New World, New Ruler

By: Jason Ryan

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 9th Jul 2021

The camera pans to show a large conference room where Jason Ryan sits at the head of the table. Ahead of him on the table is a large pitcher of red wine and a wine glass and a chess board. With a Bishop Jason knocks the king from the game board.

And just like that, the king is dead.

Jason pours himself a glass of wine, pouring the liquid enter his glass.

How the mighty have fallen. The once proud king, now lays in gambles amongst his ruined empire. And just like that, the game is over. Sad, if only the king had not mourned the loss of the one who claimed to be queen, perhaps the king would still wear the crown. But ponderings are pointless. The sun has set on OPW. And now, we have uncharted land before us. Land fit to be conquered.

Jason stands up with his glass of wine and goes to the window that over looks his private resort.

Theyíve all forgotten me. They no longer see me as a threat. Jason has lost his fangs and claws. Heís traded his balls for Hollywood Blockbuster deals they say.

Jason twirls the wine around in his glass and stares down at it, at his reflection.

Little do they know Iíve yet to truly demonstrate what Iím capable of. Of what, we are capable of.

Jason grasps the pendant he wears around is neck, a new accessory for him. The pendant depicts Princess Andromeda from the Greek story screaming while bound. On Jasonís left hand is a gray ring with a skull and crossbones.

They really have no idea what is about to befall them. Then again, why should they? Theyíre too preoccupied with their own lives that they canít see what is in front of their faces. And it is their ignorance that will cost them. For they see this as a rebirth, little do they know this is the final stage of the Apocalypse. They will soon see the error of their ways, but by then it will be too late.

Jason drinks from the wine glass and wipes his mouth.

Our order has been silent for too long. For too long have we waited, watching from the shadows. Awaiting the time to reveal ourselves and take what is ours. I do not question the Masterís wisdom but I wish he would just give us the order to move on already. Then again, perhaps He knew this would happen. He does have a knack for these things. Isnít that right, Ishmael?

Jason softly smiles as he drops the name of The Scourge, his inner demon we havenít seen since he returned to active competition.

I know you want to greet your old master again but hold on. You agreed to slumber awhile longer. Besides, I assure you, old friend, you will have †plenty of fun. After all, once our mission is complete, Iím sure He will allow you to have your way with those that defy us. But for now, I must make my move. For He requires much before He arrives. I have much to do and it will start immediately. Soon all shall see the light. And I will obtain the glory promised to me. You see I pursue what was promised to me, the glory, the fame, all of it was mine when I signed my contract. And this time I will not wait idly by. Nay, this time, I will take what belongs to me. Pawn. By. Pawn.

Jason finished his drink and sets it down upside down at the table then picks up the king chess piece to examine it.

The age of the false gods is over. We are coming