Mother… Businesswoman… Sneaky…

By: VooDoo

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 14th Nov 2021




The scene fades in as the sun has already started to set, and we find ourselves at the WBW ranch where the Wolf, Black and Wright families have been living together on the weekends for about a month; but yet living together about a year; ever since that night he showed up drunk at her house in Parts Unknown to visit his daughter without getting clearance first. It’s not that VooDoo was Marie Wright’s mother, but she had guardianship of her. His buddy, Shane, had talked Roger into giving it to her, because he was a danger to her as well as himself. Marie had no one, no grandparents, mother signed over parental rights to Roger for a fat wad of cash and disappeared shortly after getting out of rehab with said wad of cash. Shane did the only thing he knew to do and that was call Voo. Why, because if there is one damned thing you can say about her, she had the mom thing down, before she even became a mother. She mom’ed over everyone of her ex-husband’s families’ children before she had hers, she mom’ed over Allison Riggs-Preston when her egg donor said duces to her and her dad. VooDoo made her way up the stairs to the second floor of the house, it was basically the children’s domain. She was dressed in a pair of black sweats and a t-shirt, running shoes on. There were four bedrooms on the floor, each with their own bath and a living room that was all their own, that despite belonging to 4 kids ages 6-10, was pretty damned clean. The two youngest ones, Callan Black and Marie, were playing a video game and barely acknowledged her except with a nod of the head into the direction of the open sliding glass door when she asked where the Twins were. Stepping out on the balcony, she found the twins, they were sitting at the table with a few books about astronomy; on one corner of the balcony. There was a notebook between the two of them with a list of stars they were going to look at tonight.

Plotting what world to take over? She teased them.

Nah, we figured it would be easier to take over yours. Rose said not looking up, but trying to hide the smirk on her face.

You already have. VooDoo ruffed the top of her hair knowing it made her mad. Little asshole.

We’re making a list of constellations to look at while we’re here in New York to see if they look different. Ciara said as she wrote another name on the list.

She looked at the girls and thought that it could be worse; Rose could ACTUALLY be plotting to take over the world or plotting a murder and Ciara could be on the internet buying another $3500 Gucci dress that was purple with gold stars covered in sequins and a matching $1000 bag. She sat down and had a talk with Ciara about that one, she wasn’t upset that she bought it, VooDoo had been upset that it was hideous looking. I’m going to go for a run. If you need anything, find One, Roger’s at the barn. Okay, Mom. Be careful. She made her way back through the kids’ room, told Call and Marie to mind the twins and made her way down the stairs and out the front door. She jogged down the driveway and cut off through a field to an old dirt trail through the woods that the previous owner rode their horses through, it circled the back half of the property and came out on the other side of the property. While VooDoo jogged through the woods, she thought about the Velvet Rabbit, it’s popularity had started to grow and being the business woman that she is, she knew it needed to grow as well. She had her lawyer checking with the city and seeing just how tall she could take the building since it couldn’t be expanded outwards. There would be the main floor, the VIP floor, more burrows could be added, an entire floor for huge private affairs. She smiled as she continued down the trail and thought about going to visit Greece soon, to check about possible locations there. They were already going to be on that side of the world with a family thing with Le’s family she thought she’d swing by. If anything, it would be a nice little adventure for the kids, seeing all the history that Greece has to offer especially since most constellations were named after their Gods and Goddess and legends from their stories. She had heard from Atara Themis that a place like the Βελούδινο κουνέλι would do some business over there. She had spoken with a financial advisor and discussed putting a Velvet Rabbit in other states near the international airports; and he told her that maybe she wasn’t thinking big enough; with her business plan, she could go global if she wanted to. Then hadn’t been the time, maybe now was the time? She stopped jogging at a break in the woods that led to the area behind the barn. She knew the house was too far away from the barn for the kids to see her cut across the field so why not be a little sneaky?

͙˚*  *˚͙

On the balcony, Ciara Black was panning the telescope around and looking through the lens and stopped on her mom as soon as she saw her halfway to the barn. She panned over to the barn and saw Marie’s father, Roger standing there holding the halter of one of the horses he was about to turn out into the paddock for the evening. She panned back and forth between the two until she saw them embrace and kiss.

Shut the front door. She said as she stepped back, her mouth hanging wide in shock and disgust.

What? Jeez, this really explains A LOT of things? What are you talking about?

Look at the barn. She looked at her twin with her hands on her hips. Look at your mother.

Rose stepped up to the telescope and looked at the barn. I didn’t see this one on my Bingo card for 2021.

I wonder how long this has been going on? Ciara looked into the scope again. Eww, gross, they’re going into the barn.

Chances are way before moving here. Seriously, who builds a house big enough for a “friend’s” kids to have their own rooms when they are in town? She got quiet for a moment. She kinda looks happy though.

That’s just nasty. Ciara stepped away from the scope. Downright gross.

What’s nasty and gross? We were looking in the telescope and found a deer being eaten by a bear. Oh, I wanna see. As their little brother went for the telescope, both Rose and Ciara looked at each other and they had an unspoken conversation and both agreed on what to do. Ciara being the closest reached over and turned the telescope in another direction. It was over there, if you look between those two big tall trees you should see it. The two redheaded twins looked at each other as they took their seats again at the table and looked at each other. They had so much to talk about, do they confront them about it? Do they stay quiet and wait for them to come out about it? And more importantly, how long has IT been going on.