By: Dickie Watson

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 14th Dec 2021



Like a sitcom trying to set the scene for the unknown audience, the Fight Tower is visible from the corner of Eighth and Fifty-Seventh. After the events of Venom #15 took to air, with the obvious House of M attacks ending the show, Dane Preston and Company getting what they needed to do out of the way to make their own statement versus New Status Quo. It was an understandable construct: the big bad giant of a stable, created of members celebrated across the wrestling world, needed to be destroyed by the ones who have been there all along, circling one another. 

It was no wonder New Status Quo became what it did. But people would always be blind to it. At least, that was in the opinion of the six members who sat at the top of this company. 

Inside, the camera floods into the Empire suite, which was not normally utilized by the Empire Champion himself. At least, it hadn’t been from the beginning. But now, a few messes (clothes, jackets, food) seemed to be cluttered about in small piles within the abode. Still, visible on the couch, seated with his hands folded over his legs as he looks ahead at the camera, is Dickie Watson. 

The Calamity has a smile on his face – one that hasn’t been very visible on FIGHT programming lately. He rests his elbows upon his knees and presses his folded hands to his lips. He taps them against his mouth slightly, softly, as he thinks. That was the kid’s mentality, wasn’t it? Think before you speak. People needed to learn that.

I know I’ve spoken about this before, but after what happened on Venom Fifteen last night, I realized that something, or even someone, has got to give. Knowing what I know, the line has been drawn in the sand, and I want to say that I understand it. You all watched us rise at Ascension when every single one of you told us we were going to fail. You watched us fight, build ourselves higher. And then you watched us work through this year in a struggle. You have every right to be mad about who we are, what we’ve done, how we came in, how we were built, how we, as a whole, have moved into FIGHT and taken it as our own. Ascension told us all that we, New Status Quo, were the ones to beat. And we have been beaten. We have been bruised.

But we are not broken.

We have not failed.

We have not been ruined like you wish us all to believe.

If anything, you’ve infuriated us. And if I know anything about my brothers and sisters in this band of merry thieves…is that when we’ve been attacked, when we’ve been angered, we become the wolves you claim us to be.

Dickie adjusts slightly on the couch, lowering his head and shaking it for a moment. In the background, Aiden walks by, waves at the camera, clearly undeterred about his match and the way everything fell apart. That was the thing about them: their world did not end when they lost. They just came back harder the next time. That was what made The Commonwealth work, and what made New Status Quo go harder.

Go hard or go home, right?

We’re not infallible. We all have our own beliefs. From Shawn to Betsy, we all have differing opinions. Our recognition of that is a benefit and boon, as well as a burden on us from time to time. However, something we are all in agreement about is that the jumping, the attacking, the interference…it ends today. You’re pissed about the fact that we are the only recognized stable. Dynasty, FYA, whatever the fuck else there was…they dissolved because you weren’t strong enough to keep them intact. But that’s neither here nor there. We hear you. We see you. And we’re ready to make concessions…had you actually, I don’t know, not acted like a bunch of twelve year olds and actually said, “Hey, we have a proposition”, it probably wouldn’t have mattered to us.

So I’m speaking to you as one of the leaders of New Status Quo, and as a reminder to you. And I want you to realize that I don’t have the rest of NSQ behind me because, while we all agree about this, I don’t need the numbers of people behind me to have a strong voice. I’ve spoken to Xavier Black about two specific things, and I want you to listen carefully. Very carefully, because I will not speak about this again. Play it back if you need to make notes.

You can have your groups. You can have your stables, you can have your time for your attempts to build camaraderie and strength. I’ve seen Clearly, you don’t have the propensity to hold strength on your own. And even more clearly to me, if you need people to back you, then you should pay. You should sacrifice for bringing people into your battle. 

Registered, unregistered. Whatever the fuck you want to call it, you want to have your group? You will pay for it. 

Your leader? Since you’re the one that can’t handle your own problems, you will forfeit all of your Blood Money. And before you call me a hypocrite, I’ve been pretty clear I can handle my own shit and I don’t necessarily need the people around me to make statements. Secondly, the members? You will forfeit ten thousand of your Blood Money. I know how you people work. The price for your bullshit. And if you can’t pay your fair share? You will forfeit the money earned from your wins and losses until you’ve paid off your debt. You can absolutely get your friends to help you pay off your debts…just like you can add your money to bid for things. In fact, we agree that you should do that. You’re going to throw in bullshit and whine and complain, but this is the price for your insurrection. Make better choices, guys.

With a wink, Dickie smiles at the camera. But then, slowly, that smile fades and he narrows his eyes.

And when it comes to Dane Preston? I expected better of you. I expected better from you, and you’ve sorely disappointed me. But what else is new? I said it long before, when we were both on good speaking terms, that I wasn’t interested in interference. You might be to get ahead apparently, but I’m not. Unlike you, I keep my word. But I’m also not interested in having this be a normal match. See, when you come in one way, and you act a fool, you pay the consequence. That’s why, when we meet at Countdown, it’s not just going to be a nice, fun little match up of strength and power for the Empire Championship. No.

We’re having a deathmatch.

He pauses again, letting it sink in.

That’s right. Deathmatch. You may think, ‘Oh Dickie, that seems awfully hard for you.’, but believe me, I’m dying for this match. There is nothing more I’d like to bash your fucking face in, and this way? I get my wish. Additionally, the bullshit with you and your House of M buddies? I’ve thought about that, because I know what you’ll all think. It will be held within a cage in the ring. Not around the tower where your buddies can jump me and you’ll get a cheap shot win. ‘But Dickie, wouldn’t NSQ be in the wings’? – again, I don’t need them to save me. I don’t need the same help you do. I’ll be stuck in the cage with you, and you…will be stuck with me

My goal isn’t just to retain. It’s to make an example.

I sincerely hope you’re prepared for this, Dane. And for the rest of the FIGHT universe?

I hope this New Year’s Eve is as entertaining as possible for you as fun as it will be for me.

The screen goes blank with a click, and moves to static.