Pre-Historic Times

By: Ashlynn Cassidy

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 18th Mar 2022

After the conclusion of Venom 17, Ashlynn Cassidy sat in the trainer’s room at the Arena, an ice pack pressed up against her temple. She sighed, looking to her left at one of the medical staff who were evaluating her condition. She’d insisted they check her for any signs of a concussion. The room around her was dark as she laid her head down on the pillow of the little bed set up.

She took a deep breath, shrinking away as the medic shone a light near her eye, the ice pack slipping away and falling next to her head. The medic nodded before popping out of the room, leaving Ash to herself. She looked up at the ceiling. Ugh! This is the worst! I just had a killer main event. My first main event! Did I win? No. I didn’t expect to win anyway. I am a megastar, and I proved it. I was PROUD of that showing! Then I guess…wrong place wrong time. But I didn’t do anything wrong. I NEVER do anything wrong. Things happen to me, and FIGHT! never steps in. I thought now that I proved myself, they’d step up. I was willing to forgive the chip fiasco. Hell, maybe I did. I thought that now, FIGHT! would invest in its future, might protect its future. But they didn’t. They let Shawn Warstein prance down there and make me a pawn in some stupid standoff. FIGHT likes to say they care, and they’ll say they care about all the talent they have. But where’s the integrity? They’re all liars. They’d let certain folks use us as pawns if the big names needed them. I’m LITERALLY proof! The door was never fully closed, and someone had slipped in and switched the lights back on.

“JESUS-“ Ash whined, blinking like mad to readjust. She slumped up to sit. She saw that the culprit was none other than Ricky Rodriguez. Perhaps as she expected, it was clear Ricky wasn’t sober.

They let you in here?

Ricky shrugged. “Well they said you were fine, and a shitty actress-

Ashlynn’s jaw fell and she gasped.

I know, so rude, right?

Ashlynn crossed her arms and glared out toward the open door. “How’d I do out there anyway?” Ricky just gave her two thumbs up and a smile.

Exactly, right? I did great! I know you know how it felt. You didn’t win over Dickie, but you solidified your status here! But afterward? I didn’t sign up to be a hot Dickie stand-in. When I keep saying one day I’ll fill his spot, I mean like a top star myself, not like that! I was barely conscious when Shawn did what he did. FIGHT! says it’s about having integrity yet they did nothing to keep me safe! They don’t give a single sh-

Ricky stayed calm and mellow, raising a brow at her ranting. “See? You remember fine.” His eyes narrowed slowly “But you are being a real bummer. Anyways, I just wanted to congratulate you on the shot at Dave’s title next show!

This news caught her off guard, and quite honestly, it lightened her fury rather quickly. Ricky wasn’t all that wrong about her attitude either.

Hey, that’s something! Plus I mean, the last three men-beings you’ll have shared a ring with are
three top names. The Empire Champion, the Man’s Best Frenemy, and the Buzzsaw Bronx Dinosaur Cosplayer.

She thought for a moment, finally nodding. “I’ll take it. After what happened, it’s good to see they’re at least trying to make it right.

Despite having a killer headache, the doctors said it was fine, right? She popped up her feet and gave Ricky a hug. She giggled. “I feel high, you look fuzzy.” She ruffled the young man’s hair.

Funny, you mean?


Ricky gasped, hanging onto her head, keeping it from hitting anything, at the very least. The doctors were wrong.

Twelve days later…

Ashlynn Cassidy turned on her phone’s Instagram Live feature. She was wearing sunglasses inside. She appeared to be in her kitchen. With her left hand, she waved and gave a peace sign.

Heya! It’s me, your FIGHT! fave! Sorry about ghosting, I wasn’t allowed to be online for awhile, and you don’t have any idea how hard it was! I know some of you were dying for updates after certain NSQ guys wanted some ring time with your girl. Turns out I was right, and all that ‘being dropped on my head’ thing was NOT good for me. But guess what? I. Am. A. Badass. Bitch. The doctors? The ones at the hospital, not the shitty ones who didn’t correctly diagnose me, those doctors said I shouldn’t be wrestling for a few more days, maybe until April!. But I heard what FIGHT had to offer, and even offline, I knew all my fans needed to see me. I couldn’t pass it up, I couldn’t deprive the masses. They deal with so much disappointment as is!

Ashlynn paused, lifting the sunglasses off of her eyes. She blinked after a few moments of self-admiration. “Now I could have followed the champ’s lead and sat out Venom 18, but I thought about it? My health? Can’t be any worse than a gentleman dork who wears half a mascot costume and thinks he’s a dinosaur, right?

A particular comment caught Ash’s eye, and it seemingly caught the eyes of others, as similar sentiments flooded the chat. She thought yes, she would in fact comment

Why yes, The medical staff didn’t diagnose me. I might have a case if I did want to sue. They were negligent. But I give it to FIGHT!, they are making an effort. They have the integrity to know they owe me for letting Shawn further concuss me. They offered me a championship match!

They, management and the roster continue to recognize my star power. The presence I bring, and the star-making qualities I possess. I mean, think about it, everyone loved the classic I put on against Dickie! Shawn? He could have dragged any body out to make his statement. He could have ‘touched’ anyone. Anyone could have been Dickie’s stand in, but he chose ME. Even Warstein knows that I mean more than just anyone. So to REALLY make his statement, he NEEDED a megastar. He NEEDED Ashlynn Cassidy.

The world in general needs more me.

Dave, you’re up next. You’re the lucky next one down. You get to share the ring with me. Your reign has been…good. You’ve started on a roll, and you kept rolling and you kept rolling. No one has been able to stop you. I’m next up, your reign is about to be GREAT. I-it might be you going out on a high note, but hey, at least you got to be a star for even a little while, right?” Ash put on her sweetest, most encouraging smile. There was a rather abrupt end to the Live.

A little later, Ashlynn was back on Live. Her face makeup redone, and notably, a bone-like bow in her hair and a simple loincloth covering between her legs and some of her cleavage. It was a challenge at times. She sat on her knees on her bed this time around. “Sorry about that, felt like puking. You know, concussions can be like that. But like I said, I’m a badass bitch and I WILL make it out to the show, okay? You WILL see me in Dallas.

Anyways, where was I?” Ashlynn took a few moments to rewatch her last Live on a different phone. As it ended, she remembered and smiled at the recording phone again.

Hey look, I can’t pretend like you can’t go in that ring, you can. Like I said, you beat many before me.” Ashlynn shrugged, but kept her eyes fixed on the phone camera. “Did you catch that most important part of that sentence? The last two words. BEFORE. ME.

Look, I get it, it’s fun to play scrawny white Barney. Dave, I’ll play along! We’re in prehistoric times, baby! I AM that history. I will be one of the best in the world. Your title is just how I’m gonna start showing it. So for the next few days? Cherish your time, and cherish that belt. Venom 18? I bring the Bronx to the future. You’re soon-to-be OLD NEWS! Just for you, I’ll go primal for our match. Just for you, I’ll be like you. So if you wanna take a dino-sized bite out of me, I’ll bite back. Dave, I’m gonna club your dumb dino head so hard with whatever I got it’ll come off. So just maybe you’ll grow up and stop playing pretend. Win, lose or draw, healthy or not, baby Ashlynn Cassidy is a star-maker. See? I’m a giver, I’m a generous soul. Not only will I elevate your title reign to new heights, I plan on giving you the wakeup call you so sorely need. I was this close to the biggest upset in history. Don’t get it twisted, none of you. Not fans, not FIGHT!, not Barney or his friends. When I stand victorious as the NEW Bronx Champion, it’s no upset. Dave can be the Dinosaur, I’m an Undeniable Asteroid and with me, it’s not the end of the world, it’s the beginning. The world? It’s mine. New York? It’s mine. This is my first shot at FIGHT! NYC gold, this is my first chance to etch my name in FIGHT! history as a champion. This has been what I’ve been waiting for, and I do not take this lightly. This is my chance to break through that glass I’ve been knocking like hell on so hard my knuckles have bled. When I win no one can take this accomplishment from me, and they’re gonna have to try damn hard to take the belt off me.”

Ashlynn giggled, maintaining her faux, sickeningly sweet and sinister tone. “Funny how things work out huh?

I fought Dickie, who the week before was on concussion protocol. Shawn didn’t help things, but he was dead set on a mission. If I hadn’t been laying there, he wouldn’t have been able to make the statement he wanted. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now you Dave? Wrong place, wrong age, wrong time. I have a message I want to make, and you’re the unlucky one. I have to make it at your expense. Ashlynn Cassidy’s arrived, and she’ll stay here. Ashlynn Cassidy is championship material. She’s ready and she’s ready now. I swear, I won’t try to pass on the concussion though! But if it happens? I mean, no one’s made any apologies. So I won’t either. Stars don’t make apologies, most stars don’t even make nice. Stars make history. Maybe you’ve heard of the Harlem Renaissance? Bronx, it’s about to be your turn. It falls to me, and I’d encourage you to grab your sister, your brother, your father, your mother, your children, your lover AND your spouse. Grab everyone you can and tune into Venom 18 from Dallas, Texas! Mark Monday, March 21 on your calendar apps for a battle for the ages! I will come out on top, for FIGHT!, for its fans, for the Bronx borough, and for Michelle. The Bronx Renaissance begins and we can ALL welcome each other to a new age! Together, we can all dub Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022 Day 1 of Year 1 A.D.

After Dave.

Ashlynn finally brought the session to a close. A few moments later, there was a new addition to her Insta story in written text form.

DISCLAIMER: Though “If looks could kill” applies, Ashlynn Cassidy does not believe in actual murder of Dave the Delusional.