Real Mafia vs Fake Mafia

By: Lisa Marie Ashton

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 22nd Jul 2021

The first scene is at the funeral of the man who goes by the name of Sam Savage. Apparently, he died of a heart attack due to the damn fucking CoVid. One of the people who was there in New York City , New York attending the funeral is the lady who is known in the Fight! Federation as ” The Mafia Queen Bitch” Lisa Marie Ashton. She was there because Sam managed her and her late husband, ” The Executioner” Frank Finelli. She was seen wearing a three piece half black/ half purple business suit. She cried her heart out when the body of Samís was seen lowered into the hallowed ground. After everyone left, she said to the spirit of Sam while the tears was seen flowing down her pretty face.

“The Mafia Queen Bitch” Lisa Marie Ashton:Sam, I still care about you. Why did the damn fucking CoVid take your life. I mean, you was so vibrant and full of life. First Frank dies. Now you! Life is not damn fair at all. You will never ever be forgotten. This is not a goodbye. This is a we will see each other again. Bye forever friend.

She left the gravesite and got into her red Range Rover. She called on her finacee/new manager, ” Thunderstorm” Josiah Black to meet at their penthouse suite so they can have dinner together.

About a good 3 days later, she was seen waking up and trying to face the new day that was seen laid ahead of her. Suddenly, she seen a text message saying that she was going to be wrestling in the upcoming Venom show against a guy named Austin Ramsey. Also in the text was the topic that she needed to be focused on. She sent a text right back to the General Manager thanking him or her for sending the message. After that, Mr. Ramseyís promo was posted so she went to check the promo out. Boy, did she get really angry at the words that was popping out of Austinís mouth. She made herself a glass of apple juice and decided to speak her mind about the topic that was needed to be focused on and also about Austin himself. She composed herself and decided to take her laptop computer out to the deck that was seen overlooking the hot city.

The time has come! She placed the laptop computer in her lap, took a few sips of her apple juice and say into the camera that was attached to the laptop.

Lisa Marie: Well, hello there Mafiaites. Itís your favorite Mafia Queen Bitch here letting you know of a few things, The topic that we , Fight! Superstars had to talk about was dealing with a negative moment in my life. That negative moment in my life was when I was called a weak link by some people. I”M NO DAMN WEAK LINK! I will not let anyone ever say that to me ever again. Now that is out of the way. Austin Ramsey, you fucking son of a bitch. HOW DARE you fucking maggot even mention MY LATE HUSBANDíS name under your breath. I was with him when he died right in front of me. I was born into the Mafia lifestyle ever since my mother gave birth to me. I have seen people get killed in front of me. Some deserved it, some did not. You call yourself The Phoneix? Well, I sure as fucking hell canít wait to clip your wings and see you flop like a dead bird. You have fucked with the wrong person. How about if you can focus on our match instead of wanting to be on your knees wanting to suck on someoneís dick? Iím so ready to bring you down or die trying.

She was seen sending the promo to the Fight! Website for the universe to see.