By: Dark Tiger

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 22nd Jul 2021

(We see Dark Tiger and Gabriella at his parents’ graves and they look down at them. Gabriella has rosds for them and she lays them down at them. Dark Tiger closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and nods.)

[Dark Tiger]

There is not a day that goes by thatbindo not miss them but I know that they are looking down at me and seeing how proud I have made them. Especially my father as I have carried on his legacy as well as blazed my own.

[Gabriella Tigress]

Absolutely my love. Inremember back when you were in Alliance World Order where that weirdo Warped Soul tried to desecrate the graves.

[Dark Tiger]

Yes he did and he paid a very hefty price for doing so. That being his wreatling career because I ended it because that is something you do not do and think you will get away with your career intact.

(Gabriella hugs her fiance from the side. Dark Tiger smiles.)

[Gabriella Tigress]

I remember that night and I was so happy you did.

[Dark Tiger]

Just how long were y ou a fan of mine.

(Gabriella smirked.)

[Gabriella Tigress]

Long enough to know that I wanted you to be mine in the future and here we are now.

(Dark Tiger chuckled a bit but kissed her as he loved her and she returned the kiss.)

[Gabriella Tigress]

So you have Noelle Rivers this week. Any thoughts about her?

[Dark Tiger]

I know she is somehow linked to Vhodka Marie and I do respect Vhodka. Other than that i do not know much about Noelle.

[Gabriella Tigress]

I think it will be fun to find out what makes her tick in the ring. Its nothing new to you.

[Dark Tiger]

This is true my dear. I do see potential in Noelle and to see if I am right we must fight in the ring.

[Gabriella Tigress]


(They look down at the graves again and Dark Tiger kneels down. He prays over the graves and Gabriella rubs his shoulders. He stands back up and takes another deep breath. They leave the cemetery and they see a cameraperson come to them.)

[Gabriella Tigress]

Hello there qrestling fans. We just came from his parents’ graves and we can all empathize and sympathize with the man. No matter how old you are its never easy to lose your parents to the Grim Reaper. I can relate.

Can you relate to that Noelle Rivers? Noelle you have the task of facing off against your biggest challenge not only physically but also experience wise. He sees potential within you just like he has bothing but respect and love for Vhodka Marie but we are not talking about Vhodka as he is not facing her. He is facing you.

I want you to take a good look at this titan of a man. He is not your stereotypical seven footer Noelle. He wants you to bring your best. He does not want to steamroll over his opponents. He wants a fight as he loves a fight.

(Dark Tiger nods.)

[Gabriella Tigress]

Noelle you will be in the ring with someone with the wisdom and the longevity of professional wrestling that he has and he has the backing of the fans. He does not underestimate his opponents so if you think he is going to underestimate you then realize that he will not.

(Dark Tiger shakes his head.)

[Dark Tiger]

Noelle trust me when I say that I know what I am talking about when I say that I underestimate no one. My father instilled that in me when he trained me and I have instilled that in my daughter who i have trained.

I have been beaten by those that are smaller in stature than I am and there is nothing wrong with admitting that because it comes with the territories. However just because I say that does not mean I am going to take it easy on you either. I never do and I am not about to start.

Like my gorgeous fiance said I see potential in you and the best way to test that potential is for us to go to battle against each other. Do not tell me otherwise because I am a good judge of potential. Rebels On A Rampage may not be around right now but we will return and that I can guarantee you.

Noelle you can say what you want about me but the fact of the matter is you will learn from a man who has been around a while and will continue to do so. You can spit venom at me but lets face it Noelle I have had venom spat at me so much it does not faze me.

Bring me your best Noelle. Lets see how much potential you have. I want you yo prove me right. I want to see if the potential I see in you will be enough to beat me. The company is called Fight NYC for a reason.

Things might not have went my way at Blood Money but I am not complaining and at Venom you will show me your potential because win or lose Noelle you will get hurt. It will be what you do with that pain I inflict on you is what your true potential is at. Noelle I will see you at Venom in the ring. Do not disappoint me.

(Gabriella smiles and waves as they head off as Dark Tiger’s theme plays to commercial.)

End Rp.