Miller Time: Back Again

By: Bam Miller

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 5th Nov 2021


Location: Velvet Rabbit


Time: 1:00 pm


Sitting off in the corner of the Velvet Rabbit, Bam Miller sits in a booth drinking a bottle of New York’s finest whiskey from Hillrock. He sips out a shot glass with three ice cubes in and rubs his fingers through his dark brown hair. He places the shot glass back down and pulls out his iPhone from his black jean bucket as it vibrates to alert him of a message. He unlocks his phone and reads a message from his beautiful girlfriend, Diamond. 

Hey bae, it’s your boo; Diamond just checking in on you why you back up there in New York for Season Two of Fight. I know you got your match with Eoin O’Rourke coming up on the 8th. I hope you thought about what we’ve talked about when it comes to your new approach to the business. I know you feel the way you were doing things was the best for you but look where it got you last season. You failed to capture The Bronx Championship twice! Not to mention Michelle owned you in you guys one on one match and then lost the biggest match of your career to Brandon Moore. The only thing you have to be proud of last season is 6k in blood money and that you showed a lot of heart.

Bam places his phone back down as he tries to take in what he read from Diamond. Bam’s heard this all before from the fans online, the media, and even his peers in the locker room, and usually, Bam would shrug their words of doubt off and continue to beat to the drum he’s known his whole life. Still, this time the message was coming from someone he has grown to care about, and that knows him better than anyone at this point in his life. He’s never been known to open up to anyone, but Diamond was different. She never judge’s Bam for his actions for how he made it through life. She understands the struggle of growing up without a silver spoon in her mouth and had the hustle and heart to build her empire down in ATL as an owner of a lavish gentlemen’s club. Now she’s trying to do the same for Bam because she knows how much wrestling means to him and what all he’s done to get this far. It’s never been an easy ride for Bam in wrestling or life. Ever since his parents left him in a dumpster to root, he’s always been fighting through the odds, chipping away at the wall that God put in front of him. Some would complain and say, why me? Why would God put such an obstacle on my path that would prevent me from my ultimate goal? But Bam never thinks like that.

To him complaining is for the weak and those that look for excuses when they fall short of the brass ring. To Bam, an obstacle was just another hurdle he had to clear. He doesn’t shy away from the rough dark road because he believes he wants to make it to the end. He’ll appreciate the moment more than if it was some soft cookie cutter of a road. Bam continues with his thoughts as he pours himself another shot and drinks it and then pulls a Newport Cigarette box out of his black leather jacket pocket and lights it up with his black skull lighter. He takes a couple of puffs before he blows the smoke out in an O-Shaped form. He watches as the smoke floats under the club lights and then disappears; he picks up his phone and starts to respond back to Diamond.

Yeah, Diamond, I’ve been thinking about it, and I hear what you are saying. I did have my focus everywhere last season. I was so obsessed with getting my name out there I jumped at any opportunity that I thought could put me ahead, and because of that, I’ve ended up further from my goal. So now, this season, I’ll be focused on one objective and not get drawn into the unnecessary attractions that would usually draw my attention. I have to tap into something more, I must evolve with everyone else or get left behind, and I can’t live with myself if I end up dropping the ball again. I will be a Champion here in Fight. I just have to wait for when the time is right, this time no more jumping the gun, so to speak, but enough about me love you’ve got a business to run, so I’ll let you get back to securing the bag, talk to you later.

Bam slides the phone back into his pocket and goes to pour himself another drink out of the bottle, but the damn thing is empty. Bam shrugs his shoulders and walks over to the bar, and signals for Lizzy, the bartender. She throws on a sweet-looking smile and walks over towards Bam. 

Well, damn Bam, you have just been here an hour, and you already empty the bottle.

Bam smirks and shrugs his shoulders

Well, you know it’s never a wrong time to start drinking, and it’s the afternoon, so I say this is appropriate.

Lizzy rolls her eyes, turns around to the shelf, and grabs another Hilrock Whiskey bottle. As she reaches up? Bam. can be seen checking out her ass a little, The entrance to the Rabbit opens up, and Austin Ramsey, another Fight star, had walked into the establishment and started walking over to the bar in a Nike jumpsuit. He walls up to the bar and slaps Bam hard on the back but in a playful manner that startles him a little as he turns around to a happy smiling Austin. At this point, Lizzy turns around and brings the bottle back to the counter.

Austin, has anyone ever told you’re a little heavy-handed? You damn near broke my back.

Austin lets out a joyous chuckle.

Silly Bam, what are you doing here so early in the day? With don’t tell me you’re here to sign up to be a Buck.

Lizzy giggles out loud and then snorts. Bam gives her a look, and she walks off, still laughing as Bam turns his attention to Austin.

Austin, look at me. Do I look like I could fit in that tiny spandex underwear that Voodoo has you guys wear around here?


Don’t be embarrassed, Bam. I’m sure you can pull it off, but if you’re not here to be a Buck, why are you here so early?

Well, it’s the only place I know I can come clear my head and get some free drinks at the same time, the best place to be before I record this promo for the upcoming Venom show.

Oh, that’s right, Eoin O’Rourke is your opponent this week. I hope you have a better start to this season than I did last week. Damn, Dane got the best of me, and not to mention Chris Page attacked my Toddy; if I see him next week, I’m going to throttle him.

Bam smirks, then takes a sip out of the bottle; he sits it back down on the Bar counter.

Yeah, I got the Ole Big Fella coming up; I’ve seen a couple of his matches and know he’s a hard hitter and loves a good fight like me, so it should be a good one, but yeah, tough luck about last week, You did well out there so don’t feel too bad Austin. Last season didn’t go too well for me, and I’m coming into this season with a different mindset. Especially NSQ at the top of everything, and all these new names that have arrived for this season, I can tell you now Austin, the mountain top just got harder to reach for all of us.

Bam sighs and takes and sip from the whiskey bottle as Austin puts on a serious look with fire in his eyes.

Look, I know people think I’m a joke and someone that can just be a pushover for, but I meant when I said I’m going to be a serious threat this season, I want Championship Gold like Todrick, I want people to look at me how they look at the NSQ. I’m tired of being on the sidelines and passed over for opportunities. I want my moment just like you, Bam.

Bam raises an eyebrow and turns back towards Austin, and surprisingly shakes his hand; Austin looks at him with a confused look.

Bam, what are you doing?

I’m proud of you, Austin; you got the right new attitude that will help out this season; I can see you being a Champion Austin, I really do.

Appreciate that Bam means a lot that I have someone else in my corner besides Todrick, last season was hard, but this one will be the season of the underdogs.

Bam takes a shot glass, drink really quick, and pats Austin on the back.

Damn right, it will be Austin, but if you excuse me, I need to head on over to Fight Tower and shoot this promo for the upcoming show. I’ll catch you later, Austin.

Bam throws up a peace sign as he walks out of the Velvet Rabbit and heads for his Black and Gold Harley Davidson. As he gets closer to his motorcycle, he notices a card attached to his bike handle. Bam looks around, trying to see if anyone is around. He shakes his head with nobody in sight and picks up the card, and it’s a lawyer’s card from an office right here in New York named The Office of Mike Wright. Bam flips the card over, and on the back, it reads.

Please give me a call, kid; I have some information you would like to see.

Bam looks at it with a curious but worried look; he shakes his head and shoves the card in his jacket pocket and gets on his Harley and heads off for the Fight Tower.



Location: Fight Tower


Time: 3:00 pm

Bam Miller has arrived already in Fight Tower; as he walks inside the building, he stops by the kitchen, takes a few Miller Lites out of the fridge, and sticks them in his jacket pocket. He walks out of the kitchen and past the catering table to back out into the halls. He cracks open one of the Miller Lite cans and takes a sip before walking into the Fight media room and takes a seat in front of the camera. He takes another sip then places it down beside him.

You know, during my time away from Fight, I did some reflecting on the last season and realized where I went wrong in my approach to becoming the best. You see, I made the foolish mistake of being that dog in the neighborhood who would run up and bark at anyone that showed him any attention. I was lost wandering these halls looking for an identity and trying to figure out where I belonged on the food chain.

He smirks, then shrugged his shoulders.

It turns out I’m pretty low on the food chain right now; I went up against some of the best this. The company had to offer. I went to war with Michelle Moore over the Bronx Championship and came up short each time, I even had the balls or lack of brain cells to go after Brandon Moore, and we all saw how that Death Match, no amount of Heart could power me through that ordeal. No matter how much I wanted to rise to the top, I was kicked down like a peasant—not allowed to sit at the table with Kings and Queens that oversee this Tower. So, what’s a guy to do? I asked myself all last season. Do I take my ball and go home back to Detroit and accept the fact I’m not good enough?

Bam picks back up the Miller Lite bottle that he had placed on the floor and takes and chugs the beer down. He tosses it into a trash can near to him and looks back with a focused look.

No, you don’t do that; you give in to the doubt but what you do is look into the mirror and look deep inside your eyes down to the core of your soul and see if that fire is still lit. You see, does it still crackle, does it still have some pop. If you do, you pour gasoline of motivation on that moutherfucker, and you get back to work. You hit the gym harder than you have before, you go over your matches and see where you went wrong and identify your weakness and fix it! You don’t bitch or cry about not being featured on the show’s poster, and you damn sure don’t ever let the critics know they got to you because now you just look weak, and that isn’t me. 

So now I turn my attention to you, Eoin O’Rourke, a former member of The Cure, because you know you guys got broken up after coming up short at Ascension, but wait if memory serves me correctly, it was I that put the final nail in the coffin for you guys when I eliminated your captain, Brandon Moore.

Bam laughs a little why he smirks.

But that’s all in the past Big guy, so don’t be so worked up about that. Let’s talk about you, though, because you, sir, are a very underrated talent here in Fight. You held your own in Blood Money and actually was impressive, and you got overlooked because your name isn’t as big as everyone else, but I noticed you and took interest. You even took to a legend in this business like Anicka Swan, and sure, you didn’t get the win, but you were damn impressive in defeat. So, I kept looking up more of your matches here in Fight on the Network, and just like I thought, I got my hands full with a real fighter! Your record may not reflect it, but you and I are kinds of the same, we both love to fight and love a good drink, so I somewhat have respect for you, but at the end of the day, one of us has to look up at the bright lights and wonder why the other comes up with the three.

You see why this business we are in provides us a chance to ascend it comes at the cost of someone else’s dreams I tried my best go think there was a way we could all eat and have success together even if we were enemies, but I was naive and inexperienced in the mind. Now I know in order to get where I want to end up, I have to bring more than just heart and hope. I had to dig deeper and find something a little darker that would allow me to do to others like they had to me. My parents left me to better their future, a lot of my opponents used me as a steppingstone to something more and so now I look to you Eoin as the same thing now. I do not care about your beliefs, goals, or dreams. That’s irrelevant to me now. I don’t care about putting on a great match for the fans because that does nothing for me. I don’t care what I have to do anymore to succeed. All options are on the table and like I’ve already told you the fire is burning very rapidly and I’m going to show you, Eoin, despite your best and despite your power, you will bring in this match, it won’t be enough. No amount of pain or agony you bring to me will keep me down long enough for you to get the win, no amount of force you try to put on my limbs, will not make me tap. I would rather die right there in that ring before I give up. So, bring your 6’5 frame and the 245lbs you carry and buckle up for a wild night in Miller Time; I’ll see you soon, Big Fella.

Bam stands up and takes out a Miller lite bottle and takes a sip, and winks as he walks out of the room as the scene comes to an end.