Miller Time

By: Bam Miller

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 17th Aug 2021

It’s January 2005 in Detroit, Michigan, at a Catholic Group Home for children that have been abandon. Inside the home was a young boy around the age of Twelve that gave the Nuns more trouble than a rest. He stayed doing wacky stunts that he would see on wrestling TV. His stunts would usually lead him into trouble at the group home as his actions were suicidally dangerous. On this particular day, our young wrestler had taken things too far when he put one of the other kids through the living room coffee table. The Head Nun by the name of Mother Karen had the boy in her office as she looked at him with her fiery eyes as if she had just eaten a red chili pepper. She holds a large ruler in her hand. She moves close to the boy before speaking.†

Mother Karen- Bam, you should be ashamed of your actions. We’ve told you repeatedly not to watch that devilish wrestling shown and certainly to not perform what you see. That’s a sin!†

Young Bam sits in the chair with his arms folded ignoring everything she says like he usually does when Mother Karen goes on one of her lectures. Mother Karen notices Bam is not listening and slams the ruler hard on his hand. Bam pulls his hand to him and rubs it with the other as he looks at Mother Karen with a fierce and unhinged look. Mother Karen meets him eye to eye as she leans in to speak with a harsh tone.†

Mother Karen: This I why your parents left you in that garbage dumpster now! They knew you be trouble and did the smartest thing in leaving you there after doing the dumbest thing by bringing you into this World. You hear me, Bam, you’ll be a failure! Still, not to worry, Bam, your life will amount to knowing even if you manage to make your wrestling fantasy come true, the good lord will see to it that you never find a home, a family, or any success in your goals.†

Young Bam’s face changes from a carefree attitude to an annoyed and upset look. He closes his eyes tight for a moment as he tries to hold back the raindrop-like tears that start to pour from his eyes. He stands up out of his chair and rushes to the door, and opens it as a bright light comes through like the rays of the sun coming through the curtain blinds.

†It’s present-day in New York City in a cheap apartment with bars on the windows, and the wallpaper is hanging off, and the carpet has cigarette burns on it. In the bed, Bam Miller has just woken up from the dream that seems to haunt him every now and then. As Bam lifts the black blanket off of him and slides out the bed as he hears a knock coming to his door, he quickly throws on some black jeanís pants and a black shirt as he does to open the door, and to his surprise, it’s his good friend Curtis from IIW a wrestling promotion in the UK. To Bam’s surprise, he looks at Curtis with a confused look as he rubs his eyes and†

Bam: What the hell Curtis? What are you doing all the way out here?

Curtis: Now, Bam, you know how I feel about that type of language, and is that any way to greet your best friend?†

Bam: Yeah Yeah, Curtis, happy to see you too. Now come on in before my neighbors think I’m friendly.†

Curtis walks in and looks around with a concerned look as he sits in a black bean bag chair.†

Curtis: Well, this quite the place you have here, Bam.†

Bam: Yeah, I know it’s a real luxury. Now tell me, good friend, why did you come all the way out here?†

Curtis: Well, it had been a while since you left the UK to pursue your dreams of becoming a household name in wrestling history. So, I assume now would be a good time to check in on you and see how you are settling in.†

Bam: Well, things have been going good so far as you can see move into an ok area in the Bronx. It’ll do for now; you know I’m not a big luxury guy anyways.†

Curtis: Thatís good, man; nice to know things are going smoothly for you; what about the new promotion you’re working for now. How’s that going?†

Bam: Well, I’ve met the Owner of Fight, and he’s a straight shooter, and I can work with that. I havenít met many of the other competitors around here, but I do have a match for the upcoming PPV Toxic Tag.†

Curtis: Thatís good, man. Who they go you facing?†

Bam: Well, it’s a six-person ladder match for the Bronx Championship. I got my work cut out for me in this one, Curtis.

Curtis: Well, this is what you wanted, right you left IIW because you felt you couldn’t accomplish your goals there, so you came to a more prominent company with more name recognition to improve your standing in the wrestling industry, so you should be thrilled to be up against five top competitors for a chance at Championship Gold right?†

Bam: Yeah, I’m excited about the opportunity and even more excited by how many people will be involved in this ladder match, but I also know I’m the underdog heading into this match. Not many people know me or of my work on the Indy scene. To management, I was just another body to throw into this match. Much like Dark Tiger and Kurrupt, two competitors like me who don’t have that recognition to their name. Unlike the other three in this match, I do recognize Father Thyme, a man I can almost resonate with because of his background with the lord. Still, even though he preaches about being saved and redemption, he has not forgiven himself for his past sins.†

Curtis: What do you mean?†

Bam: You see, Thyme is a good man with a troubled past, and why he fights for something closer to his heart than most. He still sometimes let his past catch up to him, which can be disastrous for someone like him in this business because I’ll capitalize on that I won’t hesitate to strike like a snake that sees his prey. You know me, Curtis, you know in a match with no rules, I will go the distance to get the job done! Why I recognize the lord and his judgment for what I might do in this ladder match to be Champion I also acknowledge his forgiveness, unlike Thyme, so I won’t be conflicted in my mind I will see things as clear as a hawk. Still, he’s not my only concern in this match.†

Bam walks over to the fridge and grabs two Miller Lite beers. He opens one up, takes a sip, and tries to hand the other off to Curtis, but Curtis shakes his head and looks at Bam.†

Curtis: Now, Bam, you know drinking upsets my stomach. Don’t you have some chocolate milk or something?†

Bam: I forget how damn child you are, Curtis, but I don’t have any chocolate milk.†

Curtis: Well, that’s ok. I’ll probably be heading out soon anyways got to prepare for my own match but tell me about the other two in your match?

Bam: Oh yes, there’s Lisa Marie Ashton, a very well-known woman due to her ties to the Mafia, and maybe that’s the only reason she is here in Fight.†

Curtis: How so?†

Bam: Well, she has no wrestling background to lean on, which tells me she’s just here for her brand and brag about being in the Mafia and showing off her pretty face; unfortunately, I have no interest in helping her become a star. After this match, Curtis, she’ll be ready to head back to the streets because this isn’t for her.†

Bam takes a sip of his beer to wet his throat before turning back to Curtis. Bam: Now, let me tell you about the person who has caught my eye the most. Moore! Curtis: Who’s Moore?†

Bam: Yes, Moore Michelle Moore, to be exact, The Queen to Brandon Moore and carries the seed of his as well.†

Curtis: Wait, you’re wrestling someone that’s pregnant in a Ladder Match? What is wrong with this company?†

Bam: Calm down, Curtis; she’s not wrestling; she’s got some guy name Poptart that wears a mask that will be wrestling on her name or some shit like that, but anyway, I’m interested in her because it might lead me to the Fight, I really want one day you see her boy toy who wears a Mask alsoÖ You know Curtis, I’m starting to think she has a fetish.†

Curtis: Wait, you think Michelle has a fetish for masks???†

Bam: Yes, Curtis, open your eyes; she’s obviously into it or something; her scary macho boyfriend Brandon Moore wears a Mask their sex slave Poptart wears a mask there is obviously some type of fascination with Mask going on in this family; I wouldn’t be surprised if the child comes out with one too.

Curtis- Now that’s just wrong, Bam the kid has nothing to do with it.†

Bam: He has everything to do with it. He’s inside the woman who I’ll have to go through to in order to achieve victory and add more prestige to my name when I rise to the top of that ladder and pull that Bronx Championship belt down and hold up high over my head for the World to see Curtis. Because I’m done letting other people have what I deserve. I know what I must do in order to survive in this company Curtis. It’s a dog-eat-dog world in Fight! The competition is thick, and I can’t afford to slip up not even once. You know Curtis, I used to believe your father was a terrible human. I couldn’t stand because of the actions he took in this business to get to the top.†

Curtis: Oh yes, I remember how badly you two hated each other you almost killed each other in that Parking Lot Cage Match. It was a brutal sight to see, I must admit.†

Bam: That may be true, Curtis, but after moving here to NYC, I see now Jonny was just trying to teach me about the wrestling business and life in general. Because as I sat here thinking about how I would obtain my goals of being a top superstar in this industry, it came to me that I must be like Jonny; I must use those understated tactics to get ahead if necessary. I must be willing to put a godly man through hellish pain! I hope they’re ready, Curtis, because I’m taking them all to Miller Time! You see Curtis I no longer hate your father I respect him for doing what so many other people are afraid to do but now I too am not afraid to do what must be done so on August 25 I’m going to put myself on the map in this company and then set my sights on a bigger prize.†

Bam stands up and finishes his Miller Lite as Curtis heads for the door but turns back around before he goes.

Curtis: Take care, man, and give them hell. I’ll be rooting for you.

The door shuts close, and Bam sits in the room alone as he reflects on what comes nextÖ