Peace, Love and Good Vibrations

By: Father Thyme

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 11th Aug 2021

Somewhere on a hill that overlooks a small village, the charred remains of a church can be can be found.

There is a big tree that once provided shade on a sweltering day for the people of the congregation, but now it’s leaves are all gone and it’s branches singed.

Behind the church is a small cemetery where the people of the village lay their loveds ones to rest before their souls depart to the afterlife.

The center tombstone on the first row closest to the church sits atop a freshly dug grave.

The words on the tombstone read, ” Here lies Sister Rosemary, she is loved”.

The people of the village are gathered in the town hall, tables lined with red and white checkered table cloth. Bowls of pasta and wheels of cheese and slabs of cured meat adorn the table tops. A feast to celebrate the life of Sister Rosemary, and the return of their beloved clergyman- Father Thyme.

The celebration goes on into the wee hours of the night. After the last bowl is washed and the tables cleaned the good Father retires to his temporary quarters in a shed near the garden at the foot of the hill that leads to the church.

Thyme sets his Bible on the bed and prepares his nightly devotion when he hears a knock on the door.

“Father!Father! It’s me Giorgio.” A voice calls from the outside.

Thyme sets his whip down and grabs a shirt to covers his bruised and scarred body. He opens the door slowly.

” what is it my son?”

Giorgio, a young man in his 20s and the only son of the village’s tailor, hands Thyme a letter.

“They’re going to tear everything apart if we don’t come up with the money Father.” Giorgio’s voice cracking between each word.

Thyme reads the letter addressed from the Deville Investment Corporation and says aloud, ” 90 thousand US dollars? In 2 weeks.”

“What are we going to do Father? The village does not have that kind of money. ”

Thyme pats the young man on his shoulder and pushes away. “Maybe I can bargain with them.”

The young man shakes his head and starts to walk away.

” I’ll pray on this and see what the good Lord has for us. He is the ultimate deal maker.”

The following morning Thyme made a call to the head office of DIC. Thyme was able to buy more time. 2 months to be exact but the Corporation raised the dollar amount. $200 thousand for a 2 month extension. If Thyme didn’t come up with the money, they’d tear the village down and turn it into an amusement park.

After a couple phone calls and negotiations Thyme once again left the village, this time for New York City.

?———————- 3 days later————–?—-
The city isn’t what he remembers the last time he was there 25 years ago. The twin towers are gone, the cars are ugly, and the people have less clothing on.
Thyme exits Grand Central Station and begins to walk aimlessly. He begins to talk aloud to God. People who pass by pay him no mind, in their eyes he’s just another crazy talking to himself.

“God, you have out before a great challenge. But I shall overcome. This man that goes by the name of Jason Ryan, I know nothing about him. He looks strong, he looks smart, and he looks tough. My skills Father, they are not what they used to be. But the people in the village need me to win this fight, they need me to keep winning these fights. I’m their only hope.”

Lost in monologue, Thyme doesn’t heed the red light and walks through the intersection as cars swerve to avoid hitting him. Thyme looks at his hands.

” These hands Father, they’ve been agents of destruction in the past, I vowed when you spared my life, that I would use these hands to rebuild and restore. But here I am, a mere days away from using these hands to destroy a young man. I have nothing but love for this man Jason Ryan. I don’t know him, but he is loved. It’s a shame then that the love I show him may come in the form of tough love.”

His belly begins to grumble as the smell of cooked sausages waft over from a hot dog cart at the entrance on the southern gate of Central Park.

Thyme digs into his pocket and pulls out a 5 dollar bill, he hands it to the man behind the cart who grabs it and pulls out a steaming weiner and a cold can of cola. Thyme squeezes mustard on his hot dog and then heads into the park.

Thyme plops himself down on a bench and hold the hot dog up to his mouth. The tip of the weiner touches his lips and he’s about to bite when he hears someone say in a deep voice ” you look like you know your way around a weiner.”

Thyme looks up to see a pale thin looking woman wearing fishnet stockings and dark eyeliner standing in front of him.

“I’m sorry.” Thyme says as he puts the hot dog on his lap. ” can I help you with something.”

The thin woman shakes her head and smiles ,” no but maybe I can help you. Do you want me to toss your salad?”

Thyme seems a bit confused as he did not order a salad, he looks to the side to see if maybe there is a random bowl of salad laying around.

“I didn’t order any salads child. I think you are mistaken ”

“SPARKLE. IF YOU DONT GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!!!!” A man in a purple fur coat calls out.

Thyme thinks to himself ” it’s 100 degrees, how is he so cold?”

Sparkle, the thin pale fave woman with the deep voice blows the Father a kiss and sashays towards the man in the fur coat.

Finally able to eat in peace, he devours the weiner and guzzles down his cola before realizing he forgot to thank the Lord for his meal.

“Forgive me Father, for I have sinned”.

Thyme reaches for his roseary beads but can not find them.

” I must have left them behind.” He says aloud.

He gets up quickly and begins to head out of the park. He begins to speak out loud to no one in particular.

“The Lord is shepherd. He walks beside me, he is the carpenter and I am the hammer. He wields the power. I hope Jason Ryan will accept the Lord into his heart. I hope we have the opportunity to hold out hands and pray that neither of us will get hurt. I am the word of God and I’ve come to spread his Love. But is Jason Ryan decides that he does nkt accept the Lord. If Jason Ryan decides that he will not walk with God, then the fury of the heavens will reign down on him. ”

Thyme reaches for his roseary beads again. Remembering he does not have his beads, Thyme approaches a man in a business suit.

” Sir. Do you know where the nearest cathedral is?”

The man in the suit brushes him off. ” get away you freak. I have no change.”

—————— 30 minutes later————–

After 10 minutes of asking around for beads, a nice mannered young man with full body tattoo and piercings directed the good Father to a place called Good Vibrations.

One step inside the shop and Thyme knew that this was not a church. Nevertheless he approached the young person at the counter.

” I’m looking for beads. Small ones, that will fit in the palm of my hands. Roseary beads.”

The young person at the counter smiles and points Father Thyme to a section in the far corner.
” we have beads, of all sizes. You’ll find what you need there.”

Thyme places his fingers around his shirt collar. Reazling he also does not have his clerical collar he asks , ” While we are at it I might need a collar.”

The young person points to a section in the back.
“Collars over there.”

In the beads section, Thyme can nlt find anything that resembles roseary beads. There are beads with bristles, beads with spikes, beads made from lollipops etc. Thyme grabs a set of beads that are black, there is a hole at one end and the beads go from small to big. ” Maybe this will do.” He thinks to himself.

He walks into another aisle and finds himself staring at a row of plastic penises. Jiggly ones, stiff ones, big black ones. Further down the aisle he comes up electronic ones. The Father realizes he’s in the wrong aisle. He makes a quick turn and comes upon the best section. He finds dog Collars, Collars with giant spikes, leather collars, but nothing that resembles a clerical collar. On the far end of the aisle he comes upon chains and whips. He grabs a long leather whip. ” This will do for my nightly devotion.”

——————– 4 hours later——————-

The light in the small hotel room flickers as the sound of a whip smacking against an object echos through the room. A Bible is open on the side of the bed. Father Thyme is shirtless and on his knees the whip in his hand. The welts and bruises on his back are like a painting. A very bad painting drawn by a very downtrodden individual.

“I am merely a humble servant Lord. Show me the way. Show how to overcome Jason Ryan. The village needs me to win, the village needs me defeat anyone they put in front of me. Only I can save the village Father. Turn my hands to stone so that I can pound Jason Ryan into a pile of rubbish. Place a shield over my body so that neither fists, nor knives, nor bullets will harm me in any way. Clear my mind and my eyes so that I can see Jason Ryan. So that I can deliver him to you Lord.”

* WHIP!!!WHIP!!!WHIP!!!*

“Bless Jason Ryan Lord. Look over his family and his loved ones as he traverses these troubling times. He may not be of sound mind and spirit but he is a child of God. I pray lord that you heal his wounds quickly and you make him 100 times better than when he steps into that ring with me. ”
Thyme’s voice begins to change.

” but this is a battle Lord that I must win.. Jason Ryan is my opponent and I WILL KILL THAT MOTHERFUCKER.”

* WHIP!!!WHIP!!!WHIP!!!*

His voice returns to its normal tone. ” Forgive me Father for these thoughts I have sinned.”

Thyme raise the whip and is prepared to deliver another lash when there is a knock on the door. He turns towards the door and sees an envelope slip through.

Thyme goes over to retrieve envelope. He pulls out a sheet of paper with words written in red bold colored marker.


Thyme opens the door and looks out in the hallway. A rat scurries into a hole in the wall, but there is no human in sight.

To be continued…….