never learnÖ. Anicka had 2 more shots waiting for them when Apathy made it back over. They tossed them back and Anicka made it back to the table and circled it and saw her shot. She made her way around to the other side of the table, staring at the scrapper from earlier. Him and his friends smirked a little, once she was bent over, he told his friend to watch this. Watch this indeed, Apathy thought as he made his way back around the table and just as he had earlier, he poked Anicka in the ass with the cue stick. Anicka didnít say anything, but turned and flipped her cue stick around and brought the thick end across his back sending him to one knee, she then took the piece that was still in her hand and swung for the fences and caused his head to hit the pool table and knock him out. His buddies made their move and started to round the table.

Ani! Anicka looked around and Apathy tossed the cue stick she had in her hand to her and grabbed another. By the time Apathy made it around the table, Anicka had one on the ground and was holding his knee as she gave him two quick but very hard taps right above his knee.

Apathy cracked her cue stick on the chest of one of them and got behind him holding him with the cue stick on his chest, the little Scrapper clearly no match for Apathy.

Ani thinks if we work together, we could probably pull this off. She cracked the struggling scrapper in the gut with the stick. Apathy nodded behind her and wasted no time with a double tap to the head.

I can see this happening. Apathy let go of the guy she was holding, who had been struggling so hard, he damned near launched himself in Anicka direction, she brought up the palm of her hand and snapped his head back with a palm to the chin. When his head snapped back, Apathy gave him a dirty love tap on the back of his head that dropped him like a lead weight.

They looked at fallen bodies, two knocked out cold, the other two crying in pain and wondering if they had anything broken. Both kinda laughed when the manager of the bar walked over and placed his hand on his hips. And which one of you fine ladies will be paying for this? Anicka and Apathy looked at each other, Apathy was the one who smiled and spoke first. Donít look at me, I told them I would take care of the liquor tab. Besides, you called the parlay.

That one caused Anicka to laugh. Put it on Aniís tab.

And youíre going to have to leave for the night.

Yeah, yeah, we know.

Both women said at the same time and made their way through the bar that the patrons parted as they passed like they were the Red Sea, neither knowing if they should have been fighting there, but it really wasnít their fault, the Scrappers started it first. At the elevators they pushed buttons, one going up, the other going down.

So, truce for now? Anicka stuck out her hand to Apathy.

Elizabeth: Truce. There’s still a few more tricks we need to teach. I will let my coven know what has transpired to cover all the bases. Both women said good night to one and staggered into the elevator. Both had faked how drunk they really were as they left the bar, but between the bottle and the mixed drinks they were pretty hammered.

++As the elevator opened on the upper floor, she was a bit staggered on her way back to Eoinís flat. She drug herself along the corridor wall, occasionally attempting to stay on her own two feet. She actually stumbled into the closed solid door of his apartment and looked through the peephole, calling his name. The door finally opened and she stumbled past him. The look on his face was more “this shit again” than shock. She plopped down onto his leather sofa and started laughing++

Eoin: Is that your blood, or someone elses? Elizabeth: Someone elses. Eoin: You and Ani trade blows? Elizabeth: No, not at all. But I think they are still trying to pry that one guy off the bar floor with a spatula. He got completely fucking dominated. Ani and I reached an agreement. She has my back and despite the past fews weeks of our little antics and exercises putting her in the cross hairs, I have agreed to a cease fire. Letís be fair, we arenít the only filthy, opportunistic mongrels around here. Weíre stronger, but weíre not the only ones. Everything we have done so far is to orchestrate something grand and on a scale of “holy shit”. By the way, Dollface is looping the feed from this apartment, so weíre free to talk. Security isnít bright. To them it sounds like weíre fucking. Enough said. No. As it stands Anicka and I are on the same page. Whatever happens, come match time, happens. Do I trust her? Not in the slightest. Sheís cut from the same cloth as me. I have to remain aware of that. The people she runs with, the same mindset as us. We just approach things differently. What is truly going on here is not just modeled after the Belko experiment, but also the Stanford prison experiment. Imagine a shift in power. The have nots suddenly become the ones with all the power. Those who had the power, are now reduced to suffering the abuse of those whom they once terrorized and belittled. I believe those behind the little experiment asked something to the effect of what happens when you put good people in a toxic situation. The idea fits here…I mean take a good look around us EoinÖ

++She stood up, gathered he balance and motioned to the black bubble cameras placed strategically in the living room alone++

Elizabeth: Those cameras are little more than the equivalent of big brother. We are basically living the Big Brother life. Everything we do is under a watchful eye. They have their PR team and editing staff cut and crop, paste and blend the feeds to throw up on the website, to the mouth foaming dogs in the media to shill. The only difference is this game of Big Brother is high stakes and there are no evictions or national voting to see if you go home, instead you get your ass kicked. If this week the powers that be decide to ship you as the bad guy, as the target then that is your role you place. You will be jumped, shit on, and buried for the amusement of the braindead masses who buy into this bullshit.

I think the best example of what happens when you put a good person into an unhealthy environment would be Warstien. He took it all so personally. He was the fresh faced fish out of water. His reputation should have preceded him but in these toxic, shark infested waters, he just became a target. Now I hear tell heís been pushed to the edge. I would call that a win. So where does that leave us? Me? Itís simple really, I will play the game while I play on my own. Iím already the villain. The masses already hate me. That suits me just fine. Their narrow minds canít see the bigger picture. Most simpletons canít. If Ani and I come out of this unscathed, then we will address what comes next afterwards. But the humor isnít lost on me, that in the scheme of things, and as the power began to shift, she herself was once one of those who wielded all the power, while people like me, were mocked and shit on because we dared to call it what it was. We questioned their monopoly and how they stood gatekeeping. Now the shift has happened and the bitter taste of “I told you so” is hard to swallow.

I could fuck her over. I could simply just not show during the match. Leave her to her own devices and see how she fares. I could, but I wonít because this whole tag event is about controversy, ticking time bombs and ratings. Controversy creates cash. But me also playing along with this little capitalist game, means I am colored in a different light. Give them what they expect? Or what they never considered? Sometimes you have to risk losing a pawn, in order to protect your Queen…