Miller Time Chapter Six: Lets Do This!

By: Bam Miller

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 10th Oct 2021


It’s a dim morning in New York City as an alarm goes off at 5:00 a.m. It’s been a few days since Venom#10 and even lesser days until Ascension as Bam has been recovering from the injuries he sustained from Brandon Moore when he dropped him into the explosive c4 rig with a devastating EVER BLACK. As the alarm continues to go off on his iPhone, Bam starts to come through as he reaches over from his bed to his nightstand and hits snooze. As he picks his iPhone and checks his messages, he sees his girlfriend Diamind has texted him to see how recovery is going and that she will be meeting him later for lunch. (Bam sends a text back saying recovery is going well, still feeling some pain from the burns, headaches from the concussion, and just all around sore. Going to get some training in before we meet up later; see you soon.) He puts his iPhone back down on the nightstand as he rolls over to the side of the bed and sits upon the edge as he comes from under the covers to reveal his arms banged up from the burns and his ribs still bruised up a little. He flinches as he stands up and takes off his tank top. He holds his ribs with his right hand for a moment before walking over to his bathroom as he comes to a stop at the bathroom sink. He turns the cold and hot water on as he cleans his face, then slams his fist on the sink as he looks into the mirror.

Bam: Damn it! I was so close in that Deathmatch; I had him just where I wanted him, then I made one wrong move and blew the whole damn thing. That damn sweet moment I’ve been chasing was right there in my hand, but I let it slip through my fingers.


Bam walks out of the bathroom, still flinching a little from his injuries; he heads for his closet and changes into an Under Armor tracksuit and shoes. He stretches out as he loosens up before walking out his door and throws his hood on as he walks out his apartment door. He looks to the open sky as the sun rises and begins jogging through the Bronx area. With every step he takes on the pavement, the pain he feels starts to go numb. As he jogs down the road, he thinks heavily to himself on what else he could have done to defeat the boogeyman, or maybe it was time for him to admit he just wasn’t ready to slay him yet. The doubt creeping into the back of his mind weighs heavily and comes at the wrong time as he must gear up for another round with a Moore. This time The Bronx Champion Michelle Moore. They’ve had their run in early the month when Bam knocked Poptart into the pregnant Michelle, causing her to be in the hospital for weeks and almost lose her baby if it wasn’t for the incredible hospital staff. Knowing that Michelle had a hell of motivation coming into this match, Bam knew he had to get back on his grind and prepare for another intense match-up with the Bronx Championship on the line. One of the main reasons he dragged his batter body out of bed this morning.

As he snaps out of his thinking, he continues to jog around the Bronx neighborhood. He turns a corner and sees a dumpster truck picking up the city trash. At that moment, Bam tenses up as he thinks about how his life started after being born and left in the same type of dumpster the truck was picking up. Knowing his own journey in life and professional wrestling had not been easy in itself. Never being accepted by anyone as he was never adopted and turn to alcohol early to numb the pain. Why wrestling was the only outlet, he had to express his emotions and at the same time became the only place he could truly be accepted. That’s why last Venom had meant so much to him, and to fail again only made those thoughts beat louder in his head like a drum. Shaking his head again, he snaps out of his thought and continues his jog around the neighborhood.




A couple of hours passed by through the day, and Bam has met with Diamond already and as they enjoyed a good amount of the day together, but now as the day turns to night. Bam is posted up in an abandoned warehouse down in the Bronx area. He sits on his Harley Davidson why wearing a black leather jacket. He fires up Newport Cigarette and inhales the nicotine into his system as it eases his nerves. He lifts his up and begins to speak.


Bam: Someone once asked me what I thought being at the Top would look like from my view?


Bam hesitates on the thought as he stops and takes another hit from the cigarette, then blows out the smoke in a slow manner.


Bam: When confronted with this question, I’ve never known how to answer it; I thought after I best Brandon, I would be able to tell you what that view looks like from the Top of immortals, but things didn’t go as planned, and I’m still on the ground looking up. It’s no secret I’ve always wondered what it would be like to finally rise above all the obstacles and cards I’ve been dealt. Life for me has never been what you call glorious or easy. I remember lying in my bed back at the orphanage with the other lost souls abandoned by the people who were supposed to guide them in life. As I lay there, I thought to myself about how I could turn my luck around and rise from the bottom of the abyss. As I grew up, I discovered idols in wrestling who inspired me and showed me how to make something out of myself and finally be somebody in life. Somebody people would know besides my famous dumpster story. I’ve been trying to outrun that narrative for years, but it sticks to me and why I’ve wrestled in a good number of matches and met some remarkable people in this business. I still haven’t done enough for people to remember my name or had that moment in time where all eyes were on me, and my name was being shouted into the heavens above. I guess when I think about it, that’s what being at Top looks like to me. Being regarded as one of the best in this business and still having those long-lasting friendships to go along with it, I’m learning each day how to achieve this, and very seen, I shall ascend to the Top of the immortal mountain, which brings me to Ascension.


Bam gets off his Harley Davidson and kneels as he keeps smoking his cigarette as he rubs his beard.


Bam: You see, on night one of Ascension, I’ve won my bid for the right to challenge Miss Michelle Moore for The Bronx Championship, someone I have a history with here in Fight, which goes back to Toxic Tag when I made my debut in a six-person ladder match for the opportunity to become the first-ever Bronx Champion. Now I can’t lie to you. I was excited for the opportunity placed in front of me. To have the chance to walk into a new promotion on my first night and walk out as Champion would’ve been huge for anyone’s career but for me, it would’ve meant so much more than just having a shiny gold accessory with my name on it. Winning that belt would’ve meant I finally get to say I achieved something and broke away from the chains that held me down since birth. Still, Michelle has other plans and literally stole the Championship from me when she interjected herself into the ladder match; why pregnant and climbed the ladder herself to pull down the title. Now granted, her name was on the card and was technically in the match, but Poptart was physically taking her place, representing her, So I was baffled by the turn of events that left me sitting in the back of the locker room empty-handed.


Bam stands and starts pacing for a moment as he fires up another Newport cigarette before coming to a standstill and blowing out smoke in an O-shaped form.


Bam: I guess that’s why on Venom#6, I felt like I had to confront Poptart and her that night. All that built-up frustration from overtime had come spilling out in a rage that I couldn’t control. My actions almost led to a terrible outcome. I’ve apologies for that and faced my judgment day when I faced off against her husband Brandon Moore in a Deathmatch that saw him damn near blow me to the moon to defeat me, or maybe he was trying to soften me up for his Michelle. Now I’m not taking anything away from her or denying her talents; everyone that works for this company is among the best in the wrestling industry. So, I’m definitely not calling her a pushover, but I think Brandon knew I be her hardest challenge yet. He knew if I won my bid and got the opportunity to get her in the ring one on one. I have the best chance to take that Bronx Championship off of her.


Bam smirks for a moment, then tosses his cigarette to the side.


Bam: Now, winning that Bronx Championship won’t be easy; as a matter of fact, it’ll probably be the most challenging thing one ever had to do. I know Michelle will be coming into this match for my head; I know she’s more motivated by wanting to get revenge for me, almost ending her career and putting her child in harm’s way. I know this Championship match is about a lot more than accolades and who’s the best in this ring. I know Michelle is seeking blood like a great white shark, and many people might believe that will be enough for her to overcome me, but as I’ve said before, I have my own motivation to push me towards my ambitions as well. This match is much more to me as well. This match will be my final opportunity to prove I can with the best of the best; this opportunity is a chance to rewrite the wrong that happened at Toxic Tag; this will be my shot to show my parents who left me for that dead that I am not a mistake. At Ascension, I will prove that Bam Miller is for real, and I’ll do it by defeating The Bronx Champion Michelle Moore.


Bam walks towards his Harley Davidson and grabs a Miller Lite bottle from his black leather bag that’s attached to his bike. He leans back on the motorcycle and takes a sip.


Bam: Now, regardless of if I walk out Bronx Champion on Night one, I won’t be kicking it the back with the rest of the locker room whose nerves aren’t built enough for what’s to come on Night Two of Ascension. Oh no, you see, I won’t miss out on the opportunity that Miss F has placed before us. I recognize and understand we all have a decision to make regarding those red and blue pills. Now why I’ve already made my position known, I’m coming into Night Two alone to headhunt as a true mercenary should, Unlike the four teams that will be the main attraction of the event. You see, it’s going to be a lot of big names roaming around the tower that I can’t wait to run into, and of course, let’s get the apparent name I’ll probably be hoping to run into. Why Brandon would like to think our dealing are done, but Night Two gives me another shot at collecting his head and earning some blood money with it, or maybe I’ll run into Dane Preston, another captain among the mix whose name holds weight. I’ve always admired Dane’s wrestling ability and how he carries himself, but I noticed on Twitter he didn’t think too highly of me when it came to my chances against Brandon. Dane thought I would be victimized and left for dead that night; now I’m going to have to show him how durable I really am if I get the chance to see him in the halls. I’m going to test how battleborn he truly is.


Bam takes another sip from the cold Miller Lite bottle.


Bam: Now why those two are high on my hit list of names I plan to collect as a mercenary, they aren’t the only names on my radar when I walk into the Tower on Night Two. I’ve always been intrigued with the opportunity of tackling with the like of someone of Shawn Warstein. We all know what he represents, and if I even have the slightest chance at getting a crack at him during the chaos, then by God, I say let Pandora’s box open. Also, someone else that’s part of the New Status Quo that has interested me for a long time is the current Empire Champion Dickie Watson; now, regardless of if he is still Champ on night two won’t change my objective at getting a shot at him. His resume speaks for itself, and if I can collect a bounty on him, that would be a sweet reward. Next up is Dynasty, a stable full of top dogs, as they say. I mean, for now, they do hold both the Bronx and Manhattan Championship belts, but one of those can change if I knock off Michelle in Night one. Now enough about her, let’s talk about the other members of the crew like Todrick Ramsey and Ricky Rodriguez. Two of the young and upcoming talent of the group who have made waves in Fight and have always wanted to cross paths with them to see where I stand with rising stars such as themselves. Maybe I can get a two-for-one special by luring Ricky with Sahara and collecting two bounties at one time. God knows Ricky can’t get enough of Sahara. Now let’s get to the two guys of Dynasty that make the most noise around here.


Bam chugs the rest of the Miller Lite bottle, then tosses it to the side as it lands and makes a glass-shattering sound in the background.


Bam: The Montuori Brothers Joe and Paul, two guys if you look at them, are precisely who most company with what as a star and the face of their franchise. It’s no secret they’ve been successful wherever they’ve gone. Hell, at one point here in Fight, Joe held The Manhattan Championship and The Long Island Championship alongside Dane and ARP; why Paul has been right there in the main event scene on the cusp of becoming Empire Champion. Neither one can be taken lightly, and when competing against them or simply trying to knock their head off, you are going to need to bring your best and have the killer instinct to put them big dawgs down. I know people like to think I bite off more than I can chew, but I’m just not afraid to aim big and fail. I’m looking to collect on Night Two, and to everyone else that will be competing, you better keep that third eye open because I’m not sparing anybody when it comes to getting mines. I’ve taken my fair share of ass-whooping and heartbreak since being here and at Ascension that all ends. So, everyone buckle up for a chaotic bumpy ride because we’re going to Miller Time. I’ll see you soon.