No rest for the wicked

By: Enforcer

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 12th Dec 2021


::Enforcer is in Hubbardston, Massachusetts talking with two men and the three men are standing in front of two DeLorean Time machine cars that were used in the filming of the Back to the Future movie.::


Enforcer: Bill…Patrick, you two have got to admit this is a sweet deal I am offering you. Come on, this offer is well above the asking price.


Patrick:But the thing is we weren’t even asking.


Enforcer:Which has to make my deal even that much sweeter, right?


Bill:This is a very, very generous offer, Anthony.


Enforcer:I know, right? So let’s make this deal happen.


Bill:That is the thing, Anthony, these cars aren’t for sale.


Enforcer:Look, I know you guys don’t want to part with one of these two cars but this would be the perfect gift for a fellow Fight NYC! Wrestler.


Patrick:Oooh, who are you trying to buy one of these cars for?


Enforcer:That would ruin the surprise but I’ll tell you what. If we can make a deal I’ll let the two of you know who it is along with a boatload of cash.


Bill:Tempting offer, Anthony. It really is but Patrick and I would like to keep both of these cars.


Enforcer:You guys are actually going to make me fly all the way across the country to the Petersen Automotive museum in Los Angeles to try to buy the Hero car that was actually used in filming?


::Bill and Patrick both shrug their shoulders.::


Patrick:It has got to be that way.


Enforcer:Fair enough, guys. It was a pleasure meeting the two of you. I appreciate your time. 


Bill:It has been a pleasure to meet you too, Anthony.


::Enforcer and Bill shake each other’s hands. Enforcer then shakes hands with Patrick and then turns around and walks over to a waiting black 2022 Mercedes. The driver opens the back passenger door for The Enforcer. The Enforcer gets into the backseat of the Mercedes then the driver shuts the door behind him. Enforcer gets his cellphone out of his pocket and puts the phone up to his ear.::


Enforcer:Hey Marcus, get the jet ready. We are going to Los Angeles. 


::Enforcer pauses as he is listening to the response to what he said.::


Enforcer:I know, I know I wish I can say it was for something I am doing for Justice or one of the kids but it has to be this way. 


::Enforcer hangs up his cellphone and looks out the window.::


Enforcer:The one thing about Christmas I could do without is the time consumption of actually getting the Christmas gifts for others. Especially when I am on the road so much wrestling. But it is what it is. While I am dealing with all that the holidays bring I am also getting prepared for a match with Ashlynn Cassidy. This is a woman who I have gotten to see not only here but also during my time in Zion Wrestling and I have gotten to see her win the Zion Wrestling Championship in person. So I know the threat she poses. She is not only the future of this business but she is the present and I know we will see her with some Fight NYC! Championship gold very soon. She is even going to see her in the House of M Deathmatch tournament. She is showing how versatile she is inside the squared circle and in any kind of fight. 


::Enforcer sets his cellphone back into his jacket pocket.::


Enforcer:On the surface it might not appear that Ashlynn and I have anything in common but if anyone is truly in the know that we actually have something in common. We both had a child at a relatively young age and both had to juggle being a parent as we ascended in the pro wrestling world. It is a very tough thing to do but here we are. Which is just another reason why you have my respect but for the time being all of that is going on the back burner because business needs to be handled. 


::The balck Mercedes Enforcer is riding in pulls into a private Airport and pulls right up to a private jet. Enforcer gets out of the Mercedes and walks over to the jet and starts climbing the stairs of the plane. He enters the jet and knocks on the cockpit door twice and then walks into the cabin. He takes a seats in one of the chairs and buckles up as the jet stairs come up and the jet door is shut by the flight attendant.::


Enforcer:With all this going on I also have to keep in mind that damn spider monkey, Ani, is still very much pissed at me. Understandably so but knowing all this I know I have to keep my head on a swivel because she has proven she will come from anywhere to get her revenge on me. So, what is it going to be, Ani? You actually want to stand face to face with me inside the ring once again? If that is what is going to be needed to resolve this thing going on between us then lets fucking do it. I am going to put it out there and call for it to be a bare knuckle match. I know I might be signing my death certificate by suggesting this but what do you say, Ani? Whatever happens, happens. 


::The seatbelt lights on the plane lights up. Enforcer puts his seatbelt on as the jet starts moving.::


Enforcer:While there is all this madness going on between Ani and I, on top of the holiday season, and my upcoming match with the undeniably talented Ashlynn Cassidy, we all know I have been through worse and will be able to come out of the next few weeks still alive. Maybe a little worse for wear but dammit I’ll get through this shit. Tonight, I’ll be getting that Delorean Time machine car  and I’ll be seeing you very, very soon, Ash.


::Camera fades to black.::