Miss Mary Ann Smith…

By: Allison Riggs-Preston

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 12th Jul 2021

When Allison woke up, she sat up and looked around confused for a moment about waking up in a strange room, in a strange bed; until she remembered the fight last night. The first thing she did was reach up and feel the back of her head and then wince a little bit as she felt around on the knot where her aunt, Michelle Moore had snuck up behind her and cracked her in the back of the head with the baseball bat. FuckÖ

The FIGHT! Medical team assessed everyone as they were brought from the match, the worst of the injuries were kept in the medical center and due to limited beds, those that weren’t hurt badly enough to be in medical were given studio apartments in the building to stay at until the Doctor deemed them fit for release. While Dane had been kept in medical because of previous head trauma, Allison was given a studio and being kept under observation via the cameras; some of the med team who prepped her for a CT scan made bets on whether she had a steel plate in her head that no one knew about, some were sadly disappointed to find out she had just inherited her fatherís hard ass head.

She thought back on what happened last night, the last thing she remembered was trying to back herself against a wall to see who was left and where they were. She had watched the replay of the events while she was down in Medical and she kept her game face strong in front of everyone who was there as she watched in shock as Joe Montuori was the one who rushed to her, picked her up lifeless body and took her to safety… not her husband. Joeís first thought was protecting her while Dane flew into a rage; that doesnít sound like a man who thought only about himself.

What the Hell? She shook her head for a moment and soon regretted it as it started to throb a little bit. I donít know who the writers are on this season of ARP, but man, you guys blow and need your asses fired. I don’t even know whatís what anymore.

She reached for her cell phone sitting on the night table beside the bed and began to check her messages, one being from Ms F with the link to the Venom bookings. She scrolled through and saw that her name was with Ryan Eliasí. She knew him, or of him, she first saw him when he was passing judgement on people in Action Wrestling and later in OpW; he was one of the wrestlers who found their way to Fight NYC just like her. He was a decent wrestler and could hold his own in the ring but sometimes he could get distracted, it must be hard with that demon inside. She kinda understood and knew what it felt like, her last name may be Preston but she had a Riggs inside and that was sometimes just as bad a demon, but then again that could be the taint from her egg donorís bloodline. With a groan, she swung her legs out and put them on the white fluffy rug beside the bed and rubbed her eyes before reaching back and touching the knot again; it hurt just as bad as the first she did it. She sat there, thinking about her opponent and what she had to look forward to.

I donít think too many people in FIGHT! has actually paid Ryan Elias and what he can do in action, or cared to for that matter, but I have. Iíve seen him in action here and there, Iíve seen how he operates and and how goes after his opponent and I canít help but wonder how he will come for me.

????*??? Pride ???*????

Thereís a whole lot of that in my life. Of my family, of my name, of my career. He might be able to get me on that one. Letís face it, my ego can be overpowering even to me sometimes, but the ego is born in the mind whereas pride is a feeling of satisfaction from what one has done or achieved. In the last three years alone, Iíve got a reason to feel proud of what I have done since others are still trying to do it.

????*??? Greed ???*????

He can get me on that one, for sure. But the money we make allows us to help other people, who have no other place to turn for help. Not saying that we donít keep making more money to cater to our choice of lifestyles. I do like being about to go shopping for the finer things, I like being able to pick up and go wherever in the world I want to go, and being able to spoil my kids and not have to worry about the price tag.

????*??? Lust ???*????

She smirked and shook her head, she was going to nope right on past this one.

????*??? Envy ???*????

Envy, Iím not too sure about that one; I donít want for anything that belongs to anyone and if I did, I would just go out and buy it. A shout out to that greed, again, since it keeps the envy away. She pauses and thinks. Then again, maybe that still counts as envy? I donít know, I will have to talk to Aniís sister about that one, the nun should know.

????*??? Gluttony ???*????

Not so much a glutton for food, because Iíve got to stay fit for the ring, but Iíve been known to toss back a few glasses of wine here and there. I wonít lie, at X and Leís wedding I couldnít get enough of Fury wine. She chuckled. Shit, maybe we just found my envy? I donít know what they are putting in that wine, but that shit will put you on your ass. Leí, if you’re listening, hook a girl up.

????*??? Sloth ???*????

Really depends on which definition thatís used. Running around behind two twin toddlers and having a full time wrestling career where you have to train to be the best you can be every day; laziness is not in my vocabulary. But affectlessness isÖ there are times I just donít care about myself or anyone else for that matter. Sometimes I just wished I could disappearÖ go away and become someone else, live a different life. Not have to worry about dealing with JMont and his shit and now Sahara and her shit. She thought to herself, who gave that bitch a twitter? She keeps saying I am not a thought or concern to her, but yet, I feel I should change my name to dick as much as it comes out of her mouth.

????*??? Wrath ???*????

OoOoÖ nailed it. She thought back on everyone and everything that has caught her rage since she can remember; finally she nodded her head. WrathÖ thisÖ this is my judgement. If I were a betting woman, thatís where I would place my bet. That Riggs rage has reared its ugly head a few times before and caused a lot of damage. Iíve worked hard after the twins were born to control it, but sometimes, itís just too strong, too powerful, that I canít control it and I have no other choice but to let it do just that and rage.

Allison smiled and nodded her head. But then again, maybe it will be harder for you to pass judgement on me? Maybe it will be harder for you to see me as bad or evil because of the cute little package that I am wrapped up in? Maybe you will make the mistake of seeing me as weak or inferior to you? If thatís the case, youíve already lost this match and the truth of it all is, it wonít matter which of the deadly sins that come heralding to the ring with you because when you step in itÖ

Itís just going to be you
...And me...
? Thatís right, ARP ?

She chuckled as she got up and walked through the small apartment to the kitchen area and opened the fridge, she found it stocked with the basic necessities a person might need. She took a look under a domed serving tray to find a meal that came from the restaurant upstairs, although she was hungry she wasnít ready to eat right now, she was just really parched. She unscrewed the lid off one of the water bottles she pulled from inside and took a long drink as she turned around and closed the fridge door at the same time. The first thing that caught her eye was a gold box that sat atop a file folder on the counter top that separated the kitchen from the living area. There was a cream colored envelope in front of it with her name elegantly written in calligraphy. She stopped mid swallow, narrowed her eyes just slightly and with the water bottle still at her lips but no longer swallowing the liquid and quickly scanned the room making sure that she was still alone. Slowly she lowered the water bottle down, she couldnít remember seeing that sitting there when she passed by just moments ago. Satisfied she was alone, she walked over, picked up the envelope, flipped it over and pulled the letter inside out and began to read it.

As a token of our appreciation for making the inaugural night of FIGHT! NYC a monumental success, we offer you the one thing in life you have always wanted.

Itís your choice whether to use it.

The one thing in life that Iíve ever wanted? She thought to herself. Not exactly sure what that could be, Iíve never wanted for anything in my life. My parents made sure of that. Literally, Iíve never wanted or wishedÖ forÖ anyÖ thing.

But, indeed, she had made one.

She tossed the letter on the counter and slid the box off the folder, opened it and began to look through the papers, reading them one by one. When she was done, she closed the folder and looked at the gold box; her pulse racing a little bit. Her thoughts went to her familyÖ Luke and Layla, her husband, her parents, her brothers; hell, every damned asshole that she considers her family or friend. She thought of her career that people only dreamed of; the adventures and everything that made her life, just that, her life.

Slowly reaching over, as if at any moment the box would magically turn into a poisonous snake and strike. She picked it up, flipped the lid open and just like the letter said there was a key. A key to a safety deposit box to a bank a few blocks away where she could walk in and give them her new name and she would find birth certificate, drivers license, social security card, passport and a blank checkÖ everything she would need to start a new life. For the rest of her days, she would be able to live a quiet -normal- life. Be able to walk the streets, go grocery shopping and go out to eat without the fans taking pictures and wanting autographsÖ but she had to give up the one thing she was grateful forÖ her life and everyone in it.

She snapped the lid shut and put the box back down and stared at it for a moment before she pushed it, the folder and the letter into the trash can and then she made her way back to bed. Slipping back into the cool cotton sheets, one thought crossed her mind.

Not today, Miss Mary Ann Smith, not fuckiní today.