Purity Of Rage

By: Sarah Wolf

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 5th Aug 2021

The purity of rage, the passion of hate. Combined they are insufferable and yet they are all I ask for. I came into this world as one thing and this world hath made me something else. I did not ask to be. There are many who did not play even a minor part in getting me here. But we shall all suffer the outcome regardless.

Metal scrapes against metal as a gate is pulled open, and light is introduced to an otherwise dark interior. The only other light source in the room coming through the spinning blades of exhaust fans embedded in the walls at sporadic locations. The gate shuts and the majority of the light dies, but only for a moment. The moment after the sound of a light switch flicking echoes through the open space. Lights running along the base of the wall begin to flicker on randomly until the entire space is ambiently lit. Walking across the floor in a pair of knife point sharp heels, Dollface swaggers toward a closet in the back with a bag in each hand. She drops both by the closet and pulls two keys on a ring from her pocket to unlock the door. Inside we see that there is actually a single morgue drawer. The kind you would keep a body in. Using the other key on the ring she unlocks the door to the drawer, and as she opens it, the muffled sound of a person begging can becomes the soundtrack to her every movement. And happily at that.

Sliding the draw out, she looks down at the man, quote unquote, and winks at him. He is terrified, and why shouldnít he. He is naked with clamps on every part you could put a clamp, and is currently laying on the drawer with his eyes propped open and his mouth stuffed with a ball gag.

Donít worry about your eyes. Iíve got drops to help the dryness. I also have food. Itís been awhile since youíve eaten, and I need you to retain as little strength as you have. Hold still.

Dollface hits a small lever on the side of the slab and it suddenly drops, leaving the man upside down, and sliding away slowly despite the clamps tearing into him wanting him to remain still. Dollface chuckles and lifts the slab by the head section, and puts him back into an upright position. She runs her hands across his face, as his breathing begins to relax again, and then bashes him in the dick to remind him that she can, and will, as she pleases.

There are two types of people who get into this sort of thing, my pet. The first one is the bored deviants. The ones who have gone through it all, and are now at the end of their kink rope. Perhaps they started with missionary, moved on to voyeurism. Had their three way, their orgy. Did the pegging thing, moved on to actual gay sex, and then one day they want to try this. Some do enjoy it and some find itís not their cup of tea. I can respect that. What I canít respect is the other kind. The ones who see it as the new taboo. Who believe they can just walk into it and survive it because Ďhell, why not. You only live once.í The kind that think they like pain. I say think because I canít tell you how many people Iíve met who thought they liked pain, but only, it turns out, the pain they can handle. And what fun is that. How is that freeing? Why would I waste my fucking time with pain you can handle!?

I donít want to see you reacting to a pinch or a slap. I donít want you to be so fucking proud that you were able to take an hour in my chair. I want dedication. I want someone who has seen the fucking hell that is pain that wonít stop, and instead of begging, Ďplease, no more.í I want to see the excitement in their eyes, their mouths salivating, and them to blurt out Ďplease, no, more.í Most of these pathetic pieces of shit think this is about getting a handjob from some cunt in leather. Not you of course. Youíre mommy’s special boy. And that is why we get along. You can take it. So many think they can. Like one of my opponents this week, Enforcer.

I would like to say this man has redeeming qualities, But I fail to see them. Certain other women have made them up in order to justify leaning on him, or vice versa, but I do not have that inclination nor do I have that need. He is just another muscle bound no neck asshole who has come into this business becasuse he thinks he likes to fight. He only likes to fight the kind that he can take. Itís why heís been here as long as he has, and has remained in the mid card. Not because itís where he belongs, but because he wants to. Donít get me wrong, he does belong there. But every man should have a dream. And his is simply to eat disgusting chips and be a fucking joke. I donít like jokes. Save for the funny ones.

This man, Enforcer. He had the opportunity of a life time. I gave him a chance to beat one of his friends, and elevate himself. And instead, he chose to chase me. My hope was not that he would wise up, but that anyone such as he would be smart enough from the get to understand you donít fucking chase what you best not catch. And so now he has my ire. And if he asks what that entails, well. Heíll have an answer for that, too.

His partner…The one they call Anicka Swan. She isnít Apathy. Sheís not a leader. Not someone who inspires. But sheís tough. Tough enough that I know she is where the true fight shall lay. Eoin can handle enforcer, and Anicka can handle Eoin, but not one of them can handle me. Anicka may slow me down, but…Enforcer. I keep coming back to Enforcer. I canít explain to you why, but the very existence of this man…It bothers me. I should be talking to you about Anicka. About how sheís…But him. He baffles me in such a way that I want to pin him down and gut him to see what isnít working properly. What he has too much or not enough of that makes him this foolish. Iím sorry, I forgot about your food.

Dollface pulls out some of the food in search for a certain item and finds it. Small, pre-cut ham pieces, cheese, and nuts all in a serving tray. Peeling away the plastic, she removes the ball gag and shoves in one of each into his mouth. He chews them slowly and at the end opens his mouth for more. She puts in another three and sits back, opening a bottle of water to help him wash it down.

I wanted to get you a straw, but they donít have any but those paper ones I know you hate. Sea turtles are important. Men on the other hand. If men started dying off because of straws Iíd use 55 a day. Of course Iíd probably sharpen them and shove them into their fucking pissholes, but, we all dream. Letís discuss our friend, enforcer. And by friend, I mean what is the issue with a man getting a free fucking gift and throwing it away for loyalty to a piece of literal shit who would flush him at the first fucking opportunity??

Reaching down, Dollface picked up a pineapple and showed it into her slaves face, smiling and revealing her jagged shards of teeth.

This isnít to eat. Placing it onto a tray, she looks at her watch and is amazed at the time. You have to be back to work by monday? The slave shakes his head, opening his mouth for water. Dollface pours some into his mouth and throws the rest of the bottle. Fuck monday. Let the deputy mayor run things. Weíre just getting started.

The door slides open and Dollface steps out. She pulls a cigarette from her silver cross case and presses down on Jesus in the middle, producing a flame from the top of the cross. As she exhales, we get a look at the teeth inside her mouth. Cracked, broken, black and sharp in more than one place. Her tongue has sores on either side from rubbing against the sharper parts of the shards, as do the cheeks on both sides. Dollface slides her tongue on top of the bottom row of teeth, and slowly closes her mouth, biting her tongue until it produces a faint pink tint to her saliva, and then a deep red as flesh blood pumps to the surface. Her tongue wiggles beneath the grip of the teeth and more blood pools around the area. A tear rolls from her eye and her eyelids shake as they begin to close. Her euphoria is interrupted by the chimes of her cell phone, and spits the blood from her mouth before answering.


Madam. Howíre you?

Lovely. What can I do for you?

Reverse it, Madam. Itís what I can do for you. Have a friend who needs talking to.

How much talking am I expected to do?

Until he listens. Or shuts up. Iím ok on both.

…tell me why.

You need a reason all of a sudden?

Never. But it does make the fruit taste better.

Heís an amatuer bartender, except he doesnít follow the recipes. Someone had a complaint about his hidden ingredients, and he used hi-

Enough. Text me the address. I gotta put the toy back and Iíll be on the way.

Have fun. Send pics.

Dollface slid the phone back into her pocket, and turned on her heels. She spat some more blood onto the ground, and slid the metal gate open. For a second we can see the Ďtoyí bent over a table with just the top of the pineapple sticking out. We can also see that there is some sort of large clamp placed over itís genitals. Dollface slams the gate closed, and prepares to pack him back up into his container.

A few hours later, Dollface emerges from a limo outside of a very nice house in the upper part of New York State. Her mask, a cleaner, kinder looking ceramic one, sits lovely in the exterior lights of the mansion sheís walking toward. As she enters the large wooden double door entrance way, she is greeted by a man in a red silk robe, and matching pants and slippers. He walks up to Dollface and as he reaches her, she extends her hand for him to kiss. He smiles and waves it off instead.

Yeah, thatís not my thing.

Understood. Why am I here?

I was told you were the best. And even though Iím new to this whole thing, why would I go for anything but? I donít know if you can tell, but I can afford the best of anything.

I see. Where would you like me to set up?

I figured weíd have a few drinks first?

I do not drink while on duty. I would advise against it, but you may drink as much as you like. It will make things more difficult, but this is your experience.

Ok. Sounds good. I guess you can set up in the bedroom. Top of the stairs, turn left then right. Canít miss it. I filled out the forms your people sent over. Sent them back. Felt like I was buying a house.

You asked for the best. May I?.

Sure, sure. I can afford the best lawyers to get me out of it anyway.

Superb. May I?

Yeah, yeah, you may.

Dollface grabs her bag and heads up the stairs. As she does, the client watches her ass move from side to side, biting his hand and rubbing himself. He hauls off into the next room most likely to take another rip of coke, or another shot of Titoís. Dollface reaches the top of the stairs, and makes her way to his bedroom in haste. In several minutes he comes upstairs to find that she has rigged several ropes around the room. The client looks at the walls, and sees the eyehooks sheís drilled into every possible surface. For a moment heís furious, but then it fades.

No worries. I can afford to have it fixed right away. GIve me the chance to tell the story, too.

The story? Are you a story teller?

Everyone loves a story. Itís why we do things! So we can tell other people about it!

You believe that? You believe in the power of the story more so than the experience?

You can fake an experience, but a story…people can tell when itís fake.

I suppose. Please stand here.

Donít you wanna make out for a bit first?

You want a whore who you can rub yourself against, get a whore. Stand here.

Alright, alright. Iíll let this one slide, but remember whoís paying who.

I will.

The client stands in the spot Dollface is pointing at, and She grabs four large leather cuffs. Placing them on his wrists and ankles. She then screws in several wire cords to the cuffs, until he is connected to the walls on either side. A small black box is laid down and opened. Feeding the cords through the machine and turns it on. A whirring, metal on metal sounds is produced and the lines attached to the client become increasingly taught until he is suspended off the ground face down. He laughs at this, but as Dollface walks around him, she notices that itís not quite right. Standing on his back, she uses him as a human platform, and screws one more eye hook into the ceiling, running a cable through it as well. The other end of the cable, she ties a buttplug in the shape of a hook, and holds it out in front of the client.

Whatís that for?

Stability. Deep breaths, ok?

Walking around him, she spreads his cheeks and inserts the plug as hard as she can. He lets out a scream of horror as it goes all the way in, and locks into place, expanding inside him with the twist of the base. Dollface then pulls the cord taught, and walks to the clients head, wrapping it around his neck tightly.

…iím sorry…this isnít…i donít..i donít want this..

It doesnít matter. This isnít for you. None of this is for you. Itís because of you. But itís not for you. Itís for her. Dollface shows him a picture on a cellphone of a woman with a black eye and split lip. The clientís jaw drops and he begins to struggle, hurting himself more and more in the process, like an animal caught in a trap. Good. You recognize her. You used your friends to get her back. To punish her for daring to speak out against you. Sheís using me to do the same.

You bitch…you..know who I am!?

I donít know who you are, and you donít know who youíre about to become. Trauma has transformative powers. Who you are before it and after it might as well be two different people. Today, right now, youíre a piece of shit rapist fucking scumbag. But next week, next week youíre going to be someone completely different. Isnít that exciting!? Iím excited for you.

You really have no idea what youíre up against. Youíre fucked, cunt! Iím gonna make sure they bang your head off the sides of some shit before they-

I am well aware of what you will intend to do to me once this is over. Which is why Iím going to be sure to make it worthwhile.

Dollface reaches into her bag and pulls out several items. An IV tube, several assorted bags of chemicals, vice grips, and other small items such as a collapsed IV pole, book, a vape machine, and a set of needles.


You and men like you, donít know how to control yourself. Youíre like dogs. Dogs that just run around, biting or fucking whatever you come across. Sometimes both. Itís disgusting, and tiring. Look at how they were dressed, why did they get drunk. So many excuses for your behavior without any of the personal responsibility. See, take, have. Want, take, have. No isnít the end of the conversation, itís the beginning of negotiations. To live with that mindset. Makes me sad for you. Which is why Iíve devised a way to help. Let me get started before I explain.

Dollface whistles as she begins to set up the IV pole which has 4 hooks at the top. She runs the IV tubing directly to the clients hand, attached the bags to the pole and then uses the eye hook that is supporting the butt plug to raise the IV pole above his head. His eyes bulged as he watched the chemicals run through the tube and into his hand.

..what..are you.. Is thisÖare you going to kill..i donít…

If I said I was going to kill you. That these chemicals would stop your heart, would you tell me youíd change? Promise to be better? Turn over a new leaf?

Yes! Of course!

Of course you would…

Dollface lifts up the vape gun, and takes a drag. As she exhales, she offers the client some but he turns it down. She shrugs and puts it down.

Iím not a murderer, sir. If I was, yes you would be a likely candidate, but this isnít about ending your life. Itís about changing it. Helping you make sure you can turn that new leaf over permanently. These chemicals are a mixture of different anaphrodisiacs. Some parts are Benperidol, medroxy and others, but mostly, Leuprorelin…Iím losing you, My apologies. What Iím doing is chemically castrating you.


The paperwork you signed states very clearly that this was the service you requested, So your confusion baffles me. Let me finish my explanation.


Dollface grabs the client by the face and squeezes so hard her nails draw blood from his cheeks. She gets in close and opens her mouth and slowly closes it on his bottom lip, drawing blood with her front teeth. Releasing, she wipes the blood from both of their chins, and continues.

Normally chemical castration takes several weeks with repeat doses varying in strengths and frequency. This is done because while these drugs are designed to limit sexual craving and impulse, they can also lower bone density, muscle aches, testical pain and shrinkage, and of course…impotence. But I couldn’t care less about the side effects that you will incur. I only care that I kill your libido and protect any other woman from ever having to deal with you again. Now, itís going to take about 37 hours for this to take effect. So Iím going to stay with you until then.

You Bitch! You Cunt! Iíll fucking have your head! Iíll get this shit reversed and then Iíll fuck your skull!!


Dollface pulls out a large safety pin and jabs it through his top lip and down through his bottom one, clasping it and then sitting back on her heels. She smiles her shard grin and laughs as the client cries.

You wonít. See, like you I can afford the best of everything. So when I pay someone to design a drug, I pay enough to make sure it works. When I pay someone to give me an alibi, I pay enough to make damn sure it sticks. Now listen…I have a friend. His name is Brandon. He doesnít suffer fools. Itís why I like him. See, most men put up this front as being knights in polished armor. Not him. He lets you know who he is right off the bat. Heís one of the only men I can say I trust. Not because he wouldnít put me down the moment I lost my usefulness. Because he admits that he would. You, you wonít even admit to yourself what you are. You live in this phallic palace and tell yourself that youíre not the bad guy. Your victims get paid, so how are they victims? ĎMost people get worse and they donít get paid for it.í As if money makes anything better. Iím actually surprised you didnít offer to pay me. Maybe you arenít a bad judge of character. After weíre done, maybe Iíll show you my tits, so you can get used to having that not affect you at all. Effect? Ugh. Whereís the asshole when you need him? Anyway, Iím going to get some sleep. Iíll see you in a few hours for the next dosing.

Dollface leans backward, her legs still folded under her, and rolls onto her stomach with her legs still held against her back. She unfolds her legs and as they hit the floor, she raises her chest off the ground, and then rocks to her feet easily. Slinking over to the bed, She crawls to the middle, grabs a pillow, and places it under her head. The sound of the client vomiting and pissing at the same time as he weeps sings her to sleep like a lullaby from childhood.