Miller Time Chapter Four: Media Attention and Play Toys

By: Bam Miller

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 21st Sep 2021

The sun sits in the blue ocean-like sky with no clouds insights as the sun’s warmth shines heavenly over New York City. The hard workers in New York built so many significant structures, but no building or I should say stadium, stands out more than Yankee Stadium. We’re Bam Miller, and Manhattan Champion Todrick Tabor-Ramsey is outside under a massive tent as they sit behind a long table with fans lined up to get autographs and merchandise signed. They both have pens and stacks of pictures of themselves each to sign for the joyous Fight! NYC fans. Bam Miller wears a black t-shirt saying Yeah, Got My ASS Kicked. So, What! Why also rocking some black shades. He has a red cup and a blue cup sitting in front of him, both cups filled with Miller Lite. Todrick wears a white cut-off shirt with some short shorts on. The security on duty for the stadium starts letting fans come up. Bam and Todrick both smile and interact with the fans.
Fan#1: Todrick, I am like your biggest fan! I’ve watched all your matches and think you are an actual role model.


(Todrick giggles and blushes for a moment before picking up a pen and signing his name on one of his pictures, he hands it over to the exciting fan.)


Todrick: That means so much to me; thank you very much, and keep tuning into Venom on the Fight Network.

(The fan jumps up and down with excitement, and as he walks off, Todrick blows a playful kiss goodbye. Todrick turns to see how Bam’s side is going, and to his surprise, Bam is flipping off a Brandon Moore fan who came over to mock him for the beat down he took a few weeks ago. Security finally comes over and escorts the fan away as Bam lights up a cigarette to calm his nerves as Todrick starts speaking.)


Todrick: The people of New York really seem to love the work we’re doing at Fight; even Denzel thinks we’re one of the top Promotions in the world, and you know New Yorkers love a winner, so I see why we are becoming so popular among the masses.


(Bam rolls his eyes and takes a few puffs before blowing the smoke out in O-shaped form before responding to Todrick.)


Bam: Yeah, Fight is blowing up big here in the Big Apple, so big fans know I’ve got my ass whopped here and haven’t done anything about it yet, and don’t get me started on Denzel if it weren’t for him breaking that story about Michelle I wouldn’t be so despised around here. I swear, ever since we started getting all this media attention, my image has been damaged.


(A fan walks up with a big smile as Bam, with a not-so-happy attitude, signs his autograph and hands it to the fan, then waves him off.)


Todrick: Don’t be like that. Bam, Brandon usually kills people that did the type of thing you do. (Bam tries to speak, but Todrick holds his finger up.) Now I know what you’re going to say, it was an accident; we get it, but you could’ve been a little more remorseful instead of acting like you won the lottery because you knew it would get you some more time on the show and get you Brandon Moore’s attention.


(A fan comes up to Todrick with a t-shirt with Todricks face on it, he signs the shirt, and the fan walks off happy, as Bam sits up straight and turns to Todrick.)


Bam: Look, I was an ass about the situation, no doubt, but in this business, when an opportunity presents itself, you got to take it and run with it, and that’s what I did. Sure, I got my ass kicked for it, but I guess people know my name now even if it isn’t what I wanted to be known for, but soon my name brand will build up, and Miss F will start to notice me and give me more opportunities.


Todrick: Don’t you get any ideas about my Manhattan Championship Bam!


(Bam rolls his eyes and chuckles a little as he dashes the ashes off his cigarette.)


Bam: Oh please, Todrick, I don’t even have enough Blood Money to bid for your title or any title for that matter, not to mention some of us have to make a tough decision regarding these red or blue pills Miss F was talking about I’m not even a fan of pills so this will be hard to swallow. I’ve always walked alone in life, but maybe it’s time to change tactics.


Todrick: Well, you better hurry up and make a decision. Ascension is coming up soon; you don’t want to get left off the card. Everyone in New York and worldwide will be watching, and I’m sure you don’t want to miss that media coverage. So Bam, you better show out on this upcoming Venom when you take on Xavier Black.


(Bam looks at Todrick confused and scratches his head, he pulls out his phone and looks up his match.)


Bam: Umm, Todrick, I’m not facing Black; it’s his stunt double or him and his wife’s new sex toy Xavier Cross.


Todrick: Oh my god, my bad, they just look so alike; for a moment, I thought you had got a big match, but now you’re a show opener.


(Todrick laughs out loud as a fan comes up to him and signs his autograph, Bam rolls his eyes and lets out a huff.)


Bam: Yeah, I thought they would’ve given me someone that’s looking for a fight and looking to prove themselves like I am. I don’t really care where I am on the card just give me an opponent who is as dedicated as me and just not here to get straddled by Le’Andra Black! Like, really, I don’t even think this guy has any wrestling experience; they just gave him a contract because he looks like Black, and those three just want to have some weird threesome why I actually want to become a star and make something out of myself around here. It’s really an insult to talent like us that truly earned their contracts; why the Blacks get to hire whoever they want just because he’s a nice tease to them.


Todrick: Oh wow, You feel very strongly about this, but you never know Cross could surprise you and actually have some talent in that ring.


Bam: Well, that would be wonderful because I’m not looking for any easy wins I hope he can push me past my limits and make me have to adjust to his game plan; I want to collect heads of Top Guys around here, not a live human sex doll.; because those types of victories do nothing for anybody. You don’t get better by beating the scrubs off the street; you become great when you can beat the very best at what they do, and that’s what I’m going to do on Venom Todrick, I’m done playing games, and that’s bad news for Cross because I’m coming in hot like a bullet that just left the chamber and I don’t miss my target so that boy better buckle up and hold on tight because it’s a bumpy ride to Miller Time.


(Bam stands up and looks at both cups and drinks from his red cup that’s full of Miller Lite as the camera fades out.)