Pain… Without Love…

By: Valkyrie

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 13th Aug 2021

“What can I say that hasn’t already been say, Brandon?”

She sat on the edge of her hotel bed and half shrugged/half laughed.

“Right now… My heart just isn’t in the fight. I don’t know if it’s because of the injury to my hand… Or if it’s all in my head.”

“But, we know who the better person is here…”

She looks up at the camera.

“And it ain’t either one of us…”

“I mean, what’s the point of all of this? Talking to a camera… Puffing our chests out to see who has the bigger balls.”

She stood up and began to pace back and forth in front of her bed.

“I’ve never been in this business to win a belt or anything like that.”

“I’ve always been in this business to do one thing and one thing only…”

She stopped pacing, she walked over to where the camera was set up and knelt down to it’s level. Though it was still looking “up” at her.

She reached out and grabbed the camera (as if she was grabbing someone by the throat) and lifted it up slightly.

“To cause pain…”

Then she tossed the camera back to the floor and it went black.