Miller Time Chapter Three: Know Your Enemy

By: Bam Miller

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 7th Sep 2021

Looking over his shoulder as he enters his apartment building, Bam Miller takes a sigh of relief as he enters with a case of Miller Lite in hand. He fumbles with his keys a little as he walks down the hall that smells of cheap liquor and tobacco.

As he continues down the hall, he finally reaches his door, but to his surprise, a note from Fight! Is attached to his door. His heart skips a beat for a moment as he looks down both sides of the halls, making sure no one from Fight had followed him or that someone might be lurking in the shadows ready to jump him. He quickly snatches the note off of the door putting it in his black leather jacket pocket, and unlocks it with the keys as they jingle loudly in the quiet hallway. As the lock clicks, Bam pushes the door open and walks inside, and puts the case of Miller Lite beer down on his kitchen counter; he closes the door with the back of his black biker boot and locks the door right away.

He looks through the peephole, still thinking to himself that a boogeyman has him in his crosshairs. He takes a step back as the floorboard squeaks. He walks over to the kitchen counter and opens up the Miller Lite box. He slides a  cold can out and pops it open, takes a big gulp as he let cool liquid calm his nerves. As he walks over to the black bean bag chair and plops down and kicks his feet up on his small black wooden table, and turns on his tv to The Denzel Porter show to see him covering the Michelle Moore incident that he was being blamed for and painted as a Villain by the media.

Bam’s facial expression changes to an annoyed, upset look as he turns bright red from listening to the report. He takes a sip of his beer and pulls out the note that was attached to his door. He opens it up and begins to read it out aloud.

Bam: Dear, Mr.Miller we here at Fight are disappointed in your actions that have led to Michelle Moore’s injuries and injuries to her pregnancy. We here at Fight expect you to make a formal apology to Michelle and Brandon Moore along with an apology to us Fight as well for bringing such bad press to our front door. If you refuse not to, there could be dire consequences for your actions sincerely, Miss F

Bam’s facial expression turns to disgust as he balls the paper up and tosses it in the trash. He gets up and goes to his bedroom that has clothes laid around everywhere and a couple of beer cans scattered throughout the room. He opens a drawer from his dresser, pulls out an Android Tablet, walks back into his living room, plops back down on the black bean bag, and sets his laptop up to go live to all social. Media platforms. As it starts to stream live, Bam lights up a cigarette, takes a few puffs, blows the smoke out in an O-shaped form, and then speaks.

Bam: So Denzel, our media king, and the Fight staff want to make me out to be a bad guy, they want to blame the whole Michelle Moore situation at my feet when footage clearly shows what actually happens, but I get it the truth doesn’t sell so we got to dirty up my name and give Fight a villain they can parade around to the public and just to add insult to injury. Miss F had the audacity to send a note to me asking I do them a favor by apologizing for what happened.

Bam picks up the note and holds it up in front of the camera, and begins to rip it into tiny pieces, and then lets the shredded paper hit the ground as he puts on a smirk and takes another hit of his cigarette before turning back to the camera.

Bam: That’s my answer right there, Fight. There will be no sad villain music playing in the back why I read off some monitor of a bullshit speech you all would probably put together. Instead, I’m going to give you some hard-cold facts about what happened on Venom.

Bam picks up the still cold beer and takes a sip, then places it back down on the table.

Bam: Fact number one, the clumsy bitch tripped over her own two left feet and injured herself. Fact two, if Fight has found me some competition that actually wanted to compete and shed some blood, I would’ve never been in the mood to bust Poptart in his mouth, and yeah, I know what you all thinking didn’t I end up coming out and getting an actual match with Father? Sure, I did, but I wasn’t satisfied with the results. Sure, I won after coming up short at Toxic Tag bit it still wasn’t good enough to feed my hunger for competition. So, as I’m walking through the back area, I see The toaster strudel and Michelle chilling off to the corner, and I said to myself why not and was looking to rough him up, but no, he had to cause a scene and didn’t even protect her like he was supposed to. Fact three, if Fight would’ve placed Michelle on some leave of absence, she’s never in that situation and never ends up in the hospital given early childbirth, but yes will blame ole Bam for being the only one here that does what the job asks of him.

Bam takes another hit of cigarette as the ashes fall to the already unclean floor. As he cracks his neck, he takes another sip from his beer then returns to speak.

Bam: You see, I came to Fight! NYC to face the very best this industry has to offer, from The Empire Champion Dickie Watson to Brandon Moore. Fight has no shortage of top guys. So, it was a no-brainer to sign here because I’m a hunter. I look for the very best Top Guys in this business, and I slay them and let them know they are, in fact, mortal and not the Gods their fans, management, and their ego tells themselves they are. So, to everyone in the locker room that is still feeling bad enough to come for me, I welcome it with open arms. I fear no man or any boogeyman with a mask! So, Brandon, when you come for me, you better come with everything you got, and when you pull the trigger, make sure you don’t miss because if you leave me breathing and still able to move. I’ll hunt you down, cut your head off and take it to Miss F to show her who’s yard this really is. It’s a new big dog in the city, and I’ve come to take my place at the very top. I’m going to blossom here in Fight, and there is nothing nobody can do about that, not even you, Father Thyme.

Bam pauses for a moment and takes out a cross necklace. He admires it for a while before placing it down on the table in front of him. He looks back up and has a focused look on as he begins to speak.

Bam: Now, Father, the last Venom, I know you were surprised to see me come out for your match. I know you were ok with getting an easy victory and not having to put in any real work. You barely made an impact at Toxic Tag, half-assing the way I saw it. So, when I saw your opponent couldn’t make it like mines. I saw an opportunity for us both. I saw an opportunity for the two guys who signed around the same time to show what makes us so different. Now, this was funny because we both believe in the same faith, but I was brought up on it a little harsher than yourself, Father. You see, Mother Karen beat the holy word into me. She hated my love for wrestling and called it the devil’s work. Every time she needed to show the other children her fury and so-called mercy, I was the example of that. So why we are similar in faith are paths to get here were very different. Your past still haunts you; why I use mine as my motivation. That’s why I came out and laid your ass out for the one, two, and three. I needed to show people I wasn’t like that talent that came here with big goals and dreams, but they fizzled out like Dark Tiger and Lisa Marie Ashton. They are no longer here because they didn’t have the fire in their belly to keep them motivated, they weren’t hungry enough for this business, and it swallowed them up, but me, I’m fucking starving, and I need to eat. So, Father, prepare yourself for another round with The Top Guy Slayer, and he’s I know you aren’t what is considered a Top Guy around here, but you’ll be my steppingstone to them. So, buckle up, Father; it’s going to be a very bumpy ride when I take you to Miller Time. I’ll see you soon.

Bam winks with a smirk on his face He takes one last sip of his beer as the scene fades out and goes dark.