Miller Time Chapter Two: When you get Knocked Down, Dust yourself Off.

By: Bam Miller

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 31st Aug 2021

The lights in the Fight Tower start to dim down as the fans have exited the building and make their way back to their everyday life. Inside the building in the locker room was mostly quiet except for Bam Miller, who was still there getting his bag together to head home. He puts his ring gear in the bag first, followed by some Miller Lite beers. The last item he picks up is a picture of a young boy who looks like a young bam standing in front of what looks to be an old Catholic Orphanage; he picks up the image with meticulous care and admires it for a while. He takes a seat in a steel chair and talks to himself, but not in a crazy sort of way, just in a way to vent.

Bam: Wow, so much time has passed since this picture was taken. I had turn ten, and it marked the anniversary of me being left by parents in that dumpster. Which led me to that place of hell anyway. Still, I made the most of the hand I was dealt, but it wasn’t easy. Was it young Bam? We sure stayed in trouble a lot with Mother Karen and sometimes the law when our reckless ideas got the better of us, but if you could look at me now, you light up with a grin, I think. Yeah, you be pleased with how far we’ve come since the days of doing dives off step ladders on the other children in the house or the time we put Billy through the dining table; yeah, we did some damage back then, but now we are living the dream a little. 

Bam pulls out one of the Miller Lite beers he put up early from his bag and pops it open. The sound of its opening was almost like music to Bam’s ears. He takes a gulp and lets the beer flow through him, giving him a sensation that can be almost how the hit a rolled joint does to a pot smoker. After a few more sips, he returns to the image.

Bam: That’s right, we’ve made it to the wrestling industry, made a name for ourselves on the Indy circuit, and now we got signed to the biggest promotion in all of wrestling right now. Fight! NYC and why I would like to tell you we got off to a hot start here, and walked out of Toxic Tag as Bronx Champion, but unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly as plan. Now I know you think we probably got our ass kicked and embarrassed in front of people, but we actually did pretty damn good; if it weren’t for Poptart giving Moore an assist, that probably would’ve been us on top of that ladder, but no need for excuses she earned it and now we just got to dust ourselves off and get back up and come back stronger, more challenging, and better than before.

He stands back up and puts the image in his bag. He walks out there and shuts off the lights behind him. He turns down a corner and heads for one of the elevators and waits for it to open. A green light appears at the top, then the doors slide open, and Bam walks inside and hits the button with the bold letter P on it, signaling for him to go to the parking lot. The doors close back, and the elevator starts to move in a fast but calm manner after a few minutes of listening to the decent elevator music. It comes to a smooth stop, and the doors open back up, revealing the concrete underground parking garage. As he walks towards his black and red Harley Davidson, he pulls a pack of Newport cigarettes from his black leather jacket and starts patting them with just a little force to get the nicotine active. He pulls a cigarette out and lights it up as he closes in on his bike. He inhales and watches as the smoke guided by the wind blows back in his face, dancing through his hair before it disappears. As he gets on his bike and starts up the engine, he takes a few more puffs before driving out of the garage and into the city that never sleeps…

After about thirty minutes in New York City traffic, Bam Miller pulls his Harley Davidson into the parking lot of the Velvet Rabbit NYC, owned by VooDoo of Fight. He parks his bike and cuts off the engine and hops off and tucks his keys in his pockets and walks towards the entrance where a big muscular Bouncer works the door, making sure nobody brings any weapons into the establishment. As Bam approaches the Bouncer, the big mountain of a man holds his giant-like hand out in a stopping motion. Picking up a nearby clipboard on a podium next to him. He looks at Bam and talks to him in a stern but respectful tone.

Bouncer: Can I have your name sir; this establishment is reserved for Fight! Competitors and fans only. 

Bam: Yeah, names Bam Miller.

The Bouncer takes a few minutes to go over the list, why Bam crosses his arms and starts whistling to pass the time. Finally, the Bouncer looks up, and his eyes fall back on Bam.

Bouncer: Ok, I got you right here at the bottom of the list. Not one of the most recognizable names in Fight, but you are a fighter, so I’ll have to let you in.

Bam scoffs at the statement but bites his tongue and just glares at the Bouncer as he unhooks the red rope and lets Bam walk inside. Upon inside, Bam is struck by the bright, colorful lights that match the beat of the DJ music playing around through the speakers in the club. Table booths sit to the side by the walls. Why a big expensive-looking stage sits in the center with three stripper poles in each different section of the stage to entertain all talent and fans in attendance. Dancers like Dynasty, MIA, and Miami entertain other fight members celebrating their win from earlier that night, such as The Montuori Brothers, Michelle Moore, and the great of Dynasty. Bam heart seeks a little as he sees Michelle over there celebrating with the Bronx Championship, she won earlier in the night against him and many other that was in the match; he shakes his head to refocus and head towards the Bar and takes a seat on one of the bar stools and throws his hand up towards the bartender to get his attention. The Bartender acknowledges him and starts walking towards Bam; he’s a relatively big heft-sized guy with his hair back in a ponytail and a stylish beard. As he approaches Bam, he begins to speak.

Bartender: So, what will it be, friend?

Bam: Shot of whiskey dry.

The bartender grabs a bottle of Jack Daniels and pours Bam a shot, and slides it over to him. Bam takes the shot and slaps his chest a little as the whiskey warns him inside. He motions for the bartender to keep it coming.

Bartender: Guessing you’re having a tough night?

Bam takes another shot before responding.

Bam: You can say that again, pal, wouldn’t you know in my debut in Fight, I would come close to becoming Champion, but I didn’t calculate on a pregnant fighter actually getting in the rings and climbing the ladder herself. The damn Poptart was just a distraction. I feel like I’ve blown my opportunity at making a first great impression on everyone in the locker room.

The Bartender pours Bam another shot and takes one himself before leading down on the Bar.

Bartender: Listen, Bam, I’ve been watching wrestling all my life, and I’m a big Fight! NYC fan, it’s one of the many reasons I wanted to work here. So, I’ll tell you this, why you didn’t walk out as Bronx Champion, you put up one hell of a fight out there. You didn’t make it easy for anyone, and the fans responded to you remarkably; you might not be a bonafide star yet here in this company, but I promise you’ve earned some respect.

Bam takes another shot, and then suddenly, his phone buzz along with other competitors inside the building. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out his phone, and reads a text that’s sent out from Fight! NYC on Twitter announcing the next Venom Card. He scrolls down his screen until he sees himself facing a competitor that was in the Bronx Championship Ladder Match with him, Lisa Marie Ashton. He smirks a little before taking another shot then turning back to the bartender.

Bam: Appreciate the words, friend, but I just got another opportunity to make my mark on this company.

The bartender raises his eyebrow for a moment as he is very curious about what Bam Is saying.

Bartender: What’s that? Getting another shot at The Bronx Championship?

Bam: Oh no, I haven’t collected any Blood Money yet to qualify for that, but I do get a chance to earn some Blood money and get a good fight out of it with Lisa Marie Ashton. She was very aggressive in our match and had the type of attitude you need to survive in a company like this. She’s been waiting for an opportunity to prove herself. Ramsey did not show up for her match, so that was a forfeit win; she can’t be happy about that. I know I wouldn’t want an easy win like that. So, she’s got some motivation as I do.

Bartender: That’s true; she’s a tough cookie that one is, and don’t forget about her buddy Korrupt. I heard they formed some alliance, the Internet wrestling fans say.

Bam: Well, they sure didn’t look like allies out there in the Bronx match, but I guess even the best of friends would turn on each other for a shot at immortality, but I’ll keep my eyes open, but I have to say I’m more concerned about her manger Josiah Black getting involved. I heard their engaged, so I know he’ll do everything to make sure she wins and help her achieve her goal of being a well-known figure in the world. You see, Bartender, that’s the difference between Lisa and me. She’s looking for the wrestling world to be her jumpstart to world fame. She doesn’t really care about becoming one of the very best ever to do it. She doesn’t have the heart to put in the numerous hours in the gym as I do. She won’t stay late after training to go over footage as I will. Wrestling is not a side job for me. I don’t own any fancy hotels paid by my rich daddy from his blood money mafia empire. Oh no, you see, everything I owned I had to scratch and crawl to get there. I had to take food out of other people’s plates just to survive. I accepted no handouts and didn’t look for any either. When I say wrestling is all I got, it’s because it’s the truth, and I want it to be my main focus. So, Lisa and her mafia friends can try to stop me from winning this match and moving on to bigger things, but their efforts will do them no justice because I’m on a mission to be great. She’s just here to be seen on Venom Bartender. I promise you I won’t disappoint Miss F or the fans next time I’m in the ring and for Lisa Marie Ashton on Fight! NETWORK September 4th is Miller Time, so buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Bam Miller stands up and takes one last shot from the bartender, and slaps down some money for the drinks along with a tip. He heads for the entrance and lights up a cigarette as he gets on his bike and drives off once again, and the scene fades to darkness.