Miller Time: Blood Money Special

By: Bam Miller

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 19th Jan 2022

January 9, 2022


Swan Imports

111 West 57th Street

Manhattan, NY

Inside the home of Anicka Swan, Bam Miller finds himself sitting on a black leather couch of the living room with a Miller Lite bottle in his hand and watching TV on an 85-inch HD TV. Now many would think Bam Miller would be watching his Detroit lions or an action movie of some kind but not on this afternoon setting. Bam found himself watching a Disney classic The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He takes a sip of his beer and glances out of his side-eye when he notices Anicka walking into the room slowly wearing a very tight red leather dress, she takes a seat next to Bam then notices what he’s watching and makes an inquiring look at him.

Bam Miller: Don’t look at me like that, it just happened to be on this channel, and I was too drunk to change it.

Anicka Swan smirks and moves her right over towards Bam and down to his lower region.

Anicka Swan: Oh really? You sure about that.

Ban watches for a moment then gives into her and admits his guilt.

Bam Miller: Ok you win Ani, I just really like this movie, I know some might say it’s for kids, but it speaks to me in a way, I can relate with the character Quasimodo.

Anicka raises her eyebrow.

Anicka Swan: How so?

Bam lets out a deep breath then takes a sip out of his beer before turning towards Anicka.

Bam Miller: You see he grew up alone too after his mother died and people never gave him a chance growing up because of the way he looks and thus he locked himself away from the world even though all he wanted was acceptance and to be respected in the world. That’s all he wanted out of life and once he met his Gypsy Princess, she gave him the strength to overcome the demons and obstacles placed in his life. It’s a sad story with a happy ending but the sad story is what we have in common, being left in a dumpster does something to one’s confidence growing up, I never felt like I belong anywhere until now Ani, because with you I feel like you can be my gypsy and guide me down the path I seek.

Anicka smiles at Bam.

Anicka Swan: Look at you opening up to me, it’s usually the other way around.

Anicka winks at Bam and he lets out a chuckle.

Bam Miller: You know you’re a silly one Ani but I’m serious about what I said, I do feel things are just right with you, and maybe it’s the alcohol talking but it feels peaceful.

Anicka holds Bam’s hand with comfort.

Anicka Swan: That’s sweet Bam it really is but don’t go putting all your faith in me, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I’ve learned a lot from them but I’m still growing and learning how to lead myself. I’m just saying don’t go thinking we are in a Disney movie and that there will be a happy ending because that’s just a fairytale, not real life.

Before Bam could respond, a LOUD KNOCK comes from the opposite side of the door. Bam and Anicka both look at each other with a curious look. 

Bam Miller: Expecting anyone?

Anicka answers by shaking her head in no motion. Bam approaches the door and lets out a shout.

Bam Miller: WHO IS IT?!

Nobody responds to the question, Bam walks over to the door and grabs a bat, and winks at Anicka.

Bam Miller: Just in case it’s that bastard Austin looking to throw hands again.

Anicka sighs and throws up her hands like whatever. Bam opens the door quickly and goes swinging all crazy but hits nothing but air. He looks around to see if anyone was around but not a soul was in the hallway. He looks down and notices an envelope on the floor he has stepped on with his boot. He backs up and picks it up then proceeds back inside. He looks over the envelope and looks at it surprisingly when it’s addressed to him. He looks over at Anicka with a curious look.

Bam Miller: That’s strange nobody knows I’m staying here with you right?

Anicka Swan: Not to my knowledge and nobody should’ve men able to drop off anything without me knowing. Who’s it from?

Bam looks at the envelope for a name or return address but as he flips it over there is none.

Bam Miller: Weird there is none.

Bam use his finger to open up the sides of the envelope and pulls out a letter that says

Dear Bam, my name is Ashley Miller and I’m writing to you from Dallas, Texas. This might be hard for you to believe and I know how’s it going to come off but I’m your younger sister Bam, our parents passed away last year in a car accident why I was in college I didn’t know about you until I started cleaning out their shed in the backyard and found this box of your birth certificate and information of where they dropped you off at, I couldn’t believe they did this and never told me but I want to meet you and also we own a family ranch and half of it belongs to you but it needs some work involved, I’ll leave you my number and maybe we can meet up and chat. 

Bam looks at the paper in shock for a moment then at Anicka who has a surprised facial expression herself.

Bam Miller: This is a lot to fucking take in right now, I need a drink.

Bam walks quickly to a cabinet bar and pulls out a bottle of Vodka and starts chugging it for a moment. Anicka looks at him with concern but is also impressed with how he handles his liquor. 

Anicka Swan: Bam shouldn’t you be thrilled; you’ve always wanted to have a family?

Bam stops drinking and places the bottle down on the counter.

Bam Miller: Yeah, it’s something I always wanted but never thought I could get. This news is just sudden and makes no sense to me, like all this time I have a family it’s kind of bittersweet though since they kept one child and not the other. 

Anicka Swan: Yeah, I can understand that and I’m sure she can explain why if you give her a chance.

Bam Miller: Yeah, maybe I’ll just have to think on it…

*RING* Bam’s phone starts going off on the counter, he reaches over to pick it up and then looks at who it is.

Bam Miller: Oh, shitit’s Chris Page I got to take this call Ani, I just signed on to get him to manage me and he must be calling about something important.

Anicka nods and walks to the back why Bam hits the green button on his phone to answer. 

Bam Miller: What’s going on CP?

Bam listens for Chris’s page to respond.

Chris Page: Yo, Bam the news just broke from Fights Twitter page Season three debut date has been released and you won’t believe what the event is.

Bam makes a curious look as he answers back.

Bam Miller: Let me guess it’s something else that’s going to potentially kill us like when the Tower almost crumbled?

Bam listens for Chris’s Response.

Chris Page: They’re bringing back Blood Money this time at Disney World in Orlando, Florida my friend, the whole place has been bought out and some secret prize is on the line, and that everyone should bring their A-game to fight like our career depends on it. The stakes are pretty high I believe in this one, so I think it be best if you came down to the Estate and go over some more details and even get you to do your shoot at my office, so we know it’s been professionally done. 

Bam responds to Chris on the phone.

Bam Miller: Cool I’ll sell this Rolex for cash that JMont got me so I can fly out to you. 

Chris shouts out quickly over the phone.


Bam with a confused look on his face as he answers back.

Bam Miller: Chris I’m poor I just don’t have money to fly all over the world like everyone else, I don’t have big money contracts like you and your other clients.

Chris responds to what Bam has said.

Chris Page: Bam check your Bank Account, I take good care of my clients, you are no longer in the low tax bracket my friend.

Bam opens his bank app while still on his phone and checks his account and realizes he has a lot more money than he use to.

Bam Miller: Oh shit! Thanks for looking out for Chris. I’ll book my flight and be out there this week to ya.

Bam hangs up the phone and sips on his beer, then hears Ani shout for him.

Anicka Swan: Oh, Bam Bam, I need your Hammer to help satisfy me.

Bam lights up with a smile and chugs his beer then walks towards the back room and closes the door as the scene switches.

January 14, 2022


Miller Ranch

3700 Hogget Dr, Parker, TX 75002D

The sun shines brightly over the 30k acres of land on The Miller Ranch. An engine can be heard pulling up as the sound of the motor gets flounder. Bam Miller drives in through the open wooden oak gates of the ranch. He drives down a long dirt road that leads to the main house on the property. Bam admires the open field of The Ranch that roams with Horses and cattle, and the air smells of manure. Bam finally reaches the end of the road and comes to a stop at a beautiful white champagne Mansion next to a sparkling lake. Bam gets off his motorcycle and takes the sight in.

Bam Miller: Well, looks like my parents were loaded… Those sons of bitches were living the good life why I was fighting for scraps at the fucking Orphanage!

Bam kicks over a white chair that’s nearby him, as he takes his frustration out. a man in a cowboy hat and overalls approaches Bam and taps him on the shoulder, Bam turns around and looks at the gentleman.

Bam Miller: Sorry about that didn’t mean to knock over your chair man, just dealing with a lot right now.

Jim: Howdy partna my names Jim I’m one of the wranglers here on the ranch and we don’t mind that we’ve all hit something around here.


Jim laughs for a moment and Bam stares at him awkwardly.

Jim: Probably why this Ranch needs so much work around here but anyway Miss Ashley told me to come get you, sir, seems you two have some business to talk about. You buying the ranch may I ask?

Bam Miller: Naw not exactly from the letter I was given I’ve just become part-owner of this Ranch.


Jim stops walking and looks at Bam closely.

Jim: You Know you do look like Robert a little, I see a little of your mother Kim in you too, You must be the forgotten son.

Bam shrugs his shoulders and continues to walk towards the home.


Jim: Just walk on in now, Miss Ashely will be in the living room area waiting on you. By 

Bam takes a deep breath and walks inside as his heart beats fast with nerves as he gets ready to meet his baby sister for the first time. Once he walks in, he takes in the decor of the house that has different animal heads on the wall along with riffles and Arrows as well. Bam takes a few steps inside and walks up to a stand of a picture of a man, woman, and a little child taking one of those family pictures you see in a Hallmark card. He lifts the picture close to him to get a better look.

Bam Miller: Well, isn’t this just happy fucking family.

Bam places the picture back down as he hears someone walking in. He turns around to a young Caucasian woman that looks to be in her 20s walks inside wearing some short shorts and a black tank top with some biker boots. She walks up to Bam and grabs the picture he was holding. 

Ashley Miller: I was a little something back then, dad always said I was his cowgirl.

She looks at Bam and sticks her hand out to him. Bam shakes her hand awkwardly as they introduce themselves.

Ashley Miller: Well thanks for coming I’m Ashley wasn’t sure you got my letter or would even want to come.

Bam Miller: Yeah, I wasn’t sure about coming I must admit, thought this was all too good to be true but now I see I’ve been missing out, why you obviously got the good life.

An awkward silence falls over them for a moment before Ashley motions Bam to the living room area, where a fireplace is to keep the room warm, they take a seat on a long brown leather couch.

Ashley Miller: Ok I know this isn’t easy for you and this isn’t easy for me either I’m only twenty-three just lost my parents, found out I have an older brother who’s a wrestler and I’m up to my neck in bills to the bank that wants to our Ranch.

Ashley takes a deep breath.

Ashley Miller: I’m sorry I’m just going through a lot right now and feel way over my head and I’ve had nobody I could really talk to but Jim and he’s not the most emotional type, but I’m sure you have questions and I have some answers for I won’t lie mom and dad never talked about you when they were alive, all I’ve got is this box of your birth certificate and a few letters they wrote their guilt out on.

Ashley hands the box over to Bam, who hesitates to take the box at first as he looks at it for a moment. Knowing all the truths he ever wanted was in this one small box. He takes the box from Ashley puts it to the side of him and looks at Ashley.

Bam Miller: I’ll look at that later, but first things first how were you able to track me down?


Ashley Miller: Well, if you looked at the box you would’ve seen when mom and dad left you in that dumpster… I am so sorry about that too by the way.

Bam just flares his nose and nods his head.

Ashley Miller: So, they left a note attached to you, informing whoever found you and took you in would leave your last name as Miller so they could find you later.

Bam sits up straight.

Bam Miller: So, they plan on coming to get 

me? What changed? 

Ashley looks around trying not to make eye contact as she sees Bam turning red.


Bam Miller: It was you Wasn’t it? They had another child and forgot all about me.

Ashley jumps up in frustration.

Ashley Miller: Listen I don’t know ok I’m not the one that did this to you, our parents are responsible, but their dead now and so are the truths they took with them, all I know is that your my brother and you are now half responsible for this Ranch just like me now… and it would really help if you would listen to me!

Bam Miller lets out a sigh and fumbles around with his hands.

Bam Miller: OK I’m sorry you’re right this isn’t on you, I’m just frustrated right now with everything going on in my life, I’ve got a big Blood Money match coming up that I need to be at my best for like my life depends on it and then I get this news dropped on me, it’s just a fucking lot to process.

Ashley Miller: Shit I didn’t mean to drop this news to you when you have a big match coming up. It’s kinda wild having a brother in the wrestling business.

Bam Miller: Yeah well don’t get all excited I haven’t made a name for myself like that yet, I’ve just recently signed with this management company called CCPE and they say they can get me going in the right direction and that’s why Blood Money is so important for me. If I can have a great showing or hell even win the damn thing it could really make my career which would help me help you pay off the debt of this place and get it fixed up. I already had a lot to fight for in this event but thanks to you I’ve got even more fuel to add to the fire.

Ashley Miller: Well then if wrestling is the solution to our problems we better get you too… Where is Blood Money at again?

Bam Miller: Disney World.

Ashley Miller jumps up all excited clapping her hands.

Ashley Miller: Ok I’ll go get packed so we can get you to Disney World to win this match and get paid and I’ll get to finally get to see the happiest place on earth. Will call it our first family vacation together.

Ashely Miller giggles as Bam shakes his head.

Bam Miller: Yeah I’m going to need some beer for this shit.

Ashley yells out to Bam as she walks upstairs to change and get packed.

Ashley Miller: There is plenty of Miller Lite Beer in the fridge.

Bam smirks as he gets up and walks over to the open-spaced wooden oak kitchen. He opens up the fridge grabs a Miller Lite beer out of the fridge and takes a sip.

Bam Miller: Yeah I think this might work out after all.

The scene fades to dark.

January 19, 2022

6:00 pm

CCP Enterprises HQ

Tampa, FL

Doubt can be a hell of a thing when it’s on your mind. It makes you question everything you’ve done in life. It just eats away at your core until you give in and start doubting yourself. You start to lose focus and motivation for something you once loved. For me it’s wrestling, I live for this sport, and it has always put life in me when everything else took from me. It’s been my escape from this cruel world that’s always looked down on me as an individual. I have no idea why God dealt me the cards I was given but I’ve made the most of it, I guess. 

When I debuted on the mainstream wrestling scene last Summer when I took part in the OCW Tag Mix with my then partner L.C. I felt so alive back then, I felt like win or lose the fans were going to love me. They were going to recognize my heart and passion I had for this sport and how much pride I have in becoming one of the best and not just becoming one of the best but by doing it the right way. I was taught early that you never cheat the game, and the game won’t cheat you, but since those long days ago in OCW I feel like that statement is no longer true. I see peers I came up with passing me by when it comes to being recognized by the fans, management, and the media. They even had great success with trademark wins. Now, some I believe deserve the success they had but then there are some I look at and ask myself why not me, why, not the humble hard worker who never cheats the game and always gives his best gets past over. Is it because I don’t do outrageous things on Twitter to gather attention or maybe it’s because I’m not trendy enough for the clickbait ads. I don’t mix my words like some say one thing and do another. I’m as authentic as it gets when it comes to a person and a professional wrestler but that’s not good enough for the masses. 

The majority of people want more from me these days and sometimes I don’t know if I can deliver on the controversy and entertainment my peers so desperately try to give. I don’t like feeling like a puppet dancing for someone else’s enjoyment, it’s not how I’m wired and not how I think, it’s just not in me and I’m not sure it ever will be. I’ve done everything else I could possibly do to capture lightning in the bottle. I’ve competed at XWF against a top guy like Jim Caedus and even went to war against Brandon Moore and Michelle Moore, two people in Fight that are highly respected and feared in the ring, but I took them head-on without flinching. Sure, I ended up losing each time but each time I showed my potential, and it was ignored with silence. 

Silence can be worse than doubt because now nobody cares, nobody cares to give an opinion on you because they no longer see anything in you. At least when they doubted you and criticize you, they noticed you but when you come out to crickets and don’t see yourself mentioned in Top 100 rankings and End of The Year Awards. It makes reality sit in that your window of opportunity is closing if you don’t do something soon or get someone in your corner that can help pull you out the gutter. So, sitting at home one day wallowing around in self-pity I get a call from Peter Vaughn a former OCW World Champion and current Thunder Pro Wrestling International Champion about helping him out down in TPW and XWF with a plan to form a group known as The Exiles.

I hesitated on the idea because for so long since my parents left me after I was born and dropped me off in a dumpster, so growing up alone and only able to rely on myself made me think twice about the idea of trusting a group of people I just met, but as I thought it over being alone has only gotten me so far in my career and life in general. So, I accepted the invitation and things have been good so far. I’ve even signed on with CCP Enterprises for the simple reason that Chris Page is someone that has been where I want to be in my career, he has the blueprint on how to navigate through this industry as a true professional, say what you want about him but the man knows how to get results and he’s been doing it for a long time and hell he still doing it after all these years. Outperforming young talent like myself and you just have to respect that as a competitor, he someone that can get the best out of others and that’s why I’m trusting him with taking me to the next level I so desperately desire to be at.

Chris knows how much potential I have to hang with the other great stars in this industry such people like Ricky Rodriguez who’s a natural-born talent in the ring and has the look everyone wants in a star, then there’s Sahara a loudmouth who’s never met a microphone or sick she didn’t like but at the same time she gets it done in between the ropes and has had one of the best runs in Fight that anyone could dream to have. Both are also signed to CCP and why I want to see them flourish and blossom like me. They are still my competition in the bigger picture and contending with them will be no easy task, but I’ve never taken the easy road and the road coming up is going to be an uphill battle for sure.

Because we are on the road to Disneyland, home of the Blood Money PPV that the whole world will be watching. Now why Countdown was the last PPV for the Fight calendar year, it is not the biggest event in Fight, Blood Money is the night you can go from being a nobody to a star, or a star to legend, or a legend to a God. This is the night you get the opportunity to change your destiny and from what I heard anything could be the reward for the last star standing. Now last year Dickie Watson won the first Blood Money, and he was crowned Empire Champion and has kept a right grasp on the title for six months. Now you can guess that The Empire Championship would be the reward everyone is whispering about but I know this place by now to never expect the obvious. There is always a swerve somewhere which means everyone should be more hyped up to win Blood Money and claim this prize along with all the glory that comes with it.

Everyone on the Fight Roster will be available for this Event and even some outsiders I’ve seen on Twitter saying they’ll be taken part on this event such people like My Exile brother Peter Vaughn, and that clown I’ve seen on Twitter Jonny Frenz, but I know they won’t be the only two names from the outside that will be involved there will be more names revealed during the mayhem I’m sure so I’ll just have to stay ready for any surprises, now for the ones on the Fight Roster I’m looking forward to using this event to settle old scores with people like Austin Ramsey who’s spent most of his time lately Tweeting away about me and my personal decisions that had no bearings on him but since he wanted to talk shit like a hot girl, he can get his ass whoop by these hot hands because they burning to punch a hole through his plastic surgery face, I mean my God I think the man has had more work done then Sahara, but enough about that idiots he’s really a waste of time and I can’t even believe I’ve given him this much of my valuable time, now moving on to Miss Michelle Moore a pretty face one I’ve  adored from afar, and who was on a roll the last time me and he met in the ring but seems that roll has come to a stop after she got beat by Betsy and losing The Manhattan Championship in the process and even had to wear The Queens Championship for a moment, I guess Michelle is a real Queen now and I plan on getting even with her at Blood Money to avenge my losses.

To my friends and allies, you know who you are. I will see you throughout the night, I understand it’s everyone person for themselves but if we can work together for a moment to better our chances I say we take it but when the times come for us to tear into each other I want you to know it’s nothing personal just the nature of the game we find ourselves in, so I wish you all good luck but just know I’m aiming to win.

Blood Money is going to be my coming-out party, the days of Bam Miller being a doormat for the upper class are over. Too many people believe they can take shots at me and walk away in one piece, that will not be the case at Blood Money people like Dickie Watson and Shawn Weinstein who talk down to me on Twitter because I don’t agree with their agendas or how I was pulling for Dane Preston to win are going to be on my radar and they can laugh me off and think I’m nothing but an annoying fly that won’t go away but when I see them I’m going to unload all this built-up rage and frustration I’ve been holding on too, I’m swinging for the fences in this one and I’m coming for The Champ and The Tyrant and between one of them I will take their fucking head off and climb to the tallest ride in Disney and show everyone who knocked off the two Baddest motherfuckers on the roster but I know going for them puts a target on my back when it comes to NSQ. They’re a family and like a family, they will do anything to protect their own. So, James Raven, Kasey Winterborn, Aiden Reynolds, and Betsy Granger I have no personal vendetta with you four but if you choose to ignite one when I’m on the hunt for your family members just know you will only find fist and leave broken and bloody if you cross my path and get in my way. I understand what you all have down since coming to Fight, you took it over in a short time and you did it flawlessly but I’m not a fan of Dynasty’s or Empires and the NSQ reminds me of that and I plan to do what the Germanic leader Odoacer did when he ended The Roman Empire and made them see they are human like everyone else and at Blood Money the landscape will change and NSQ will have a long fall from grace. Buckle up everyone because come January 31 at Disney World it’s going to be Miller Time with a vengeance!

Bam Miller gets up from his seat and pulls out a Miller Lite Bottle as he chugs the beer as the camera begins to shut off but then a door kicks open from the room Bam is filming from and his baby sister Ashley Miller walks in throwing up her hands as she looks at Bam as the camera keeps rolling.

Ashley Miller: What the hell was that Bam!

Bam Miller: You cant not be in here why the camera is still rolling, oh my god I’m going to have to start this whole thing over!

Ashley pushes Bam out the way and sits down in front of the camera.

Ashley Miller: Calm down big bro I’m just about to add a little more fire to this video.

Bam shakes his head and stands over beside her.

Ashley Miller: Ok listen up here you Fight! NYC Roster my big brother ma has been a failure but that’s because he didn’t know he came from a proud family. The Millers doesn’t take shit from anybody and no longer will Bam be your personal punching bag and Yes I’m looking at you Austin you fucking pussy always on Twitter running your mouth like a hoe like you some big bad superstar when you aren’t anybody but Todricks little lap dog I’m surprised she still with your sorry pole dropping ass, I bet you have to beg people to put money in those fishy spandex shorts you always wearing, not to mention every time IO turn on Fight you getting your ass beat by guys my brother talks too Like Chris Page who cleaned your clock recently.

She snaps her fingers as Bam just shakes his head in embarrassment.

Bam Miller: Are you done yet?

Ashley holds her finger up at Bam.

Ashley Miller: Almost give me a second, dang don’t you want to win.

Ashley turns her attention back to the camera.

Ashley Miller: Now where was I oh yes stinky Austin who always thinks somebody wants to sleep with him and always talking about that little giraffe in his pants that probably has an infection. Todrick girl, I would get that checked out but moving on to more important threats like anyone on the Fight roster besides Austin because he’s not really worth a damn in this event. Bam is going to be hunting you top guys and gals down and finally starting living up to his Top Guy Slayer name. You all might think you have Bma figured out but at Disney, World things are going to take a fucking Twist for you all, so like he said buckle up bitches my brother is going to kick your asses because it’s Miller Time.

Bma shakes his head as Ashley laughs and the camera shuts off