Pain with some love

By: Eoin O’Rourke

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 18th Feb 2022

-In a small gymnasium that was on his godfather’s private land in Orlando, Eoin O’Rourke was rehabbing his knee with his younger brother Eric, who had come along with Apathy at the beginning of the month. In this gym, Eoin was focusing on his knee injury that he suffered at the Blood Money event, where Chris Page stabbed Eoin’s knee ligaments with a glass shard.-

Eoin: GOD! Fuck, watch what your bloody doing there!

Eric: I know! I’m sorry. Jesus man. You’ve been like this since the Disney show dude, what did you do to this guy? It just looks like he broke off your knee into a million pieces.

Eoin: Yeah, and it bloody hurts to just fucking stand. Let alone walking. It’s just like that time in Cambridge.

Eric: I get it dude. Worst thing is, I don’t think he got all of that glass out. I mean, I’m no doctor, but this shit’s not healing bro.

Eoin: Great… Fucking great. Put on the TV, try to get my mind off this.

-Eric turned around and turned on the television that was on the BBC-

TV: … In our latest development of an explosion that happened here, in the heart of Rio De Janeiro. It has been said that two unknown men were the perpetrators in this incident, but neither can be located. The contents of the…

Eric: Geez, can you believe that?

Eoin: What? The TV? Or the fact I’m booked, and I can’t walk?

-Eric’s head lit up and turned around surprised-

Eric: What? You’re booked to wrestle? Like this?

-Eoin made an exasperated expression face-

Eric: How? I mean, look at you. The glass almost went through your artery. You know if that was cut you’d be dead and buried and no one would notice.

Eoin: Yeah thanks for pointing to the obvious little lad.

Eric: I’m joking bro!

Eoin: Really? Because it seems day in, day out of this company, I’m whipped into submission. Look at me! My body is battered!

-Eoin leaned up and pointed to his face that showed his eye that was swollen, and his jaw that was crooked. This was also resulted from Chris Page. Eoin was indeed in a great deal of pain-

Eoin: That bastard was trying to kill me, and for what? So he could have his moment in the sun before he turns into dust under ground? I mean for god sakes Eric LOOK AT ME!

Eric: Man I know! Like… I’m sorry that it happened like it did. I think he was trying to prove a point but I couldn’t tell you what that point is, or what it would be. I mean, he could’ve done that in order to beat you. You’re not exactly a pushover.

Eoin: Restraint Eric! I hold back to prevent killing anyone in this place. Page? No, he knew what he was trying to do. Show off to his merry band of misfit fans that he’d do whatever it took to be the last one standing in the exchange. Even if that meant ending my existence. Which, as you so eloquently put it, no one would’ve noticed.

Eric: I was joking bro!!

Eoin: Are you so sure about that? Ask yourself Eric. If I were anyone that FIGHT gave half a shit about, the humane thing would keep me off this show. So I could heal my leg properly. However, because I’m not Watson, not Moore, not Warstein. Nobody. I’m nobody.

Eric: Bro, don’t say that shit.

Eoin: Its fucking true Eric! I’m a fucking bloody mule to this company. Thats the truth mate. If I was anyone, who had a name, something they could “draw” interest, we wouldn’t be talking about this. But, here we are. Rehabbing a attempted murder cut that tore my knee up. Can barely walk, with a cracked up jaw to boot.

-Eric raised his arms in the air-

Eric: Then fucking quit man! Listen bro, I love you. We’re brothers, and I give a fuck about you! You’re not a nobody to me, nor are you to Liz dude. We would notice if something were to happen to you. I would never be able to live a normal life if something happened to you in the ring anyway.

Eoin: I’m glad you feel that way Eric… But-

Eric: But what? But what?!

-Eric rushed over to his elder brother and Eoin got tense instantly-

Eoin: Ga- Don’t…

Eric: What is stopping you? What the actual fuck is stopping you from ending this endeavor that has done nothing but give you pain?! What is stopping you from taking this bullshit that you shouldn’t have to take?!

Eoin: What’s stopping me is… Me.

-Eric grew dumbfounded-

Eric: You? How? In what way could you be preventing yourself from this?

Eoin: Let me remind you Eric: I’m fully bloodied Irish. Our people have always been the mule. The fucked over. The abused. I was born during a time of internal disillusionment and pain. A bloody conflict that took away my natural way of being raised properly. You know what the Irish are most known for Eric? It ain’t booze. It’s being one of those unknown missing names. It’s being on the Titanic and being ignored because of where you are from. It’s being forced to work under unlivable working hours, in any kind of pain and condition. Because us Irish folk have long been oppressed into the fucking dirt, the same dirt that we walk on, has been made with the backs of Emerald Isle’s finest. Why won’t I leave? Because what ground can they stand on, if I’m not there to make it?

-Eric took a second to take everything Eoin had said-

Eric: Eoin… Bro. I care about you a lot. Even though you tried to kill me during Christmas time, I care, I love you bro. But I need to tell you, nothing is worth losing your life over. Not even a company like this. Liz, she cares about you, and man-

Eoin: Eric…

Eric: She loves you man. She loves you more than you can even realize. We fuck, yeah, but dude she is in love with you. Do you think she’d want you dead? Do you think she wouldn’t notice you gone? Or notice your pain? I know it gets to her when she see’s you pushing yourself past the breaking point. Neither me or her would want anything to happen to you man. You have to think of others at this point man. Shit like this can be life altering, you NEED to be careful.

-Eoin would look away before sighing and trying to get up. He’d stumble from pressure from his injured leg, but Eric would catch him and hold him upright-

Eoin: Ach… Fucking hell. Get me in the car.

Eric: Eoin man…

Eoin: JUST… Do it Eric. Please.

-Eric would help Eoin out of the gym, outside the weather got dark and windy, although the temperature was a cool 65. The brothers would eventually get to a car that was parked outside the gym within the estate.-

Eoin: Craig! I’m heading out to the show, I’ll be back in a few days!

Craig: Huh? Oh, alright Eoin! And hey little lad! It’s good to see you! Please come back any time!

Eric: Oh alright, gramps! I’ll smell ya later!

-Eric waved off to Craig and Eoin did as well. The two brothers would leave the estate and began their journey towards Nevada, where the next FIGHT event would take place.-

Eric: Eoin…

Eoin: Yeah what is it?

Eric: You never told me what match your choosing to get yourself into… And its *your* choice to do this. 

Eoin: It is my choice. This thing, its another whole cluster fuck of a match.

Eric: Oh god, it will hurt you again.

Eoin: It might, you can never be too careful. But its the people who are in this that make me feel less worried. I know some of em. Like that Bam bloke. Bloody made of potential and he wastes it away day by day, aiming so low he may as well be stealing candy from kids. 

Then theres Swan. The girl’s got talent too. She’s not someone to just sneeze over, but it was thanks to her that the world has seen the end of Enforcer. To be completely honest, she did the world a favor, now that we don’t have to see that musclehead again. But it was at her expense that I also defeated her as well. During Christmas time, she was one of those people I had to staple antlers to heads, and her and another chick stapled half of one onto me, but I got the last laugh, getting HER last! Still, I haven’t forgotten about her, she can get anyone at any notice.

Another lass to not scoff at is Druscilla White, what a piece of work. Someone who is all the best and worst parts of a horror skit. She’s a hard hitter. Knocked me out in the old FIGHT Tower boilers. Sleeky little cunt too, but she can’t fool me more than once. I learn from where I fucked up then, I won’t let her out of my sight.

The rest of the crowd? What can I say, I don’t know who they are. Are they easy? Are they hard? I’ll have to find out the hard way, and thats by beating them all. All, but one.

Eric: One? Who?

Eoin: Her. Liz.

Eric: Wait, hold up man. You’re in a match AGAINST her?!

Eoin: Yes. And I don’t like it. Because I know she wouldn’t do it for me, she has a reputation to uphold, but I’d rather do what is best for business… And my heart. If it comes down to it, I will lay down for her. I will willingly give myself up if it would help her win. I’m injured to hell and back mate. Rather give the rightful win to the champion of this match yea?

Eric: I suppose so…

Eoin: Good, now after all that talking, we’re finally in Vegas. How in the fuck did that happen?

Eric: Oh, you dozed in and out consciousness, you only talked about your matches when you were awake. I didn’t bother moving you since you’re a heavy bastard.

Eoin: Holy shit. Time flies when your body knows your fucked.