][ MiSS?MiCHELLE ][ “Where do I even begin.. ?”

By: Miss Michelle

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 9th Jul 2021

As we fade into the backstage locker room area from the very last OPW Showcase, we see Michelle sitting in a metal folding chair. A pair of gray sweats and a white tank top cover her body and her long blonde hair hangs from her head, wet as she runs a brush through it.

She lets out a sigh and sets the brush down next to her as she hears the locker room door open. Standing, she turns the corner to see a male reporter looking around. 

“Are you lost?” She asked.

He turned on his heels, eyes wide as he looked at her. 

“No. Actually,  I was looking for you..” he paused for  a moment. “Who are you?”

“You were looking for me but don’t know who I am?”

He stutters. “Well.. I, I uh was looking for Vhodka Marie..”

She interrupts. “Not me..”

“Uh.. Anicka Swan?”

“Not blonde.”

“Lisa Marie Ashton?”

“She wishes. Look dude, you’re obviously lost.”

She shakes her head as he looks to his cameraman who is whispering to him. 

“Dude, that’s Michelle Moore..” he says, the other guy still drawing a blank. “Brandon Moores wife..?” He looks stupid. “Damon Riggs sister?”

“OH! –“

“Let me stop your dumbass right there. Damon Riggs is MY brother and Brandon is MY husband. I was me before they ever came around, get that straight before you even try to address me.”

She said, matter of factly, crossing her arms.

“So what do you want?”

He looked at her, a bit puzzled and unsure.

“To be honest.. I’m still not totally sure who you are but..”

She interrupts, once more. “OPW general manager.. or I guess former general manager..”

Excitedly. “Fuck yes, Kal Wolf!”

She palms her forehead and rolls her eyes.

“I thought Kal was a dude tho, but I guess you could have put your hair up! I’m so glad to have found you, Mr. Wolf.”

“Please. Get out. I can’t do this anymore.”

She shoves the man out of the room. Before walking back and beginning to pack up her belongings. 

“Kal Wolf.. how disrespectful can someone be? Like anyone would seriously ever confuse me with the worst Wolf. That kind of shit is why this company went under.”

She zipped up the duffle bag before looking around at the room. 

“As stupid as it seems, I guess I will kinda miss this place. It was the first wrestling company I had been a part of in fifteen years. It still seems like just yesterday I got the call from Joe and the HBO execs. I can still see Johnny and the rest of the Syndicates faces when I pulled off that Mardi gras mask and told them all what I thought of them and this company. They never saw me coming. It was awesome.”

She smirked.

“Johnny was pissed, he’s hated my ass for a long time. It’s sad though, because as always, the reason he hates me comes from a long time love of me. But isn’t that why most men hate a woman? The best part of coming back though, was the look on Blair Buchanans face. God, I hate that bitch.

I’ve had two bitches in my career who openly and blatantly copied and tried to be me. It worked for them for a while, but its hard to be someone else when that person shows up and fucks up your whole plan. Blair lost her shit completely when I returned. She had her goon squads kidnap and hold me hostage and when I got free? She hauled ass like the scaredy cat bitch she was.  Went crazy? More like she didn’t want the ass beating that was coming her way.

Then, imagine my horror when I finally get back to my job and find out I have to share the role with the absolute worst person I’ve ever met. I had to share my job with Kal “the worst” Wolf. I’ll be honest, I almost quit.  Instead I puked and cleaned myself up with his shirt and then put on my big girl panties and went to work. 

Its been a short year. I did the best that I could do, but there’s only so much a person can salvage before you realize its all just a big heap of trash. So now what?” She shrugged her shoulders.. “I don’t even know..”

With that she leaned down and grabbed her bags from the chair. Slinging them over her shoulder she headed towards the door. As she got to the door, she stopped and turned around to look at the locker room one last time before grabbing the door handle and pulling it open. Before she could step out the door, Mister dumbfuck interviewer appeared once more.

“I know who you are now!”

She rolled her eyes. “Are you sure about that?”

“Yes! Miss Michelle!” He spoke so excitedly, proud of himself. “Can I please ask you a few questions?”

“I guess, but make it fast, I have places to be.”

“Cool! So, first of all.. how do you feel after your victory over Tommy Kain?”

“Awesome. Next..” 

“Uh okay.. um, can I be a little more personal?” He asked.

“Just ask your damn questions..”

“So..” he took a deep breath before letting it out. “Why did you ruin your marriage by sleeping with your husband’s best friend, Paul Montuori?”

“What?! That is not what happened at all! Who told you that?”

“I overheard TK and Pierre talking about it..”

“TK and Pierre are dumbfucks..”

“So you are not running off with Paul to get married in Bora Bora?”

“Oh my God, no!”

Michelle pushed her way past him and head off towards the exit. As she approached the door she heard her phone chime. She reached into her pocket and pulled the phone out and opened the message.  

“If you are a fighter, you must fight! July 10th @6pm. Hearst Tower.”

She furrowed her brow and closed the message before walking out the doors and into the unknown.