More Twists and Turns than a Ride on Space Mountain

By: Allison Riggs-Preston

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 26th Jan 2022

As I watched as the cage came down.
It was the sickest…
Most hopeless feeling a person could feel.

Allison watched from their locker room as the cage came down on him. She had run for the door but found it had been locked, neither she nor Bella could get the passcode to open it to work. They had been trapped in the locker room and all they could do was watch from the monitor as Xavier and the EMTs and Fire Dept worked hard to get the cage off of him

I thought I had lost him that night.
Until they pulled him from the rubble.

She watched from outside of Fight Tower where three members of the security team and her girlfriend, Bella held her as she watched and waited. She had tried to charge past them so many times that one of the members of security had finally grown tired of it and handcuffed her to the biggest member of the team he could find. And it wasn’t until Xavier Wolf came out leading the way, covered in blood and sweat, looking more like a quarter than his usual billion dollars, giving her a thumbs up, did she finally breathe a sigh of relief.

I thought I had lost him the next day.
When they had to induce a coma.

The Doctor told her between the swelling, the bleeding and the previous head trauma that it was probably for them best if they induced him into a coma. They told her that it was the only chance that they had and even then it had been a slim chance at that. She told the doctors to do whatever they needed to do.

I thought I had lost him when they pulled him out.
And he had stayed in.

Doctors couldn’t tell her why he wasn’t waking up; he should have according to them; it looked like only time would tell. All they could really tell her was that his brain function appeared to be normal, except for a darkened area on the left side. Of course, they wouldn’t know what that darkened area meant until he woke up. They told her to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. And that’s what she did.

I thought I had lost him until the moment he opened his eyes…
…and nodded his head for yes when I asked…
“Do you know who I am?”

During this time, Allison was the dutiful wife, she stayed by his side wanting him to see her face when he first opened his eyes. It didn’t matter who it was or how many times they told her “Go home, get a good night’s sleep.” She could not… she would not… take that chance. Bella made sure she had food, Bella made sure she had clean clothes, her Bella told everyone to fuck off who tried to tell Allison she was being hardheaded and silly. Allison had been right, when he opened those vibrant green eyes of his, he looked around the room for her, he locked right in on her as soon as his eyes landed on her and they never left her until she moved from the bed to be at his side. Just by the look that he gave her, she knew he had been relieved to see her there; she couldn’t fathom the disappointment he would have felt if he had woken up and she had not been there. She had disappointed him enough last year, she would not start the year off doing the same. And while she had sat there, watching Dane, thoughts would enter her mind. Of the things that her husband had been put through and those who put him through it. And it pissed her the fuck off. Anger burned her to her very core. A rage. The Riggs Rage. Something family, friends and strangers have all bore witness to at some point over the years. Something she’s managed to control, but she doesn’t know if she can control it anymore.

You fucked around, you’re about to find out.

Candice “VooDoo” Black had been the first outside the immediate family to find out that there were now two sides to Dane Preston. She, being the Motherly type, had put together a care package for the “kids” and was walking across the hospital parking lot when she had stumbled across Dane in a half frenzied state of mind. The whole time that she encouraged him back inside with her, she couldn’t help but think she was the third wheel in a conversation. She knew about Fixer, but she had never really “met him”. And right now, judging by the way Dane was acting, he was trying to keep her from meeting him. She knew one day she would meet him and she couldn’t wait, because she was going to give him a piece of her mind. When they entered his private hospital room, both Allison and Bella ran over to him and hugged him tight. Both telling them how worried they were with him just up and leaving as VooDoo quietly made her way over to the table and put the bags on the table. As they ushered him back to the bed, VooDoo took a seat on the couch nearby. A Doctor came in with a needle and despite Dane’s protests, he injected it’s contents into his IV and a matter of moments, Dane was out. VooDoo watched with sadness as she noticed the sag in Allison’s shoulders as she took a deep breath; VooDoo knew she must be carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. Allie, honey, why don’t you come over here and talk to me. VooDoo watched as Allison nodded her head and got up and walked over and took a seat beside her. The two women stared at each other, until the redheaded woman did the best thing she thought she could do, after having been a mother-like figure to the woman since she was 14 yrs old. She pulled her over to her, wrapped her arms around her and held her tight. That was all that Allison needed, she started bawling and bawled in a manner that Bella started to get up, but was waved back down again. For the next 20 mins, VooDoo rocked the girl who could have been one of her own back and forth; caressing her dark hair and occasionally kissing the top of her head. Her bawling turned into heavy sobs and then into quiet ones. It was when she was finally down to sniffles that Allison pushed herself away from VooDoo and grabbed the box of tissues on the table and pulled a couple out and began to dab her eyes and face. VooDoo did the same but instead of dabbing her eyes she dabbed away the tears left behind on her chest. So, tell me what’s going on. And that’s when Allison dropped the mother of all loads on her. There were now two sides to Dane. There was the Dane that everyone knew and loved, but there was another side of Dane, the part of him that they called Fixer; and this time Fixer wasn’t lying dormant as he had before. This time he was more vocal at speaking his mind. Dane still had complete control of the body, but it didn’t stop Fixer from trying to take over. Right now, the doctor’s only suggestion was learning to live with it. I’ve spent weeks reading everything I can on the web. First hand accounts of people who are living the life. People living with their loved ones who suffer from this and how they deal with it. And I swear to God, Red, it feels like everyone keeps saying the same thing over and over. What’s that? Take it day by day, accept it, learn to live with it and adapt to it.

VooDoo sat there for a moment and thought about the words, she looked Allison dead in the eye and gave her the only and the best advice she could give her. Then maybe that’s what you should do?

For better and for worse, in sickness and in health. Those words just kept echoing in Allison’s mind. She had said them on her wedding day… and she meant them.

Damn, look at the time. VooDoo looked at her watch. It was 4am. I told One that I wasn’t going to be gone long and I would bring back in time to give him a few extra hours of sleep. I swear the man doesn’t go to bed until I make it back from the club.

Thanks, Red, for coming by. The two women hugged each other. It means more than you know.

You’re welcome, Princess. VooDoo gave her a wink. Bella, would you mind walking down to the car with me? I’ve got a couple more bags down there for you guys.

Sure thing. Bella said as she jumped to her feet.

With one final hug, VooDoo and Bella were out the door and Allison was taking a seat over by her husband’s bed. She looked at him sleeping there peacefully and wondered just what was going on in his mind. She thought of VooDoo’s words, accept it, learn to live with it. Adapt. That’s what she would do, that’s the only thing she could do. She reached over and took Dane’s left hand in hers and a thought came to her mind. Dane, can you hear me? Nothing. He didn’t open his eyes or even stir at the sound of her voice; her husband was out. She looked at the door to the hospital room and made sure that no one was about to walk in. Then she looked back at Dane. Fix, can you hear me? She sat there for the longest time, feeling kind of silly for even thinking about it. She released her grip on his hand and stood up only for her hand to be gripped tightly and jerked roughly back down. The eyes of her husband rested upon her, but that was not her husband looking at her. So you can hear me?

We can. Fix smiled. We like to hear your voice just as much as he does.

I see. Allison didn’t say anything to the fact that she could feel Fix gently caressing the top of her hand affectionately. Accept, echoed again. Good, then I want you to listen to my voice and I want you to listen to it carefully. I need my husband, my children need their father and I can’t have him fighting you and the whole world thinking that he’s a basket case. My husband’s life and his career are on the line and I will not allow you to take that or him away from us. I need you to stop fighting with him and fight for him… I need you to make him whole again.

She leaned in closely, her steel blue eyes fixed on his green ones; her voice took on a tone as dark as her hair.

Because if you don’t, I will search for the best doctor on the face of this planet and have YOUr removed. Fix tried to let go of her hand, but this time it was Allison’s turn to hold his tight. I will take the chance of my husband never being able to walk into the ring again, I will take the chance of him never being able to work on a car or a bike ever again. I will be perfectly happy and content with him home with his family… if it means, I get to murder you.

Finally she released his hand and he jerked it back towards him and stared at her long and hard for a moment. Letting her words sink in really well, before a smile slowly creeped out from his lips.

We like you. He nodded his head. We really like you. We also like your offer.

Something told me you would. Allison got up and walked back over to the couch and took a seat as she waited for Bella to return, both she and Fix continued to stare each other, attempting to figure the other out as if staring alone would be able to do it, that was until Fix saw Bella walking past the window and quickly closed his eyes.

First time I’ve seen you smile in a long time. Bella said as she put the bags on the table with the others. Your aunt really knows how to make a care package up, she’s got all our favs.

That woman’s been 3 steps ahead of everyone else for years. Allison smiled as she caught the bag of Hershey kisses to her, Allison’s favorite. But always letting them think they were one step ahead of her.

Seems like the best way to surprise people. The next week the Doctors were blown away with how quickly Dane began to recover. They claimed it was almost a miracle, but Allison knew otherwise. Fix was doing what he promised, he was putting her husband back together and he was making him just as strong as he was before, if not stronger. At night, after Dane and Bella would fall asleep, Allison and Fix would have private conversations. She felt that they needed to get to know one another because she felt the better she knew him, the better she would be able to control him. Their first big test was going to be the trip to Disney, they were all flying down in Howling Wolf One as a family. As soon as Dane saw who all was going to be on the plane, he wanted to be in one of the upper cabins, he wasn’t too sure about Fix being around the kids yet, but with as many fighters as they had one the plane, with him in a contained area, it seemed like just as good as time as any. Right now, Dane paced back and forth in the bedroom where Allison was sitting on the bed. Two and Bella had the twins down in the lower level where the rest of the kids were and Allison’s parents were in the lounge area outside of the room. Dane, I am going to need you to relax.

I am. It’s him. He pointed to his head. It’s the flying, he’s not liking it.

And here I would have thought it would have been being around 50 kids. Allison smiled and tried to lighten the mood. Would you like me to give you something, I’ve got something in my bag that will knock you both out for the trip down?

No, we’re fine. Allison noted the word WE’RE instead of I’M. We’re not bothered too much with kids. They’re kids. Even our kids are growing on us.

What the fuck? Dane groaned as he realized what happened and then tightened his hold on Fix. They’re my kids, too, asshole.

Despite everyone being on high alert for the flight, just in case Fix decided to come out and make an ass of himself, he didn’t. Dane and him kept him under control. They were both in the process of learning how to deal with one another and today was a big step for the both of them. When they arrived at the airport, a charter bus was waiting. As VooDoo began to make sure that all the kids were loaded onto the bus airport staff began to unload the luggage off the plane. Anicka and Bam came down the car ramp in the rear on the bikes with One backing Bam’s car down behind them. Once everyone and everything was loaded, the charter bus took them to the house that VooDoo had rented for the week. VooDoo had already predetermined that the Prestons would take the Masterbedroom since it had a seating area and a small kitchen while the rest of the adults picked a bedroom. The kids however were having problems picking a room to sleep in, they didn’t know if they should take the Harry Potter room, the Beauty and the Beast room, the Jurassic Park room, or the Avatar one. It was Ani who finally convinced them to place all the names of the room in a hat and pick a new room each day. Once the newness of the house wore off, Allison found herself up in the bathroom, she was tired and she wanted to take a nice and relaxing bath while the twins were with their cousins having fun. She slipped into the tub and began to relax. I honestly didn’t think we were going to make it to Blood Money. With what was going on with Dane and him being in the hospital, I didn’t think he would be strong enough to do it, But he proved me wrong as he’s proved me wrong so many times before. But here we are and we have one thing on our mind… one of us walking away the winner. She smirks a little. All we have to do is find each other to make sure that we can get through to the end. And I will be damned if just like the Queen in chess, I won’t do everything that I can do to protect my King. My only hope is that I get to come across a few members of New Status Quo, because I promise you, with every single fiber in my body, I am going to inflict the pain upon you that you have inflicted upon my family in the name of this sport. I will make sure if I run across you that you do not, you will not make it past me and I will do it if I have to systematically take you out one by mother fucking one. Hope and pray you don’t run across me, hope and pray that someone can take me out. Because I plan to hit you with everything that I have… with no mercy and with no remorse. She pauses for a moment. And that goes for the rest of you mother fuckers, too. With nothing more to say, Allison closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths to calm down and relax, that was the reason she had come to take the bath in the first place. It was later on that night, when Vincent and Vhodka Black showed up to pick up Ripley. Allison had walked out to say hello to them, after Ripley and the kids had showed them around and now she was gathering her things.

Dane’s going to be fine, Allie. Vin told her. He’s strong, he’s tough.

Plus, crazy runs in this family. Vhodka added.

That’s one way of putting it. Allison chuckled, right now it was the only thing she could do, crying wasn’t going to make things better.

The kids all came running back out, Ripley had her bag over her shoulder, and all of them were saying Mom and Dad at the same time. Can Ripley stay the night with us?

A round of pleases went through the kids until VooDoo looked at them then and finally to her parents. If it’s okay with her Mom and your Dad, it’s okay with me, too.

Vincent nodded his head as he realized that VooDoo did, she revered the no back to him. Well, Ms Wolf, two could play it at that game.

It’s fine with me.
All of the kids hugged him and then Vhodka and ran back into the house, leaving all the adults standing there. Vincent was about to say it was time to leave, when Vhodka cleared her throat from beside him, both Vin and VooDoo looked at her. She looked back and forth between them and then to the house and then back to them. VooDoo looked at Vincent who was trying his best to not crack a millimeter of a smile. VooDoo looked at Vhodka who continued to stare her down; Allison looked back and forth between the two women wondering who was going to win.

Vhodka.. VooDoo finally said. Would you like to stay the night, too?

Vhodka said nothing but looked at Vinent, who then looked at his ex-wife to see if she was joking and he knew that the look on her face said she wasn’t. We can stay the night.

YES!! She yelled and hugged him tight and then took off to the house, she stopped halfway there, turned around and ran back and threw her arms around VooDoo from behind and hugged her before she ran back into the house.

Allison, VooDoo and Vincent started up to the house, Vincent reached over and put his arm across his ex-wife’s shoulder. You better sing praises at my funeral. The three of them laughed as they went into the house and closed the door.