Queen Shit

By: VooDoo

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 13th Aug 2021

The scene fades in and we find ourselves in the House of VooDoo located in Part Unknown, the kids had made it home from school and they were currently in the small study area that Roger Wright had built in the garage, a garage that was no longer a garage, but an indoor play area. It was quite simple in design, a wooden table with two dividers in the middle giving each of the kids a place to study at. When Roger and VooDoo sat down and had their talk with him and Marie being able to go back to their lives in Texas, they agreed to wait until after school had started and Roger could get his affairs in order, including transferring schools. Neither wanted Marie to fall behind on her studies, hell, they havenít even told the kids yet. Neither are sure how thatís going to go. Marieís been living here six months and her kids all adore her and she adores them as well; it was going to be tricky. They agreed that the both of them could come back any time they wanted so the kids could spend time with each other so they could keep that bond.

While Callan and Marie were busy doing their homework so they could take off to the playground that the family had built inside of the compound for the kids, Rose and Ciara were huddled in Roseís cube and they were reading up about Africa. They had both laptops open and on different web pages.

Rose: Wow, thatís kinda bad ass when you think about it.

Ciara: Wait until we tell mom.

Callan: Tell mom what? Callís head poked from his corner of the table.

Ciara: That sheís a Queen.

Callan: I thought Mom was already that?

VooDoo: Mom is already what? VooDoo came walking in carrying a tray of sandwiches and chips. She was dressed simply in a pair of sweats and a tank top. She hardly looked the part that FIGHT! NYC got to see and you know what, she was okay with that.

Ciara and Rose: A Queen. They chimed in at the same time as their heads popped up.

VooDoo: I am hardly a queen. If I were a queen, I would have a kingdomÖ She thought of Parts Unknown and how the family practically brought a whole damned zip code. With a castle in the middle of it. She thought about the 13 story building that she no longer lives in, but still lords over the 6000 acre compound. With servants to do my bidding. She thought about everyone who lived in Parts Unknown and how they were on the Families payroll.

Marie: You need a king! Marie said from the other side of her cube.

VooDoo: No, no, I donít. She shook her head and rounded the table where the twins were and they took her plates from the tray. Some queens donít need a king.

Callan: One day, Imma gonna be a King.

VooDoo: And, even then youíre still going to be my little prince. She reassured him and turned to the twins. What are you two up to?

Rose: Weíve been looking up stuff on Africa.

VooDoo: Oh? Find anything interesting?

Rose: In Sudan there used to be a kingdom called Kush.

VooDoo: With a name like that, it sounds like a Happy Kingdom. Was it ruled by Cheech and Chong?

Callan: By who? Her son asked.

VooDoo: Nevermind.

Ciara: It was actually ruled by queens.

Marie: Wouldnít it be called a Queendom then? You can barely see her head over the top of the cube.

Ciara: They should call it Candicedoms if thatís the case. She smiled real big. They called their queens Candices.

VooDoo: They did not.

Ciara: They did, look. She tilted the screen back for her mother to read; she was quite pleased with herself for finding this information.

VooDoo: Itís spelled with an A.

Rose: I, A, be freaky and use a Y. Itís still the sameÖ Youíre a Queen, Mom.

Callan: The Queen Mother. The prince chimed in and laughed.

Ciara: How many women out there in twitter world calling themselves Queens and thatís literally what your name means?

VooDoo: If youíre gonna dream, dream big, right. She narrowed her eyes and looked at her daughter. And what do you know about the twitter world?

Ciara: Um.. nothing.

VooDoo: What have I told you?

Ciara: Not to be on twitter.

VooDoo: Yes, youíre not old enough. I know youíre dying to be on there and tweet your outfits and meals and all that cool stuff, but youíre still too young. Your father and I will let you know when you can rule the twitterverse. Now back to homework, you can look up Africa and the Candices later.

Ciara and Rose: Yes, Maíam.

VooDoo: Donít forget we head to New York tonight, bags packed.

Ciara: How could we forget? The great VooDoo back in the ring. She rolled her eyes. You told us you were done with THAT work.

VooDoo: I thought I was. She hoped one day they would understand, when they find their passion in life. Itís okay, one day you will thank me for the “exciting” life you lead. Name another 10 yr old that has their own credit card and apartment?

Ciara: Rose.. Technically her sister was that.

Rose: Donít bring me into this.

VooDoo: Homework, done, now. She looked at Ciara and took two fingers and pointed them at her eyes and then to her daughter. Iím watching you.† Ciara did the same back to her mother.

VooDoo left the room, ruffling Callanís hair as she walked past him and made her way through the house to the kitchen. She put the tray back in its place beside the fridge and then opened it and pulled out the meatloaf she had made earlier and made her way to the oven and preheated it. She thought back on everything that has been said about her and her Betty Crocker ways.

Betty Crocker donít got shit on me.

Once the oven had preheated, she tossed it in and made her way back through the house to her bedroom and over to her desk and decided to check out what Ciara and Rose had been looking at. After about 30 mins of reading, she finally sat back and thought about everything that she read. Indeed there was a Kingdom in Sudan that had been ruled by Queens and instead of being called Queens, they were called The Candices, the Candices Of Meroe. She had always known her name meant “white, fair, bright”, and often joked about being the white wolf surrounded by the black wolves of the Pack. But indeed there was another meaning. She chuckled and thought about Roseís words.

Literally out of the mouths of babes.

She reached in the top drawer of her desk and pulled out a small silver ashtray and a half smoked blunt and walked over to the window seat built into the small alcove and opened the window before she lit the blunt.

All these women running around calling themselves “Queens”… mafia queen bitch, voodoo queen, Blair humored herself a queen, crimson queenÖ She dryly says and smirks a little. And a whole lot of drama queens. All those “queens” and thatís what my name actually means. Donít worry ladies, I wonít try to squeeze in on the title, I donít need a title in a business where it means absolutely nothing.

You can queen shit all you want to
...Because in the end It donít mean shitÖ
Unless you can prove shit.

Iím going to be honest. I didnít really see myself stepping into the ring again. I was quite happy with the life I was leading I had a husband who *loved* me, three kids to raiseÖ I had won all the world titlesÖ universal titlesÖ tag titlesÖ hardcore titles that I felt like I needed to earn. I was the woman that every female wrestler aspired to be, even if they didnít want to admit it. Hell, Vhodka Marie wanted to be me so bad that she stole my husband and look at her now; finally getting to do all those things that she used to watch Vincent and I do. I mean, I canít blame you, I would want to be me, too.

She takes a drag off the blunt, holding the smoke before releasing it out the window.

Like I said, as far as I was concerned, I had moved past that part of my life, into what came next. That was until last July, when Vincent and I faced off against Johnny Stylez and his then wife, Blair Buchanan-Stylez. She smiled. Damn, did that feel good. The whole getting ready for the ring, the pop from the audience, the clamor of the fansÖ it was then that I realized I missed it, no one saw me as I slowly started slipping back into the ring with Anicka and Allison during the training sessions getting myself back into shape under the guise of training with FeMDoM, and just as I was about to tell Johnny he was getting his wishÖ my world fell apart. If only for a moment, because with three kids depending on you after their father runs off with the “other woman”, you donít have to fall apart. You have to worry about those kids and how their world just fell apart and have to put their needs before your own.

Another drag off the blunt.

Probably the only person who realized it was Xavier. You donít get too many things past him. There were quite a few times training with him that he kept telling me that I looked like someone who was training for the ring, trying to bait me into slipping up and giving him some sort of hint as to what my intentions were. He knew what he was doing when he dropped my name on the list of people to receive the invites.

Another hit off the blunt before she crushes it out and sits there for a moment, the next several hours were going to be busy. She gets up and walks to her closet and pulls out what she called her travel bag. It was a small suitcase on wheels that she used for the trips back and forth from New York. She multi-tasked getting dressed and packing.

I was a little surprised this week when I got the memo with the matches, how excited I was to find I was booked in a match. Donít get me wrong, I have not minded one bit just being up in the building repping FIGHT! with the fans and cheering on the competitors.† I am sad, however, about losing a whole outfit with Vhodka Marie and her shit.† But man, there is just something about stepping into the squared ringÖ the lights, the fans and knowing that they are here and cheering for you. Since my first match back in EWF, I was hooked. I had to be the biggest and brightest star in every federation I stepped into and everyone that rode with meÖ Cancelliere, Oss, Vincent, hell, even Damon knew that each and every place I signed on at, I was walking in to shatter everything that the place thought they knew. And thatís what we did.

She smiles.

I donít know too much about you, Pixie. Not much at all. I know that my ex kind of took you and the other three under his wing, and he doesnít do something like that, ever. Unless he sees something in you that others or even yourself donít see. From what it seems, you were all fire and brimstone in Project Honor, but hereÖ I donít know, it doesn’t seem that you have your heart in it. Maybe youíve been questioning yourself on whether your run in PH was just a flute? That you just happened to be at the right place at the right time with the right opponent? If thatís the case, things like self doubt with one’s skill in the ring is one of the worst things to have in this sport and you need to shake that real quick.

She gives a serious nod.

To be honest, Pixie, thereís a good chance that Vincent may have pulled some strings and gotten this match booked. Not as a form of punishment or to teach you a lesson, but as a way for you to see if this is the right career path for you. To see if you still have the drive and the want and the desire that you once hadÖ to see if this is what you want your life to be like week after week, until you canít give it anymore. If thatís the caseÖ I hope I do the both of you justice.

Once she was packed, she looked at her watch, time was cutting close, they would be heading to the airport just after dinner. She made her way through the house and placed her bag at the foot of the stairs, before she went to the kitchen where her masked nanny had thrown together some mashed potatoes and corn. She plated up the kids dinner and placed it on the table and walked into the main hallway.

VooDoo: Dinner!!!!

After a few minutes, the sound of a small herd of buffalo came trampling down the stairs and made their way to the kitchen and all took their seats. Roger came in last smelling the air with a smile.

Roger: Smells good, Red. He walked over to the stove and made himself a plate and took a seat at the counter on one of the bar stools. Looks good, too.

VooDoo: Thank you, Roger.

Marie: Thatís because it is good, Daddy.† She was already digging into the meatloaf.

VooDoo: Thank you, too, Marie. Everyone has their bag packed for this weekend? After a moment, she realized that no one had answered. My psychic skills are a little off today, so a verbal reply is required.

Call and Marie: Packed and ready.

Rose: Been sitting by the door since you told us.

Then silence.

VooDoo: Ciara? Still silence. Ciara?? Ciara had her nose buried in her cell phone scrolling on a webpage reading. Ciara Victoria Wolf!

Ciara looked up at her mother, startled.

Ciara: What?

VooDoo: Donít what me, I will eat you as a warning to the other three. Is your bag packed?

Ciara: Always with the violence. She rolled her eyes and went back to her cell phone. Yes, both of them.

VooDoo: No, maíam. One bag. I said one bag. Literally, you have everything you need at the New York place..

Ciara: ButÖ

VooDoo: No buts. One bag. And donít try to bargain with me.

Callan: Are you okay, Mom?

VooDoo: Yes, yes, I am fine. Just a lot of things running through my mind. I am worried about Uncle X and Aunt Leí… Worried about Allison and Dane.

Callan: Whatís wrong with Dane and Allie?

VooDoo: Being dumb.

Ciara: Is that what they call it these days?

VooDoo: Ciara!

Ciara: What itís all over the internet.

VooDoo: Maybe we should look into restricting your internet?

Rose: Like you and dad havenít had Ani put some super snooper program on all of our devices.

VooDoo: No, but that does seem like something we should check into.

Ciara: Way to go, Rose.

VooDoo looked at her watch and grimaced a little bit, they were running behind.

VooDoo: Damn it. She looked at the kids. Eat like your last name.

Rose: Whatís a Fagan eat like?

VooDoo opened her mouth to say something, then closed it and took a deep breath through her nose. She knew the kidsí lives were complicated because of their parents and theirs, mostly Vooís now, since she was the full time caregiver and it was her career that was dragging them back and forth. She turned to Roger and One.

VooDoo: You, two, hustle these kids up.

One: Want me to make you a plate?

VooDoo: I will grab something in New York.

And with that she was gone, she made her way through the house to the kids area and gave a call to the cats. There were currently 5 and of the said 5, only three came running; she quickly closed the door trapping them inside while they were away for the weekend. And now started the hunt for the other three. First stop, upstairsÖ She hit the girls room, where she found Alice sitting on the bottom bunks bed. As soon as she saw VooDoo she got ready to run and VooDoo closed the door before she could run out of the room.

Things I am tired ofÖ feeling like I am always bargaining with everything in my life. My work life, my home lifeÖ everything right now with the kids seems like itís one negotiation after the other. If you do this, I will do that just trying to balance out Our Lives. And I feel like I am always getting the shit end of the deal. Especially with kids and cats. For the next few minutes VooDoo chased the fat black cat around the room, until she caught her up in the closet and pulled her out. Itís only for the weekend, Alice.

She opened the door and put the cat inside and started back up the stairs. She saw that the door to Rogerís room was open and knew that Raven liked to hang out in his room. She went in and smiled, just as she suspected, Raven was perched on the window seal, she picked the cat up and gave it a pet. She couldnít blame the cat for wanting to be in here, the room smelled good, like Rogerís cologne.

When it came to Marie and what was happening with her. There was no bargaining there, it was a downright hostile negotiation situation. I was not going to let that little girl suffer because of her parents actions. She shook her head a little. With one parent having already turned her back on her, I took Rogerís daughter and told him the only way I would give her back was when he stopped drinking and started being a father. And what do you know, he did. Who knew a 6 yr old kid could be a successful bargaining technique?

She took the last cat down to the room and pushed it in.

This week thereís no negotiations, there is no bargainingÖ There is only way for this match to end, and thatís with my hand held up high. See you soon, Pixie.

VooDoo looked at her watch again, whispered the words fuck, they were running late for the plane that was for sure, but it was their plane and their airport, so it really wasnít a big deal. But VooDoo always preached to the kids about being on time and she had less than 30 minutes to get everyone wrangled and on the plane.

And then it wasÖ. Show Time..

There was a flurry of everyone rushing around with VooDoo calling out those by name who looked like they were the slow ones, this included Roger causing One to swat him in the arm and point to VooDoo and twirl one finger around his ear silently asking him if he was trying to make her crazy without verbally saying it for her to hear. It was all kids and shoes and grabbing bags, making sure no one forgot anything or dropped anything, hustling in the car and then out of the car, in the plane and buckled up. Once everyone was seated, VooDoo took a seat beside Roger and looked at her watchÖ Made it with one minute to spare.

Roger: And you were worried. He smirked beside her.

VooDoo: I know one thing, once we get in the air, Iíll hit the galley and see whatís in there.

Roger smiled, reached over on the seat on the other side of him and pulled a storage container out with a fork. While she had been wrangling the cats, he packed her up dinner to eat on the plane so she didnít have to wait until New York. VooDoo smiled and was shocked, she didnít expect this. She should have with everything heís done for her and the kids so far, but she was still shocked. Roger was a pretty good guy; just really shitty choices when it comes to women.

VooDoo: Thank you, Roger. She smiled at him and took the food. One day youíre going to make some woman very happy. But today, that woman is me; I was hungry, you gave me food.

Ciara: Best way to keep her happy.

VooDoo smiled as she took the lid off the storage container, she would let Ciara get away with that one. It was the truth and she was too hungry to argue. The scene slowly faded to black as the plane slowly began to move and VooDoo finally got to enjoy her meal.