Reflection on a Face so Innocent

By: Brandon Moore

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 17th Feb 2022

Now that the oceans have drained out, can I come up for air? ‘Cause I’ve been learning to live without and I’m fighting with broken bones. I wasn’t ready for the rapture when we’re only passing through. But these words, they mean nothing to me for I know that time will mend this fracture. I’ve been lost in a maze and every route I take, leads right back to you.. And now the skies have been blacked out and I’ve got to find my way.. ‘Cause it’s been raining but there’s a drought..






I’ve been searching through the wreckage but it’s like standing in the eye of a storm. When will I finally get the message? Some things are broken beyond repair and this is my cross to bear.






I never had the time to prepare because I never knew that all my nightmares could come true. I’ve spent my fair share in the deepest depths of despair. ‘Cause I was too lost down there to care. I wasn’t braced for the fallout because I’ve been searching through the wreckage, but it’s like standing in the eye of a storm. When will I finally get the message?







          Reflections on a Face so Innocent


The sky was burning up above the heads of mortal men scurrying about their miniscule and pathetic lives. It would rip open from time to time and roar it’s thunderous ego, a reminder to all that no matter how big and tall, slim or small, the scope of you will always pale in comparison to the above. The term, “The Sky is the Limit” is not just a fancy motivational phrase to be plastered up as decoration around classrooms and office spaces. Imagine opening your eyes to an amazing world of wonders that stretch on and on and on and on for all of eternity. Would you be able to understand the lessons written across the infinite sky through the patterns of starlight that will one day simply cease to exist?


I sigh heavily, already knowing the answer, for I am surrounded by the totality of our past mistakes at opening minds and filling them with real knowledge so that one day they may grow to foster wisdom. A note to the wise.. Take a look around at the human refuge.. There is no reason to try and continue the good fight when the war has already been won. When the smoke cleared it was plain for even the untrained eye to see. Those who were left had already been indoctrinated by several systems that were never meant to work for them, but to rather be the direct line for the cure to be pumped willingly into their heads. They just call it entertainment and the six o’clock news.


We are living in a society that has been gaslit for thirty years on the dangers of the world around them, the dangers of the people who don’t act and believe like they do. Society has never been more diluted and fractured as it is today beneath the facades painted by those who lord over each sector that they claimed for themselves. I look around at the mindless blind mice that keep running in the wheel with treats and salvation dangled off in front of them that are always just out of reach, no matter how fast the rats race.


The clouds above were rolling along with more just waiting to take their place. With the last heard crack of the whip and flash of brilliance, the heavens began to weep their hearts out. Every drop is equally important as they gently at first speckle across my brow. The air felt empty and insecure, spelling doom for all as nature was preparing to unleash her curse, and storm the front lines. Praise the rain, come on down and wash all this pain away.


My mind rushes towards thoughts that leave a disturbance in my gut and becomes a wound. Flashes of vile macabre images are cut into the highlight reel of all my best hits, my vision shaking to the vibration of the rest of my entire mortal shell. A cold and cruel world that surrounds me becomes a hemorrhage of distance with each piece of sand sliding down the glass. A creeping surreal tingle of fear dances all along my spine and into the back of my neck, instantly crippling me to the point of becoming blind.


All of my strength went towards attempting to try and keep it all together while I was out among the people. I could not allow myself to become a menace while in my compromised state. Unable to reign it in and figure out the cause of my panic, the growing mania was now bursting out the seams and it was almost beyond the threshold of being held at bay. My hands are shaking as they fidget in the pocket of my red and black Polo hoodie, trying to take hold of my cellular phone so I could call for help.


But who was I going to call?


Michelle had grown distant beyond reprieve, and it was my belief that she no longer believed in the dream of me. Love was lost in a hail of gunfire, the triggermen masquerading around as friends whose true intentions were caught in the wicked grins pressed across their face when they were uncalled for. But could I really place the blame of this on the backs of those no good socialites? People, if you can even call these odd creatures that, are who they are and that is that, so it would be a redundant exercise to bang your head against the bricks repeatedly trying to force them to see the errors of their ways.


My hands can’t come to grip the phone in my hoodie pocket, the convulsions causing me to pause out of the fear of destroying my only chance at making it out of my predicament unscathed. The tears pool within my eyes while I attempt to remain as cool as a cucumber when it’s removed from your mother’s fridge at one in the morning. No good was going to come of this. But then again.. When has anything good ever come from any of it?


As Michelle’s callousness returned to the forefront of my evening, I couldn’t believe that the roads traveled and trials triumphed would all lead to this moment that was lending itself to the credibility that she no longer felt the love of me that she once had. What was the point of surviving the endless barrage and attempts at separating us only to turn around and let it all go in the end anyway? My mind can’t help but wonder who it was that had become the voice behind her that was telling her I was no good and to abandon the sinking ship while she could still save herself.


I was always destined to be the scapegoat for all who enter my life to hide in my enormous shadow while they rehabilitate themselves free of the pressure from the outside world. But never did I think that the beautiful soul who had saved me so long ago would just be another abuser in a long line of abusers. But the truth is shining brighter than the sun on this day, and it was sickening me to the point that a growing sensation was brewing in the back of my mind.


It was telling me to let go and unleash the fury I am attempting to bury. And with each moment passing that I am stuck in this limbo of inaction, the sweeter the sound of destruction’s symphony to my damaged ears. But I wasn’t the monster the real bad people had framed and postulated me to be so that no eyes would dare look away and catch all of their transgressions that they were performing away from the public eye.


These evil and empty vessels were the true enemy to the ongoing showcase of belief that was disappearing behind the lines of gossip and lies. I was a monster willing to maim and slay to get to where I wanted to be, to get all that I could need or ever want, and I own this reputation. I own it proudly. But atleast I am the devil that you know instead of the devils hiding behind the veil who try and manipulate all that there is to further their own personal agendas of greed and gluttony. They won’t stop even when they’re full until there is nothing left that catches their fancy.


The drops from above begin to pick up momentum and the scattering sounds of exit radiated from all who were around that were now running away from such a beautiful thing. But I continued to sit there and allow all that there was to be, come for me and maybe erase the scars of misery so I could build a better version of me. Or just say fuck it and slit the next pretty throat I see. Take a look around and see what’s missing. But I bet they’re locked deep in conversation right here as we speak. I’m drowning, they’re cruising the open sea.


I don’t think Fight and it’s punk ass employees are ready for this version of me.


But he is finally free..


Thank God lord almighty..


Finally free. 


Let us commence a murder spree.


Or three..