Path to More Gold

By: Allison Riggs-Preston

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 23rd Sep 2021

۩ Earlier This Week ۩

It was the day after Venom and Allison Riggs-Preston was going through the bedroom and checking the drawers and closet for any personal items, FIGHT!’s new tag team champions would be moving in. She was glad to be out of the place, not that she had to stay there, it had become a pawn in the game just as much as she had, using it against both Dane and JMont.

She walked over to the window, looked out and thought about everything that has happened since FIGHT came into existence. She’s pretty sure that if she were still in OpW that all this shit with JMont, her marriage and the Maury show wouldn’t have made front page fodder for the whole world; and let’s be honest things wouldn’t have happened the way they did if two members of the Cure that are no longer with us hadn’t lost the OpW titles to the Caffeine Mafia. Her name wouldn’t have been in the breaking news. The name Allison Riggs-Preston was a known name in certain circles, but when FIGHT came along, her name as well as the others on the Roster were pushed further into the limelight. Her life was no longer her own so everything she said and done would be under a microscope. As if it hadn’t been already… just magnetized by 1000 now. She scoffed and rolled her eyes and continued to look out the window as more thoughts invaded her mind.

Allie! Dane’s voice came from the living room area, heading that way. She was wrapped up in her thoughts and didn’t hear him as he entered the room. He couldn’t help but smile; she was doing that shit he did; staring out the window and thinking. He was glad she didn’t have the matching beard. He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist but before he could ask her what she was deep in thought over, he got a hard elbow to the midsection that knocked the wind out of him for a moment and a hard stomp to his foot. Damn, who in the hell did you think I was?

Well, I did share this apartment with Joe for a bit. She shrugged her shoulders a little. Until he started telling everyone he was slipping over into my room.

It’s safe to say, he wasn’t sneaking in shit. He rubbed his midsection.

I wished he would have. She said matter of factly. I could have killed him and got away with it and we wouldn’t have to worry about all this shit going on with him now.

No. Stop. He told her and shook his head. I won’t have you thinking shit like that, already bad enough your Dad’s beating himself up over the same thing, I won’t have you doing it, too. We’ll handle this. We’ll end this with Joe once and for all.

I do feel bad about Mia though. Allison said. She didn’t didn’t deserve to get caught in the crossfire of the loose cannon.

A loose cannon that’s my tag team partner.

You all want to use the name Fatal Attraction since it’s not being used anymore? She snidely suggested. Maybe you all can get you some tag team gold?

Not funny.

I know. Sorry. Whether she meant it or not was another story. Give a once over and see if I missed anything, so we can get the fuck out of here.

With Dane making a quick look, they picked up their bags and walked out of the bedroom one final time to find Sahara sitting on one of the barstools and her three bags were sitting at the door. All packed up?

Yes. I’m kinda mad at you, kinda not. She nonchalantly said as she slipped from the barstool. Mad that you caused us to lose this nice apartment, but seeing the look on Joe’s face when you gave him a cup check… makes me not so mad. But this is so much better than the studio they have me in.

Sahara grabbed her bags and the three of them left the room and started down the hallway to the elevator, Dane pressed the button and after a few minutes the elevator doors slid open and the three of them stepped inside. You might actually want to consider looking for a place to live outside Fight Tower. Just seems too easy for Joe to find you here, lord knows they damned near let us kill each other and take out a whole floor and no one showed up.

Aww, how sweet. You’re worried about me. Sahara smirked a little bit. Don’t worry about me. I always figure out something, not to mention, I ain’t afraid of Joe…

۩ Less than 30 mins later ۩

Less than 30 mins later, Allison steps into one of the bedrooms at the apartment that she and Dane were leasing in Anicka Swan’s building. It was almost all decorated in white with a king sized bed and 3 enormous windows that gave a beautiful view of the city. Sahara walked in behind her, her eyes casting about taking the whole room in, this was way better than her room at the Hearst building. She placed her bags on the bed before she walked over and looked into an open door to find a bathroom as exquisite as the bedroom with a silver freestanding bathtub and walk in shower. I’ll let Ani know you’ll be staying here for a while.

I’m sure she will be thrilled. Sahara rolled her eyes a little, she and Ani didn’t get along. I still don’t know what she meant when she called me Blonde Not-Ani.

Thinking of ordering Italian for dinner tonight. I’ve got no idea what’s in the fridge, scared to look in it. Let me know what you want. She turned and walked over to the door and turned around, resting her hand on the door handle. I’ll let you get settled in and used to your new digs.

Thank you, Allison. She watched as Allison gave a nod, turned around and closed the door behind her.

Sahara stood there looking at the door wondering what Twilight Zone episode she was living in, while on the other side of the door, Allison was wondering the same damned thing.


۩ Wednesday Night Before Lockdown ۩

A few days later, Allison is sitting on the south terrace of the 2 story apartment, thinking about a few things, the situation with JMont and Dynasty, the situation with Sahara, and her upcoming match with her aunt, Michelle “Too Embarrassed by the Riggs Last Name but not Afraid to Use it When I Need It” Moore; a match that if she wins, gets her a shot at the title. Her thoughts went to her new… roommate, friend; hell she didn’t know what to call Sahara; but Allison knew what Joe was capable of; hell, everyone who’s been paying attention for the last three months knew what he was capable of. His threats alone have FIGHT! on pre show 24 hour lockdowns. She couldn’t just leave her in the wind for Joe to do what he wanted despite Sahara saying she wasn’t scared of him; the next SUV full of men that roll up on her, might not have ARP in there riding shotgun. She had been living with them, since they left the Tower, she came and went as she pleased; she wasn’t their hostage or their sex slave, despite what people think but an actual guest, they were just providing her a safe place to stay without looking over her shoulder.

I’d like to wish the new Islands Champs a huge Congrats and a heart warm thank you, I walked away from our match… with this sense of relief. Like a burden I’d been carrying had been cut free. Which is funny, everyone knows how much I love to carry some gold. It’s one of the reasons my marriage is all fucked up right now. She chuckles softly. I will be cheering you on as you defend them and hopefully you can put some shine back on them that Fatal Attraction took off.

She snickered at the very thought of the team now.

Sitting there and hearing the Maury Show results were a product of good ol’ JMont being JMont. Knowing I had been telling the truth all long all the while everyone was insisting otherwise. That JMont was blowing my back out and we were just using the tag belts as a smoke screen, it’s true love. Just about everyone, family, friends, strangers… all believed I was fucking JMont because he was telling them we were. These past three months…

Ive had to pull my Big Girl Panties up so much
...The elastics broke
So pardon me, if I start showing my ass.

This week, I’m in a match with a chance at getting a shot of gold. My own gold, and JMont can’t say he had jack shit to do with helping me get. A match against someone on his stable, my Auntie Michelle, someone riding kinda shotgun with Joe and the “Die-Nasty” Crew, someone who championed #TeamJallison and someone who’s got a title I want. What not a better way to get a shot at the title without having to use my Blood Money for it? Not once, but twice, I’ll have the chance to deliver to Michelle two losses, once for the shot and once for the title itself. Maybe with a couple more losses to me we’ll stop hearing…

Danes dick this, Danes dick that
...Saying the words with your mouth...
Won’t have him cumming in it.

Woman to woman, Michelle. I’ve gotta know, what’s your obsession with Dane and his dick? We know you’re trying to change the story with getting it out there about how when you say a man’s name people “think” you want to fuck him. No, it’s not all of them, just the ones that you are constantly saying “I should’ve fucked Dane when I had a chance”, as if he would have given YOU the chance. It’s like you’re more obsessed with feeling the “angle of his dangle” than Sahara was, the only difference is, she doesn’t have to wonder.

Or is it me?

It’s almost like you’ve got some personal beef with me that no one knows about but you. Shit, even the fans have started to notice it. If you want to make it personal outside the ring, I’m just going to make it personal inside the ring. Hit ya where it would hurt the most, but unlike your stable mate, JMont, at least I will leave your family out of it. And I am going to do it the best way I know how…

That Gold belt that Poptart won for you
...Im coming for it...
Harder than JMont did in the Amazon position.

Ever since Poptart won it and been defending it for you, you’ve been walking around here with that belt like YOU were in that ring instead of your proxy. This week there’s no “Michelle w/ Poptart” on the card, it’s just me and it’s just you. And like Aunt Voo said a few weeks ago… That Queen Shit, don’t mean shit, unless you can prove it… and this week at Venon, you’re going to have to prove it. Allison pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and quickly typed up a text and sent it to Vin in HR, at least that’s who she thought she needed to see about this request. If there was a 2 bedroom apartment they could use it, if not they could use an extra bed in their lockdown apartment, especially with the issues they’ve been having with the doors, who’s to say JMont’s not behind that, we could find Sahara behind locked doors having been put through a glass table of her own.