Of Lion and Wolf…

By: Le’Andra Fury

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 26th Jun 2021


June 25 2021; 3:06am – 230 Central Park South, #PH16 It has been a busy and exciting time in the House of the Lioness and the Wolf; the opening of FIGHT!, the babies, the deciding on names, not being able to fight in this year’s Clan Wars, which last name do they use for the children; his name, her name, or their names together; it felt like so much was happening at the same time and sometimes it could be overwhelming. She thought the Marke business was hectic, but here she was growing life inside her; two lives to be exact if another one of the Wolf family traits holds true; with six sets of twins already in the family, like her husband said, what’s the chances of her not carrying twins the odds were between…

Slim and None.

Le’Andra Fury had slipped from her husband’s clutches and was now sitting in the living room window seat staring out at Central Park below. She was dressed in a pale blue silk robe with her blonde hair loose and unbraided. As much as she loved laying in her husband’s arms, she was worried that her tossing and turning would keep him awake and right now with the opening of FIGHT she knew he needed as much rest as he could get. When Xavier had told her what he was doing, she decided that she wasn’t going to be like some of the wives of fed owners that she has seen. The ones that think that everyone is beneath them and to have things be handed things.. That wasn’t Le’… that wasn’t who she was… she’s worked hard for everything that she’s done in her career and she wasn’t about to cheapen that now. She knew that the returning fighters and staff would see her as Le’Andra Fury… Fighter; but the new ones may see her as Le’Andra Fury, wife of the boss. The new staff working in the offices and behind the scenes have been treating her differently since introduced. And she didn’t like it, not one bit. That’s okay, she’d show them once she has her Firstborn and gets back to the ring.

My Firstborns. She corrected herself as her husband, Xavier Wolf tells her each and every time that she utters something different. He’s usually pointing at her stomach and “I have made Firstborns” as if he was a caveman who had just created fire. It is kind of cute, she has seen the way he is around his siblings’ children, even around her own family’s children and he’s going to be the same way around these two. He was different, but still the same.

Hell, she was different but still the same. She wonders if the past couple of months hadn’t been going on, if she would have noticed the symptoms? She’s never been regular before and the added stress of everything that transpired with Marke and Stylez and traveling all over the world was sure to make her cycle off track. She hasn’t been nauseated, not at all. If anything she was hungry; and Le’ just chalked that up to being it being that time of the month since she ate everything in sight during that time. Except for bread. She avoided that shit like crazy. She smiled and then chuckled, but she can eat bread now. All the bread she wants to even. Okay, add another perk to the plus column, going to be so sad when she has the babies and she has to start training again. I wonder how long it’s going to take before I can start training and get back into the ring?

Will I get back in the ring?

Of course you will, stop being silly. Xavi’ told her that VooDoo was back in the ring after her twins were born and did so until the twins were old enough to go to school. Hell, Allison’s doing it now, she’s got twins and is half of the tag team champs. I mean, if SHE can do it, I can right? But then again, what if I become another Jenna? I heard her promising career ended and she couldn’t even fill her contract obligations. VooDoo called in her protege to fulfill the rest of her contract.

Le’Andra chuckled lightly… and the wrestling world was never the same after meeting Ms Anicka Swan. She sat up, looked at her stomach and then placed both hands on top of it. She took a deep breath, her face serious. Okay, you, two. I think we need to have a little 2 on 1 talk. I know Papa Wolf is filling your little ol’ heads with shit about how he’s going to spoil the two of you… and he probably will. That you will have whatever you could wish for, before you can even ask for it…. And you probably will. And that he dares anyone to try to harm you… and so does your momma. But Mama Lion is here to tell you… Tell them what? Le’Andra half yelled and jumped with a startle grabbing her chest and looked over to find Xavier standing there in a pair of black silk boxers and tattoos with a soft smile as he leaned up against the doorway.

You, asshole! She threw the pillow that was sitting behind her at him. How long have you been standing there!?!

Since… “I know Papa Wolf”…

He chuckled and walked over with the pillow and placed it back on the window seat behind her, then he crawled over her next to the window and lay down beside her. He raised his right arm up a little and tapped his chest with the fingers on his left hand; causing Le’ to lay down beside him and lay her head on his chest with her arm draped across it. Once she was in place, he closed his eyes, wrapped his arm around her and began to softly run his fingers through her hair. I love you, mamma lřve. I love you, too, pappa ulv. Le’Andra lay there, staring out into the window at the night sky, listening to her favorite sound in the world… the beating of her husband’s heart. There were so many UnKnowns right now for Le’Andra at the present time and the one that weighed the heaviest on her mind was… her career in wrestling and right now… it’s…

Direction was Unknown.