Miller Time Chapter Five: Slay The Boogeyman

By: Bam Miller

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 29th Sep 2021


It’s a late cold night in New York City as the sky is pitched black with only The Moon insight; the city stays busy as vast cars flood the city streets, making their way to their nightly hangout spots that they love to thrill themselves in sin at. One of the most popular places at night is The Velvet Rabbit, where ladies and gentlemen go to satisfy their deep desires. Inside the establishment was a packed house as always, as The sexy Doe’s work the poles as male and female customers surround the stage their dancing on, as they shower them with twenty- and hundred-dollar bills. The entrance doors to The Rabbit swings open, hitting the large Bouncer in the face. He grabs his nose as a bit of blood starts to trickle down; still holding his nose, he turns to see who’s walking through the door. He looks up and sees Bam Miller walking in all nonchalant, like with a smirk on his face, he starts to head towards the bar when the Bouncer yells out to him.

Bouncer: HEY YOU!


Bam turns around with an annoyed look on his face and looks at the Bouncer.


Bam: You Talking to me?


The Bouncer still holds his nose as he looks at Bam with a bright cherry face.


Bouncer: Well, what other idiot just came in here and broke my nose? Look at me; it’s fucking BROKEN you, Son of a Bitch!


Bam: Woah, buddy, watch your fucking mouth before it matches your nose.


Bam walks up on The Bouncer with his fist close, ready to add some more damage to his face; Brad The Bartender walks from behind the counter with a small towel in hand. As customers start to watch, Brad gets in between them and hands the towel to The Bouncer and motions him to go to the back and clean up his face. Brad turns around to Bam as they speak and gives a slight pat on the back as they walk towards the bar.


Brad: Ha-ha, Bam, I see you still causing trouble where you go; whether, in the ring or the public eye, you know how to cause quite a stir.


Bam shakes his head and takes a seat on the wooden barstool; as Brad flips up the Bar door to go behind; he grabs a new bar towel and wipes down the counter before sitting down two shot glasses and pours in a famous New York whiskey The Captains Flask, Bam stares at the shot then clicks his glass with Brads then takes his shot and slams the glass down.


Bam: Damn, I needed that, Brad. It’s been a rough two weeks with Fight and personal life; it’s almost becoming hell to juggle.


Brad puts the bar towel back over his shoulder and pours Bam another shot.


Brad: Well, I am a bartender Bam, there’s nobody better to pour your problems out to; I mean, when you think about it, we are just therapists with a liquor license.


Bam gives Brad a curious look, then takes another shot and hits his chest as the liquor warms his insides.


Bam: Damn, that’s good stuff, and I don’t know about you being a therapist, but I also have nobody else to talk to these days. My best friend Curtis is in the United Kingdom handling his own wrestling business, so I don’t want to bother him with my troubles, and my girl Diamind hasn’t spoken to me in some days now, which worries me because she is on that reality TV show. Just the other day, I read on the tabloids that she might be sleeping with her new bartender because she owns a strip club just like Voo.


Brad: What is it with you Fight superstars getting involved with the strippers? First Joe and now you, Jesus, it’s like you boys want to drive your head crazy, at this rate.


Bam: Yeah, I know I’ve heard all the jokes lately, but now all strippers are sleeping around with everyone; some just come to make money and leave, I’m not sure if the rumors are true, but I can’t let them get to me, because I’ve got the biggest match in my Fight career coming up. I need to focus on Brandon Moore; the guy is no joke; I’ve still got scars from our last encounter.


Brad: Oh Yeah, all Fight! Fans remember that beat down, you were lucky he didn’t kill you, but he might kill you in that Death Match next week; better get them priorities in order Bam or Brandon is going to eat you alive in that match, and I would hate to see your career come to an end. It would help if you decided before Venom on what’s more important to you right now. ¬†Building relationships in your personal life or committing your all towards your wrestling career, I’ve never been in the ring, but I’ve heard many great wrestlers speak the truth once they had some liquor in them, and all of them say the same thing. If you want to be remembered among the best and still have fans like me talk about you after you hang up the boots, you’ve got to make some sacrifices in your life, kid, friends, and women have to take a back seat to get where you plan on heading, there is no middle ground on this Bam.


Bam: I hear what you’re saying, and I understand where you’re coming, but I can tell you now I care for Diamind and the few friends I do have, but ever since I was little growing up in the orphanage, watching my heroes wrestle every other week, I know damn well what’s vital to me, it’s the business and my career, and if I lose a few friends along the way I can live with that. I’ve never really learned how to embrace people into my life like that, probably why my parents left me in a dumpster, but now Fight has given me more hope than anyone. ¬†They’ve put me in a position to be successful and have set me up to launch my career into the stars with all the other Top Guys in this company. Still, first I must take out not only a Top Guy but the toughest son of a bitch I’ve met in my life, and you can gameplan for his type of style and toughness; you just have to beat him at his own game.


Brad: So, what’s your plan?


Bam: You’ll have to wait and see like everyone else, but I do need to ask for a favor.


Brad: Anything for you man, What do you need?


Bam: Think I can use the VIP backroom for a moment?


Brad grins and looks at Bam with a curious look.


Brad: Bam, don’t tell me you’re trying to get something extra from one of the Doe’s here, are you?


Bam: Hell no, Brad, I just told you I have lady problems; why would I do that?


Brad: Well, when Joe was having issues with ARP and turned to MIA and When Dan was struggling with ARP, he turned to Sahara, so I just assumed it ran in The Fight bloodline.


Bam: Well, I can confirm for you that type of thinking does not run through my head or blood for that matter; I just need the VIP room because it’s quiet, and I can go live and address The Moore’s with no distractions.


Brad: Oh well, sure, I can get you back there; actually, since you are on the Fight roster, you don’t really have to ask. You all have free access to the whole building.


Bam: Well, in that case, Brad, give me that whole bottle; I’m going to need that to help get my point across.


Brad hands the bottle over to Bam, as Bam gives Brad a salute as he makes his way through the crowd and heads to the back with the bottle in hand. As he finally makes it to the VIP section, he goes to an open room and closes the door behind him. He takes a seat on the black leather couch and takes a sip from the bottle as he sets his iPhone up on its kickstand. He puts the bottle down on the table and fires up a Newport cigarette he pulls from his pocket; he takes a couple of puffs before blowing the smoke out in multiple O’s then looks to the camera.


Bam: Well, Fight fans, I’m sure you saw what happened after my match on Venom; when Brandon Moore’s creepy and almost annoying voice was blasted over the speakers, he even cut the lights off on me to add more to his allure. All just to accept my challenge I laid out to him a couple of weeks ago, and I guess he still has motivation over the Michelle incident as well, but that’s all old news to me now; I took my beating like a man for that when Brandon caught me slipping in the back and had to also deal with media corrupting my image, but none of that matters now Brandon, All that matter is you and I in a Death Match In The Pit.


Bam takes another sip from the liquor bottle and follows it up with a few puffs.


Bam: Now, Boogeyman, why most people would be pissing their pants at the thought of being in a match like this with you. I do not fear you or being in this type of match with you; I actually feel at home because I know this will be the type of Fight, I’ve been looking for since I signed my name on the contract. You see, unlike the multiple names that have been signed since coming here, I do not duck competition; I am not afraid to step across the ring with someone highly more regarded than I am. I’m not scared to fail in my quest to be somebody in this business, I can live with failure, but I could never live with not showing up for a Fight, as you suggested on Venom. That’s not my style Moore and to be honest, I think you’re the one scared of what if? You see, Brandon, why you’ve been dealing with The Cure and all that extra bull shit you’ve been dealing with, I’ve been studying you, I’ve been looking over old promotion videos and even looking at some of your best matches, and I’ve got to say I think you’ve lost your edge recently.


Bam takes a few more puffs.


Bam: You see, Brandon, ever since Toxic Tag when you and Shawn fail to win the whole damn thing, it must have been embarrassing to lose to Dane and Joe? I mean, you were calling them out and letting them know you were the true kingpin of Fight, but they knocked you off and moved on with their own agendas, leaving you in a maze on where to go next. I can imagine you sat there in the dark for a long-time wondering is Dane the far superior pupil and not you like you want the world to believe; you beg for Damon’s approval only to be met with silence, but recently you were given a gift, and it has changed you in some ways even more then failure at Toxic Tag could do. You and Michelle welcome a baby boy by the name of Ezra. Ever since you’ve looked into those eyes, you’ve become more gentle, softer some would say, and that’s not a bad thing because a father needs to be all those things, but remember what you are sacrificing in the process, Those dreams, and goals you say you want will vanish right in front of you as you struggle to figure out what is really important to you. You talk about Ezra motivating you to be better and be the best possible version of yourself, and that’s all-good talk, but in reality, the intensity you once processed is no more. You haven’t shown it in a long time. Sure, you knocked off Dane and Sahara last week, but you had some assistance, and knowing you, that wasn’t satisfying for you, just how I haven’t been satisfied with the competition, they’ve put before me. Still, now I get you in a Death Match, your specialty from what everyone says, and yes, I’ve been listening to the voices around Fight that want to warn me about what’s to come for me. Hell, half of them are planning my funeral as I speak.

Bam picks up the bottle, chugs the whiskey bottle down with ease, then wipes his mouth.


Bam: They are ready to lay flowers at my gravestone and crowned you the victor before the bell even rings, and that doesn’t sit right with me; why they doubt me, I use it as fuel and motivation to slay you, Moore, I want to take you pass your limit, I want to have the best fucking blood bath of a fight with you, I want to feel the barb wire rip into my flesh why I watch it tear away yours, I want you to make me feel the agony and Pain you always promise, I want you to leave the scars and bruises on me that I know I will gain in this match because at the same time I’m out to do the same to you, Brandon. I’m a Top Guy Slayer, and you are a Top Guy, so something has to give in this match. Will it be my determination and pure focus that will guide me like a light walking through the valley of death, or will it be your love for your family that will lead you to the promised land you’re looking for? Neither of us can answer that; right now, all we can do is put in the work and see who comes out the better man in The Pit and why this Death Match might be your turf. I plan to get comfortable and make it my home because it’s going to be so sweet to Slay the Boogeyman in his own home; it will be satisfying to show Michelle what will be coming for at Ascension if I win the bid for the Bronx Championship, I want everything I earned and damn it I deserve it, so buckle up Brandon because we going one bumpy ass ride to Hell and Miller Time will be a Pit stop before I send you there, see you soon Scarecrow.


Bam sits up and grabs the bottle, and walks out the VIP room as he heads back to the front of the bar, as the scene fades out.